Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps


“First Step, First Dance, First Heartbeat. Will you dance with me?”

Hey there Drifters! (Like the name I coined for our supporters/fans?)

We’re back with another movie date (I changed the name to something suitable and fitting for this feature). This one features one of my favorite Korean actresses, Moon Geun Young, when she was 18, still pocket-sized and adorable as always. I really miss this girl! She goes for so long without an acting project. Seeing her dance like this makes me want to see her craft 7 years later with another male lead…preferably YOO AH IN! Gah! My dream couple in a dancing drama? I’ll pay to watch.

The second reason why I dug through my external hard drive is for the male lead. You wouldn’t believe it! He’s Park Gun Hyung, who’s currently playing the love-struck gynecologist in I Do I Do. This movie makes me love him MOAR, which is dangerous since he ain’t gonna get the girl. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ Doctors in drama never gets the girl. Since you have a brimming career, writers won’t give you a perfect life, apparently. Remember Yoon Pil Joo in Best Love? Anyway, Park Gun Hyung plays Korea’s best trainer here, and he looks fantastic in his costume, emphasizing his long, toned legs. A contrast to his clean-cut doc’s image, his character here is laid-back and scruffy. You’re gonna love him.

On a random note, if only I posted this movie earlier, Jeff could have taken up some tips for his prom party yesterday! hehe 😀 Sway those hips.

Korea Title: 댄서의 순정
Cast: Park Gun Hyung, Moon Geun Young, Park Won Sang
Date Released: April 28, 2005 (Korea)
Watch Online: Youtube
Download Links: RAW Xvid-cayenne 700MB // Mirror // Soft Sub File

— Brief Recap and Funny Scenes —


The movie begins with a ballroom dancing competition, and our hero, Na Young Sae (Park Gun Hyung), glares at his rival, Jung Hyung Soo (Yoo Chan), and mutters, “It’s not the partner but the partnership that counts..” He shoots a longing glance towards Hyung Soo’s partner and we can deduce that his partner is stolen on the spot. The movie might be innocent steps, but right now the other competitors are on Hyung Soo’s side and promptly use dirty tricks to eliminate Young Sae, evilly crushing on his leg for good measure.


After he loses his place in the competition, Young Sae is reduced to a slob, lacking the energy to do anything in daily life, except for eating and sleeping and more sleeping. His manager comes by and offers to invite a dancer from China to collaborate with him, meaning to bring his passion for dance back. Turns out the girl who landed to Korea isn’t the proclaimed dancer, but her innocent younger sister, Jang Chae Ryn (Moon Geun Young). In order for her to stay in Korea, they must register as husband and wife during this period, which provides some funny and touching moments with the fraud-marriage investigators.


There’s this unpleasant scene where the manager beats Chae Ryn for lying about her identity. Young Sae is frustrated with the revelation and turns away, allowing his manager to whack the harmless girl a few more times before she’s dragged off to repay the debt in other ways.


Using the public phone, Chae Ryn calls Young Sae the next day to apologize, and informs him that the manager has found her a job that will pay as well as teach her dance. Naively, she promises to come back and fulfill her role as the substituted dancer in place of her sister. After hearing her eagerness and sincere apology on the phone, the guilt starts to prick at Young Sae and he sets out to search for her, knowing that the job his manager hooked this girl with is surely sketchy and dirty. And it is.


We skip forward to him trudging a few steps ahead of Chae Ryn, who is dressed in a dandy dress, a face smeared with make-up, her arm hauling a big luggage. She slips and strains her ankle, (CUE!) so he gives her a piggyback ride down the wintry road, snow falling beautifully around them. He mumbles, “That job doesn’t teach you dance, only to strip. At your age, not wearing any make-up is the best.” His gentleman demeanor brings a small smile to her lips and she snuggles closer to his back. So cute.


With only three months left to the next competition, can he transform her into the next dancing queen? Hijinks ensue as the naive girl clashes with the strict but talented ajusshi. Chae Ryn’s Yanbian accent is hilarious. Usually, it’s Ajusshi, but for her it’s “Ajuhbai,” and whenever he swings her body about during their practice, she would let out small yelp of “Ajuhbai…bai…bai…” meaning to make him stop the twirling.

Day in….Day out….they practice, as you can see from the screen shots below…




And of course, being in close proximity with such a captivating dancer, any girl would dream bigger…


Chae Ryn finally masters the steps of Latin dance, and now it’s time to develop the trust and partnership with Young Sae.


He asks, “Do you love me?” She stares up at him, seriously considering the possibility, but he smashes her bubble with a dose of reality, “People who aren’t in love don’t entrust each other with their hearts. There is no trust so they don’t entrust each other with their bodies too. You really want to dance? I don’t care if it’s a lie. When you’re dancing, love me. I will love you too…”


Slowly, she nods. And their magical chemistry begins here…. Too hot.


Unfortunately, history repeats itself in that the manager turns out to be the big bad wolf. He lets Hyung Soo know about Chae Ryn undergoing training under Young Sae and the latter is greatly interested of the young girl. He knows that Young Sae is special; he’s able to bring out his partner’s best ability. Therefore, on the day of the registration, Young Sae finds out that his manager betrays him again, signing Chae Ryn up beforehand with Hyung Soo.


