More Cdramas Slated To Air: Miss Chun Is a Litigator, Ye Ye Xiang Jian Bu Shi Jun, Nothing But You, The Last Princess, and more!

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=======> ♦ Miles To Go (人生之路) with Chen Xiao and Li Qin began airing on 3/20.

Synopsis per Qiyi: In the 1980s, Gao Jialin, a young man living in Gaojiagou in northern Shaanxi Province, was known to everyone in his village as the “top student.” Although his family was poor, he was well read and had a heart higher than the sky, and was secretly determined to leave the countryside. The college entrance examination was his only chance to change his fate, but he unexpectedly failed. He did everything to become a private elementary school teacher, but the opportunity got taken away from him. Gao Jialin hits the bottom of his life, but is encouraged by Liu Qiaozhen to pick himself up and keep writing. Gao’s uncle returns to the village and indirectly provides Gao with the opportunity to work as a journalist in the county. He meets with his like-minded classmate Huang Yaping in the county, but the silent guardianship of the country girl Qiaozhen and the passionate love of the Shanghai girl Huang Yaping put him in a difficult dilemma. After several struggles and several choices, he relies on a pen to bring himself to Shanghai. The test of fate came one after another, and Gao Jialin learned his place in college had been taken by his friend Shuangxing. Even so, Gao Jialin was not defeated. He strived to learn new knowledge in accordance with the times, and through the changes of the world, he wrote an extraordinary life story of an ordinary man in the tide of the times.

=======> ♦ The Girl Who Sees Smells (你好,我的对面男友) with Jia Yi and Jin Zi Xuan began airing 3/20.

Synopsis per Qiyi: Lu is at the rock bottom of her life. Although she has the talent of absolute taste and the dream of becoming a sommelier, she can only do a job as a supermarket wine promoter. By coincidence, she saved the president of Anda Group, Xu Mingchen. With an unexpected kiss, the door of their destiny opens – Lu’s kiss becomes the only “antidote” for Xu Mingchen’s strange disease. In order to cure the disease, Xu Mingchen uses various ways to approach and pursue Lu Yi. The feelings between Lu Yi and Xu Mingchen gradually developed from dislike to love. Lu Yi thought she finally had the perfect love, but the love between the two of them still encountered many tests. The family’s obstruction, lies, the conflict between dreams and career, Xu Mingchen’s childhood friend, and so on. In the end, it tells a story of two people with vastly different identities and personalities, who meet, help each other, know and love each other under a wonderful marriage.

=======> ♦ Butterfly Shadow (蝶影) with Feng Yue and Wei Da Xun began airing 3/21. This show was shot in 2015/2016. Shelved for a while there.

=======> ♦ The Last Princess (步云衢) with Wang He Run and Zhang He began airing on 3/21.

=======> ♦ Meet With Two Souls (再遇两个他) with Xu Zi Yin and Gan Wang Xing began airing 3/23. Ah, both leads are from idol shows! I remember Gan Wang Xing!

=======> ♦ Miss Chun Is a Litigator (春家小姐是讼师) with Zhuang Da Fei and Huang Jun Jie to air 3/24.

Synopsis per Qiyi: Chun Tumi, the young mistress of the Chun family, dreamed of becoming a litigator. But before her dream of becoming a litigator could be achieved, she was told the bad news that her father, Chun Dashan, had been unjustly imprisoned. With no boys in the family, and her cowardly stepmother, Chun Tumi had no choice but to appear on court to defend for her father, setting foot on the path to becoming a litigator. When dealing with officers and soldiers, she got acquainted with Yasha, and the two people in different situations encouraged and helped each other. Chun Tumi persisted in using the law without fear of hierarchy, and uncovered the mastermind behind the “Poisoned Fish Soup Case.” Not only did she seek justice for Mrs. Fang, the owner of Linshui Restaurant, but she also found out the connection between her father’s unjust case and this case, and completely cleared up her father’s wrongdoing. At the same time, Kang Zhengyuan, the chancellor of Dali Temple, and Han Wuwei, the eldest son of the Dali Temple, invited Chun Tumi to join the prison patrol team. Everyone’s encouragement made Tumi firmer in his dream of being a litigator. At the prison, Chun Tumi assisted in solving various difficult cases, gave full play to her strengths, and finally became the first female litigator in ancient times, and at the same time reaped the love as she and Yasha accompany each other through life and death.

=======> ♦ Ye Ye Xiang Jian Bu Shi Jun (夜夜相见不识君) with Li Fei and Sun Xue Ning to air 3/25. Unwilling bride and groom, each with a mysterious identity. They look beautiful…

=======> ♦ Nothing But You (爱情而已) with Zhou Yu Tong and Wu Lei to air 3/27. Lei Lei forever romancing his noonas. 😛

Synopsis per Qiyi: Song Sanchuan, a badminton player who is used to benching, befriends Liang Youan, who is in a bottleneck in her life. At her invitation, he joins a grass-roots tennis club. A fairly older player who’s converting from badminton to tennis, a club manager who is about to become a monk, and teammates who work together to overcome difficulties come together to fight side by side to create a remarkable professional club, and also open up their own second life. In the process, Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan gradually develop a love for each other, but also face conflicts from the differences in their values and experience. As the club continues to develop, the two surpass themselves in dealing with challenges again and again, and eventually reap the benefits of new professional growth and a beautiful love for each other.

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