China Elle Style Awards 2015

Another small gathering of stars. The ladies deck the boys this round with their fashionable choices. I can’t pick a favorite!

Man of the Year: Hu Ge! Not his best look, I’m afraid to say. He looks tired.

 photo Elle 7.jpg

 photo Elle 8.jpg

 photo Elle 6.jpg

Finally what resembles a smile…

 photo Elle 5.jpg

Maggie Jiang. Hu Ge’s Ex GF! Is it awkward or is it not? She looks fabulous though, from head to toe. One of my favorite looks of the night.

 photo Elle 9.jpg

 photo Elle 10.jpg

 photo Elle 11.jpg

Yang Mi. I don’t know how I feel about this combination. It looks nice on paper.

 photo Elle 13.jpg

 photo Elle 12.jpg

 photo Elle 15.jpg

With Sun Li.

 photo Elle 14.jpg

Cecilia Cheung. She looks happy and healthy. Good for her!

 photo Elle 16.jpg

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Dilraba Dilmurat rocking at all angles. Another favorite of mine. Very stylish while keeping it simple. Her lip color could be stronger.

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 photo Elle 1.jpg

 photo Elle 3.jpg

 photo Elle 4.jpg

Miss Liu Wen!! She’s the perfect example (like Shin Mina) that height and dimples make everything flow and glow. Since I miss her, more pictures to ogle!

 photo Elle 23.jpg

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 photo Elle 20.jpg

 photo Elle 21.jpg

 photo Elle 24.jpg

Perfect. 🙂

 photo Elle 22.jpg

Tang Yan also sporting more colors than everyone else. Cookie Points!

 photo Elle 26.jpg

 photo Elle 25.jpg

 photo Elle 27.jpg

Sun Li going for the sleek and slim fit. Another one I really like. Look at her purse. hehe.

 photo Elle 28.jpg

 photo Elle 29.jpg

Chen Long and his wifey, Zhang Ling Zhi.

 photo Elle 32.jpg

Why are you two so cute?!

 photo Elle 31.jpg

 photo Elle 30.jpg

Owen Cheng Hao Feng.

 photo Elle 34.jpg

Happy Camp’s MC, Wu Xin. Her name. hehe. I just realized.

 photo Elle 36.jpg

 photo Elle 35.jpg

C.N Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa. I like his gray suit.

 photo Elle 37.jpg

 photo Elle 38.jpg

Leo Wu. This kid is everywhere. Lol. He’ll be leading in a new series soon. Lucky dork! And when you’re this young, you can go around and take selfie with everyone. hehe.

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 photo Elle 46.jpg


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  1. 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

    Holy shit Leo Wu is looking more and more like Hu Ge the older he gets! Like seriously Leo looks like a young Hu Ge (like from his Chinese Paladin 1 days) … no wonder Leo is the young Li Xiaoyao in the CP1 web game! Leo and Hu Ge look so alike it makes me wonder if they’re actually secretly related (like maybe distant cousins or something)…

    Like, look at that photo of Leo with Jong Yonghwa! Leo looks like Hu Ge from back in the CP1 or when Hu Ge starred in that drama with Ariel Lin (Fairy from Wonderland – the first drama they starred together in).

    I love how the Nirvana guys got together to take photos. Very cute!

    LOL yeah Hu Ge is looking tired in the photos … hence the need for a long break next year haha.

    Liu Wen’s height makes her look totally awesome! Very statuesque! 🙂

    I like Dilraba’s dress the best! Very cool! Would be even better if she had strong red lipstick! Also Sun Li’s outfit is funky too!

    • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

      Also when Leo smiles, his eyes look the same shape as Hu Ge’s eyes when he smiles … I guess that’s why Leo was always cast as Hu Ge’s young self when they had dramas together, because of the resemblance…

  2. 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

    It’s a good idea that Hu Ge will be taking time off to rest. He needs it!

  3. 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

    Prefect Goddess: Li Wen. Gosh she looks prefect in every way. Sn Li looks very beautiful too.

