Luo Yun Xi and Cheng Xiao begin filming for Lie To Love

Lie To Love (良言写意) is an upcoming modern drama adapted from the novel written by Mu Fu Sheng. Our heroine is a young lawyer who begins working at corporation when she gets involved with the aloof CEO, our hero. Their strange behavior and and a series of events prove that they knew each other before hand, but why do they both pretend like they don’t know each other? As it turns out, they were childhood sweethearts. But life for our heroine takes a turn as she’s convinced that his dad was behind the demise of her father’s company, leading his death, and her mother’s, shortly after. She lives life planning meticulously her revenge, using our hero’s feelings to her advantage. A car accident happens – he breaks his leg, while she loses some of her memories. Dun dun dun!! When they meet again, she’s a lawyer at his company. She doesn’t remember him and doesn’t understand why he treats her differently, while his broken heart still yearns for her. And she has no idea why he only has one functional leg….

ML to FL: “I don’t want you to cry, even if you oppose me heartlessly for the rest of my life, I still don’t want you to cry.” *melts*

Oh, the novel sounds emotionally heavy. Leo has this in spades. HA!

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Posters and Booting Ceremony:

The production has heard of fangirls’ request – he’s wearing glasses!

  1. 2 thoughts on “Luo Yun Xi and Cheng Xiao begin filming for Lie To Love

    No one is excited for Leo’s new role?!

    But he looks very skinny here, like abnormally skinny.

    Haven’t watched Cheng Xiao in anything so dont know her acting. The role seems challenging.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Luo Yun Xi and Cheng Xiao begin filming for Lie To Love

    this seems to be a really good story, im super excited about this pairing too! cant wait!

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