Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 49-56 Recaps

Lots of crazy eyes, bloodshed and false identities (again) this week on Legend of Fuyao~~.

Join the crew of IMOmusings, Iridescent, Enid Bee and linjaturtle as we embark on this 66 episode long journey with weekly recaps.

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Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 56/66

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Character List

The main character factions are used as label headers for each tab, however, the tabs will only be updated for new characters that show up in each recap roundup.

MainXuanyuan SectTianquan KingdomTaiyuan KingdomXuanji KingdomTiansha KingdomFufeng KingdomTen ForcesOthersAncient FirmamentCorrelation Chart
Born from the divine lotus petal and a member of Xuanyuan Sect. Originally disregarded as a member of the Xuanyou Division (servants), at the age of 16 she was able to learn the Sect’s long lost fighting technique, the Ninth Heaven Breach.

After defeating her martial brother in the Tian Dou Competition, she left the Sect to find herself and justice. On the way she meets a man with whom she falls in love and they join together to take down the forces of chaos in Taiyuan Kingdom. Helping to defend the people’s peace and gradually revealing their life secrets along the way.

Yang Mi as Fu Yao

 photo Fuyao.jpg

Ethan Ruan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji/Yuan Shao Xu

 photo Ethan.jpg


Crown Prince Wu Ji of Tianquan Kingdom, the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De. Chosen by the heavens to prevent eternal doom from falling upon the Five Kingdoms.

He is courageous and resourceful and willing to do anything for those he loves. On the journey with Fu Yao, they fight side-by-side and grow together through mutual encouragement and affection.

With a mysterious connection to the Firmament, he has a lotus birthmark on his hand.

Li Hong Tao as Yan Lie
Huang Ming as Yan Jing Chen
Li Yi Xiao as Pei Yuan
Liu Luo Xi as Ah Lie
Jiang Long as Xiao Qi
Sang Yan as Uncle Zhou
Gao Han Yu as Jiang Feng
Wang Jing Song as Zhang Sun Jiong (Emperor of Tianquan)
Juan Zi as Yuan Qing Yi (Empress Ci’en)
Song Jia Lun as Zhang Sun Jia (Prince De)
Zhao Chu Lun as Zhang Sun Ping Rong (Prince Yi)
Gao Hei Ping as Lei Yuan Shan (General Jun Wei)
Sun Wei as Duan Tong (Prime Minister)

Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
Lai Yi as Zong Yue
Chen Xin Wen as Yu Wen Zi
Zhou Li Wei as Shi Lan
Yuan Yu Xuan as Qi Yun
Liu Guan Lin as Gao Hao (Prince Xiping)
Zhong Wei Hua as Cao Cheng (Head Eunuch)
Sun Qiang as Zhang He Nian (Imperial Censor)
Hu Ke as Xuan Yuan Xiao
Li Ya A as Tang Zhi Rong
Wei Hui Ni as Jian Xue
Liu Zhi Wei as Gao Pu Rou
Wang He Run as Fo Lian
Zhao Xin as Qiao Ling (Fo Lian’s personal maid)

New this week:

Gao Li Wen as Feng Jing Zhi (First Princess)
 photo vlcsnap-00019_2.jpg

Lin Jing as Feng Xuan (Queen of Xuanji) and her twin, Feng Qi (True Heir to the throne)
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Li Do as Feng Wu (Fifth Elder Prince, Feng Xuan’s brother)
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Chen Jun Yu as Tang Yi Zhong (Guard of Feng Yin Pavilion)
 photo vlcsnap-00005_1.jpg

Xue Yu Ru as Yu Mei Sheng (First female General of Xuanji)
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Cao Wei Yu as Yu Heng / Meng Shuo (One of the 10 strongest immortals. Feng Qi’s husband.)
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Vengo Gao as Zhan Bei Ye
Liu Qiu Shi as Ji Yu
Sheng Wu as Lin Yi
Zhang Yi Cong as Zhan Nan Cheng (King of Tiansha)
Gu You Ming as Zhan Bei Heng (Prince Huan)
Chen Ying as Consort Jing (Zhan Bei Ye’s mother)
Yang Zhen Yu as Gu Ling Feng (Commander of “Gold of Tiansha” army)
Liu Yang as Attendant Li (Head Eunuch)
Tan Xi Zhi as Eunuch Hua

New this week:

Mao Fan as Commander of Ming Troops (Commander of the Black Wind Hidden Troops)
 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Zhang Ya Qin as Ya Lan Zhu

Liu Xuan as Fei Yan
Liu Ying Lun as Tai Yan

New this week:

Liu Sha as Tian Ji (High Immortal of Ancient Firmament, Zhangsun Wu Ji’s teacher)
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

 photo correlation chart.jpg
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Don’t blame me for not reminding you when you die by her hands one day.

After listening to both Jiang Feng and Prince Huan about whether or not Prince Huan has been stealing from the King, Nan Cheng decides to search Prince Huan’s manor. The guards end up finding a room filled with treasure, which includes several chests of gold and silver, and a room underneath with a cache of weapons. Prince Huan begs his brother to believe him that he is being framed, but the King has Prince Huan arrested and sent to the Celestial Prison. Jiang Feng then kneels and asks to be punished. He had sworn an oath previously as a Shadow Guard and couldn’t share the information that he had with Nan Cheng, and feels that the King will no longer let him serve. But upon hearing that divulging the secret of Prince Huan’s meeting with Wu Ji means that Wu Ji will now treat Jiang Feng as an enemy, the King takes this as proof of loyalty and rewards Jiang Feng with control of the Gold of Tiansha.  photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

A decree goes out about Prince Huan’s crimes and that he is to be imprisoned with poisoned wine so he can take his own life. Wu Ji thanks Tie Cheng for helping plant the gold and weapons in Prince Huan’s manor.

In the desert, as Bei Ye and his troops are resting, he and Lan Zhu again have the same old “I want you to be safe.”, “But I want to be with you.” argument they always have.

In a tea house, Zong Yue overhears people talking about Prince Huan’s crimes. He is then joined by his brother, Yun Hen, who has finally been allowed to visit him. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Jiang Feng visits Prince Huan in prison. The King has had Jiang Feng deliver a final meal. Prince Huan laments how he tried to be cautious all these years to stay alive to no avail. He knows his brother already doubted him even before Jiang Feng showed up. He also feels guilty because, to stay alive, he had to kill three of his siblings. Fu Yao promises herself to protect his wife and children as he drinks the poisoned wine.

Bei Ye and his men approach the Ancient City of the Dust Dragon. Bei Ye tells Lan Zhu to hold his hand and never let go as they ride into the empty town.

It turns out Yun Hen snuck into Tiansha alone looking for Qi Yun. Zong Yue confirms she is there, but warns him not to trust her or her father. Yun Hen is worried about Qi Yun, though Zong Yue thinks he’s looking for the escaped Qi Zhen. Little brother is surprised big brother has heard about Qi Zhen’s escape and tells him that when Qi Zhen had fallen ill in prison, Qi Yun asked to take care of him until he died. Yun Hen agreed and moved him to a manor with few precautions. Zong Yue is disappointed and warns his brother that Qi Zhen will be waiting to take his life to get the throne, though Yun Hen refuses to believe it because of a letter Qi Zhen left behind, appearing to want a truce.

General Ji reports that there’s no sign of the Dust Dragon Army in the city so they decide to wait there for them to arrive.

Qi Zhen’s letter said that he did what he did to save Qi Yun and that he would return the Dragonscale Armour to them once he gets it from Qi Yun, even if it costs both of their lives. Zong Yue is not convinced, but Yun Hen doesn’t see how Qi Zhen could get the throne now and worries for Qi Yun’s safety. Zong Yue warns him that Qi Zhen is using his daughter, but Zong Yue says he’ll go with Yun Hen to finish things once and for all.

Fu Yao is walking down the street when she is ambushed by Tai Yan. Supreme Master has a message for Wu Ji, which Tai Yan wants her to deliver, but Fu Yao refuses. When Fu Yao blows her off, Tai Yan attacks, but Wu Ji appears and protects her. After Fu Yao gets scratched, Wu Ji teaches Tai Yan a lesson by putting her in a restraining spell again. As the couple leaves, Tai Yan yells, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you when you die by her hands one day. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

After some medicine, Wu Ji is again apologising for Fu Yao getting hurt even though it’s nothing major. She asks about Tai Yan and he tells her about Lady Fei Yan, Illusion Hall and his mentor, Supreme Master Tianji of Qiongcang. He tells her that he chose to train there to avoid issues at home. Fu Yao asks what they were and he confides that he knew his mother loved someone other than his father, and doesn’t know why his mother married his father when she loved someone else. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Bei Ye and co. have been in the ancient city for two days and there’s still no sign of the Dust Dragon Army. Bei Ye tells Lan Zhu how the Black Wind Cavalry betrayed Tiansha. Legend has it that underneath the city is a valuable treasure that is cursed and can harm whomever touches it. They are trapped due to their desire for this treasure until someone lifts the spell and sets them free.

