Chen Yao and Liang Jing Kang wrapped up filming for Ban Cheng Hua Yu Ban Jun Li

Ban Cheng Hua Yu Ban Jun Li (半城花雨伴君离) is adapted from the novel World of Hidden Phoenixes written by Yue Chu Yun. The female lead in here goes through a lot of suffering at the hands of the male lead. She disguises herself as a male to fight and earn a name for herself during the war. However, she has to give up that life and be married off to our main male lead, General Ji Feng Li of the South Kingdom, known as the gentle, handsome, and elegant lover to all the ladies. To make sure our heroine doesn’t run away on her wedding night, her father sealed her internal force, rendering her a helpless rabbit. Little does she know, her husband-to-be – the man she also admires, has given her a poisoned cup of wine on their wedding night. Weakened further, our heroine is now at the mercy of the “sudden” imperial edict, naming her as the person to be married off to the Crown Prince of North Kingdom (it was supposed to be another girl). Thus, our heroine begins her hellish life being a chess piece among the kingdoms/royalties and needs to claw her way out.

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