Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

Pardon the delay, friends of Cvariety shows. Been real busy with life. Without further ado…. Fist bump!

We Are In Love Episode 10:

    • Kimi x Xu Lu segment (ENG SUB HERE): Our youngest couple goes to a touristy oasis in Sanya for some relaxation. Lulu books a stay at the InterContinental Sanya Resort. Luxurious, isn’t it? I likey.
    • They enter their lavish hotel pad with a secluded pool. N-ice, oh wait, Kimi worries there seems to be only one big bed. Where is he gonna sleep? Lulu guides him to another part of the pad, but he voices that he won’t be sleeping in the bathroom. Haha~ Been there, done that before, huh Kimi? Well, luck be a lady, Lulu booked two bedrooms in polar opposite wings. Good girl. Distance yourself from this bad boy.
    • They change into their beachwear then takes a taxi boat to an island. The ride gets rocky and Lulu starts to get seasick. Kimi does a wonderful job protecting his girl. She learns something new at that instant to rewrite what romance means.
    • They’ve reached land and sees foreigners playing beach volleyball. Lulu’s attracted to the Spaniard stud muffin who can speak some Mandarin, and maybe Kimi too. Did you catch the BH6 Baymax handshake Lulu’s a fan to? Bah-a-la-la-la~ After they drop their stuff and put on sunscreen, they return to their new friends to play some volleys.