Fu Yao now understands that Wu Ji did so much to impress his father to make up for his mother’s affair. But thanks to Fu Yao, Wu Ji has realised there’s more to the world than just the throne. He is happy to have someone to confide in, while Fu Yao feels fortunate to have someone with whom to share life’s troubles. And Yuan Bao is just happy his human parents are together and he doesn’t have to run back and forth across the desert anymore.

Lan Zhu feels bad for the traitors being stuck in the desert for such a long time, and thinks they may wish to go home soon. She wonders if Bei Ye’s Black Dragon Sword could lift the curse, which makes Bei Ye think. If he makes a promise on the sword, then the Cavalry can be free if they fulfill their original promise.

Zong Yue heads out early, telling Tie Cheng not to disturb his sleeping brother. As Yun Hen sleeps, a letter from Zong Yue is nearby. In it, Yun Hen has written that he realises his brother’s compassion makes Yun Hen a good ruler, but this issue with Qi Zhen is hard on Yun Hen so Zong Yue is going to take care of it himself while he’s still alive. He also makes Yun Hen promise to be loyal to the people of Taiyuan.

Bei Ye flings his sword around and summons the Black Wind Cavalry. A dust cloud rises and the Dust Dragon Army appears, surrounding them and demanding to know who they are. Bei Ye shows the sword and introduces himself. He reminds them of their oath to follow the Black Dragon, but they don’t want to follow him. Bei Ye makes an impassioned speech to them and swears on his sword to free them if they help him. Lan Zhu also pipes in that they can trust him, but their leader’s response is that they will help if he will sacrifice Lan Zhu. Bei Ye isn’t willing to, but, as usual, Lan Zhu is more than willing to kill herself for him and grabs a sword. But Bei Ye stabs himself before she can do anything, declaring that this is his sacrifice to make alone. Bei Ye implores the leader to keep their promise to wipe out the king and restore peace. And then he dies. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

If you don’t kill me, both of us will have to die.

Bei Ye sacrifices himself, declaring that the Dust Dragon Army still have to keep their promise to wipe out the king and restore peace. As he is dying, Lan Zhu runs up to him and we get another tearful speech about how she would do anything for him… zzzzzz… Bei Ye tells her to go tell Wu Ji what happened so he can take care of Nan Cheng, but she wants Bei Ye to do it himself. And then, he pulls the sword out of his chest and dies in Lan Zhu’s arms. Cue the Bei Ye theme song and lots of flashbacks and tears. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Once Bei Ye dies, the Dust Dragon Army pledges to serve him and a lot of sparkly dust kicks up and Bei Ye is alive again. Happy hugs!

(Here it is folks. The moment we’ve been waiting for: the return of Qi Zhen!) Zong Yue arrives at Qi Yun’s house. She tells him to leave, but he knows Qi Zhen is inside. She pleads with him that her father is too ill and to leave him be, but Zong Yue goes inside anyway to see a sickly Qi Zhen coughing in bed. (Don’t trust him!! – she says knowing exactly how this is going to play out…) Qi Zhen tries to send his daughter away, but she refuses to leave until Zong Yue gives her a prescription to help treat her father. Once she’s gone, the doctor checks Qi Zhen’s pulse only to find that his enemy is not sick at all. Qi Zhen quickly jumps up and grabs a hold of the doctor’s throat.  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Zong Yue: “Ah ha! I knew you were faking it, so I covered my clothes with poison that will kill you!”

Qi Zhen: “Ah ha! But I knew you’d know, so I found Lady Fei Yan and got special incense to defeat you!”

And our Divine Physician passes out.

Jiang Feng tries a rare Ice Plum specially provided by the king. She likes them, but wonders why he went to all the hassle and worries about having too few troops around to protect them because they’ve been sent to pick fruit. But the King is not worried about any attacks. Just then, Eunuch Hua runs in to report of an auspicious sign which excites Nan Cheng.

Outside they see a dragon-shaped cloud in the sky. When Jiang Feng asks what it means, the King explains that whenever a miracle or major event is about to occur, this will appear in the sky above the Ruins. Jiang Feng predicts good news for the King, but then Head Eunuch Li comes running in with bad news. Bei Ye has fought his way back to Tiansha and is not far from Pan City. When Jiang Feng asks how they could have defeated the King’s soldiers with so few men, unless the soldiers were rebelling as well, the Head Eunuch reports that Prince Lie’s army appears to be god-sent, easily overcoming all obstacles. The King orders that all the officials to be brought to the palace.

Qi Yun is taking care of our hotty doctor (lucky girl) and weeping. Her father tries to convince her that the doctor will never want her because she is his daughter, but she is angry at her father for using her as bait to catch Zong Yue. She knows that her father’s reasons for coming to Tiansha had nothing to do with her. When he reminds her that it’s Zong Yue’s fault that Qi Zhen is now a criminal with nothing, and that he did what he did to get the Dragonscale Armour for her, she yells at him. She’s tired of him using her as the reason for killing off Zong Yue’s entire family, when she knows it was for the throne. He slaps her, insisting that anyone, but her, can think he is a sinner. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

At the Palace in Tiansha, Nan Cheng is upset to hear that Bei Ye is still alive and orders that Consort Jing be killed. One of the officials pleads with him not to, which angers him. Jiang Feng also agrees the Consort shouldn’t be killed, saying they can use her as a bargaining chip with Bei Ye. Nan Cheng agrees and, instead, says to chop off her hands. When Jiang Feng says not to, the King begins to suspect his new General is on the other side. But, instead, Jiang Feng suggests taking her out in front of Bei Ye and THEN chopping her up in front of him to demoralise his army, which the King likes. (I know he’s a bad guy, but King of Tiansha is kind of hot when he’s angry…) photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Another official worries there are not enough soldiers to protect them and that they should wait for reinforcements, but Jiang Feng reminds the King that he sent soldiers to pick plums, much to the dismay of the officials. They are short handed and the nearest garrison is farther away than Bei Ye’s oncoming army. Annoyed, the King commands Jiang Feng to come up with a plan or be killed, so Jiang Feng suggests asking Crown Prince Wu Ji for help. But back in his lodgings, Wu Ji, sleeping on his bed, suddenly disappears.

Yun Hen is awake, his brother’s letter in hand, and asks Tie Cheng about Zong Yue. When he hears that the doctor left early in the morning, Yun Hen is worried. Tie Cheng suggests he talk to Wu Ji, but they find his room empty. Yun Hen leaves a message for the Crown Prince and then heads out to catch up with his brother. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

At the Peak of Nothingness in Qiongcang, Wu Ji awakens to find himself before the Supreme Master Tianji. His mentor is upset that Wu Ji has been ignoring his summons so he resorted to this method. He’s disappointed with Wu Ji and asks about the woman Wu Ji was told to find.

Jiang Feng mentions that Wu Ji has 100,000 soldiers in the Alliance Army not far from here, which Wu Ji can deploy to keep the peace. The King worries Wu Ji is on Bei Ye’s side, which Jiang Feng confirms is true. Wondering why his General would suggest letting in Wu Ji’s troops, Jiang Feng advises that Tianquan doesn’t care who is on the throne and that Wu Ji only supported Bei Ye because Nan Cheng had aligned himself with Prince Yi. The Crown Prince would not support a rebel, so Nan Cheng just needs to convince Wu Ji to help. Jiang Feng offers to persuade Wu Ji on the King’s behalf, which the Nan Cheng agrees to.

Wu Ji lies to his mentor and says he’s still looking for the woman. His mentor is upset that Wu Ji has been spending time trying to gain power rather than fulfilling his destiny by finding that woman. The Supreme Master warns Wu Ji that he can’t guarantee peace in the Five Kingdoms unless he finds that woman and kills her, and that he needs to do it soon, which surprises Wu Ji.

Wu Ji then finds himself tied up in a cave of overgrown plants and his mentor advises him he needs to be punished for not accomplishing his task by having his blossoms plucked off? (But he hasn’t even given Fu Yao his flower yet…) Wu Ji starts writhing in agony as a flower falls.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Back on his bed, Wu Ji is writhing in pain, but unconscious. Tie Cheng is worried and tells the arriving Fu Yao something is wrong and that the doctor is gone. But when Fu Yao enters Wu Ji’s room, Wu Ji is up drinking tea and saying he’s fine and just had an issue with his inner force, though he won’t let Fu Yao have a look.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Fu Yao gives him the update on Bei Ye and the King, but she is worried that they will need to rescue the Grand Consort soon. Tie Cheng is happy to see Wu Ji is well and then tells him that Zong Yue has gone after Qi Zhen. Wu Ji insists on going after the doctor to help him, but when Fu Yao wants to join, he reminds her that she still has a job to do.

