TFBOYS and Zhang Zi Feng’s Boy Hood to begin airing in July

Inspirational youth drama, Boy Hood (我们的少年时代), with the aim to encourage younger generation to run towards their dreams and fight for their beliefs will be meeting tv viewers very soon. The drama stars Chinese boy band TFBoysWang Jun Kai, Wang Yuan, and Jackson Yi and other age-appropriate actors such as Zhang Zi Feng, Li Jun Hao, Song Yu Er, and teacher roles played by Li Xiao Lu, Danson Tang, and Joker Xue.

New Stills:

Jackson Yi. (I’m right, right?) I still get confused looking at them. I know, this is like a running joke now. Lol.

 photo boo 4.jpg

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Wang Jun Kai.

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 photo boo 5.jpg

Roy Wang Yuan.

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 photo boo 2.jpg

Child actress Zhang Zi Feng. She has grown up a lot. Only 16 at the moment.

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New Trailers:

Produced by Guo Jing Ming and directed by Cheng Zhi Chao (Taekwondo Girl S2), Boy Hood is set to premiere on July 9th with 40 episodes.

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