Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 9, 11]

I watched these two shows in the middle of the night so forgive if I don’t recall all the details. It’s a hectic week!

We Are In Love: Episode 9

  • Xu Lu x Kimi Segment: Oh boy, so scary. Xu Lu meets Kimi’s parents and relatives. Why are we getting so serious! They have only been on a few dates…His mom makes things awkward when she talks about the size of her butt, saying that big butts equal easy childbirths….?? Then the dad wants her to finish three bowls of snack, saying it’s the rule in their household and she will become part of the family if she does… Xu Lu is scared and so is Kimi.
  • But the three big meatballs have her stomach churned in different directions and Kimi takes the bowl away, whispering in her ears that he’s hungry and she doesn’t have to eat them for real. They tease her about calling Kimi’s dad uncle because she should be calling him “dad” to get a hong bao. She surprises them by really calling him dad and Kimi’s like, “Is it okay for you to call him that?” Dude, you invited your relatives here! You put her on the spot! He breaks the tension for Xu Lu by asking his mom to cook his favorite soup. Naturally, Xu Lu follows into the kitchen with mom while Kimi answers dad’s question outside, saying that they’re still in the process of getting to know each other.
  • Kimi’s mom likes Xu Lu and asks whether she has any requests for Kimi and she replies no, he’s really good and meticulous. On the contrary, she thinks she doesn’t treat him as good because she’s used to being the pampered only child and mom teases, “Then how can I hand him to you safely?”
  • Xu Lu is young but she’s so traditional. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, miss. You’re young! When he tries to help with the dishes, she tells him she can do it. WHY? HE ATE TOO! He can surely lend a hand. Let him girl!
  • Kimi pulls his mom away from the kitchen to stop her butt talk and asks her in his room whether she likes Xu Lu or not, if yes, what characteristics? She likes that Xu Lu knows how to cook and clean after herself, not many youths nowadays can do that. Lol.
  • Night falls and everyone goes to eat dinner and Xu Lu freaks out when dinner means Kimi’s WHOLE CLAN. OH GOSH. Kimi, seriously, is this how you scare away your past girlfriends? Cause I think this method is GOLD. They walk around, greeting people and playing games. She’s so accepting of everything and happily does every request. It’s unbelievable to me cause I would hate to be put in the center of attention. Hence you know why I live in my bat cave year-round.
  • They end the segment with a family photoshoot and Kimi kisses her temple.
  • Ruby x Ren Zhong Segment: Time for Ruby to set up the date. Ren Zhong follows the given address to a Yoga studio. Something tells me this will be funny. And it is with Renny showing his thick waddled legs, not flexible at all. LOL. Then he amazes the instructor by reaching to touch the ground and starts to fling his non-existent wig to brag about his hidden skills.
  • Is he flirting with her on that inflated balloon ball by waddling like a penguin? So cute. When they have to place one foot on the ball, Ren Zhong casually sits closer and touches her toes softly, seconds before she jerks back, sensitive to the motion. A light bulb goes off in his head. HAHAHA He later scratches her sensitive feet to irritate her. XD A lot of cute expressions from him…from THEM. I want to gif it all but I don’t have time this week. Lol.
  • More competitions between the two and they pry every opportunity to cheat. At one point, she slaps his butt and I’m like, she’s feeling your gluteus, Renny, pump up those babies!
  • When he’s busing eye-flirting with Ruby, Instructor attacks from behind and he screams like a little girl. HEEHEE. After the intense exercise, the two opt for a walk along the street and checking out some stores. She picks watermelon-colored shorts for him, paired with a red hat and he’s watermelon boy for this summer. =D
  • Then she picks a blue shirt which coincidentally matches her own… Is that on purpose, Ruby?? *wink wink* He catches on and pulls her closer so they look stare at the mirror in awe. And she buys the shirt for him! Weee~
  • Lunch time and Ren Zhong is taken aback when she hooks his arm and leads him to a table with the best view. WOW. Another light bulb goes off and Renny tries to air-kiss Ruby during their selfie but he captures the not-so-good angle. Don’t worry buddy, the production team got your back!! Ruby also bought him a few gifts as well and I love his big laughs.
  • The skies darken and they remain there, soaking in the romantic night lights as Ruby recalls a suitor’s love confession on the tower with Ruby, I love you
  • This is my favorite episode of these two and they are quickly becoming my favorite OTP on this show.
  • Liu Wen x Siwon Segment (ENG SUB HERE): Lordy, why are Henry and Yewon still featured in this episode? I think they have overstayed their time. I don’t dislike them or anything but there’s no point…
  • More games to test the couple’s understanding of each other. Basketball? Really? Yewon surprises herself by getting two in of five chances. Liu Wen watching from the side freaks out behind Siwon’s broad shoulders. She has three ins. Not much to say about the boys game because Siwon slaughters Henry.
  • Next game is the three-legged race to one destination and then passing as many small pieces of paper as possible. Siwon is all about skinship and Liu Wen only wants to win. Lol. Siwon: “Why is the paper so big? I want to kiss.”
  • Well, he doesn’t have to wait long because the next race is about kissing. The boys have to compete in strength and the first to kiss their bride at the end is the winner. Without much struggle, the model couple wins and they get to ask one question to each other. Siwon: “Do you believe in me?” She nods shyly. Liu Wen: “Will you like me for a lifetime?” He nods and answers yes. Then they hug sweetly.
  • Night time and Liu Wen is scheduled to meet with Siwon’s dad. GAHHH. What’s with all these parental meetings all of a sudden?!
  • I notice that Siwon has been referring to Liu Wen as Honey all episode, is this new? Or am I making these words up in my half-asleep state?
  • LOL, Siwon’s dad is adorable! He has three gifts to give her: 1) a jewelry box?, 2) His heart, 3) his son. hahah XD Then Siwon harps on the same line about his dad, “He really can do anything!” But seriously, he’s so easygoing and likes to do big hand gestures like Siwon too.
  • Then dad shows off his calligraphy and you can tell he’s exerting a lot of energy because he begins to sweat non-stop. Aww. Mr. Choi gives a thumbs up and approves Liu Wen in an interview later. Of course, she’s just as adorable as you! Next day, she leaves Korea with a heavy heart, not wanting to part with Siwon Oppa and he says something deep in the interview, “I’ve imagined many possibilities for us but the question is how much of those possibilities would turn into reality?”