Zong Yue wakes up, tied to a post, with his little brother also tied up next to him. Zong Yue is upset Yun Hen came, but Yun Hen is happy to at least be able to die with his big brother. Qi Zhen comes out to survey the two. He continues to treat Yun Hen as a son, despite Yun Hen’s rejection of him, and promises that he can be with Qi Yun if he kills Zong Yue. Yun Hen refuses and Zong Yue realises that Qi Zhen just wants Yun Hen to have to live with the guilt of killing his brother. Knowing that if Yun Hen refuses, it means they both will die, Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that he is dying already due to his deal with Lady Fei Yan, and to go ahead and kill him. (Why must you guys torment Yun Hen so much?  Has he not been through enough?) Qi Zhen cuts Yun Hen’s bonds loose and tosses him a knife, but Yun Hen, instead, cuts his brother free and then attacks Qi Zhen, with Zong Yue following behind. They fight Qi Zhen as best they can, but Qi Zhen has made a deal with Lady Fei Yan to gain her powers and easily overcomes both of them. Just as he’s about to kill off our favourite doctor… the episode ends.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

If we’re meant to meet again, we will.

Qi Zhen has made a deal with Lady Fei Yan to give up what life he has left to gain her powers and easily overcomes the brothers. Just as he’s about to kill off our favourite doctor, Yun Hen grabs Qi Zhen’s leg, begging to be killed first, but Qi Zhen likes to go by seniority. He tries to kill Zong Yue with a magical sword, but at the last moment, Qi Yun steps in and is impaled instead. All the men are in shock by this turn of events. Zong Yue catches her, but her father pushes Zong Yue out of the way to grab her, desperate to know where her Dragonscale Armour is, and why it didn’t protect her. Qi Zhen tells his daughter that he was killing off their enemies so that she could live in peace, but she would rather sacrifice herself if it will get this feud to end. As she dies in her father’s arms, the brothers also grieve.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

However, Qi Zhen isn’t giving up any grudge. Blaming Zong Yue for her death, Qi Zhen attacks him with all he’s got, knocking away Yun Hen when he tries to stop him. With Zong Yue on the ground, coughing up blood (like you do), Qi Zhen, once again, tries to use the same weapon against Zong Yue, but it bounces off him instead, to everyone’s surprise. They realise that Qi Yun gave Zong Yue the Dragonscale Armour to protect him. (Okay, so then why did you jump in front of the blade Qi Yun?) Zong Yue cries, telling Qi Yun’s body that he wasn’t worth it. Qi Zhen can’t take it. After all he’s done, he’s ended up with nothing. Using his powers, he turns them on himself and dies, holding his daughter in his arms one last time as Yun Hen watches in despair. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Bei Ye and his army ride towards the palace (oh, I hate the fake horse riding close ups), as Jiang Feng delivers the news to Nan Cheng that Wu Ji doesn’t want to help him because he allied with Prince Yi,. However, if the King agrees to certain circumstances, Wu Ji will help him. Wu Ji wants to take credit for pacifying the unrest and he wants to take charge all of the armed forces temporarily. The King worries he will use the army and turn on Nan Cheng, but Jiang Feng assures him that he will have hold of all the commander badges and military tallies so that Wu Ji won’t get control of them. Nan Cheng is not certain how to proceed, but when Jiang Feng reminds him that he could lose all of his treasures in the Singing Frost Tower, and the Head Eunuch advises that the army is 50 miles away and that people in the places Bei Ye’s army has been through already have all pledged their allegiance to Prince Lie, the King readily agrees.

Zong Yue is holding Qi Yun’s body as his brother berates him for not being able to save her. The weapon Qi Zhen used was a bone melting poison that the doctor can not cure. He is distraught and realises that he was the cause of trouble for his brother and Qi Yun’s death because he disregarded their feelings, instead of just giving up his grudge. As he cries and apologises, Wu Ji arrives, realising that he came a bit too late. Luckily, he still has one of the Muling Berries left, the same berry that saved his life in the desert, and gives it to the doctor who quickly squeezes the juice into Qi Yun’s mouth. As she starts to cough, Yun Hen is overjoyed that she’s alive, but Zong Yue knows it’s only temporary and that he needs to find a cure for the poison. Leaving his brother behind to rule Taiyuan, he promises to find a cure no matter how long it takes, and tells Wu Ji, “If we’re meant to meet again, we will. Cue yet another full song and flashback montage as the doctor walks dramatically into the ice fields… (You get a week, hotty, and then we better see you back. And what happened to the doctor’s horse? His skinny butt can’t carry her everywhere. Going to watch the raw episodes to make sure he returns…) photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

At the gates of Pan City, Wu Ji arrives with his army, including the real Jiang Feng. (Was kind of hoping for some tongue in cheek greeting between him and Fu Yao.) Nan Cheng is waiting with his soldiers. Wu Ji tells the King that he better not go back on his word. Agreeing, the King has Jiang Feng give over the military tally, which he does somewhat reluctantly. But when Wu Ji says he wants to have 20,000 the Gold of Tiansha deployed to stall the enemy, Jiang Feng wonders why he won’t use his own army and reminds the King that the city is well fortified and they can hold off Bei Ye themselves. Wu Ji offers to give back the tally and take his army and leave, but Nan Cheng insists Wu Ji keep it and help them. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Bei Ye is so sweet keeping the dust out of Lan Zhu’s face as they ride closer. In the Wintry Hall, the King and officials react as one report after another announces that Bei Ye is even closer until they are at the gate. Nan Cheng pleads with Wu Ji to save him, so the Crown Prince goes off to lead his men against Bei Ye (or so he says…). Soldiers on the wall have heard the tales of Bei Ye’s unstoppable army as they see them approach. Inside the second set of city gates, the real Jiang Feng nervously waits with Wu Ji’s army and the Gold of Tiansha as flares go up announcing the arrival of Bei Ye. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

As Bei Ye and friends arrive, the soldiers on the wall get ready to attack. Bei Ye gets off his horse and makes an impassioned speech to the soldiers, letting them know that he doesn’t want to kill his own countrymen, and that he’s just there to fulfil the true will of the old ruler, and to get rid of the fatuous king who has made Tiansha suffer. The soldiers all admire Prince Zhan Bei Ye, but also must act upon the royal decree to defend the city. Bei Ye promises they will all get honorable burials and kneels before them. And then the fighting begins.

The Dust Dragon Army soldiers quickly scale the walls of the city to take out the soldiers on top as they fire arrows on the army below. Then the gates open to release more of the soldiers inside, who fight with the Black Wind Cavalry. Inside, Wu Ji joins Jiang Feng who confirms that they were able to rescue the Grand Consort Jing safely, but Wu Ji warns there is still bloodshed to come. (Then why are you wearing white?) photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Having defeated the first set of soldiers, the Dust Dragon Army are unable to proceed further because there is a spell on the gate that keeps them from going in. They ask to be released as promised, but General Ji thinks they are trying to avoid keeping their own promise. Bei Ye promises to release them as soon as he has won, but they don’t trust him. To help settle the matter, Ya Lan Zhu offers to stay as a hostage, knowing that he will definitely win and come back for her. The leader of the Dust Army agrees, so Bei Ye and his soldiers proceed into the city. Bei Ye and Wu Ji finally come face to face, but then, as Wu Ji tells Bei Ye that he is there to help him take the throne, the real Jiang Feng orders their men to turn around and attack the Gold of Tiansha, with Bei Ye and his men following. 

 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

As the Gold soldiers are defeated, a battering ram is brought in to bring down the next gate. In the Wintry Hall, one of the officials wonders if they should open the gates to let Wu Ji’s men in, but the King won’t hear of it. Instead, he says to keep the gates shut and offers Zhan Bei Ye’s title to whomever can kill him. As the Gold soldiers within the Yongqin Gate try to keep the soldiers from busting in, a young eunuch, Xiao Qi, arrives with a commander’s badge and tells them to open the gates and fight the soldiers.

Jiang Feng arrives at the Wintry Hall, with soldiers, to protect the King, who is now frantic. As Nan Cheng hears soldiers yelling, he tells his General to get him out of there. When a soldier reports that they opened the gates under Jiang Feng’s orders, the King accuses him of lying, but Jiang Feng confirms it’s true, to everyone’s shock. The King, confused, orders his General to kill Bei Ye, but his general does nothing. The King realises he’s been betrayed when Jiang Feng reminds him that he had never pledged allegiance to the King. She reveals that she isn’t Jiang Feng and tells him that he can ask his brother who she really is. The King then realises that Prince Huan was right all along and she is Fu Yao.

Outside the palace, Bei Ye and his men fight the guards, though Bei Ye is reluctant to kill any of them. Inside, the King is trying to get his guards to arrest Fu Yao, but none of them will act. Fu Yao turns to the officials to persuade them to align themselves with Bei Ye or suffer the consequences. One official holds out, calling her a villain, despite all of the villainous things his King has done, but the rest of the men want to keep their money and their families and agree to pledge allegiance to Bei Ye. Nan Cheng offers silver to any guard who kills Fu Yao, but still, no one will do anything.

