First trailer for Zhang Bin Bin and Zheng He Hui Zi’s Love Happening

Are you tired of seeing Zhang Bin Bin running around in ancient land never ever getting Dilraba the girl? Well, this is his modern drama with the lovely Zheng He Hui Zi (Rush to the Dead Summer). The first trailer has been released and it doesn’t seem just like a regular modern drama anymore. At least not when our female lead can foresee the future by touching someone else’s hand (is this a gimmick?) The downside is her power comes with terrible headaches….until she meets him, an employee at her father’s hotel. When they come into contact on the plane, his heart races and she discovers he’s the antidote to her headaches. At work, she makes things hard for him, with a mission to drive him out (for what reason, mam?!) The rest of the trailer is typical stuff. Hmmmm ~

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