Young Sae isn’t willing to let go the second time but Hyung Soo threatens to reveal their fake marriage. That night, he sends his cohorts to break Young Sae leg again. The following days pass by slowly, painfully as Young Sae must make a decision for Chae Ryn’s sake. He plays noble idiot and sends her away to Hyung Soo. Brilliant scene with crippled Young Sae angrily smashing everything that reminds him of their memories, while Chae Ryn pleads for him to stop. She finally decides to leave when he glares at his own costume and launches at it. She protects the fragile item, crying out, “Please don’t rip this! You have to wear it when you dance. I’ll leave….please….” As she packages her clothes, she whispers, “Please don’t hate when I leave like this…please don’t hate me.”

The day of the competition:

I really like this part where she goes against the evil dancer’s wishes and wears the prepared red dress that Young Sae made specifically for her. To Hyung Soo, she is merely a prop, a means to reach his desired goal of placing first in the competition, but he doesn’t realize that he’s only a medium for her to communicate and relay her love for Young Sae, who is standing in floor 2, watching her every step of the way. Such a beautiful and poignant moment for them. There’s also the fact that we see her personal growth throughout the movie. For some of us, we’d rather mess up during the dance as a way to embarrass our conniving partner *points at self*, and yet she chooses to be professional and matches his dance moves, proving to Hyung Soo that she learns more than dance from Young Sae. It’s calmness, grace, and dignity.


LOVE LOVE how they styled Moon Geun Young in here. Her hairstyles were beautifully done, which makes me think she should hire that stylist again. Remember her mop of mess in Mary? *shudders*

The ending? I won’t spoil it for you….but I do like the role reversal in their analogy for love and fireflies! Hope you like this movie as much as I do! Feel free to recommend future movies for this feature.

  1. 8 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps

    macho-dancing trainer? obgyn doctor who is not afraid teaching breast-massaging in a cafe? can i claim him kap…. please *puppy eyes*

    i swear i really really rofl when the doc perform that breast massage.
    i’ll watch it when i finish download it.
    remind me of dirty dancing and tango scene in SoW…..i envy KSA who gets them both -you know, the doc and the tango-

    thank you for giving so much pleasure in my early monday *grin*

  2. 8 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps

    Ooooohh so excited~ This was actually my first k-movie, and also when I started adoring Moon Geun Young… Never realised that the good doctor was Ahjubai o_0 BTW, do fellow Rooftop Prince/ A Thousand Days Promise watchers notice that Jung Yu Mi is the other dancer girl-friend? I realised only after I watched the movie a second time xP

  3. 8 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps

    I have this movie in my collection but nothing tops MGY in My Little Bride. Oh, you are good Kap! I forgot the (OB/GYN) Doc from I Do, I Do was in this film. My-my-my, how he has *coughs* upgrade himself since then? ROFL-ing WeWe on recognizing breast massages in cafe segment. Truthfully speaking, that moment was erotic, and was hilarious like an untimely – break of wind – at the same time.

    When will MGY be done w/ her studies in NYC? I miss her in the film industry already.

  4. 8 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps

    Wewe, nooooo imprinting please! Let’s share! He needs to make money as a doc anyway. 😛 Ah, yesh! She got to dance with both male leads + the main guy. Lucky gal, eh? I guess no dancing in I Do I Do but I did wish that imaginative scene when TK thought they were doing the NAUGHTY was actually some Latin dances instead, doc looks dashing, and a little dirty. Hah. Need to catch up with IDID now!

    Nutella! 5 traveling points! I was sitting back, waiting to see if someone catches Jung Yumi from 7 years ago. Surprisingly, she pulled off the hair very well. Nice body too!

    Keane, hahaha, Age has done Mr. Park some goodness. He looks amazing now but I do want to see him dance again. Read that he started as a stage musical dancer or something. A man who can dance can sweep me off my feet any time of the day. (just make sure he doesn’t drop me.) 😉 They practiced for 3 months before the filming of this movie. Dedication to the crew!

    I don’t think I have watched My Little Bride yet………. maybe………….

  5. 8 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps

    Good thing you shared this one.. I’m a pure MGY fan. And yeah, I have watched this and even My Little Bride. You will love it Kaptain A. I almost watched every MGY movies and drama. hehe

  6. 8 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps

    I don’t watch many Kmovies as Kdramas are more my thing but this movie was great! Thanks Kaptain A!
    MGY really kept me captivated for the whole movie. I’m all about searching for all of her other movies now 🙂

  7. 8 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (6): Innocent Steps

    I just watched this and I want to say Moon GY’s protrayal of a chinese girl in Innocent Steps was quite good. I was impressed mainly at her attempt at speaking chinese. I say this with Keanu Reeves “mandarin” attempt from the film- the day the earth stood still- in mind (check it out if you haven’t seen the clip). If a big hollywood actor passes that jibberish as mandarin, then in comparison MGY speaks mandarin fluently and natively.

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