Bei Ye and his men face down the last six guards whom Bei Ye persuades to drop their swords and leave. Wu Ji and Jiang Feng survey the bodies and Jiang Feng asks Wu Ji (who’s uniform is still a clean white even after all that blood flying about) why he didn’t just have his father issue a decree to make Bei Ye the King and avoid all this bloodshed, but Wu Ji knows that for Bei Ye to be a true king, he needs to learn to forsake compassion.

Prince Zhan Bei Ye, rightful King of Tiansha, enters the Wintry Hall and Nan Cheng immediately kneels in fear, begging to not be killed. Bei Ye doesn’t want to taint the hall with Nan Cheng’s blood, but also laments all the innocent lives lost. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

This is the Tiansha Palace. What could go wrong?

Bei Ye doesn’t want to taint the hall with Nan Cheng’s blood, but also worries that letting him leave alive would be an insult to all those who sacrificed for Tiansha and the murdered innocents. Nan Cheng pleads for mercy, trying to claim a bond of brotherhood, which makes Bei Ye laugh and then berate Nan Cheng for what he’s done to the Kingdom. Nan Cheng reminds him that his mother is still alive and well, but Bei Ye doesn’t want to hear it. Because of all his crimes, Bei Ye is about to stab Nan Cheng with his Black Dragon Sword, but can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he throws it down and tells Nan Cheng to leave.

Nan Cheng is thrilled, but instead of just leaving, he pulls a dagger from his sleeve, intent on killing Bei Ye. Instead, he gets a dagger in the back thanks to Eunuch Hua. (That’s for ruining his liver!) Bei Ye immediately, goes to rescue his Princess Lan Zhu and give her the good news. He also keeps his promise to the Dust Army and uses both Bells to free them from the curse. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

King Bei Ye’s first act is to perform the rites for a National Remembrance Day in the Kingdom in recognition of those who died. Once the rites of libation are completed, he takes the throne and a decree is sent out announcing Tiansha’s new King, decreed by god to rule in what will now be called the Yongji reign. It is also decreed that all generals and soldiers who participated will be rewarded, with some men being given new titles as well. The King also will grant amnesty to all who fought against him, as well as return all treasures from the Singing Frost Tower.

As the rewards are read out, Wu Ji notices one name missing. He asks Bei Ye to reward Fu Yao and suggests making her a vassal king and giving her Mount Changhan in return for all she did for him, with Wu Ji offering compensation in return. Bei Ye agrees though the officials are very surprised by the unusual request and a little worried about the consequences.

After the officials leave, Bei Ye realises that giving Mount Changhan over to Fu Yao means giving up a lot of Tiansha land, and he wonders if Wu Ji is taking precautions against him. Wu Ji tells Bei Ye that Mount Changhan is linked to Qiongcang and sees this as a way to help prevent possible future conflicts. The new King is not terribly concerned, though, as he sees Wu Ji as an ally. Ji Yu comes in to warn that someone has arrived and Bei Ye, upon hearing the name, tells Ji to put everyone on alert and not let anyone in the city without an official decree or badge. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Ya Lan Zhu is being carried in a sedan chair when she asks to be let down. Despite her maid’s concerns, she insists on walking by herself the rest of the way as she remembers the route. She manages to make it almost to Xihua Palace when she hears Bei Ye and General Ji talking about the mysterious visitor and the security precautions being made. Then she overhears Bei Ye and his mother talking.

Grand Consort Jing asks about Ya Lan Zhu, concerned that she hasn’t seen her in awhile. She comments on how the Princess has matured and Bei Ye is glad that she likes her. But his mother has more important business to discuss. After the battle, she knows Tiansha needs a reason for celebration and she wants her son to marry, though he says he hasn’t thought about marriage yet. Consort Jing suggests he marry the girl that helped her when they reunited, Fu Yao. Lan Zhu is dismayed to hear Bei Ye talk highly about Fu Yao and his mother commenting that it sounds like he likes her. When he admits that in Taiyuan he had thought she was the only one he could ever marry, Lan Zhu has heard enough and leaves before she can hear the rest of the conversation. (Stupid girl…) photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lan Zhu leaves and misses hearing Bei Ye tell his mother that, while he likes Fu Yao, she is only a friend and that the person he wants to be with is Ya Lan Zhu. As Lan Zhu is suddenly whisked away by a man in red, Bei Ye asks his mother for her consent to marry Princess Ya Lan Zhu. She is thrilled, though she worries Lan Zhu’s blindness will cause issues with others, but Bei Ye won’t let anyone bully his girl.

That evening, Wu Ji and Fu Yao head to the palace and run into Xiao Qi who is looking for Lan Zhu, but no one knows where she is. Fu Yao is worried, but Wu Ji tells her, “This is the Tiansha Palace. What could go wrong?” (The number two most common thing someone says in a drama just before something bad happens.)  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

King Bei Ye comes out to greet the couple and they ask if he’s seen Lan Zhu. Just then Ji Yu runs up to advise that their mysterious visitor broke through the gates, but then disappeared without fighting anyone. He hands the King a letter that was left behind. Reading it, Bei Ye gets angry. He tells the couple that he knows where Ya Lan Zhu is and asks them to keep an eye on the palace for him. As he leaves, Fu Yao tries to join, but Wu Ji stops her, telling her that this is something the King will have to do on his own.

The man in red runs across the ice field with a feisty Princess on his shoulder. Lan Zhu demands to know if he is after Bei Ye and he admits that he is. She tells him that if he plans to threaten Bei Ye, she will kill herself, but ends up biting him instead.  photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Wu Ji, though, has figured out that the mysterious visitor is most likely Bei Ye’s mentor, Lei Dong, one of the top three of the Ten Saints of the Five Kingdoms.

At Lei Dong’s house (Love that cute little house! I want to live there.), Bei Ye’s mentor is commenting on how heavy Lan Zhu is, but she just wants to know what his connection is to Bei Ye and bites him again when he continues to give her attitude. He tells her that Bei Ye’s grandfather asked him to be Bei Ye’s mentor and that he trained him, but that he doesn’t like him because Bei Ye boring and no fun. When Lan Zhu tells him that she heard Bei Ye’s mentor was highly skilled, handsome and charming, he is flattered and lets her touch his face. But then, she ends up grabbing a hold of his ear, instead, and twists it, later blaming her blindness. She demands to know why he wants to harm Bei Ye, but he insists that he’s helping him. Because he knows the new King needs to get married soon, he is there to filter through the candidates.

Bei Ye rides to Lei Dong’s as Fu Yao worries whether or not Bei Ye can defeat him, but Wu Ji is certain Bei Ye’s mentor intends no harm and that whatever he has planned will be good for both Bei Ye and Lan Zhu. Curious, Fu Yao asks who the other top two Saints are after Lei Dong and it turns out that number two is someone named Sheng Ling who retired and whom almost no one has met, including Wu Ji. And number one is Wu Ji’s mentor.

Fu Yao hopes that their friends can be happy together and Wu Ji gives her a comforting hug, also hoping that all those in love won’t have to suffer hardships and can be happy together. He remembers, once again, his mentor’s commands for him, but when Fu Yao asks him what is wrong, he just chalks it up to quiet times being too few and far between. So, of course, Jiang Feng interrupts cuddle time to deliver a coded letter from someone in Xuanji Kingdom. Upon reading it, Wu Ji is concerned.

The next morning, Lei Dong criticises Lan Zhu for being lazy and fat. He informs her that he has planned out lessons to make her a suitable wife. The first lesson is sewing and embroidery, but Lan Zhu feels he is making fun of her blindness as there’s no way she can learn that, though he insists that she can. As he reads out the full itinerary, Lan Zhu refuses, but he drags her kicking and screaming to each one. At her cooking lesson, she overdoes it with the salt. During music lessons, she goes all improvisational jazz on him, sending Lei Dong running to his house to hide from the horrible noise.

Finally, when he is making her repeat verses on how to be a good wife, she is too tired to continue. Lei Dong berates her for being childish and quitting so easily. He declares her not good enough for Bei Ye, but she doesn’t respond. When he chides her for being blind, she is quick to jump up and defend herself. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

The kingdom is prosperous. What could possibly go wrong?

Lei Dong is berating Lan Zhu for not being good enough for Bei Ye to marry, but she can only respond with, “Who said that I’m marrying him?” She’s given up on him. Lei Dong is disappointed in her for giving up so easily and that the old her would have been a much better match for the new King. But that still doesn’t get a rise from her. So he rubs in the whole blind thing and she goes off on him, telling him she is far more perceptive than any sighted person and that the things he’s trying to teach her would be useless skills for Zhan Bei Ye’s future wife.

