Tdrama: The Way We Were OST


01. Romantic Attack – Elva Hsiao
02. Don’t be Friends Anymore – Eric Chou
03. I don’t know what Love is – Eve Ai
04. Where Are You – Hu Xia
05. Love Me – Mindy Quah & Terry Lin
06. Revolution – Wang Lee Hom
07. Loving you is Loving me – Wang Lee Hom
08. Invincible Lover – Vivian Hsu
09. Snow in May – Chris Yu
10. Don’t be Friends Anymore (Fang Wei De’s piano Ver.)
11. Where Are You (Lyrical Ver.)
12. Don’t be Friends Anymore (Guitar Ver.)
13. I don’t know what Love is (Budding Love Ver.)
14. Don’t be Friends Anymore (Jia Ni’s Ver.)
15. I don’t know what Love is (Moving Tears Ver.)


Kappy: The drama ends today and I confess that I haven’t checked back ever since I dropped recapping it. So I will reserve my final rating until the day I finish, which I’m not sure might come anytime soon…

Final thoughts and comments, please share your two cents below. (I want to know what happened! Lol.)

  1. 3 thoughts on “Tdrama: The Way We Were OST

    this drama has one more painstakingly episode. i think everyone is disappointed and has no words to describe it. lol.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Tdrama: The Way We Were OST

    Had such high expectations for this drama when teasers were coming out. Boo. They milked the nostalgia too much and the last few episodes leading to the end were just terrible. Gawd, I just skimmed through it so I couldn’t really considered that I watched it but…..

    This drama made me dislike Ruby Lin. I was okay with her before but really is something in this drama that I can’t put a word to describe it. Honestly I thought coming in the drama I would love the OTP, I dun carrrr, all I care now is the two second leads who I thought really stole the show from the leads. Tiffany Hsu is amazing and very nuanced in her acting. Melvia Sia, he caught my eye. Very raw acting. Yup, pretty sums up my feeling for this drama.

    • 3 thoughts on “Tdrama: The Way We Were OST

      I first cared about Ruby and Leroy’s characters but she likes to dangle the OTP right in our faces ALL the TIME. There’s a limit to my patience if they aint getting together, then don’t.

      As the producer, Ruby isn’t very generous in dividing up the “meaty” part of the story to her other characters. Her character gets everything – the background, the boys, the friends. But little focus is on the other females. This happened to her other productions too. Too focused on her own part to give the other 1-dimensional females a chance at anything. But props to her for the beautiful cinematography and detailed production overall – the quotes ans stuff.

      Melvia Sia could have done more but he’s limited too in his love for Jia Ni that he didn’t really get to do the heavy things. Sad. Tiffany is gonna be the second lead forever…..

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