Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps


“First Step, First Dance, First Heartbeat. Will you dance with me?”

Hey there Drifters! (Like the name I coined for our supporters/fans?)

We’re back with another movie date (I changed the name to something suitable and fitting for this feature). This one features one of my favorite Korean actresses, Moon Geun Young, when she was 18, still pocket-sized and adorable as always. I really miss this girl! She goes for so long without an acting project. Seeing her dance like this makes me want to see her craft 7 years later with another male lead…preferably YOO AH IN! Gah! My dream couple in a dancing drama? I’ll pay to watch.

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Discussion Corner: I Do I Do


While everyone is singing happy tunes for Big, I find myself being wooed by I Do I Do. Light and funny were the wrong adjectives to describe this gem. Our leading lady, Kim Sun Ah is at her best here, playing a strong, independent career woman with a dash of vulnerability in love. She just doesn’t have the time to sit around idly and nurture those growing tinkling feelings, much less understand flowers, dates, and babies. I think part of that desire to do well stems from seeing her mother’s submissive nature towards her chauvinistic dad. The other part is a child’s innate determination to gain recognition from her parents. And what do you know? Unplanned pregnancy and a whole lotta decisions to make.

I like this screenshot of Ji An. As a workaholic, she’s so focused on her life that everything and everyone becomes sharp blobs of blur around her. Hence, her one-way vision also impedes her social relations. It’s pitch perfect picture. No?

Onwards with a poll in the end!

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