Zhan Bei Ye arrives at Lei Dong’s house just in time to hear Lan Zhu declare she is the best match for him, but when Lei Dong points out that, when he nabbed her, she was already on her way out the door, she admits that she doesn’t want him to marry her out of guilt nor does she want to hold him back in anyway. Then she also tells Lei Dong that Bei Ye wants to marry someone else anyway, which makes Bei Ye step forward and grab a hold of her. Right away she knows it’s him and tries to get away, but he holds her tight. Lei Dong makes a show of not being able to watch the two and leaves the couple alone. Zhan Bei Ye finally tells her that he loves only her and not just because of her sacrifice. He gives her the option to be with him for the rest of their lives and they kiss. (This was the first couple scene where I had any feels. Despite how annoying Lan Zhu can be sometimes, I still ship them more than our leads.) photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Wu Ji explains to Fu Yao how Xuanji Kingdom is the most closed off and mysterious of the Five Kingdoms. He doesn’t understand all of the coded letter and has sent Tie Cheng to find Mister Fu, one of his informants, to provide more information about Xuanji. Just then Mister Fu arrives. He reports that there have been changes in Xuanji Kingdom with more goods available, but food prices keep dropping. He worries the cheap food means there is something wrong with the source. There are also fewer coins available. Wu Ji asks if there are any unusual sightings by the Purple Phoenix River and Mister Fu tells him there is a rumour that it’s about to run dry. Wu Ji is clearly concerned, but tells him not to take the rumour seriously and that it is probably a man-made issue.

Wu Ji asks about the Queen of Xuanji and Mister Fu reports that she is very ill and several people are eager for her throne. Because only a tenth of the people are allowed to leave the Kingdom and all letters are examined carefully, information has been limited and news has been delayed. Mister Fu promises to keep Wu Ji apprised of any updates. After he leaves, Wu Ji is concerned that the matter is not so simple. When Fu Yao asks what the coins have to do with it, he tells her that Xuanji makes all the coins that the Five Kingdoms use and, if there are less of them, it would affect the other kingdoms. He decides to go to Xuanji. Fu Yao wonders if the letter may have come from Fo Lian, which makes him even more determined to go. Fu Yao gets jealous until he tells her that she will go with him. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye leads Ya Lan Zhu out of Lei Dong’s house to take her home. His mentor is pretending to nap, but when he hears Lan Zhu has wine for him, he “wakes”. Bei Ye thanks him for taking care of Lan Zhu, but his mentor just waves them off. Lan Zhu can see his true intentions to help them. Lei Dong, though, insists on being cranky, so Lan Zhu tells him that since Bei Ye’s not good with words, she’ll come spend time with his mentor to cheer him up. She lists off all the things Bei Ye had told her about him and how much he respects Lei Dong. When she reveals she knows an embarrassing secret of his about how he was injured saving Bei Ye, Lei Dong gets all flustered and makes her promise not to tell anyone, and then sends them off, still cranky.

Finally the couple leave but after a few steps, Lei Dong calls out to them, remembering something he had to do. Saying that even though he’s not fond of Bei Ye, but since he’s the King and needs to get married, he gives them an early wedding gift and uses his powers to restore Lan Zhu’s sight, then walks away, grumbling as usual. Lan Zhu cries happily now that she can see again. They both kneel to thank Bei Ye’s cranky mentor.

Back at Tiansha Palace, Fu Yao, Xiao Qi and Wu Ji greet the couple and are happy to hear about Lan Zhu’s sight being restored. Lan Zhu notices that Fu Yao is wearing Zong Yue’s clothing and says that she looks so much nicer than he does. (You take that back right now!! Our hotty doctor is the best looking of everyone! And get out of those clothes, Fu Yao. You’re getting your jinxed cooties all over them.) Fu Yao tells Lan Zhu that they are going to Xuanji to check out an issue.

In the meantime, Wu Ji gives Bei Ye an update on Xuanji Kingdom and asks that Tiansha help maintain the peace if worst comes to worst. Bei Ye thinks Fu Yao should stay, but Wu Ji tells him that Fu Yao is the one who has decided to go. The girls are all girly talking about girly stuff. (And now Lan Zhu is annoying me again.) Fu Yao promises they’ll return for the wedding, Xiao Qi gives Lan Zhu some candies he bought for her, and then everyone says goodbye as farewell music plays, and the travellers set out on horseback for Xuanji. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

In the Illusion Hall, black smoke comes out of a censer and floats over Lady Fei Yan’s head. She can tell from this that Fu Yao is getting closer to her destiny. “She’s getting closer and closer…This is your destiny. No one can change it. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

In Xuanji Kingdom, Fu Yao, Wu Ji and Xiao Qi have stopped at a tea stand and are talking about the lava waterfall drying up. Without it, there will be a shortage of coins and people will start hoarding them, causing inflation and destabilising the Five Kingdoms. They overhear that minters at the Purple Phoenix River were arrested and that the Purple Cape, the guards who serve the royal family, have been making arrests everywhere. The royal family knows about the problem and is covering it up instead of reporting it, and the trio wonder why.

Fu Yao has an idea and asks to take a look at the coded letter. As she looks at the phoenix seals on the letter and around town, she suddenly has a flashback of herself as a child inside a cabinet with a similar seal carved in the door. Wu Ji, realising she’s had a memory, tells her that there are different variations of the phoenix used by different people in Xuanji and asks her what version she is looking for though she isn’t sure.  photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Guards from the Purple Cape pass them so they decide to move on, but end up being stopped by them. Mistaking Fu Yao for someone they are looking for, a man named Zhu San, they try to arrest her. (So Zhu San has big boobs, too? Seriously, how is it not obvious she is not a guy?) One guard points out that Fu Yao doesn’t have the same mole that Zhu San has, but his leader would rather arrest the wrong person than let the right one get away.

When Wu Ji asks what they have done wrong, the leader of the guards tells him it’s none of his business. Fu Yao is indignant and, when they try to arrest her, she easily fights them off. The guards stop when someone new arrives, Feng Jing Zhi, the eldest princess of Xuanji. The Eldest Princess also does not think Fu Yao is the coin minter they are looking for, but is not happy that she went after her guards. When Fu Yao tries to shrug it off as just a few blows, the Eldest Princess insists that she exchange a few blows with him as well. Of course, Fu Yao can handle herself, while also being a bit flirty with the Eldest Princess. (Yeah, she’s definitely been hanging around Wu Ji too long.) The Eldest Princess gets offended and tries to have Fu Yao arrested, but Wu Ji steps in to help Fu Yao escape. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

That night, they see more of the Purple Cape looking for them in hotels. Fu Yao is worried about how they will find accommodation, but Xiao Qi is certain that with Wu Ji with them, it will be okay. However, they can’t expose Wu Ji’s identity until they know who sent him the letter and why.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

The Eldest Princess is thinking about the flirty fight she had with Fu Yao. A guard reports that they still haven’t found them and she warns the guard that if they don’t find them, she will hold him responsible.

It starts to rain. Fu Yao sees a wedding going on at a house. After Wu Ji asks Fu Yao and Xiao Qi if they want wine, they decide to join the wedding party, where they are offered accommodation for the night. Wu Ji goes to bed early, leaving Xiao Qi and Fu Yao to talk. She knows Xiao Qi is thinking of Lan Zhu. He’s embarrassed that people knew he liked Lan Zhu. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Another guard arrives to report to the Princess on the coin minters being arrested. They have captured all but one who was on leave when the mint was raided. The Eldest Princess is concerned about anyone finding out about the troubles they are having. The guard has found out where the missing worker lives. (Let me guess…)

The groom’s father offers Fu Yao and Xiao Qi more wine and asks them where they travelled from. Fu Yao asks him about the Purple Cape and what is going on, but the man laughs it off as nothing and insisting they just need to stay home. Of course, Fu Yao has to be nosy and ask about the Purple Phoenix River, so the man warns her not to be careless and talk about such things as they are just rumours. “The kingdom is prosperous. What could possibly go wrong?” (Oh no. Now you’ve jinxed it, old man.)  

Fu Yao and Xiao Qi go back to their rooms, commenting on how Wu Ji seems to be so tired all the time. Fu Yao checks on the Crown Prince as he sleeps when he suddenly starts to jerk around in pain, covered in sweat. She checks his pulse and is alarmed. He is back in that Qiongcang cave with his mentor, being punished more for not completing his mission. (Seriously, what is the deal with the flowers?) His mentor warns that once the five-tier spell is broken, the woman he was tasked to find will turn into a witch, Di Fei Tian will be awakened and shroud the Five Kingdoms in darkness. He tells Wu Ji that he has no choice, but to kill her. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Fu Yao can tell his vital force is a mess and decides to use her inner force to soothe his. She tells Xiao Qi not to let anyone interrupt them or they will both be in danger, and he agrees. Just then, they hear horses, so they turn out the lights.

Apparently, part of soothing Wu Ji’s vital force involves getting him shirtless. (Not mad at you at all for that one, girl.) Fu Yao attempts to heal Wu Ji as Xiao Qi keeps watch. The Purple Cape, with the Eldest Princess, break into the courtyard of the house and the old man is killed. Xiao Qi sees but doesn’t call out as per Fu Yao’s warning. He can only watch helplessly while trying to assure Fu Yao that nothing is wrong. People are being slaughtered and Xiao Qi can only watch.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

I can only choose between what hurts and what hurts more.

