Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

——> ♦ More trailers and songs released for Yun Zhong Ge. Yang Rong’s centric trailer, followed by Angelababy’s song, and lastly a crazy teaser to end it all! Premiering this Sunday 9/13/15 to replace The Journey of Flower. All the girls are my favorites! What to do!

One picture from yesterday’s press conference! “WE LUB YOU! PLEASE WATCH US!”

 photo Cnews18 46.jpg

——> ♦ The director of drama adaptation Remembering Li Chuan with Godfrey Gao and Jiao Jun Yan posted on weibo, saying that he still has hopes for his lovechild project to be picked up by a tv station. That is utterly heart-breaking. =( Reposted the long trailer below.

 photo Cnews18 39.jpg

 photo Cnews18 38.jpg

 photo Cnews18 37.jpg

 photo Cnews18 36.jpg

——> ♦ Short New Teaser for Chen Qiao En‘s Youth Never Return:

——> ♦ Exciting trailer for Bolin Chen‘s Bad Guys Always Die! Looks good!

——> ♦ Character posters for Nirvana In Fire, premiering on September 19th!

 photo Cnews18 34.jpg

 photo Cnews18 33.jpg photo Cnews18 32.jpg

 photo Cnews18 35.jpg

 photo Cnews18 31.jpg photo Cnews18 30.jpg

——> ♦ At yesterday’s Seoul International Drama Awards 2015, Bolin Chen arrived with Ariel Lin, both receiving an Asia Star Grand Award, along with Wallace Chung. Zhang Han and Aaron Yan were also presented with Asia Star Award.

 photo Cnews18 2.jpg

Not a big fan of her dress but she looks so fly with the confident attitude. =)

 photo Cnews18 3.jpg

I don’t know what he’s wearing. Zhang Han!??

 photo Cnews18 4.jpg

I like the little design Aaron added to his suits. Keep it looking young and Mr. Chung here went with the classic bow-tie.

 photo Cnews18 1.jpg

——> ♦ Taiwanese Actor, Sunny Wang, has a new modern drama, I Wanna Marry You, with the focus on three sisters struggling at the age society expects them to be married. He’s one of the suitors and his heroine is Huo Si Yan.

 photo Cnews18 27.jpg

 photo Cnews18 25.jpg

 photo Cnews18 26.jpg

 photo Cnews18 28.jpg

 photo Cnews18 29.jpg

——> ♦ For those of you who missed Fu Xin Bo, his republican drama, Graduation Song, is currently airing. Stills below. Watch here.

 photo Cnews18 7.jpg

 photo Cnews18 8.jpg

 photo Cnews18 10.jpg

 photo Cnews18 9.jpg

 photo Cnews18 11.jpg

——> ♦ Themesong for Hu Ge‘s modern drama Go Goal Fighting!

 photo Cnews18 42.jpg

 photo Cnews18 45.jpg

 photo Cnews18 41.jpg

 photo Cnews18 40.jpg

 photo Cnews18 44.jpg

——> ♦ Korean actress Kim Hee Sun will guest star in a powerful role for Feng Shao Feng‘s drama, Ice Fantasy. Another addition is young Chinese actress, Josie Xu Jiao, who you might remember from various films such as Future X-Cops, Starry Starry Night, Mr. Go, and Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn.

 photo Cnews18 16.jpg

 photo Cnews18 15.jpg

——> ♦ Probably the pettiest drama in the world right now is Li Yi Feng‘s spy drama, Sparrow, dropping actual stills of birds bleeding… Gimme some stills of people!

 photo Cnews18 12.jpg

 photo Cnews18 13.jpg photo Cnews18 14.jpg

——> ♦ More posters for movie A Journey through Time with Anthony, with Liu Chang and Bai Bai He.

 photo Cnews18 17.jpg

 photo Cnews18 18.jpg photo Cnews18 19.jpg

 photo Cnews18 20.jpg photo Cnews18 21.jpg

——> ♦ Run Brother Season 3 has begun filming and underwent one cast replacement. Bao Bei Er is out and in is EXO’s Ex-member, Lu Han. He’s seen filming the premiere episode below.

