Inference Notes drama version with Hou Ming Hao and Zhang Zi Feng

Inference Notes (推理笔记) is the drama version of thriller film out not so long ago featuring Chen Dou Ling and Lin Bo Hong. The drama version has Hou Ming Hao, Zhang Zi Feng, and Wang Duo. The story revolves around our students and leading the group is a mathematical genius played by Zhang Zi Feng and Ming Hao takes on the other half of her partner-in-crime status. After receiving a heart transplant, she begins getting entangled in murder mysteries within and around the school, which is the tip of something darker and more sinister – organ trafficking.

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Zhang Zi Feng.

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Wang Duo.

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 Inference Notes premieres as a webdrama on November 3rd with 24 episodes.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Inference Notes drama version with Hou Ming Hao and Zhang Zi Feng

    Anticipating this drama! the premise seems really good. Just iffy about Zhang Zifeng’s hair. Where can we watch this in North America?

    Overall, I think more recently web dramas have excited me a lot more than the TV ones.

    • 2 thoughts on “Inference Notes drama version with Hou Ming Hao and Zhang Zi Feng

      I’m with you.
      These trailers got me excited. I hope I do not get very disappointed. Everything and everyone looks pretty good for what the drama purposes itself to be. This web drama is more targeted to young adults and teenagers.
      I agree web dramas are being so much more exciting and better quality when the genre are thriller, action, mystery and suspense than what you see on TV. Burning Ice, Night and Day look to be amazing serious adult web dramas and they got two of highest ratings of the year so far at Douban. They do not have English subtitles so far.

      Thanks Kappy!

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