Mao Zi Jun, Zhang Yao, and Lu Xiao Yu confirm drama adaptation of novel The Story of the Bat

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Adapted from the BL novel written by Feng Nong, The Story of the Bat (夜燕白) and stars Mao Zi Jun, Zhang Yao, and Lu Xiao Yu. Lol. Another boy-love novel coming your way. Our first male lead, plays by Zhang Yao, has lived quietly since birth; he’s the unfavorable third son of the Bai family. Why unfavorable? He’s the result of Master Bai’s traitorous nights with a blind girl who rescued him and they were trapped for a short period of time together. He and his mother were taken in under the disguise that he’s Madam’s Bai’s son (she has two biological sons). The poor child is shunned by people in the Bai Manor and is not allowed to learn Kung Fu. He’s sent away to learn education and only returns once a year to visit. In this story, he is the BAT – living and thriving in the dark, beautiful and alone, harboring a heart of resentment. Mao Zi Jun plays the other male lead – leader of jianghu, master of the demon sect. Powerful and arrogant, who would have thought he would fall head-over-heels for the unfavorable third son at first glance? He sacrifices, waits impatiently, and even gives up his respected status for love.

Hohoho, the novel sounds awesome but turned into a drama, what will be preserved, what will be removed?

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Our leads meet at the birthday party for Old Master Bai. Bai Shao Qing (Zhang Yao) returns home for his annual visit and his beautiful appearance charms Feng Long (Mao Zi Jun) who’s there to congratulate Old Master Bai. However, he also has another motive, there has been a series of murders in town and all are linked to the Bai Family one way or another. The only clue left at the crime scene is a dried up bat, hence he’s nicknamed the murderer “Bat.” Hmmm, is this going where I think it is going? I’m quite intrigued now…

But the drama’s synopsis mainly follows four youths as they investigate the murderer named “Bat” taking away all the nuances of the leads and their background. What a waste!

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