Discussion Corner: I Do I Do


While everyone is singing happy tunes for Big, I find myself being wooed by I Do I Do. Light and funny were the wrong adjectives to describe this gem. Our leading lady, Kim Sun Ah is at her best here, playing a strong, independent career woman with a dash of vulnerability in love. She just doesn’t have the time to sit around idly and nurture those growing tinkling feelings, much less understand flowers, dates, and babies. I think part of that desire to do well stems from seeing her mother’s submissive nature towards her chauvinistic dad. The other part is a child’s innate determination to gain recognition from her parents. And what do you know? Unplanned pregnancy and a whole lotta decisions to make.

I like this screenshot of Ji An. As a workaholic, she’s so focused on her life that everything and everyone becomes sharp blobs of blur around her. Hence, her one-way vision also impedes her social relations. It’s pitch perfect picture. No?

Onwards with a poll in the end!

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