Fu Yao is trying to heal Wu Ji with her inner force as Xiao Qi guards the door and witnesses the Purple Cape slaughtering the Li family and wedding guests. Finally, there are only two more people left for them to find: the bride and groom. The male guards decide to have some fun with the bride first. When the grooms begs for mercy, they kill him. As they taunt the bride that help is not coming, Fu Yao hears them attacking the woman and is torn between helping Wu Ji or helping the girl. She gets up to leave, breaking her connection to Wuji, and they both spit out blood, so she stays and continues as Xiao Qi watches and shakes his head for her not to go.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

A pouch falls out of her pocket that has a pill from Wu Ji that can enhance her powers rapidly, but then she can only use her vital force for 30 days and can’t engage in combat. (Convenient ex machina there, writers.) Fu Yao tells Xiao Qi to give it to her, which he does reluctantly. Fu Yao’s power increases and she is able to help Wu Ji, and then bursts out of the doors to take out the guards raping the bride. One guard remains and the bride watches as Fu Yao dodges his sword and kills him.

The bride has gone insane and just sits in the rain, laughing maniacally. When Fu Yao tries to comfort her, the bride bites her arm instead, spitting blood back in her face and berating her for not coming out sooner to save her family after all they did for them. Then she passes out in a puddle as Fu Yao kneels by her. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Fu Yao is distraught for not saving the family and begins to cry. She finally gets up, pulls out one of the swords, and is about to take her life, when Wu Ji stops her. She can only scream and cry and hit him until he holds her close and tries to reassure her that it’s understandable that she chose her family over strangers and it’s not her fault. Finally exhausted, she passes out in his arms and it’s his turn to scream and cry.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

The next morning, the pair are in a cave. Wu Ji talks to her as she sleeps, knowing she has to go through so much pain, and not knowing how to make it up to her and how unfair it is. Fu Yao wakes up, still tired, and Xiao Qi arrives. She still feels guilty about the Li family, despite Wu Ji’s reassurances. “I can only choose between what hurts and what hurts more.” Wu Ji is really suspicious of the massacre and what the royal family is up to. If the kingdom descends into chaos, it will be bad for everyone. They decide to go see the Queen. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

In the palace, the officials, all women, are reporting to the Eldest Princess. She complains that there are so many urgent reports, more than usual. She demands answers and, when none are forthcoming, accuses them of not liking that she is in charge while the Queen is ill, which they quickly deny. She dismisses the officials and talks to her lead guard who presents the Crown Prince’s seal. The Eldest Princess is surprised that he has come to visit so suddenly and is also surprised to hear that he has brought a doctor to attend to the Queen, as well as a private letter.

The letter unnerves the Eldest Princess who informs the guard that they met the Crown Prince yesterday and the man they nearly arrested is Zong Yue. (No, she is not! He’s much taller and more handsome… So tired of all these dumb disguises…) She berates her guard for not being more careful about whom she tries to arrest, but also wonders if the Crown Prince has heard the rumours. The Eldest Princess orders that they follow protocol, but not utter a word about what is really going on. She tells the guard to take their guests to see her mother.

The Eldest Princess takes Wu Ji and the fake doctor to see the Queen, Feng Xuan, who has been refusing to take her medicine. Eldest Princess is surprised to learn that Fo Lian was the one who delivered the medicine. She had ordered that the second princess was not to be allowed near Ruichen Palace, the Queen’s residence. The Queen then informs her that she was the one who called for Fo Lian. The Queen apologises for her weakened state and instructs Wu Ji and the fake doctor to discuss all business with Feng Jing Zhi, while instructing her daughter to treat them with all hospitality. Wu Ji thanks her and leaves as Fu Yao stays behind to play doctor. The Queen asks the Doctor why he doesn’t kneel to which he responds that guests to a kingdom usually aren’t required to kneel. The Queen calls him to come up to check on her. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Jing Zhi tells Wu Ji that special accommodations have been made for them further away as the inner palace is almost all women. Wu Ji asks about Fo Lian and she congratulates him for being a good judge of character by breaking off their engagement. She acknowledges that her sister has always been bad, but now, without the engagement, she’s a nobody. Jing Zhi doesn’t believe the love story that Fo Lian told, as it’s well known that when a woman becomes queen, all of her single sisters are killed off to consolidate the Queen’s power. (But I thought having the divine sign kept there from being a fight over the throne?) Jing Zhi offers to marry Wu Ji to help solidify their alliance, but Wu Ji asks to think it over and is not at all tempted when she mentions there are other proposals.

A servant tells Fo Lian that someone has come to collect copies of the sutras, which Fo Lian hands over to be taken to the temple to be used to pray for her mother. She is very concerned that they place them in the proper order. When she moves to go with them, the maids stop her and inform her that the servant who let her out earlier was caned to death, so no one else dares let her out. Fo Lian commends herself for being so nice to that servant before she was killed. Since she can’t go out, she asks where Wu Ji is.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

The fake Doctor tells the Queen that her illness is severe, but not incurable. When she asks for medicine, Fu Yao gives her some. A servant takes the medicine and has it given to a man from the Leading Phoenix Chamber, the Queen’s trusted personal guard. The man is a familiar face, it is Commander Tang Yi Zhong, the man Fu Yao refused to kill during the competition in Tiansha. He takes the medicine first for the Queen and then suddenly collapses to the floor. Alarmed, guards draw their swords on Fu Yao.

Wu Ji follows a servant to his lodgings and he recognises Nanny Hui, Fo Lian’s former nurse. He reminds her that he was there when he was nine and she is surprised he remembers her. When she asks him if there is anywhere he’d like to go, he remembers the lotus pond where he first saw Fo Lian and asks to go there, but she tells him that it’s been closed off and is deserted. Still wanting to see it, she takes him there.

The fake Doctor tells the Queen to wait and, sure enough, Commander Tang is revived. He was knocked out momentarily because her illness requires much stronger medicine. When asked how he feels, Commander Tang responds that he feels fine. He then realises that he knows the Doctor, but says nothing. The Queen rewards him and he leaves. She offers the fake Doctor a reward as well.

Wu Ji walks on the bridge over the lotus pond (awww, my favourite place in Hengdian) and remembers meeting a girl who was making the flowers bloom and asking who she was. Adult Wu Ji still wonders who she was. (So I guess he’s thinking it wasn’t Fo Lian he met after all.)  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Fu Yao is given a badge that will allow her to go almost anywhere around the palace. As she walks with Xiao Qi, she finds herself having memories of being a child and running along the same paths. When she is blocked from going towards a spot she remembers, the servants tell her it’s restricted and that they don’t know what is over there. Fu Yao then remembers a young boy. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Fu Yao reports back to Wu Ji that the Queen doesn’t have any serious illness, but actually is being poisoned. She gave the Queen the poison antidote that Zong Yue left for herself. They wonder who could have poisoned the queen when they hear a strange call of an animal. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that the kingdom is near the Yuge Mountain Range which has a lot of caves and that wind blowing across the caves can make that sound, but that it’s also said to be the sound of the phoenix in the Purple Phoenix River, and that such a sound is only heard when the Phoenix of Flames appears. Once again, Fu Yao finds it familiar, as if from a dream. Wu Ji is concerned but says nothing. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

He tells her that he was followed by a man with Qiongcang fighting skills, who had also been drinking. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t fall asleep while doing this recap, but I don’t remember this happening.) He thinks the man was sent by the Queen. All the different things going on in the kingdom make Wu Ji worry there are big problems.

The next day, Jing Zhi is taking the fake Doctor around the palace and shows her the Little Phoenix Chamber, where all of Xuanji’s historical records are stored with other documents. It is only opened twice a year to update records, and closed for maintenance the rest of the time. Fu Yao asks if she can let her in to see it, claiming to be a “boring man and fond of reading”. Fu Yao uses all her Wu Ji flirting techniques on the Eldest Princess which, of course, work.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

They enter the chamber, but Fu Yao doesn’t close the door all the way, allowing Wu Ji to sneak in. A big iron door marks the restricted area of the Chamber that is said to be guarded by the Phoenix of Flames. The royal family origins are concealed there. Hearing a noise, the Princess turns to look, but Fu Yao grabs her and uses her Wu Ji flirting skills again to distract her so she doesn’t catch the Crown Prince sneaking in. (Of course, he’s enjoying watching her.)

She’ll become your servant soon.

They enter the chamber, but Fu Yao doesn’t close the door all the way, allowing Wu Ji to sneak in. A larger door marks the restricted area of the Chamber that is said to be guarded by the Phoenix of Flames. The royal family origins are concealed there. Hearing a noise, the Princess turns to look, but Fu Yao grabs the Princess, and flirts to keep her distracted.  The Princess asks if Zong Yue has someone he likes, which makes Wu Ji smile in amusement in the background. Fu Yao, replies that he had been busy studying medicine and has never occupied such thoughts. The Princess tells Zong Yue that it’s time he considers it, as she holds onto his hands. Fu Yao does not answer, but instead suggests they leave.

