Air date dropped for detective drama Pledge of Allegiance with Zhang Yun Long, Chen Ruo Xuan, and Sun Yi

Pledge of Allegiance, previously known as Brotherhood of Blades: Shadow of Mountain and River (绣春刀山河之影), is touted as the drama adaptation of movie Brotherhood of Blades with Sun Yi, Zhang Yun Long, and Chen Ruo Xuan. The story follows our two male characters. Up first is Zhang Yun Long who comes from a lowly background but due to a confusion, becomes a member of the Imperial Secret Police known as the Embroidered Uniform Guards. On the outside, he appears to be selfish and well-spoken, but deep down he’s honest and treasures brotherhood. Chen Ruo Xuan is an original guard; aloof and lacks good speech (lol). The two meet and are pulled into many cases and hatred that runs deep in the court.

Airing 3/28~

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