When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

Yep! First peek at the trailer and it’s action-packed! They look adorable at the press conference.

Behind the Scene: Rescuing the Damsel! šŸ˜€

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Press Conference:

Arriving on stage handcuffed together. How romantic! Lol.

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Re-enacting the scene in the trailer.

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First Trailer:


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  1. 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

    Did Nick-Wang Couple fall out of love with the viewers in Ode to Joy or what?

    The trailer sure is action-packed but I’m not sure I’m feeling their chemistry as a couple though. šŸ™

    The gif of him dragging her neck. Lol. I hope it doesn’t become a trend.

    • 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

      It’s also in the novel, he isn’t dragging her – he is picking her up and moving her before she steps into evidence at a crime scene LOL .

  2. 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

    The trailer was really well made. Lots of actions!

    I wished they had Wang Kai and Wang ZiWen changed their looks, especially her hair. They look like they walked off the set of Ode to Joy. I’m also crossing my fingers that the production team apply what they learned from making ‘Love Me If You Dare’. As much as I adored that drama, I cannot ignore the plot holes and lack of character development. I hope they’re not going to dumb-down Wang ZiWen’s character as they did YaoYao in LMIYD.

    Looking forward to this series as I always do for Shandong Productions.

    BTW does anyone have any information on the drama starting Han Dong in a leading role, it’s a Republican Era drama also produced by Shandong. I last saw promo pictures. Did it air already?

    • 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

      Is that the one with Zhang Meng? The Scholar Dream of a Woman or something like that? If so, it’s already out and is on youtube (not subbed of course). I think it’s posted by one of the typical youtube accounts:


      Zhang Meng’s quite nice in this one. She’s quiet and seems super soft and lady-like at first, but she definitely isn’t meek nor does she let people step all over her. Sharp words, quietly prideful, with lines she won’t cross and a hidden backbone. Nice stuff. Honestly didn’t watch enough of it to comment on Han Dong, since ZM’s more my bias than Han Dong.

      • 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

        I have this on my list to watch! But I think Kay is referring to Han Dong’s drama with Dong Xuan. It’s Nanjing Love Story. There’s barely any news on it and not much on the Baidu Baike page either.

  3. 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

    I might be in the sinking ship, but I actually like this and I’m looking forward to this! So many peeps are turned off by Wang Zi Wen in Ode, but while I didn’t like (read, really didn’t like) her character in Ode, I thought she did a pretty good job. Like, until the plot called for crossing my bottom line, I thought she pulled off the love/hate annoying yet likable (in my opinion) pretty well. Whatevs.

    Either way, I like that I recognize certain parts of the trailer/plot. Lol like the physical training/running plotline. I just find it really weird that she keeps calling him “shifu”. I’ve always associated that phrase with period dramas, so to me it doesn’t really fit. But I guess that is his initial role.

    The actions seems interesting, but can I just say there’s a disturbing amount of lack of bullet-proof vests? The SWAT teams are wearing them, but they do understand that detectives and officers ALSO wear vests too right? That or they’re usually not in an operation. But generally, vests are must for ALL in law enforcement, not just the extras and the “gruntmen” that the crew’s too lazy to outfit.

    anyways. Looking good so far. After Nirvana and Disguiser, I’m waiting for a Wang Kai character I actually like. Honestly I liked HIM in both Fox Legend and Ode (what little I saw before I stopped at least), but I didn’t particularly like either character to any strong degree. Hopefully I like Ji Bai as well as I will like Wang Kai.

    I like WZW’s vibe so far. I get the feeling like Xu Xu (the character) isn’t necessarily cold on purpose, but perhaps just somber, serious, focused, earnest, and straightforward. She can be nice, but she also has priorities, so she won’t necessarily pander and be the social butterfly. She’s smart but unfortunately is (typical) a clueless naive social persona. But I just hope they don’t milk that too much. She takes her mentor’s advice and suggestions and crsiticisms very seriously. While I don’t necessarily see all of that from Wang Zi Wen in the short trailer just yet, but I do get a similar vibe from her, and her portrayals have been vastly different than Xiao Xiao in Ode. So kudos.

    • 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

      Juli, I agree with you on Wang Zi Wen. Make no mistake, I didn’t like Qu Xiaoxiao at all but WZW did a great job making me feel that way.

      Too bad we don’t get to hear her call him “San Ge” in the trailer. That’s what I found to be endearing in the novel. Hehe.

  4. 8 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love holds conference, releases trailer

    i don’t know about the novel but does Wang Zi Wen character has short hair? I seriously think her hairstyle is giving an impression of a grandma. Maybe her acting and chemistry with Wang Kai will save it.

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