Li Lan Di and Lai Guan Lin begin filming Don’t Think About Interrupting My Studies

Modern drama Don’t Think About Interrupting My Studies (别想打扰我学习) stars Li Lan Di and Lai Guan Lin. Our female lead in 2020 is an HR manager at a large enterprise. On the outside, everything is going well, but deep down our heroine discriminates against those who study poorly in academics. In a psychiatric treatment (I don’t know the term), she’s triggered to revisit her youth, when she was 18, but now the table has turned, and she’s ranked lowly in studies. Lol. She has a few problems to solve: pressure to get into the university that she wanted, classmates interrupting her studies, and issues with dad. Along the way, she meets sports student in our male lead. Slowly but surely she recognizes the good traits of people and that winning is not the ultimate goal.

In the novel written by Yue Liu Guang, she travels back in time when she falls asleep on a plane. xD

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Airing Soon: Ren Yan Kai’s The Lost Swordship, Chen Ruo Xuan and Josie Xu Jiao’s Beyond Light Years

Two more dramas coming your way in the next week!

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Beyond Light Years with Chen Ruo Xuan and Josie Xu Jiao

Another youth drama, focusing on college life! Leading Beyond Light Years (初遇在光年之外), is Chen Ruo Xuan (Evil Minds) and Josie Xu Jiao (Ice Fantasy). The rest of the cast members look quite cute and and fitting, as they are born in the early 90s. Not to make you feel old or anything. I feel it first. XD

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