TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

Don’t you like my post title? Hee! I have only watched a handful of tvb dramas this year so every time I tune into the anniversary awards, I’m surprised at the same faces every year. Lol. Oh Tvb, you need to groom new talents! You can’t compete with the same names every year with other productions!


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Best Actor and Actress go to A Fist Within Four Walls OTP: Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu! I’m happy for both! Especially Ruco since he’s been in the rounds for a few years already and the veterans always snatched it in the year (rightfully but still sad for my heart!). I love how Nancy thanks them in their character’s nicknames. =D

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A Fist Within Four Walls also won Best Drama of the Year.

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Every time they hug, the crowd goes crazy. Much beloved pair.

 photo 2016tvb-38.jpg

I’m always wary when actresses wear deep V-dresses cause I find myself wondering how is it standing/holding up?

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They also won Best Themesong!

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Second OTP from A Fist Within Four Walls. Benjamin Yuen and Grace Wong won Most Popular TV Male and Female Character.

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Her legs are to die for!

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Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu won Favorite Series Partnership for their series Over Run Over.

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Wayne Lai and Selena Li.

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Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong.

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Moses Chan and Kristal Tin.

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Lin Xia Wei and Raymond Cho. OTP in Short End of the Stick. Raymond won Best Supporting Actor. YAY!

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Carlo Ng and Katy Kung. Best Supporting Actress for Katy from for her role in Two Steps from Heaven. Carlo, Koo Ming Wah, and Chun Wong picked up the Professional Actor Award.

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Raymond Cho and Katy Kung.

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Jonathan Cheung and Ali Lee won Most Improved Female and Male Actor. I’m jumping up and down for Jonathan!!

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Giving his wife a good peck!

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Elaine Yiu and Edwin Siu. Elaine looks flawless.

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Lol. They are so cute as presenters! Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang.

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Roger Kwok and Rebecca Zhu.

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 photo 2016tvb-9.jpg

Yoyo Chen. So many white dresses…

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 photo 2016tvb-7.jpg

Priscilla Wong.

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Grace Chan. One of the few colors of the night.

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Awww Kitty wasn’t there with her today. Here is Moon Lau smiling sweetly.

 photo 2016tvb-4.jpg

Mandy Wong.

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 photo 2016tvb-2.jpg

Elena Kong and Joyce Tang.

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Watch Full TVB Awards Ceremony (will be deleted in a few, watch!):

  • This year I have only watched House of Spirits and Short End of the Stick, and on hold is A Fist Within Four Walls. Still need to watch Dead Wrong soon.

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  1. 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

    Yay!! I’m so happy for Ruco, he’s been deserving this top honor award for a few years already! Also, he and Nancy should just date (or announce that they are) already! They’re so cute!

  2. 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

    I wonder how long they are going to keep milking the two couples…

    And it’s really sad to see TVB’s fall from grace. I mean, look at the positions of the 花旦 小生:

    Roger Kwok > Wayne Lai > Moses Chan > Kenneth Ma > Ruco Chan > Louis Cheung > Edwin Siu > Vincent Wong > Ben Wong
    Kristal Tin > Nancy Wu > Mandy Wong > Natalie Tong > Tracy Chu > Selena Li > Priscilla Wong > Grace Chan > Alice Chan

    A far cry from what it used to be. The male leads now are mostly older than the ones who left (Raymond Lam, Samuel Chan, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng). It’s funny how they are doing this “transition” from old to older lol. The up and coming female leads are young but absolutely suck at acting. The ones who are good were left on the backseat for way too long (like how Nancy Wu’s only started to shine in recent years but she’s 35 already). This has been TVB’s largest problem since forever. Because their previous fadans had so much “longevity”, the 79/80-ers fadans only started getting meaty lead roles in their late/early 30s (other than Michelle Ye and Linda Chung). They are trying to change now, but by spending resources backing people who have zero audience affinity like Grace Chan and Sisley Choi instead. It’s no wonder really that their ratings are dropping. Probably also because of the quality (or its lackof) of their dramas.

    I only watched Speed of Life, Short End of the Stick (not completed) and House of Spirits (not completed as well). It’s been a pretty bad year. Planning to watch Dead Wrong too.

    • 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

      You nailed it! I’m really getting sick of Nanco.

      I grew up watching TVB, but have switched to Mainland dramas in the past couple years. The glory days of TVB are over…

      • 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

        Me too. So sad. TVB or HK dramas used to be such a powerhouse during the 90s. I grew up watching with my mom and grandmas. But even now, they switched over to Mainland dramas and Kdramas.

        @kitai Sisley Choi and Grace Choi are pretty but are so bad at acting. I also wish they gave male counterparts that are similar to the age range. I don’t mind 3 to 5 years older but 10 or 20 years are stretching it for me.

        • 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

          TVB has an endless supply of young actresses from the Miss HK line, but most of the actors are singers-turned-actors or ex-ATV actors who are quite old already. I can’t think of any promising actor in the 85+ range (i.e. younger than 30). *sigh*

    • 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

      They need to put these pretty ladies and gentlemen in acting classes before letting them grace the screen! Like how it used to be in the golden era!

      It’s unfortunate that Nancy was only promoted when most of the fadans moved to Mainland China. Sigh, a big waste!

      Really love the trio of eunuchs in Wayne, Raymond Cho, and Power Chan. They should’ve won the Best Partnership award!

      • 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

        TVB is risk-averse when it comes to casting. That’s why the big fadans were able to hog the screen for so long. I mean, they used to act in 3-5 dramas a year! They are taking risks now by promoting the younger ones like Grace Chan and Sisley Choi but I agree that they should really be put in acting classes. It makes a difference especially since they are not naturally talented. Or they can make them act in a couple more supporting roles! Natalie Tong’s only got one real lead role while people like GC and SC are getting lead roles left and right…

  3. 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

    Yay for Ruco and Nancy. I wish TVB had given her more chances earlier. didnt realise she hit mid 30s until kitai mentioned in her post.
    Truth is ive lost the urge to wach HK dramas- the feel and pull is lacking. This coming from me and my mum who are TV drama addicts and watched evythg from tvb decades ago. I still remember all the tears we shed over Kindred spirit

    • 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

      I think it’s sad that in order for Nancy to be promoted or any talented underrated actors/actresses to be promoted, the popular one they’ve been using either leave to Mainland. It shows a lot of management.
      Same :c HK dramas used to be what my family watched but we all switched over to kdramas/mainland ones. The productions just feel really cheap compared to mainland especially now technology plays such a part. Not to mention, they used the same faces over and over again. :/

  4. 10 thoughts on “TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “The Fist Wave!”

    The last time I watched a TVB series from start to finish was 5 years ago lol…a lot of the currently promoted siusangs and fadans are not up to scratch with their acting and/or I just find them unlikable onscreen.

    I did check out some of Dead Wrong when my mum was watching it, decent storyline and Roger’s acting is great as always ^^

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