Zhao Li Ying attends Hairun Night as shareholder

Beijing Hairun Pictures Co: beside being her management agency, she’s now part of the shareholder team (only a minor one, holding around 1.77%). The other bigger investors are Sun Li and Liu Shi Shi. A lot of sponsors in attendance in hopes of investing in the next batch of movies in 2016-2017. Everyone is waiting to see if Li Ying has any upcoming movies under the wraps. She’s currently on a mini-break before filming The Legend of Chu Qiao in a little over one week. I’m pumped to see how they style our female general!

I gotta say, this boring purple/navy gown she has on is disappointing me. Lol. She has had many fashion hits with me this year with her new stylist, but was he sleeping for this choice?!! She’s young, give her some pop colors! Don’t blend her in with the wallpaper in the back!

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At one glance, and you know they are attending the same Dark party. LOL.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Zhao Li Ying attends Hairun Night as shareholder

    She’s so beautiful… almost delicate and fragile-looking. Love this look actually! It’s fitting for her 🙂

  2. 3 thoughts on “Zhao Li Ying attends Hairun Night as shareholder

    There have been dozens and dozens of dramas titled Legend of …… I propose they change it to “Chu Qiao: The Legend” or ” Story of Chu Qiao”, or “The Legendary Female General”.

    • 3 thoughts on “Zhao Li Ying attends Hairun Night as shareholder

      I agreed. I was starting to get annoyed at their lack of creativity when it comes to naming dramas. 95% of them starts with The Legend… *shakes head*

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