  • After winning a game of beach volleyball, the couple takes a stroll seaside. Lulu loves the ocean however she gets petrified of the waters once its reached up to her thighs. Waves starts crashing into her so good boyfriend Kimi takes her out of the waters. Uh oh, Lulu gets a cut on her inner ankle from all the shallow coral beds. Eh, it’s not deep. She’s a tough cookie. Then, uh oh, she notices her kitty cat ring is missing from her hand. She attempts to go in search for it, but Kimi stops her in her tracks. He says she first needs to treat her wound. I agree. He argues that he’ll be back with some first aid, and tells her to sit put, however our wonder girl doesn’t listen well and in all her frustration goes back out in the waters to look for the needle in a haystack. Tsk-tsk. Such a cute bgm song uprises in Xu Lu’s desperation, the track is called “Heartbeats” by Amy Diamond. DOWNLOAD: ♬ here
  • Kimi’s not happy that she rebels his orders. He goes out in the waters to take her hand back on dry land to treat her wound. He’s upset that she doesn’t understand the significance of that couple’s ring. He stresses when he’s not with her, the ring represents him staying by her side all the time. However, since he is presently in front of her, that ring is insignificant to his existence in the flesh. Oh, good one Kimi. I have to agree with him. A ring can get replaced, however the heart of your loved one, your man, should be irreplacable when you’re in love. I like how guys like him know how to smother down his girl’s flames of fury in such desperate times. Different point-of-views, however each to their own purpose. But, I sorta get why Xu Lu acted that way mindlessly looking for something long gone. It was her first couple’s ring, and it means a lot more to her than he’s aware of. Call it superstition, or an omen if you will. We girls don’t like it when we can’t get back something we once lost.
  • The couple later snuggles next to a bonfire Kimi sets up. Lulu walks around the fire three times to bring good luck, which it does right then and there, with an SMS text probably from Kimi’s dad. His dad turned Kimi’s pink apartment blue. LOL! Xu Lu states how her ritual brings such luck after all. She suggests him to take three rounds too for some good news. He runs for it, not to follow Lulu’s superstition but to surprise her with an enormous Baymax stuffed doll; it becomes their chaise lounger. Haha~ How cute! Kimi goes and serenades to Xu Lu, and she gives him a dance. She closes this chapter saying probably someone envies their romance.
  • Ruby x Ren Zhong segment (ENG SUB HERE): Ren Zhong goes to Taiwan to be with his girlfriend, Ruby Lin. One day, Ren shows up in a restaurant with 2 colleagues, probably his management staff, for dinner. Ruby sets him up to get “Punked!” by her BFFs. Ruby’s accomplices are Tiffany Hsu (Wei Ning), Ah Pang (Yong Zhi), and Chang Cheng Hang (rookie actor?).
  • I’m totally entertained at how Ruby and Tiffany reacts to how Ren handles his awkward situation. I’ve fallen for the wise gentle guy, Ren, too. Tiffany, I can totally see your pool of drool under your chin. LOL! Okay, I kid but I honestly have something called a woman’s instinct. I can tell, however the main reason why Tiffany’s still Ruby’s BFF is because of one catch phrase… “Sisters before Misters”.
  • Ruby’s oldest friends drill the RxR couple on how well they’ve gotten to know each other. A game of ESP. I likey.
  • Question# 1: When did you first felt touched, as in moved, by the other? Ren professes watching Ruby in her 2002 drama 非你不可 (Only You). That’s thirteen years ago! While Ruby writes the instant he peeled shrimp shells for her, in one of their trips outdoors.
  • Question# 2: Who does your significant other idolize? Ruby writes, “Me”. LOL! Oh, you’re pretty vain, Ruby. Ren writes, “Takuya Kimura” since he remembers when Ruby told him in earlier episodes. Oh Ruby, you like him so much you had to flip the hair and bat those long lashes eh, when you know he’ll pick you. Cute.
  • Question# 3: After you first met, what do you want to do for one another (to show your affection)? Ruby goes first, professes that she wants to cook something for Ren to eat. WOW, I’m totally awestruck at her response. She wants to enter the kitchen for Ren? That says A LOT, since Ruby isn’t fond of the kitchen. Ren pulls his PhD charisma card out and schools the group what the day before was. It was May 20th, 520 in Cantonese means “I love you”. At present, film day, their meetup day is 521. Ren asks, “does anyone know the difference?” Ruby snides the difference is in a day. LOL! Professor Ren says 521 for Mainlanders, literally as “Northerners” (北方人, bei fang ren), means “I love you”. So his chart writes, “I’m willing to do anything with you as long as we’re together”. Her protective friends are lost for words. They can’t stump him. He’s genuinely a good guy, and her friends want her to strike this rare opportunity being with a good man.
  • Ren rates himself average at 75/100 mark however he prefers being in the 80s mark. Ah Pang, the talkative jokester, rates him 90/100. Tiffany rates him 95/100. Now, Ruby’s turn, she rates him… 100/100. Well, she fibs in the confession room that she gave him more credit than he truly deserves. It’s all about being perfect in front of friends and setting the perfect image, isn’t Ruby? Ren, are you sure you want to keep this up? Rather you f*** up now, she accepts your imperfections as well, or you’ll have to work harder to keep this pristine image man.
  • Next boring question couples get asked often is when did you (both) first time hold hands? Now, the more interesting part is how Professor Ren plays with his manly words. The first time holding hands versus the first time touching hands are totally different times. Ren’s more detailed than Ruby. Wait. Isn’t it suppose to be the other way around, women are more sensitive than men on details?? (Ehhhh~)
  • Ruby excuses herself for a brief moment. Ren takes upon the opportunity to ask her closest friends about her pet peeves. Tiffany says Ruby’s OCD on cleanliness, what’s new, aren’t all alphas this way? Ah Pang says, the more amount of people are present, the more Ruby craves respect and attention so Ah Pang suggests Ren to cater to her needs. GASP. Ruby’s back. She has… dessert!?! Tiramisu… made by the lovely Ruby Lin. OMG, is right! Ah Pang’s bewildering look is so funny. Haha~ Thirty odd years not baking anything, and now… Ruby asked if Ah Pang’s so touched that he wants to cry. NO! Her twenty-something years friendship buddy worries whether her desserts have poison in ’em. LOLOLOL~ Her friends find this moment unbelievable that they designate Ren as the sacrificial lamb taste tester. Bahahahaha~ Thank goodness for everyone, Ruby’s good mood yields good baking.
  • And to wrap up, they all karaoke. How convenient that this restaurant has an in-house karaoke setup. No need to head out to a KTV lounge in Taiwan because those places are like a dime a dozen. Is it just me, or did anyone else get flashbacks to In A Good Way? Kiikii~ Lastly, boy scout points for Ren Zhong singing one of my favorite Richie Ren songs off the Summer Holiday movie soundtrack. The lyrics are so cute.
  • Siwon x Liu Wen segment (ENG SUB HERE): Dimples couple goes to Guam for some “our time”. They are still working (for this show), aren’t they? Nice backdrop for work though, plus good living conditions.
  • Wenwen makes a simple breakfast cereal for Siwon. Fiber, someone needs his fiber, eh. LOL! While Siwon plans a lavish breakfast under a white canopy. I like Siwon’s breakfast more if I’m going on vacation.
  • A staff interviews Wenwen in the confession room, schooling her a bit on the almanac’s deepest abyss which belongs to the outskirts of Guam is called the Mariana Trench. She points out there when Siwon asks Wenwen, how deep is her love for him? LOL! Does she know, or doesn’t she know?? I still ponder a bit how smart she is. The mind of a minimalist can never be underestimated.
  • The couple goes out for a stroll after their meal. Oh, they intersect an ancient Chamorro village strudding several Chamorro young lads and a village chief in loincloth. LOL! I’m trying hard not to stare at the nether regions. Siwon isn’t helping me do so.
  • Siwon is put to a challenge proving his manhood. Siwon fans know how much he loves the coconut fruit. I’ll let y’all cover that story. I’m just a bit impressed Siwon can use ancient tools to cook and provide.
  • After being close to fire, Siwon summons rain with a rain dance. Well, not literally but close enough since it DOES rain and often too around this season. (I’ve traveled to Southeast Asia during these times too, and encountered plenty humidity and rain. I loved every moment of it, the humidity gave me a great skin complexion for two weeks since I live in drier climates here in the States while the rain is always my fav weather condition. I just put on a rain poncho over my hiking gear and tour foreign lands. Not gonna travel this year since one of my relatives from France are coming over to visit soon. Nothing beats family reunions.)
  • The most entertaining segment of their growing affection towards one another arrives. Night falls, Siwon goes over to Wenwen’s hotel room with a warm cup of tea. He also models a bit the Summer outfit Wenwen bought for him. She likes what she sees. He wants a reward after today’s hard work, so Wenwen starts massaging her man. He’d rather get more comfortable on the bed. LOL! I love it when he tosses a few fruits suggestively onto the bed. Cracks me up! And Liu Wen follows. After a few struggles between the bed and sofa lounger, I crack up every time Wenwen says to Siwon “your mama’s calling you back home for dinner”. LMAO! Sure, return to your hotel room with a boner, Siwon. I have to admit, Wenwen was wearing seductive clothes all this episode. I feel his pain. Oh well, Siwon. No pain, no gain.
  • Non-Celeb Couple segment: New couple ALERT! A professional photographer and a bank manager. She likes him because he’s tall and he makes her feel good about herself. His first impression of her is so-so, average (75/100 rated), but after he got to know her a bit he bumps her up to 83/100 for her sincerity.
  • Next episode preview continues their celebrity romantic getaway. There might be wedding bells, or at least a wedding photoshoot too. See y’all in the next chat station.