 photo Cnews18 5.jpg

 photo Cnews18 6.jpg

——> ♦ Popular manga novel, A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated, enters casting phase. Production company dropped two quick posters. Rumored cast includes Yang Yang, Ariel Lin, and Shu Chang! I think it’s high time someone give Shu Chang a lead role!! PULEASE! I just skimmed through the premise and the male lead – a general who has endless love for the intelligent heroine despite her various attempts at sabotaging him. Sounds very similar… Awww.

 photo Cnews18 23.jpg photo Cnews18 24.jpg

——> ♦ They are planning Season 2 to Diamond Lover and a movie version. Honestly, I’m not interested but others might be so you guys definitely have something to look forward to!

——> ♦ The lovely (*coughcough*) Ni Man Tian, played by actress Li Chun, has been cast in the movie adaptation of The Tibet Code, opposite Peter Ho.

——> ♦ After Precious Youth, Liu Shi Shi‘s name is attached to another novel adaptation with Tong Da Wei for If We Have Love (If So Loved) written by Qian Xun Qian Xun. Production begins in October. Seems like a hate-love revenge premise where the leads try their damedest to inflict harm and suffering on the other party (?)

——> ♦ Confirmed Lu Han, Boran Jing, Sandra Ma for The Lost Tomb Movie. Don’t know about S2 of drama version yet.

——> ♦ Movie Version of Ancient of the Legend Sword will start filming in October. Li Yi Feng, Julian Cheung, Tong Li Ya, and Bea Hayden will join the project as of now.

——> ♦ Legend of the Ancient Sword Season 2 might start filming early next year or in 2017. Fresh faces~

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  1. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Anything with Yang Yang, yes!!! Still kinda weeping for The Lost Tomb movie cast. I just finished reading Daomu Biji recently, my heart aches </3

    Julian Cheung in the movie version of Ancient Sword??? That's kinda new… who will be he casted as? Shaogong? And where's Yang Mi for Qingxue! At least feng feng is still Tusu…..

    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

      You and me both! I was so disappointed by the drama! The only thing I liked was Yang Yang’s Kylin and I was hoping they’d cast him as the movie version, but it was not to be. Well that’s OK. I’ll just not watch it then. *hmph*

      WTF isn’t Yang Mi gonna be in the Ancient Sword movie??? It won’t be the same without her 🙁

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        The funny thing for me is that the drama (or YY to be precise) got me into Daomu novels, but after reading and rewatching the drama, gosh i hate it so much! LOL. I have a feeling both of us will end up checking out the movie version anyway. I like Daomu way too much! and I just wanna give Wuxie a big teddy bear hug.

        I read somewhere Yang Mi actually rejected the role, whhhuuuuttt!

        • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

          Basically how I got into the series too – I heard from way back there was gonna be a drama adapt and my cousin (who reads heaps of Daomu type novels) recommended the series to me. I read the first one and then the series came out and I was really excited to watch it, only to get so pissed off at the way they butchered the series OMG! Yang Yang was awesome in his role and it converted me to his fan ever since LOL 🙂

          Li Yifeng totally looked the part of Wu Xie but he failed to deliver in the emotional/internal characterization.

          WTF I can’t imagine Qingxue not being played by Yang Mi. Why did she reject the role? Seems odd since it was such a successful role for her…

        • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

          @shimokuren Yes they totally butchered the series!! I don’t get it, and I’m lamenting that a novel that has a good story plot and so much potential to hit it big on the screen could end up this way. Omg, we are the same. I became a YY’s fan after Daomu!

          I just found Fengfeng’s way of expressing his lines so weird… the tone and articulation.. and he just perpetually looked O_O throughout the episodes. They even made Wuxie so useless in the series, my goodness. I died when series Wuxie killed the Mother of all bugs.

          Hmm, i have no idea. Perhaps she has other big projects waiting for her? Doesn’t she have another movie with fengfeng? Something about a star and his manager being in love..

  2. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Jeez why does it look like everything in C-watch now is either a sequel/next season or a movie version??? Wtf there are so many great novels out there waiting to be adapted and instead they choose to remake stuff that’s already been translated onto the small screen.