Run Brother: Episode 11

  • Guests this week are Tang Yan and Ada Liu and they will be heading to Saipan for a water-centered episode. Another Hello Kitty’s fanatic…Tang Yan with her bright HK neck pillow!
  • First game is an obstacle course and already Ryan is the last one during the snail roll competition. The next set involves them rowing through the waves and passing the fish description to the next group and that group has to snap a photo of the right fish. The water is beautiful!!
  • I don’t understand the next but it’s pretty exhausting to watch, the teams fight and steal colorful pillow packages. Tang Yan’s real voice is so high-pitched and sounds like a kid before puberty! Especially when she’s screaming to stop the boys from stealing her pillow. Is this woman seriously 31?!!
  • The next day, everyone is dressed from head to toes in hay and leaves. THE BOYS. LOL. The ladies are asked to perform the belly dance and Ady does the best of three, followed by Angela, and then Tang Yan, who gets no love from the natives. heh. You need to shake it girl!
  • When the boys – Cho Lam, Ryan, and Deng Chao do it, I’m dying of laughter. WAYYYYYYY more flexible and wild, especially Cho Lam with his 360 pelvic motion, resulting him getting all three votes.
  • In the team round, Tang Yan’s team wins all three votes thanks to her and Jerry’s active performance.
  1. 5 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 9, 11]

    I loved this Ruby x Ren ep!! To be clear, Ren was trying to imitate a dolphin on the exercise ball. Lol, what a dork. He looks so fit in his yoga clothes. Idk why but in his regular clothes, Ren looks almost pudgy, like he might have a little bit of a belly. And he’s getting more comfortable around Ruby now, lossening up and being silly. It’s so cute!

    Found it unnatural that the other 2 couples are already meeting the parents and talking about marriage. Seems too soon to me. Although Siwon’s dad is pretty cool.

    • 5 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 9, 11]

      That was a dolphin? Lol. Oh, they showed a clip of the dolphin! XD

      I noticed he’s always putting on faces to make her smile. Favorite episode!

  2. 5 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 9, 11]

    Wow! We really loved this episode of Ruby and Ren . . .So cute and lovely indeed . . . . Ren is becoming closer to Ruby . . . looking so sweet . . Gracias Kap A! . .

    • 5 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 9, 11]

      If they keep this up, they will my top couple for sure! So cute!

  3. 5 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 9, 11]

    This episode between Kimi x Lulu was pretty darn cute. I really like how Lulu absorbs so much info in such a short amount of time meeting Kimi’s family. The most touching part was Lulu’s interaction with Kimi’s dad at the photo wall. He explains how he missed out being a part of Kimi’s childhood because of work, and since he has the time now he wants to make it up to Kimi but then, now, Kimi doesn’t have the time for him busy with his career. LOL! Funny how life retributes sometimes.

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one half asleep Batman. Here too. Although, I thought I heard Kimi say that was only HALF of his extended family not WHOLE. LOL! Looks about the same like my clan. Haha~ I too have an intimate circle then the extended ring. Heehee!

    The finale photo studio pics were so endearing. Lulu made the perfect wish to satisfy Kimi’s dad’s longing wish. Kimi knows about it too but have set matters in the back burner till Lulu stepped into his life. The cutest quote from Kimi this episode was “I didn’t fall in love with the wrong person”.

    I agree with hess about Ren Zhong’s pudgy-like fashion choices at times. I believe if he continues Ruby’s fitness routine he’ll eradicate the pseudo look. I like it how Ruby’s being very intimate this episode both at the yoga studio, being Ren Zhong’s sugar mama buying him clothes, and taking him to a famous couple’s hotspot dining haven up in the hills. She could easily have taken him to the famous night market in Taipei but she made this moment even more special.

    Wasn’t it adorable of Wenwen stressing a bit on the basketball court? She doesn’t want to disappoint Oppa who can do anything. She wants to live up to his caliber. She was also very protective and supportive of him against Henry x Yewon. Luckily, Wenwen made a few hoops. I would be totally disappointed if a claimed tomboy was uncoordinated in sports.

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen Siwon’s dad. Look at the resemblance!! I’m awestruck. Daddy Choi’s very responsive to pretty ladies. Haha~ Lady Wen, from head-to-toe looked perfect this evening. Love to see charisma oozing out of a minimalist.

    Can’t believe it! Sooooo soon. It’s over for the non-celebrity couple. What?! Three episodes. He meets her family and that’s it. Sure, they’ll continue to date and already affirm their interest towards one another but hey, I was ready to invest in their relationship as a whole. I feel cheated. *le sigh* No love and support… sad.

    Next episode looks interesting too. Siwon x Wenwen have a little getaway playing at beach resort. Oh, dude is gonna wear his swimming trucks. This means… heehee~ dudette will be wearing a bikini. Swimming lessons Coach Choi. Kimi x Lulu goes to a beach resort as well. Kimi gets jealous and over-protective of Lulu against the beefier topless men out there. LOL! I can’t wait. Uhmm, not sure what’s gonna happen between Ren x Ruby, but it looks like Ren will meet some of her closest friends in Taipei. Her friends might be actors as well. Maybe a test of faith is in order, friend.

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