Ou Yang Nana and Chen Fei Yu in Secret Fruit the movie

Author Rao Xue Man of The Left Ear is back again with another project, Secret Fruit (秘果), and she has secured two adorable rising stars to play the OTP. One is a familiar face in the music scene, Ou Yang Nana, and the other is Chen Fei Yu (Sacrifice). Both of them are of the same age, awww. It’s gonna be cute! The story follows the secrets held dear in our OTP’s hearts; he has a crush on a sweet teacher during school and his best friend (our heroine) carries a torch for him. Until she finds out an unusual bond developing between him and her best friend, forcing her to enact a revenge plan with an unexpected outcome. WHUT. You guys are supposed to be cute, not entangling in love pentagon crap!

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Official Stills:

Chen Fei Yu. He’s director Chen Kai Ge’s son. He reminds me of Kris Wu. Lol.

 photo fruit 18.jpg

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 photo fruit 26.jpg

From a family of musical talent, this is Ou Yang Nana.

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Trailers and Music Video:

Directed by Lian Yi Qi (Mr. Right Wanted) and written by Rao Xue Man (novel author), Secret Fruit premieres in theaters on July 7th, 2017.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Ou Yang Nana and Chen Fei Yu in Secret Fruit the movie

    This looks awfully cute until i read the synopsis and is thrown into confusion. What in the what now?! you guys are young! Be simple!

    This chen kid can act? He looks very emotionless…. Nana is cute and has that bubbly attitude, easier to like.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Ou Yang Nana and Chen Fei Yu in Secret Fruit the movie

    They’re so so so adorable! I hope this has a happy ending!

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