Beyond Light Years with Chen Ruo Xuan and Josie Xu Jiao

Another youth drama, focusing on college life! Leading Beyond Light Years (初遇在光年之外), is Chen Ruo Xuan (Evil Minds) and Josie Xu Jiao (Ice Fantasy). The rest of the cast members look quite cute and and fitting, as they are born in the early 90s. Not to make you feel old or anything. I feel it first. XD

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Chen Ruo Xuan. He’s a star student in the IT department and our heroine is a first year student – a normal student like anyone else with an interest in reading and writing Kungfu novels. His cold personality meets with her sunshine personality on her first day in school, leading to many misunderstandings down the line before they eventually work together to tackle college life and troubles. She finally publishes her novel, while he’s successful in his career. Let’s watch as they reap the seed of hard work and discover a love ideal to them both.

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Josie Xu Jiao. She was in Ice Fantasy.

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So adorable!

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Ruo Xuan with Zhu Ran.

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Jeremy Zhang Chen and Chao Ran.

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Short-haired girl is Eva Zhang Yi and the girl below with red lipstick is Tian Yi Tong. Rounding out our youthful cast.

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Character Posters.

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First Trailer + BTS:

Directed by Yang Hao Yu (The Message) and written by Wang Yuan (Ipartment), Beyond Light Year has 35 episodes. No air date yet.

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