Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

How are you enjoying this drama? I think I’m on the verge of jumping to villainy ship. LLW needs to reflect. 😛

Tracklist (English Translation thanks to VoyageFan ❤):

01. Palm – Della Ding
02. 疯狂的存在 – 任贤齐 // Crazy existence – Richie Ren
03. 命运 – 家家 // Fate – Jia Jia
04. 得天女者得天下 // He who obtains the Heavenly Maiden, obtains the world
05. 一寸光阴一寸心 // An inch of time, An inch of heart
06. 回不去初识那天 // Can’t return to the day we first met
07. 假面真情 // The truth beneath the mask
08. 一干二净的黎明 // Thorough daybreak
09. 天人可见,不违天意 // As seen by Man and Heaven, obeying the Will of Heaven
10. 夜未央,幸存的沙场 // The night is not over, battlefield of survivors
11. 一生只爱一人 // Loving only one person in [my] lifetime
12. 突然心动 // Suddenly moved
13. Into the Array Song – May Day [Bonus Track Added]

♦♦♦ DL OST here // Mirror *updated 4/24/19 ♦♦♦

Kappy A: Fresh out of the oven! Don’t say I don’t love you guys! It’s your turn to show your hearrrrrrrt!


On an unrelated note, I can’t do that single eyebrow kick action. From: TB

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    IKR? I dunno what eps you’re up to but I’ve been following the raws/previews up to the latest one and it’s making me rage so much!!! >:( Anyone with eyes can see that the evil Zheng Er is up to no good but suddenly LLW’s intellect has taken a nose dive – gone is the smart general who led 500 troops against 10000 to victory. Instead we have the typical “man turns into different person after marriage” scenario! What happened to all that sacred oath at the Nuwa temple? What happened to only loving and protecting Xue Wu for the rest of their lives?

    WHAT IS THIS BS ABOUT TAKING ZHENG ER AS A CONCUBINE WTF??! What happened to not wanting Xue Wu to end up like his mom???

    The awesome Yuwen Yong needs to come in and take Xue Wu for a holiday in Zhou country. Xue Wu and her BFF Xiaodong (who’s quickly becoming one of my faves OMG) can have some relaxing time away from the evil Zheng Er.

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      Oh and thank you very much for the OST!!! 😀 Been wanting it ever since I heard the songs! Thank you very much! 😀

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        Welcome VoyageFan! 🙂

        I didn’t watch the episodes with subs yet but I did skim through the raw (ahem) and thanks to my friend’s constant chattering, I understood the gist of it all. And I’m upset at the writer for putting a block in LLW’s head. What’s wrong with his head/eyes that he can’t see the evils in Zheng Er? I mean her plan was outright absurd and obvious (lying about Xue Wu’s food & etc…). The writer is making a fool out of me!

        The day Zheng Er becomes a concubine, I shall put a mask on LLW’s face not because he’s pretty but because I can’t tolerate his stupidity anymore. 😛

        BTW, I meant song title translation. Reading Chinese is not my expertise so Track 2-12 is untouched until a generous fan helps us out. ^^

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          I’m not a pro translator and the song titles are mostly figurative, so please allow some room for interpretation (and please correct me if I’m wrong!)…

          02. 疯狂的存在 – 任贤齐 (Crazy existence / Richie Ren)
          03. 命运 – 家家 (Fate / JiaJia)
          04. 得天女者得天下 (He who obtains the Heavenly Maiden, obtains the world)
          05. 一寸光阴一寸心 (Lit. “An inch of time, an inch of heart”, but I think it can be interpreted in a similar vein to the proverb “一寸光阴一寸金” which means “time is money”, where the “money” is replaced with “heart”. Also, this line is part of Della Ding’s ending theme song lyrics…)
          06. 回不去初识那天 (Can’t return to the day we first met)
          07. 假面真情 (Lit. 假面 = mask, 真情 = truth, but together it seems to be more like “The truth beneath the mask” or something like that…)
          08. 一干二净的黎明 (Lit. “Thorough daybreak”, part of the ending theme lyrics)
          09. 天人可见,不违天意 (As seen by Man and Heaven, obeying the Will of Heaven)
          10. 夜未央,幸存的沙场 (Lit. “The night is not over, battlefield of survivors”, part of the opening theme lyrics)
          11. 一生只爱一人 (Lit. “Loving only one person in [my] lifetime” – it’s the vow that LLW makes to Xue Wu at the Nuwa temple and repeated during their official wedding)
          12. 突然心动 (Suddenly moved, “moved” as in emotionally affected)

          I have a lot of respect for translators for the their hard work cuz translating between different languages is hard enough – adding all the historical/figurative language (e.g. in period dramas) makes it even harder.

