Running Man: Episode 159 “More precious than gold.”

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Woohoo. I basically had to peel myself away from the Big Bang Theory to watch this wonderful episode. There are many funny moments but the highlights belong to the well-developed pair that we have come to love and adore – the Monday Couple. Just when I complained to my friends that they rarely have scenes together nowadays – BOOM, this happens. It doesn’t start out with a bang but the momentum picks up as we watch and by the end of it all, I struggle to swim out of my own goo of sweet honey… Who am I kidding? I do NOT want to get out at ALL. Reality, please step aside, this incorrigible fan girl has no time for you.

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The Couples:

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Ji Hyo looking exceptionally beautiful today and walking out as Gary’s partner, despite it being Tuesday. Hey, might as well start booking all the days in a week. Is all I’m sayin’ 🙂

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Is Leessang holding a concert or something? Gary’s face looks tired and strained, not his usual happy self.

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Basically the mission: Win the games and get the gold bars. Caveat: Safeguard your gold bars because the PD encourages thievery.

First Game is pretty entertaining. All the couples are placed into this karaoke-like room to dance their hearts out. Once the music stops, one couple will be pushed out by the others.

Monday Couple Dancing:

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Poor Kwang Soo. Everyone wants him to leave! 😛

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Alas, it’s not him but Jae Sukkie who is pushed out by a very happy-looking Kookie. heehee.

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Don’t worry, his partner, Kwang Kyu, is thrown out immediately after. ROFL.

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Kwang Soo grasps onto Park Sang Myun and this is what happens because he’s an unlucky Giraffe.

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When the three guy-girl couples are left in the competition. The boys are quickly eliminated (Jong Kook volunteers to die, leaving the three girls to duke it out themselves. True to his style.) He looks into the room and is shocked (why?? the ladies aren’t kidding!) and exclaims, “What are you guys doing (to Ye Rim), why why??”

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Ji Hyo joins forces with Sayuri (is she Japanese?) to get rid of Ye Rim.

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Last two standing couples are Haha-Sayuri & Monday Couple.

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But of course my bet is on MC because fierce things come in small packages.

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Holding hands to second game? *winkwink* My fellow MC shippers must be in heaven. Wait, more goodness is coming!

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Highlight of second game for me is Kwang Soo and John Park winning the whole trivia game. But the funny part is Kwang Soo’s mind-entering-the-gutter expression when the PD asks, “Allowing women to touch this…” He laughs because of Kwang Soo’s perverted eyes. HAHA

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Another MC moment. When it is their turn, Ji Hyo suggests, “Give us a lot of love questions since Kang Gary is so full of love.” REALLY? What is the meaning of this sentence? Am I reading the unsaid things? 😉 hee!!!

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Last game is building a boat out of cardboard. The boat that reaches the finish line in the shortest time wins!

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Gary thinks they should build a raft and Ji Hyo calls him brilliant.

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Fitting so neatly under his arms…

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Hitting his head as she rolls the plastic tube over… 😀 So cute. I love that she laughs and he laughs, saying, “It’s okay.”

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First up is Sang Myun and Suk Jin, cracking everyone up with their two compartments – a front pocket. 🙂

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But then the camera zooms in and I spy another cute moment. Gary whispers something funny and Ji Hyo playfully smacks his shoulder. Thank-you cameraman. Rocking it today.

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Going to heaven. So adorable!

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The Jung Couple’s boat of love. I love their boat design the most. It’s beautiful and speedy.

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Gary & Ji Hyo looking envious. Well, everyone is envious of the PDA. ^_^

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In their own zone, practicing the proper rowing technique.

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Yoo Jae Suk & Kwang Kyu rowing so fast in their poorly-built boat, which tips over the second they cross the finish line. Laughter ensues. 😆

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Gary making a fuss to annoy Ji Hyo, “Nice long strokes, okay? OKAY??” and she complains, “I said okay! Stop nagging me!” CAPTION: “This is why they say that you should never learn how to drive from your boyfriend.”

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They place third and she hits his shoulder with the paddle for pestering her. hehe.

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Last destination. Counting the gold bars and this is the amount for each couple. Kookie and Ye Rim has none because someone stole their only one!

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Turns out it’s Jung In’s grabbity hands. She says innocently, “But I was told to steal gold in the beginning…” Love the exasperated face on Kookie. He explodes, “Then I can take it (forcefully) back?”

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Did he injure himself during the boat game? What’s that red mark across his cheek?

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And because Jung In has Kookie’s bar of gold, this makes her gold count equals that of the Monday Couple.

Do you see something funny in this frame? It’s REAL VS REEL COUPLE!! ❤ ❤ ❤

After the PD says there is a special mission for these two teams, Gary hilariously quips, “What is it that you want us to do with these scheme artists?” LOL. Everyone cracks up.

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The remaining couples have to spit back their gold. Of course, they are enraged. Sang Myun: “What kind of a filthy rule is that!” 😆

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Anyway, the last mission for the two couples: Deciding whether they want to keep the gold OR their partner. They are rushed into these little tents separately to make their decision.


  • If one couple unanimously chooses gold/partner, no one will get the gold (the other teams will, heh.)
  • If one partner picks gold and the other pick partner, the one who picks gold gets to keep the gold bars in his/her possession.

Gary picks Ji Hyo. Not a surprise because he’s the sweetest thing ever. He explains logically, “It’s been awhile since we’ve been coupled up like this. I know that she wrote down gold, and we can just split the stash later.” haha.

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Ji Hyo’s smiling at Gary’s train of logic.  photo 01.gif

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The mood is getting weird with Ji Hyo’s knowing smile and Gary gasps, “Surely, you wouldn’t…..”

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But as she reads off her teasing notes, Gary ascends to candy land with an irresistible smug on his face. hee. I wish this never ends…

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Even his hat has the word “KISS” on it! How appropriate!

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Ji Hyo’s choice: KANG GARY!

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He’s shocked.

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And then he quickly realizes what this means, “You should’ve chosen the gold! We could’ve split it!”

YJS runs up and pats them on the shoulder, “You two are beautiful together.” I’m melting….

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But gold doesn’t mean much now as Gary says, “Well, I’m glad I know where your heart is.” *dies*

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Jo Jung Chi picks gold, and Jung In picks partner. They are happy until the PD…

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Reveals the ultimate prize is picking each other. The Monday Couple passes with flying colors and they receive twice the amount of gold that they’ve earned today. Ji Hyo = 6, Gary = 2 (because he lets her keep most of the gold, ha.)

And I believe it was Suk Jin who adds, “Gary, you won something much more precious than gold.” AWWW! Well said!

And I’m just grinning away when Gary and Ji Hyo hugs each other. The longest and sweetest hug EVAR!

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The happiness on their faces…

 photo RM159-83.jpg

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No kisses from the lady yet, but do keep the hat Gary.

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Happy Friday!

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    did i die and went to heaven? monday couple candy land indeed!! =DDDD

    i love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee every encounter and touch in this episode. it’s almost unreal. and that hug in the end agggggggggggggg….im gonna die with you!! just look at Gary’s happy face.

    i may be delusional like many others, but i really really wish they are one and true. if i can’t have KJK & YEH, i’ll need the next best thing out there. Gae Mongg. 🙂

    that Ye rim girl is quite boring. her face reminds me of shin se kyung.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 159 “More precious than gold.”


    Did you know the brand of the hat that Fujita Sayuri was wearing for this ep 159?

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