Feng Shao Feng spends quality time with Brother Wolves

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Magazine photoshoots rarely stir a sense of fear in me but this one takes the cake. High off his latest drama, King of Lan Ling, Feng Shao Feng connects with nature for Harper’s Bazaar in their November issue. Don’t get me wrong, these wolf brothers are gorgeous to look at but when you put a man in the middle of a gang, I innately shiver just at the thought.

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Staring Contest. Cookies for the winner.

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 photo FSF_wolf6.jpg

The best for last:

 photo FSF_wolf3.jpg

Conclusion? He’s a brave soul. You can’t really pay me enough to have me near brother wolf. I’m a chicken when it comes to animals. Pictures are fine (& cute!), but in person, I become a turtle. Okay? Leave me alone!

Source: Sina

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    D’aw, lucky wolf gets a piggy back ride. My face would be that happy too if FSF lent me his back. LOL~ Wiiiiiii…. My favorite pic is that one where FSF looks like he’s been pinned down wrestling with a wolf while his tag teammate is outside the ring waiting for his turn to play. Haha~

    Like Gemma in You’re Beautiful, all I see are babies. I’d love to pet one. I’ve pet, fed, and posed with a few tigers and cubs. It was an exhilarating experience. Oh, there was one pic with a big yellow python, longer than my height and I’m 5’6″. And lion cubs, horses wouldn’t really count, elephants, dolphins, and alligators. Well, if I like the animal enough then I want to hug it. It’s not something I dwell on for fear factor, more like a spur of moment reaction… so cute I gotta hug it, especially right after I look ’em straight into their eyes and melt.

    I wonder if wolves’ breath stink more than tigers. Heh? Agreed, FSF is definitely a brave one. His last pic looks very intimidating and outrageous.

    There are wild coyotes around my residency. None cute nor magnificent like this wolf pack. All I want to do is kick some coyote arse. I’ve lost three dogs to those local savages in the span of two decades. I want revenge! I’ll just let nature take its course because I’d be a fool to think I can take down a pack all by myself.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Feng Shao Feng spends quality time with Brother Wolves

    That last picture is so scary. I mean I know these are probably tamed and domesticated but you never know what might happen to trigger them to attack the poor thing on the ground. But he does look very comfortable in those shots.

    I lost a puppy to a python before I moved to the states. 🙁

  3. 4 thoughts on “Feng Shao Feng spends quality time with Brother Wolves

    *____*, you guys telling me sad stories on a Monday! Why?? Mondays are miserable enough. *sobs*

  4. 4 thoughts on “Feng Shao Feng spends quality time with Brother Wolves

    crazy … what weve already tame wolf? eaten just knew that feeling. play

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