Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

Taekwondo/Tornado Girl (旋风少女第二季) production team recently invited the media and fans to the filming location to meet the petty cast. Though they are apprehensive about comparison being made to previous leads (Hu Bing Qing and Yang Yang), they promised to work hard to gain your approval. But the true can of worms is the impending lawsuit the between the producer and Tangren for contract breach. Because Hu Bing Qing wasn’t able to fulfill her contract terms starring in the second season when she previously signed the contract in March 2015, the producer had to rewrite story and search for a new female lead. Tangren replied that Bing Qing accepted the role in October 2015 and beside negotiating the pay, there was no mentions of filming dates and such, so if the producer wants to take this case under the law, let’s do it! Oh, cat fights!

Ji Chang Wook. The story structure stays relatively the same, with An Yue Xi playing an orphan with a fierce and indomitable personality when it comes to Taekwondo and Ji Chang Wook will be the guide to sharpen her skills.

 photo Taek2 23.jpg

Being surrounded by cute ladies. XD

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A very angry-looking coach-nim!

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Leading lady is An Yue Xi drenched in sweat and tears. She revealed that she has to be extra careful filming with Oppa (Ji Chang Wook) or else he will hook her like the Korean crack dramas do.

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Chen Xiang reprises his role as the second male lead. Really Hunan??!! How many heartbreaks are you planning to put this puppy through?!! He said his character is much more mature and stricter than Season 1.

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Seven Tan Song Yun.

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Fiction Guo Jun Chen.

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  1. 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

    JCW looks out of place in this sea of young, fresh-faced actors HAHA, even though the female lead is only two years younger than him?

    When will Chen Xiang get his own show as the male lead?

    • 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

      When Chen Xiang moves on from HNTV! They don’t treat his talents right! Argg!

      • 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

        I love Chen Xiang but he is always second lead or supporting cast…. What happened?

  2. 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

    Seven? Fiction? Are those really their English names?

    • 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

      Yep. What they use as their weibo’s username too. LOL. I can’t. Say no more!

      • 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

        Lol I find Chinese celeb’s english names pretty funny most of the time too, but honestly, foreigners who pick Chinese names usually have pretty ridiculous names too. It’s usually based on the pronunciation of their english names, but in Chinese it’s absolutely meaningless and random like the Chinese’s english names.

        I find it funny but kind of hypocritical (not aimed towards you aj, just generally the larger society) that Americans (admittedly incl me) make fun of (not necessarily maliciously but…) non-english-speaking countries’ citizens chosen English names and expect people to like all their foreign names they choose for fun or for stupid high school language classes. Honestly the whole culture thing is so skewed. We think foreigners or tourists are fobs if they speak English with an accent or can’t speak it at all, but when we go to other non-english-main-language countries, we automatically force them to speak English to us in their own country (of course, these are just large generalizations). And so many other examples. Honestly I wonder what the world would be like if America WASN’T such a powerful “global leader”; like, if it was an Asian country, African country, south American, etc. Obviously I’m really privileged to live in a country that DOES have such widespread influence TO be able to demand these cultural trends. But I just think it’s so…just…idk, it bothers me at least to some degree.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

    Have to say, despite my unexplainable bias for Hu Bing Qing, An Yue Xi is super pretty (actually looks a little like a younger Sandra Ma) and her stills so far look more believably-taekwando-ish. I know that was a big point against HBQ for a lot of people (even though I thought her kicks looks fine). Sad that Zhao Yuan Yuan doesn’t seem to be in the cast. Her character was hateful but she was super fantastic.

    I have to say, Tusu’s right. Love Ji Chang Wook, but next to all the young-looking peeps, he looks very much shi-xiong-material, but not so much OTP love-interest.

    Also, I was all prepared to hate season 2 cuz the cast was different, but from the stills I’m really loving the vibe. Hope it’s good! Definitely miss Wu Lei the most…and Yang Yang.

    • 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

      LOL I think this new cast is fine but the one thing that stood out the most was the curly hair on the guys……

  4. 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

    I will watch anything with Ji Chang Wook. Not usually a fan of modern Chinese but I just might for him and the adorable leading lady !

  5. 10 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi prepare kicks for Taekwondo Girl 2

    So depressed. Seeing the stills made me go back and rewatch Taekwondo Girl 1. Now, looking at the stills again, despite my love for Yang Yang and HBQ, I’m even more excited to see An Yue Xi as Bai Cao (cuz she looks REALLY good in these stills). Depressed cuz I’m all hyped up and excited to watch season 2, but it’s not out until July. It’s strange. The baidu page for TG2 says Wu Lei’s reprising his role as Er Shi Xiong, and Fiction Guo is “3rd brother”. But Wu Lei’s actor baidu page doesn’t mention him reprising his role in season 2. Whatever. According to the baidu page, the story’s gonna be different and all, but the general outline is the same, and apparently the character names (except Ruo Bai, which has become Chang An..? I think? 长安. Maybe my Chinese is wrong. Someone correct me cuz isn’t that the old name of the dynasty-time Chinese capital???) all the other character names are listed as the same. So I guess it’s a redo of Qi Bai Cao’s Taekwondo career. Lol. Love Ji Chang Wook, I do, but honestly I can only say I can’t picture him and An Yue Xi as an OTP. He looks visually very appropriate for her mentor/guide/coach, but I can’t see them in a romantic setting outside of their practices. Just can’t picture it yet.

    But SUPER excited for AYX’s Bai Cao. Have I mentioned how good she looks in the stills? Partially it’s her posture and eye-stare(lol) and emoting in the stills alone, but it’s also the fact that her “uniform”/outfit fits her so much better. I always felt like HBQ’s outfit was both too small and too big. Way baggy and hanging off her frame, yet too short in the sleeves and legs. An Yue Xi just looks good in hers. I think it’s cuz in her stills her pants have the added weight-cuff-things that just makes it look better. Xuan Wu just has better outfits than Song Bai. The dark pants with red trims look better than the all white. Their pants also tend to be appropriate length too (aka not too short). Also cuz AYX’s top has the black collar-trim that everyone else does, whereas HBQ’s outfit had the white trim that blended with the rest of her top, making it look like a glorified bathrobe.

    Anyways enough on wardrobe, just super excited…but it’s not out until mid-summer! T.T July seems so far away, esp since it seems like so many of my anticipated dramas (at least for the entertainment factor) are in July and the summer months.

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