Once they have left, Yuan Bao comes out of Wu Ji’s clothes and is instructed to open the doors to the Chamber. In the middle of the Chamber they find the Royal Feng Family’s Family Tree. Noticing a mechanism on the bottom, Wu Ji has Yuan Bao go into the holes of the box to disable the booby traps.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

A flashback of Wu Ji’s conversation with Fu Yao plays, as the pair speculate about the mysterious person who takes orders from Feng Xuan.  They know the person has to be of the Xuanji family line, to which Wu Ji says they will be able to find clues within the family register. As Wu Ji flicks through the pages, he stops at the names of two couples: Feng Qi – Yu Heng and Feng Xuan – Huan Rui. As his finger brushes past Feng Qi’s name and it blinks, he notes that it denotes that the person is dead.  But the name Feng Wu Ming flashes in a way that he’s unsure of the meaning since it doesn’t indicate if she’s alive or dead. (She’s Fu Yao! Isn’t it obvious she’s Fu Yao! Oh, can we just hurry and get to the big reveal…) photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

It is reported to the Queen that the situation at the Purple Phoenix River is more severe than initially thought. The amount of Xuanji’s gold ore and the level of the lava of the Purple Phoenix River are directly correlated.  Commander Tang is afraid that the remaining gold ore will only last one year. As the Purple Phoenix River is the divine miracle that created the Xuanji Kingdom, the Queen informs her subordinate that it’s not something that can be affected by mortals and may just be a temporary situation, or he might be overthinking it.  However, he persists on talking of the matter, to which he is warned by the Queen that he knows the consequences and severity of his assumptions. As the river is the lifeline of the Xuanji Kingdom, the news that the river may be diminishing will cause chaos to the civilians but the Queen does not mind if the civilians are worried. Her current concern is the future of the kingdom without her. As both of her daughters have not shown divine signs of the phoenix, if something were to happen to the Queen, the Five Kingdoms and Xuanji may fall into chaos.  She notes Zong Yue’s diagnosis that she wasn’t ill, but instead being poisoned and tells Commander Tang to investigate it.  As he talks about how Zong Yue’s medicine has taken effect, but she reminds him that both Zong Yue and Wu Ji are unwanted visitors who should not be trusted.  She tells him to list the people that followed him to examine the situation at the River, saying that they should be rewarded (but we all know this is far from true), and then dismisses him.  

At first the Queen appears to be talking to herself, wondering if the Commander will find out something is not right, but she knows, regardless of whether he does figure it out or not, he won’t be able to do anything.  Then it’s revealed that she’s been talking to a man hiding in the ceiling. She sends off her secret assassin to take care of a task, as he descends from his hiding place.

Fo Lian summons her mentor Lady Fei Yan, by using the same blood and candle rite that Qi Zhen did.  Fo Lian tells her mentor that her plans are on the way and, soon, Fu Yao will become her  servant.  In addition, Fo Lian will also achieve what she wants. (Nope. No you won’t. Lady Fei Yan is not your friend…)  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Fo Lian’s servant greets Fu Yao, using Fu Yao’s real identity.  Fo Lian wishes for Fu Yao to visit her. Fu Yao knows that since the servant knows of her true identity it is more of a threat than an invitation, so she agrees to go. (Note to self: always avoid crazy eyed royals.)

Wu Ji is having tea when the Eldest Princess arrives. She pretends to be there to bring him gifts, but it becomes clear she’s looking for the doctor. (If you think this fake one is hot, you should meet the real one…) Wu Ji asks her about her aunt, Feng Qi, and she wonders how he knows about her and suspects he’s up to something. He informs her that her mother’s illness is actually due to poisoning and she thinks he is accusing her, but he tells her to calm down and that they are on the same side in wanting to resolve the issue of the Purple Phoenix River. They wonder who it could be that is poisoning the Queen and the Princess is sure it’s Fo Lian. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Fu Yao and Fo Lian meet and Fo Lian is back to her faux ways. (Maybe we should just call her Faux Lian, but I think Princess Crazy Eyes has a better ring to it.) She insists that everything that happened in Tianquan as all due to Prince Yi, but Fu Yao isn’t falling for any of her tricks. Princess Crazy Eyes offers her a gift, her phoenix jade scepter, as a peace offering. (Don’t trust her farther than you can drop kick her into a lava river.) The Princess insists that Fu Yao takes the scepter, saying she has no intentions behind it (sure…) and that she won’t reveal Fu Yao’s true identity. Fu Yao finally accepts it and leaves. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

When she shows Wu Ji the scepter and tells him what the Princess said, he confirms it. He doesn’t see anything wrong with the scepter and asks her what she will do with it. Fu Yao suggests they pawn it to get berries for Yuan Bao. Wu Ji shares the information he found out about the royal family tree and that he heard that the sisters used to be very close. Of course, as he relates the Queen’s extreme reaction after the death of her sister, Fu Yao comments on how alike she and Fo Lian really are. Wu Ji warns Fu Yao to avoid Fo Lian in the future while Fu Yao teases him for even being engaged to her in the first place.

Wu Ji takes her to the lotus pond and explains how he first met Fo Lian, though now he wonders if it really was her. In the meantime, the place triggers a memory in Fu Yao. The girl he met had been obviously bullied and he had befriended her and tried to rescue her, but then she disappeared before he could take her back to Tianquan. He didn’t know who she was until later when Fo Lian started sending him letters, saying that she was the girl he’d met and returning his Leaf of Spiritual Elixir which he had given to the mystery girl. He’d agreed to the marriage to save her. Then he declares that he’d never thought marriage was a big deal or that he’d ever fall in love until he met Fu Yao.  photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Commander Tang finds the Crown Prince and the doctor hugging. He kneels before them, calling Fu Yao by her real name and her title of Vassal King. He confirms that he recognized her right away and assures them he has not told anyone. He reveals that he knows that they are investigating and that the historical records have been altered so they need to talk to the actual people who are still around to get the truth. He suggests they talk to Feng Wu.  photo vlcsnap-00001_1.jpg

The Eldest Princess picks up the Queen’s medicine to take over herself. She wants to convince her mother to let her marry Zong Yue.

The Queen’s assassin is reporting that so far he has not been able to kill Wu Ji, but she wonders if he even really wants to kill the Crown Prince, which he confirms he doesn’t. This angers her as she knows he’s hoping Wu Ji could help him find his wife and child. She is frustrated that he still won’t accept her love.

Mother Crazy Eyes photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg
Daughter Crazy Eyes
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

As the Eldest Princess arrives at the door to her mother’s chambers, she hears her mother talking. The Queen brags how she’s killed off everyone else who knows where her assassin’s family is and that she’s the only one left who loves him. (Yeah, she wins worst villain on this show. Qi Zhen just killed the entire family. He didn’t go around taunting the survivors.) She warns him that if he wants to find out where Feng Qi and his daughter are, he has to obey her.

The Eldest Princess is shocked to hear that the poisoning is part of the Queen’s plan to keep people from finding out that she doesn’t carry the divine sign of the phoenix and that it is the reason for the Purple Phoenix River drying up. Shocked, she drops the medicine and runs out of the palace to avoid being caught. (As if those twenty guards outside couldn’t have just told them who it was.) But the assassin catches up to her and kills her.

Feng Wu kneels before Wu Ji and then sits down with him and Fu Yao to talk about the royal family. Wu Ji reveals what he knows and confirms it with Feng Wu, including that he is Feng Xuan’s brother. He asks for confirmation that Feng Xuan truly is the destined queen, but Feng Wu tells them no one knows for sure. Feng Qi and Feng Xuan were twins and when they took them together to the Purple Phoenix River to confirm, no divine sign appeared. Only one daughter in each generation will have the sign and that is why there have never been disputes over the throne before. Because there was no sign, they had to wait until the girls grew up and had children of their own to see which one was born with the sign. But then the sisters ended up giving birth to daughters on the same day. Feng Xuan’s daughter was born with a lotus in her mouth, which they believed was a divine sign. Feng Qi died soon after and Feng Xuan inherited the throne. But who was the child born with a lotus in her mouth? photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

No one is allowed to destroy my plans, even my own children!

Feng Wu is relating the story of how the twin princesses, Feng Xuan and Feng Qi, conceived and gave birth to daughters at the same time. Feng Xuan’s daughter was said to have been born with a lotus in her mouth so because of that, and a divine sighting by the Purple Phoenix River, Feng Xuan is anointed as the eldest princess. That daughter was Crazy Eyes Fo Lian.  photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

When Fu Yao points out that Fo Lian is not even the heir to the throne, Feng Wu tells them that Feng Xuan changed the rules so that the first legal-born daughter would be the heir. Wu Ji and Fu Yao don’t understand why there was a change unless Fo Lian is not her real daughter or neither daughters carry the divine sign. Feng Wu mentions that Feng Qi’s daughter died and, when Wu Ji asks if the daughter was Feng Wu Ming, they wonder if she carried the sign. Feng Wu says that anyone who would know for sure has died already.

