Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

Just when I’m about to head to bed, all these drama productions decide to drop some pretty stills. Of course, the one with a trailer gets prioritized. Yes, that’s the only reason! To celebrate Nick’s birthday, the production of Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我) releases its official trailer about an hour ago, highlighting the romantic moments of the OTP in Paris, the city of Love.


Nick Wang.

 photo Stay 22.jpg

Chen Qiao En.

 photo Stay 23.jpg

 photo Stay 24.jpg

 photo Stay 25.jpg

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 photo Stay 26.jpg

He’s turning 34!

 photo Stay 33.jpg

 photo Stay 30.jpg

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 photo Stay 32.jpg

 photo Stay 31.jpg

Kimi Qiao!

 photo Stay 28.jpg

Zhang Xuan Rui.

 photo Stay 34.jpg


Synopsis Written A Long Time Ago by Moi: Story is penned by Tong Hua (Bu Bu Jing Xin.) Due to a car accident in the water, our fashion designer, Vivi (Chen Qiao En), loses her memory. After she wakes up, her memory begins at the age of 23. The boyfriend (Nick Wang) in her memory is now her rival at work. While a man with a strange face is now her fiancé (Kimi Qiao). Based on her vague memories, she doesn’t trust that she has broken up with former boyfriend, and thus starts her own investigation to find out the truth. Afraid of losing her and trying to protect her, her fiancé tries to hinder her plan in every possible way. After she recalls the full picture, she realizes that busy lives have kept her and her loved ones from the dream they once pursued so passionately. The reason behind the break-up is due to their workaholic nature, inadvertently pushing away love and understanding. As confrontation and misunderstanding pile up, former boyfriend broke up with her. At the age of 30, Vivi is determined to change the way things are going, erasing misunderstandings from the past, erasing conflicts between them, never stopping until she finds love and the dream and heart she one possessed.

No definite air date yet for the 45-episode modern drama.

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  1. 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

    I can’t help but express my dissapointment in CQE recent projects, was hoping for more strong willed characters, maybe another villian but with a better ending.

    No one else will ever look good with her in my eyes besides Louis Koo now..I’ve been ruined since I found out they use to date years ago. Sorry Nick.

  2. 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

    ^ not only cqe, even nick is playing someone who could do in his sleep, this whole drama screams typical. tong hua has lost credits as a writer to me, spewing out bad romance after the next. lols.

    at least it’s pretty and they are in pretty locations.

    • 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

      Lol yeah her classics novel-turn-dramas were fine (although the failure of Yun Zhong Ge…could be explained away as Yu Zheng stuff) aka BBJX, DMY and…I think that’s it. But her pure script-writing skills leave me in question – Perfect Couple (while Wallace and Tang Yan were entertaining and cute, the script was really…), i don’t remember her rest, but all her recent works have been cliched, 1-dimensional, trope-filled, brainless stuff. Worst, somehow those productions get the big stars to come participate (prob some evil voodoo at work…jk), so it’s not like I can just skip over them, cuz like here, I still want to check out my lovelies Nick, Joe, and Kimi all the same despite the ridiculous and mundane plot…

  3. 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

    Are we done with these types of dramas where the hero or heroine goes back to a certain age and restart their lives? I thought it was done years ago when Proposal Daisakusen was released. That should have been it.

    Will check it out for Nick since I haven’t seen him play this type of character. Definitely not for CQE ’cause it sounds like a recycled version of her previous characters, which weren’t very good in the first place.

    • 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

      Yeah I think it’s sending out a wrong message. I mean, nowadays, it’s all about self-understanding and identity, which is a huge thing to pursue (esp at my stage of life, which is why I’m so hung up on this I guess), but this is sort of saying, oh regret if only I could do it again. That’s unproductive and self-delusional. I mean, I think I’d be more interested (and the drama would have more depth) if characters start accepting their mistakes and work with what they have/where they are in life instead of creating these fantasies that there’s going to be a second chance. Cuz for a lot of the important things in life, there’s rarely a second chance. While dramas are supposed to be an escape, and I love dramas that can take you out of real life, and logic doesn’t always have to be at 100%, I think this trope is just sending a fundamentally damaging message. You’re subconsciously allowing people to be okay with not taking responsibility for their actions and to not be as conscious and aware of consequences, because after all, there’s always next time. Yeah, no…

      • 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

        Exactly. I wish there was a drama with the theme about moving on. Like, okay, you screwed up your life, you pick yourself up and move on. Don’t repeat your mistakes. There, your second chance in life. What’s with this business of going back to your 20-year-old self to change everything? It’s selfish because not only are you changing your life but you’re meddling with other people’s lives. Uh, why should they have to suffer just because you screwed up? Not cool.

  4. 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

    Dear Kappy, You are not stalking Wang Kai and doing only Wang Kai posts from now on right? Ahemm…

    It’s never a good sign when we start with amnesia ….. yet again. Do they have a standard template for novels with amnesia that make it easy to finish a novel in a short time? I can’t help thinking there is a software out there for novelists who want to make a quick buck. Just type “Main female character, Chen Qiao En”, etc. Then hit return, the novel is done for the publisher.

    • 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

      LOL. Nope. I think it’s just his bday hence the rapid fire news releases. I only stalk Li Ying religiously. XD

      Your computer-generated program might be a big hit! Copyright it! 8D

      • 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

        lol… Kappy.

        I actually heard the following on the US Marketplace radio show from the National Public Radio. A lot of mundane biz articles are now written by computers. The show host, Kai Rysdal actually pitted himself against a computer in writing a quarterly earnings report once. The amount of time Kai needed to write one report, the computer spitted out 20!!! The computer generated article is not identical to Kai’s, but the computer one looks just fine. I have noticed how some other computer-generated articles have typos in them sometimes. But they are not too bad.

        Google execs have been predicting Artificial Intelligence will be huge.

        Tong Hua needs to hurry and make her truck loads of money before robots and computers take a bite out of her future income. I think if Google bothered to give its 2% effort, it could do already do better than a mediocre Tong Hua novel. Fortunately for Tong Hua, Google has pretty much bailed out from the C region.

        I do wish c drama could have more intellectual aspects to them instead of rehashing the same cheesy old fluff. Amnesia. Tsk tsk tsk. Same old trick. I feel embarrassed for CQE, Tong Hua, and the team involved in this c drama. The $ obsession does contribute to the stalled growth of emerging markets sometimes. I’m not just talking about the C ent. So few in C dare to take the risk to do bold, risky inventions that may be life-changing.

        • 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

          This sounds…. very, very, very scary. Robots/machines are gonna take over the world pretty soon!!

          Yes, dramas in general nowadays could use more in-depth writing and shorter episodes. No need to fill just to get to 30, 40, 50 episodes.

  5. 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

    Does anyone know which location in Paris they took the pictures in? The one with the wide platform and city view? I should be in Paris later this year. Their shooting location looks nice for picture taking.

  6. 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

    Tong Hua sure loves car accidents…after so many years Joe turns back into her old Ye Tianyu storyline.

  7. 13 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

    Sounds ALOT like the movie with Bai Baihe and Joseph Chang.. I think it was called The Stolen Years?

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