  3. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Delurking just to say that at one moment there in NiF’s poster, the other guy looked like Eddie Peng 🙂
    Am I the only one who sees this?
    Also, Wallace Chung is looking as handsome as ever *insert googly eyes
    Zhang Han looks like he just came out from the bathroom with his weird robe-like outfit LOL
    It’s nice to see Bolin and Ariel together~ Reminds me of their OTP feels back in ITWY.

  4. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Honestly I have no idea why isn’t any TV stations picking up Remembering Li Chuan! Just by looking at the trailer it’s really a good high quality drama that I srsly believe viewers would like! The book was so heart-wrenching and good for me and looking at the trailer, a lot of the scenes follow closely to the novel. Hope it airs soon cause I have been waiting for it for years…

    Once again, Im not looking forward to the movie version of DMBJ with LuHan as 吴邪. He is called 天真, innocent, but it DOES NOT mean he looks exactly like one!!! Why pick someone who doesn’t have much acting experience, call me bias against idols, to act as an extremely famous novel main character! Maybe he will prove me wrong but I honestly don’t like the idea of the LuHan acting as 吴邪… DMBJ is such a precious novel to me!

    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

      After being burned by the drama adaptation there’s no way in hell I’m watching the movie version! The only thing I liked about the drama was Yang Yang and well, no offense to Lu Han fans, but while he’s pretty he’s no Wu Xie

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        My thoughts exactly! The drama adaption was okay okay to me, they screwed up by adding Ah Ning too early and that Chen girl, and the auction part which was not supposed to appear in the first book like what…… What I love was the casting for Wu Xie and Qi Ling! I thought Li Yifeng and Yang Yang both did really great for their respective roles!

    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

      Godfrey needs to make some noise! Unfortunately, broadcast stations weigh profits over everything else. Hence, authors are very careful when selecting their cast, everyone wants a winning cast instead of newbies.

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        Sigh… I will continue to wait no matter what… I really love what the trailer has shown, everything from the scenery to the cast was good

  5. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Always here for Nirvana in Fire OMG <3 <3 <3

    OOH that Fragrance Appreciated novel! The author is a great writer! If they make the drama with Yang Yang and Shu Chang I would WATCH THE HELL OUT OF IT OMG!!! Oh and I love Ariel Lin too cuz she's great actress so if she's in it then it'd also be great! 🙂 OMG if Shu Chang and Yang Yang are cast as leads it'd be a total awesome fanfest for me because I love both of them! 🙂

    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)


    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

      I know Shimo! I so badly want Shu Chang to be the lead because she needs the spotlight while Ariel has already established her name and place in the drama world. I love both girls but really wish SC will get this one somehow. Lol.

      Do you know a lot about the story of the novel? Willing to translate a quickie for this very eager person? 😎

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        I haven’t read this novel (although I have heard of it because it’s popular) but I have read other works by this author.

        From what I gather, this novel is about a girl who is a maid to a noble. Back in feudal society, they all indoctrinate females to be stupid because men like girls who are stupid and only look good. However, this maid, although at the lowest station in life (maids and servants are like the lowest on the social hierarchy), she is special because she is so smart (smarter than most wise men) despite not being very beautiful (I’d take brains over beauty any day amirite … our heroine also thinks like that).

        But then something happens and she attracted the attention of the general of the enemy country. And then it becomes all political and romantic conflicts, etc… it’s like those palace drama stories but hopefully with a more likeable heroine (than all those BEAUTIFUL dumbass damsels in distress that EVERY SINGLE MAN fights over).

        I can’t tell you more than that cuz I haven’t read it. But I read the author’s other long-running series and I really like that, so hopefully this one-off novel won’t be too bad. It also depends on how they adapt it so…

        Oh and I would LOVE to have Shu Chang play the lead in this because she was AWESOME as the spy/assassin in Legend of Fragrance and she has the look of intelligence as well as classic elegance about her. I love Ariel but she’s been the lead in so many dramas already it’s time to give another talented actress like Shu Chang a chance to shine (and I REALLY wanna see her play a lead role because she is AMAZING onscreen)

        • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

          Thanks Shimo! That’s the one line I got from the Chinese text – she’s looking for a man with equal intelligence as herself.