  4. 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

    Anhui TV award winners (they’re keeping this news secret but people/audience who attended the ceremony let some news slip):

    Best actor in lead role: Hu Ge (Nirvana in Fire)
    Most popular actor (Mainland) + Most improved actor: Wang Kai
    Best actor (most skillful): Jin Dong
    Best director: Li Xue (Nirvana in Fire, Disguiser)
    Best supporting actor (need to check this): Victor Huang (Prince Yu in Nirvana in Fire)
    Best newcomers: Ma Ke, Dilraba Dilmurat
    Top 10 dramas of the year: I dunno all of them but Nirvana in Fire, Disguiser, and Hu Ge’s Good Times are all in the list

    Wu Lei got an award too but I dunno which one it was

    • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

      Jin Dong and Wang Kai had the most epic brotherly thing going on too, backstage and during the event! They walked the red carpet together and the whole Nirvana/Disguiser cast were all family bonding big time backstage.

      Hu Ge and Wallace Huo played the ultimate CP thing to the max during the ceremony LOL

      The hosts got Hu Ge, Jin Dong, and Wang Kai to go onstage to reenact the famous gun pointing scene in Disguiser 🙂

    • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

      The first thing Jin Dong did when Wang Kai showed up to meet him backstage was to give him a bear hug and then fiddle with WK’s tie … and then when they came out together on the red carpet they both wore matching bow-ties and had the same hairstyle LOL

    • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

      Fan Bingbing got Best Actress for showing cleavage in Empress of China hahahahaha

      • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

        I’m shocked FBB got best actress! Her facial expressions in Empress was pretty much the same throughout.

        Victor Huang showed powerful acting in NIF and deserved the award. The actor who played the emperor should’ve also gotten of an award.

        • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

          LOL FBB should’ve gotten an award for “most glamorous” celeb but for best actress? ROFL!!!
          I mean, the most memorable thing about her role in Empress of China is showing cleavage, so…

    • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

      Timeless Goddess Ruby Lin showed up looking like a boss in a slick black fancy dress pants getup 🙂

        • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

          TV ratings queen + most influential actress of the year (at least that’s what I think it means)

    • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

      LOL, Shimo, it’s another award ceremony (the Anhui awards), but I’m sure Kaptain will cover it soon, as I’ve seen the pictures from the red carpet. We see the cast from HQG again! (The show was a wreck but I do like all the cast). Wow, NiF won big! Very deserving. So Victor Huang got the best supporting? My personal preference will be with the actor who plays Xie Yue, but Victor did a tremendous job as well. I’m currently watching Three Kingdoms 2010 and I can tell he has much improved since then.

      • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

        I would be hard pressed to choose between the two actors because I enjoyed their characters, evil and all.

      • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

        Oh I know what you mean! Liu Yijun (Xie Yu) is one hell of an actor! I especially liked him in Disguiser as Wang Tianfeng – that was even better than his role as Xie Yu!

        Rumor has it that Victor won, but then the posts got erased because apparently the officials who held the awards want the people who attended to keep quiet…

        Honestly if NiF or Disguiser didn’t win big, the Anhui awards would be dead to me from now on (I’ve watched these awards every year like clockwork for years now LOL). The cast from both NiF and Disguiser are all awesome actors and these 2 series are some of the most decent pieces of Cdrama I’ve seen in a VERY long time. Everything from the script to direction to production is made with care and dedication, and it’s only fair that they get all the awards (LOL I’ve been saying that since I first watched the 2 series so I just wanna see it happen).

        NiF and Disguiser are in the running for the even more prestigious 飞天 (and possibly 金鹰奖) awards. The Anhui awards are more like popularity contests whereas the 飞天 and 金鹰奖 are more like the big guns, so I hope NiF and Disguiser get something there…

        Look at these epic bros:

        • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

          Victor Huang was absent from most of the NIF promos. Anyone know if he’s on bad terms with the cast and crew?

        • 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

          @ anon: Victor was absent because he had other filming/drama commitments

  5. 23 thoughts on “China Elle Style Awards 2015

    Man, every day I get home from work, there’s another red carpet event. T___________T

    The winners list is always known before the official airing of the awards show. I don’t know why they think they can keep it a secret. Silly crew. XD

    So many people attended!! GAHHHHHHHH. Gonna take me 2 years to compile the pictures. Lol.

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