Xu Kai romances Bai Lu again in Arsenal Military Academy

The Legends is still on my watch list so for those who did watch it, Arsenal Military Academy reunites the two leads, Xu Kai and Bai Lu, in a republican setting. Reminds me a little bit of Mulan as our female lead cuts her hair and disguises as a male to attend a military school, where she tries to overcome her weaknesses and proves herself as a worthy comrade. Of course, our male lead and the quiet second male lead are in the same school as well.

Bai Lu looks very handsome with the boy hair! Xu Kai is pretty hot. Lol. Maybe I need to watch Legends ASAP!

To air on 8/6!

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 photo arsenal-1.jpg

 photo arsenal-2.jpg

She looks pretty handsome as a guy.

 photo arsenal-22.jpg

Xu Kai looking badass walking in.

 photo arsenal-20.jpg

 photo arsenal-21.jpg

 photo arsenal-23.jpg

 photo arsenal-26.jpg

Guest role is given to Andrew Zheng Yin.

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 photo arsenal-5.jpg photo arsenal-6.jpg

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Xu Kai romances Bai Lu again in Arsenal Military Academy

    I have watched the Legends until finished, the story is not bad. Only the ending is bad, I feel the ending is forced and a bit weird

    • 5 thoughts on “Xu Kai romances Bai Lu again in Arsenal Military Academy

      Looking forward for this drama. Love both of the main leads, so happy to see them together again. Xu Kai is always so calm, I wonder will someday he will try another character?

  2. 5 thoughts on “Xu Kai romances Bai Lu again in Arsenal Military Academy

    Legend started really good and plateau-d midway and then totally tanked towards the end. The ending was VERY choppy and there were legit ep and scenes that frankly just didn’t line up to whatever happened before. You can definitely tell they didn’t know what kinda ending to go for, and included a happy ending, open ending, and a bad ending, ALL without explaining, logic, or any continuity. But the first third is very good and cracky and even up to the 3/5 mark it was decent.

    Honestly the thing I’m most grateful for with this drama is the really awesome wuxia vibe (despite being xianxia), recognizing BaiLu’s awesomeness (along with XuKai in this role), and inciting my interest enough to go listen to the audiobook of the source novel which was very very good.

    Here Bai Lu does look handsome, but something about her hairstyle, Idk if they subtle-y tailored her uniform, or just her body language but she “acts” obviously like a…female? (I don’t wanna compare but just as an example, Ni Ni’s face is very female and we know she’s very female but her body language in Phoenix was convincingly “male”). I almost prefer Bai Lu’s uniform-stills/looks with the small ponytail (I think at this point it seems like she’s discovered and still attending as a girl?) because she just looks more natural in those stills and more…. something about the looser, confident positions vs her kinda stiff “stick up her butt…lmao” feel when she’s “a guy”??? NOT being negative bc I still kinda wanna watch and still anticipating, but this is just what I’m getting off the stills…
    Anyone feel me?

  3. 5 thoughts on “Xu Kai romances Bai Lu again in Arsenal Military Academy

    Bai Lu is getting typecasted in all her dramas now..

  4. 5 thoughts on “Xu Kai romances Bai Lu again in Arsenal Military Academy

    Damn,Bai Lu once again looking badass,not that i’m suprised at all,she rocks it!!!Now i only hope Viki will get the license and be able to enjoy it!!!

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