          Let us form a praying circle for this to happen!! *pumps fists*

    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

      Why is Hu Ge always playing characters who are sick? T_T
      Is Shu Chang really that good? 🙂 I kind of like Yang Rong lately… If not for Zhao LiYing and Zhang Ziyi, she would have been my favorite C-actress!

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        It’s okay to have more girl crushes Fei! I can’t count mine. Lol.

        Shu Chang blew many out of the water in Fragrance. You should try it. Her character isn’t the conventional nice girl or bad girl.

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        Seconding Kappy’s suggestion! Legend of Fragrance had excessive melodrama and the main characters often have no logic and the plot is bleh but OMG if nothing else, watch it for Shu Chang! Her performance and Huang Ming’s were the highlights of the series. And even Li Yifeng (who is mediocre in other works) had his best acting here.

  6. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    I am mightily impressed that you managed to do one of these posts WITHOUT mentioning anything related to ZLY. 🙂

    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

      I was gonna add her birthday video to Yang Yang but I was like, let’s do one without her name… for once. LOL. Not like people don’t know I’m a fangirl already. hee!

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        What birthday video? I didn’t know they are friends

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        Yea! Now I want to see the birthday video! We can also start the rumor mill of… Zhao Liying is PROBABLY dating Yang Yang *winks* *smiles mischievously*

  7. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Hu Ge and Maggie Jiang… wah i heard a rumor saying that they were a couple, i wonder if they met becuz of this drama, but now they broke up and he already found a new GF.

    i dont have any most anticipated drama except wallace huo’s new drama..

    wah.. our Mr. Chung and his korean in Korea, haha.. Ariel did great speaking Korean ^^

  8. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Since I did not watch HQG, I have the emotional reservoir for Song in the Cloud and have started watching it. So far so good… but knowing the tragedy awaiting, I’ve stocked up on Klenex and chocolate. But if you’d watched HQG and still wanna be emotionally abused to the point where you’ll lose faith in love, please feel free to join me with SITC. Looking forward to Ice Fantasy and Zu Mountain. As for the rest… not my cup of tea. What can I say? I’m an unrepentant wuxia addict! 🙂

    • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

      I’ll be watching too! Just waiting for the minimally uncut version to come out so I can encode and upload!

      It’s a good thing I approach these dramas knowing nothing about the source! Neutral! X)

      • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

        Speaking of 云中歌, would some kind soul please tell me which is the correct translation? Song in the Clouds or Cloud in the Song? I’ve seen it written both ways.

        Also, Kappy, Aryael is not really joking when she says tissues and chocolates are necessary. I’m currently laboring through 长相思 and I think I might die from dehydration soon. Soo much crying 🙁 And that’s not even the saddest Tong Hua novel. If you think Flower has a weepy and torturous story …

        • 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

          The correct translation should be Song in the Clouds because 云中歌 if translated in detailed means the song is within or amongst the clouds – which I think is the author’s hint of how cloudy things are to come for our heroine bearing the same name 歌. I think Tong Hua wrote 云中歌 when she’s highly depressed. She took the term ‘star-crossed lovers’ to a whole new height and gave sad endings a new elevated status! The beautiful thing is she actually line it with historical records. Emperor Zhao of Han did died young at the age of 20 without any heir which paved the way for Liu Bing Yi to assume the throne as Emperor Xuan of Han. It’s all in history! Tong Hua simply waved a tragic romance story into history, bringing readers to the world of fantasy. Having said that, I am not a Tong Hua fan as I am more of a wuxia person. I think Tong Hua stories are more for those who are into emotional abuse. I am simply watching to see how Angelababy perform in such a serious role that will require her to cry many times. Haha!

  9. 30 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (18)

    Pleased to see you mentioning Ice Fantasy drama (or any Song Qian related project) without saying something negative about her, dear my biased female OP the Blogger. LOL

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