Run Brother S2 Episode 12:

  • Water games, here we go! No guests in this season finale episode. The seven original members duke it out at Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, again. Last time, Liu Yan and Tang Yan played with them here. I didn’t watch that episode, however I didn’t know there was such a beautiful white sandy beach belonging to the good ol’ red, white, and blue.
  • Initial mission is waking up each member in their hotel rooms. Why does Deng Chao and Bao Bei Er have royal suites? LOL, while the rest have regular rooms. We find out, before Liu Yan and Tang Yan left the islands they also confiscated the seven Run Bros’ airline ticket and passports. They all need to complete all their missions in order to reclaim their possessions to head home.
  • Water mission starts: Flag capture and tug-o-war in the clear blue water. Awesome, but too hot for me. I’ll pass. I don’t want to turn to ashes in the baked sun.
  • Last mission is name tag ripping elimination with a twist. Rock, paper, scissor style. Who will victor between Ryan and Cho Lam? I don’t underestimate Cho Lam ever since he won a game before.
  • Will there be a season three? How many of you miss it already? I did notice season two only have twelve episodes compared to its first season with fifteen episodes. Aww, Summer fun time is over.
  1. 7 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

    Thanks Keane! I have to say that Love is in the air for all three couples this week. =D

    Kimi and his oh-so-smooth words!! I can’t take him seriously but such meaning behind his goofy image.

