Mr. Six’s cast attends 72nd Venice International Film Festival

Finally! There’s some trace of actual presence for Li Yi Feng in the upcoming Chinese action film Mr. Six (Lao Pao Er). A quick refresh: the premise follows an old-timed street gang member (Feng Xiao Gang) with old rules and values as he watches over his neighborhood with hawk eyes. As the new gangsters (led by Kris Wu) set foot on his turf and set hands on his son (Li Yi Feng), our old gang member finds himself at a loss to their unruly practices. But through the challenges, our hooligan slowly rediscovers his former glory.


The whole cast has three outfits change!

 photo Six 22.jpg

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 photo Six 28.jpg

Feng Xiao Gang as our old hooligan. 🙂

 photo Six 21.jpg

The hooligan’s son, played by Li Yi Feng.

 photo Six 23.jpg

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Casual Interview.

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Father and son looking cute together. I hope we’re not robbed of their moments.

 photo Six 38.jpg

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Xu Qing as the hooligan’s lover. My, my, showing all kinds of sexy legs Mama!

 photo Six 29.jpg

 photo Six 30.jpg

Shang Yu Xian plays Kris Wu’s girlfriend. Very young, born in 1994!

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 photo Six 24.jpg

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Adorable. 😉

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Kris Wu’s trailer:

  • Directed by Guan Yu (The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel), Mr. Six hits theaters on December 24th.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Mr. Six’s cast attends 72nd Venice International Film Festival

    I heard the film was good but too long – mostly because of the father/son bonding scenes that was too tedious to watch according to professional critics. Since the film played in festivals is not the actual cut (it’s 135 minutes long as of now) and they will definitely shorten it during release in China, it’s probable that they will cut some of those scenes out. It will be the logical thing for them to do.

    Shame that Kris couldn’t go to Venice because he’s filming Journey to the West.. it would have helped give the film more exposure since he’s popular overseas.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Mr. Six’s cast attends 72nd Venice International Film Festival

    i do hope kris acting has improved…i tried to watch somewhere only we know the other day with a few friends and my…we couldn’t sat through the first hour. he and wang li kun had no chemistry whatsoever and i was supposed to think they are in love? Lol….

    looks like playing a haughty is perfect for his face type.

    i don’t think kris would’ve helped in anyway with exposure since we’re in Venice and these critics don’t care about popularity unless you’re like jackie chan. plus, their movie was the last to screen which is a high honor and guaranteed exposure and lasting memory of the night. kris wu, along with li yi feng, and even feng xiao gang are only specks of dust compared to the invited celebrities there. harsh, but that’s life.

    • 4 thoughts on “Mr. Six’s cast attends 72nd Venice International Film Festival

      His acting in SOWK is not even that different with a lot of TV actors. Especially when you take into account that it was his first time to act.. ever. Li Yifeng has been acting for years and his acting still leaves a lot to be desired. Same with William Chan. Let’s not even get into Yang Yang. I think that the steps he’s chosen in his career make it clear he wants to be a serious actor.. he even shaved his head and went completely bald for Journey to the West. I don’t think Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow would have chosen him if he wasn’t at least convincing.

      I was talking about media exposure, not critics. I mean, I agree they’re not as known internationally as say, Diane Kruger, who went to the premiere, but fangirls could have helped significantly increase the mentions of the movie on social media and get it attention elsewhere. Kris went to the Met Gala and was the 4th most tweeted person there… and we know how many stars attended that event.

      • 4 thoughts on “Mr. Six’s cast attends 72nd Venice International Film Festival

        not any difference? are you kidding me? i know you’re his fan but saying that claim is like a slap to those who actually went to school for acting and worked their way up to get bigger roles. the other guys are not the best but at least they can spark chemistry with their co-stars naturally and convincingly in their first acting gig. kris is stiff and its so jarringly obvious.

        it’s a constructive wish that he improves, not sure why you’re so defensive and got the other actors involved, that’s like asking for a fanwar to begin.

        if the movie is good, it will get talked about by all sorts of fans. what’s the point of media exposure if most of the tweets is about how hot or cool kris look at the festival? i have seen many tweets and most of them are just fangirling. li yi feng’s fans do the same thing. so the conclusion is…let the neutral fans tweet about the story because only substance and good writing can carry the movie far beyond its scope.

        my two cents and im done.

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