Wu Ji tells him that Feng Wu Ming is marked on the family tree as neither alive or dead. They find out that her father, Meng Shuo, who is still alive, was what split the sisters apart. Both sisters loved him, but he only loved Feng Qi. It’s revealed that Meng Shuo is also known as Yu Heng, one of the Ten Saints, which surprises Wu Ji. He left Xuanji after Feng Qi died and no one knows where he is. Feng Wu worries that the Kingdom is on the verge of destruction, given all the current palace drama, and that, if the Queen can’t suppress the evil force in the River, then the Five Kingdoms are doomed.  photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Feng Wu hopes that Wu Ji can help save Xuanji Kingdom since Wu Ji can’t.

As they leave Feng Wu’s house, Wu Ji realises that Tang Yi Zhong, who has been waiting outside for them, is actually Feng Wu’s son. He confirms that after his father’s other siblings were all killed off, he assumed another identity and entered the Leading Phoenix Chamber. He also hopes that Wu Ji can help save the kingdom, but when Fu Yao asks, he denies sending any letter. Wu Ji realises they need to figure out the Queen’s secret and Tang Yi Zhong knows just the person. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

As we watch this mystery man getting drunk, we hear Yi Zhong describe a man who has worked secretly by the Queen’s side for many years, doing all her dirty work. Fu Yao guesses that it is Yu Heng, but Wu Ji needs to hunt him down to be sure. First, he wants to see the Purple Phoenix River.

Queen Crazy Eyes stares at the body of the Eldest Princess, but instead of being upset, she is relieved to be rid of another witness. “No one is allowed to destroy my plans, even my own children! photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Princess Crazy Eyes prays to Lady Fei Yan, letting her know that her trap has been set and hopes for Fu Yao to die, but Lady Fei Yan warns her that Fu Yao can not be put in danger. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Yi Zhong is showing Wu Ji and Fu Yao the underground lava river when Fu Yao sees the Phoenix of Flames but the guys don’t see anything. When Yuan Bao appears and confirms that he can see it to, it makes Wu Ji wonder. (Oh, come on. I think everyone has figured this out by now…) photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Xiao Qi is relieved to see his friends safely return when the mystery man appears and attacks the group. Wu Ji goes after him and Fu Yao follows. Wu Ji calls out Meng Shuo’s name which makes him pause for a moment, confirming his identity, before he runs off, with the Crown Prince following.

Fu Yao, though, suddenly finds herself in an abandoned area of the palace, having strange visions of the Queen and little Fo Lian watching as a woman is tortured and a little girl watches. Fu Yao finally realises that the scepter she accepted from Fo Lian has something wrong with it and drops it to the ground, but then someone knocks her out.

Wu Ji is surrounded by a group of men whom he fights off, but then he realises that it’s a distraction and that Fu Yao is in trouble. He tries to go save her, but more men appear to fight him.

Fu Yao wakes up next to the dead body of the Eldest Princess, holding in her hand a dagger which appears to have killed her. Fo Lian runs in, putting on a show of fake concern of finding Fu Yao killing her sister but Fu Yao realises Fo Lian set her up. Her head still affected by whatever it is Princess Crazy Eyes did to the scepter, Fu Yao has difficulty moving, so she can only crawl on the ground as Fo Lian taunts her. She is determined to take back everything Fu Yao took from her, including Wu Ji. She also teases Fu Yao that she’s known all along who she really is, but she refuses to tell her, though the memories that continue to flood back in Fu Yao’s mind give a good indication of what happened and how it was that Fo Lian ended up knowing about her and Wu Ji meeting. photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

It’s morning and Wu Ji is still fighting the men. When he finally dispatches them, he tries to leave but Meng Shuo tells him he is too late to save Fu Yao. Then he advises that he can help the Crown Prince save her if…

Fo Lian has brought Fu Yao to court to accuse her of her sister’s murder and of poisoning the Queen. Fu Yao figures out pretty quickly that the Queen is in on this as well. In a flashback, we see that Fo Lian walked in on her mother with her sister’s corpse and is the one who suggested the plan to frame Fu Yao. The Queen orders Fu Yao to be executed. Fu Yao denies the charges and asks Fo Lian again who she really is, but Fo Lian just acts as if she is an insane person. When one of the officials asks the Queen to anoint Fo Lian as the heir apparent, Princess Crazy Eyes is pleased, but pretends to be too distraught by her sister’s death and asks for them to wait. photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Wu Ji appears before the Queen. Fu Yao tries to warn him not to help her, but he still tries. The officials wonder if he had something to do with the murder. Before he can say anything else, Fu Yao tells the Queen that she acted alone and should be the only one to face the consequences, to which the Queen agrees and has her arrested. When Wu Ji tries to get the Queen to speak with him privately, she feigns being too ill and tells him they will talk later.

In Ruichen Palace, the Imperial Physician tells the Queen that the poison is almost completely out of her system thanks to Yu Heng’s careful dosage and Zong Yue’s medicine. She warns the physician that no one can know who really gave her the poison and the blame will all be put on Fu Yao. For fear of his life, he agrees. She promises him a reward to be sent to his house. (And by reward she means assassination…)

The Queen berates Yu Heng for not killing Wu Ji, but he could care less. Of course she still loves him so she can’t stay mad at him. But he’s not interested in her flirting which angers her. How can he not like her when she looks exactly like the woman he loved, but he tells her that she’s not her sister and never will be. Then she once again holds her knowledge of his wife and daughter’s whereabouts over his head. When he makes as if he will kill her, she is not concerned, knowing he wants to find his family too much to get rid of her. He’s realised she’s never going to tell him where they are, but also can’t kill her because she looks like Feng Qi. He also regrets all the evil he’s done on her behalf for the sake of finding his family. When he decides it’s better that they both die, Feng Xuan tells him that after she executes Fu Yao, she will tell him everything about his wife and daughter. (She’s definitely even more evil than Qi Zhen.)  photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

Wu Ji rushes to the prison to free Fu Yao, but she refuses to go. Wu Ji tells her that he’s figured out the Queen’s secret, but Fu Yao wants to stay because now that her past memories have been triggered, she wants to figure them out and remember who she really is. Wu Ji tells her that he will help her and that he thinks her identity is tied to the royal family’s secret, but that they need Yu Heng’s help. Because Yu Heng knows more about the palace than anyone and has made a deal with Wu Ji in exchange for help finding his family, the Crown Prince thinks he will be able to help them. photo vlcsnap-00036.jpg

Enid Bee: Zong Yue, my reason for watching, is gone. (Unless I translated what they posted on Weibo correctly and he’ll be back in time for the finale – UPDATE: Yes, he will be!) And that kiss between Bei Ye and Lan Zhu were the first butterflies I got watching this show ever. Sure, the Princess whines too much and that damn song gets overused, but despite it, I still ship them more than the OTP. I’m pretty sure I have a good idea of how this is going to end so I have no anticipation for anything except when is the Divine Physician going to come back. (I predict, as usual, he’ll arrive in time to save everyone’s butts.) I’m just here to recap for all you lovely folks, especially the ones who gave up watching, but still want to know what happened. I got you covered. Go back to rewatching episodes of Guardian or check out that new Tomb of the Sea series. And remember that Martial Universe and Let’s Shake It 2 start next week!! 😀 (UPDATE: Let’s Shake it 2 got postponed so Martial Universe it is…)

Linjaturtle: So far, I think the best arc, for me, are the brothers (Zong Yue may or may not have a teensy bit to do with it). I didn’t mind how they wrapped that up. I know viewers may have wanted Qi Zhen killed by one of the brothers, but the fact that Qi Zhen was left with nothing after all his life was spent trying to benefit from others, all the killing and scheming and using people, all that power hungry and greed, was quite satisfying to see. Killing him won’t crush him, but taking everything that he had worked hard for (trampling over everyone in the process), and the last straw was taking his daughter from him, was more devastating to him than anything else.

I was so glad Zhan Bei Ye’s arc ended. Goodness me. Can’t stand anymore of Lan Zhu’s crying speeches and senselessly trying to sacrifice herself at any given opportunity. I still don’t buy Bei Ye and Lan Zhu’s romance. It wasn’t convincing. I had no feels whatsoever.
Surprisingly, I am enjoying the Xuanji arc. I love the crazy mother and daughter pair. Now we know where Fo Lian gets her crazy eyes from – her equally crazy-eyed mother. I am having a lot of fun watching them talk insanely.

Iridescent:  I am so sick of the Zhan Bei Ye song and Lan Zhu in general, so I’m glad it’s over.  I will miss Zhan Bei Ye’s mentor though, he was the comedic relief this show has been needing.  Honestly, I feel sorry for Yun Hen and I still do.

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We’re almost to the end, folks…

And, yes, the doctor returns.

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      I totally agree! I actually went “Ewwww!!!” when ZBY kissed ZZ. It’s like a brother kissing his kid sister. Vengo has a classically beautiful face and should appeal to all but, I just don’t like him as an actor. Maybe he would do better in comedy.
      This week was meh. The one bright spot was the Tiansha king. He’s so funny-looking when he’s interacting with Wuji, trying to gauge his intentions. That actor should always play an inept king!
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