    Professor Ren has to defend himself this week and he came out on top. I hope they date in real life! Please let this happen!!

    Who knew that gentleman Siwon has his needs too?!! I laughed so hard when he kept throwing the darn fruits on the bed… SO FUNNY. WenWen laughed her head off too.

    A goodbye to Run Brothers S2!

    • 7 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

      I notice Kimi stutters a lot in this episode. Not so smooth in a matter of fact. LOL!

      Prof. Ren is very observant and level headed when cornered in awkward situations. He’s totally my style; I think he’s the best man out the three.

      Siwon has a joker side to him, that I didn’t know he can create such fun atmosphere. I didn’t know fruits can make people laugh so hard. Well… I can’t give all the credit to Siwon, now can I?

      Ah yes, goodbye to 兄弟 S2. Angelababy can start making Ming Ming Jr. Hahaha~

      • 7 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

        WHAT? It’s ending next week?… I’m still under the illusion that it won’t ever end…but of course Cvariety shows are not known for their long-running shows to begin with. Does this mean they will be dating for real after next week (or yesterday)? LOL. Ren is the best and my favorite man too. 😉

        No baby yet Angela!! Live life a little!!

  2. 7 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

    Wow, at last – something to read and to understand about Ruby and Ren on We are In Love. I must admit that our group for one week – keep looking and watching for this entry . . . Anyway, muchas gracias to Keane for finding time to update us . .
    We are getting excited now – of Ruby and Ren getting closer to one another . . We are falling in love with Professor Ren – he is really a good, so professional guy for Ruby . . . Will this reality show leads to real life? We are asking with one another – Entonces que?
    Keane y Kap A, can we ask if how many episodes more for this We Are In Love? Do you know of any English sub-titles for the other episodes? We saw only the Episode 1 on its English subs . .
    Thank you so much.

    • 7 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

      Glad to be of help for your fan group’s entertainment.

      I believe the show will end at episode 12. Their ‘farewell date’ I believe is split into two parts, episodes 11 and 12. All three celebrity couples are leaving the show. I thought it was only one couple leaving one at a time, but this Chinese version is brutal to the heart. They terminate all three celebrity couples all at once.

      Unfortunately, there’s no good news to share about English fansubs for RxR couple’s segment. Rest assured, we will update our original posts when we find those clips.

      • 7 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

        Hola, Keane . . thank you so much for your updates. We really appreciates your time. Our fan group for Ruby are here working in Canada and we are of Filipinos, Spanish, Russian and Arabic speaking friends . . . So, we can only sigh, hope and look for whatever English sub-titles out there . . .
        For now, this blog – Virtual Merchant are our ONLY Source of Information and Updates with regards to Ruby and all her shows . . . We could not look for more . . .
        We are sorry that the said episode is coming slowly to an end. There is a good chemistry between Ruby and Ren We pray that Ruby will find her soul mate soon . . .
        Muchas gracias for all the time you spend writing for us, dear Keane . .
        Usted y Kaptain A es una gran ayuda para nosotros para comprender programas de televisión y películas Chinas. You and Kaptain A are a big help for us to understand Chinese entertainment shows . . . .

  3. 7 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 10, 12]

    Wow I can’t believe We are in Love only has 2 episodes left. Seems really short. Thank you so much for such a long detail recap this time, I actually stopped so I was happy to see the length in this recap. Maybe I’ll watch this one.

    I feel like seasons 2 of Running Man wasn’t very memorable or that funny. There were funny moments but I can’t pinpoint an episode that I liked from start to finish. By the way did anyone else notice the color of the bottle kept on changing in the last round of the water/bottle throwing game between Deng Chao and Jerry?

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