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          Thank-you for taking your time to decipher and translate the names, VoyageFan. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. Hope you didn’t shed any hair over the translation. ^^ Respect to all translators out there. 🙂

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          No worries, Kaptain A! It’s the least I can do after all the wonderful people here on this site are so generous in sharing good stuff! 😀

          If only my Chinese was better, I’d love to be a translator and would sign up for a translating team in a heartbeat! 😀 Unfortunately, my Chinese is limited so yeah… *sigh*

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          This OST would make me go bald. =P Thanks VoyageFan for your contributions to our community.

          04. 得天女者得天下 He who obtains the Heavenly Maiden Priestess, obtains the world

          I tried my best to stay away from this post ’cause there are too many spoilers. I need to start ep.11+ so I’m far behind y’all.

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    Thank you so much ! ^^ I’ve tried to find this OST for days. I really love this drama. The pace is fast, the story is nicely written. (Hum maybe I should write this in the drama section ). I especially appreciate song 1-3-11-12.

    Ps: It’s my first time commenting here so Im kind of sorry, because I knew this site since a long time, before the name changing. I think it’s due to BBJX recaps. And if my english is bad, I apologize, it’s not my primary language. So im not confident in writing comments 😡
    Anyway, THank you ^^

    PS2: VoyageFan : This is exactly my thoughts. I already hate Zhen Er, she is so scheming and obssesed with Si Ye. Can’t she just stop being crazy? I really love the main couple ( plus Zhou king), so I don’t want to see Xue Wu hurting and misunderstanding…but I guess this drama needs some conflicts. Sigh

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      The scriptwriter has it in for our main couple cuz they’re gonna suffer all the way to the end. *SIGH*
      If BBJX was torturous, this series is gonna be 100000000x worse.

      I hated Zheng Er since the moment I saw her and judging from the rest of the story, she’s only gonna get worse and make me hate her even more.

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        Yeah…sigh…all the way till the bitter end. Oh BBJX, I so love this drama. Yes it was torturous but in a good way ^^
        Yeah she’s gonna get worse…did you see the shorts previews? It spoil everything. So bad, I was curious and now I feel bad.
        And with episodes 23-25 today, Im worried for Xue Wu.

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          I’ve seen the long 40 min trailer (which pretty much spoils the entire series) and online spoilers so I know how the series will go, so don’t worry about spoiling me. Xiaodong is one of my favorites (I liked him the moment I saw him, and like him the more I see him) and I’ve prepared myself to be heartbroken by what happens to him….. *sigh* why do bad things happen to good people?

          Yuwen Yong is incredibly AWESOME. I’m so blown away by Daniel’s acting and the character is fascinating.

          All I can say is that we have to prepare for a lot of heartbreak. Our main characters are all gonna suffer A LOT 🙁

          Zheng Er is disgusting and I’ve never hated a character as much as I hate her 🙁

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      Ahh! Did I successfully un-lurk a reader? Maybe it’s the awesome gif from above! 😉

      Your English is fine dear! It’s nice to read fans’ comments because it can get pretty lonely spazzing alone! Which is what I have been doing while marathoning the Big Bang Theory. heehee.

      And yesh, that girl Zhen Er needs to be sent somewhere. I wouldn’t mind if her character stirs appropriate tension but it’s not intelligently and subtly done and kinda pulls me into the supposed evil camp where handsome Daniel is waiting in his glorious robes. Sinking ship, here I come! 😎

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        Hi ^^ Yes you did and it’s partially due to the gif xD Well, I tought it was maybe time for me to stop being a silent lurker. I absolutely love reading comments and toughts 🙂
        Thank you for your nice welcome ^^

        Daniel Chan is mesmerizing. He is clearly handsome but also smart. He can be cruel but at the same time, you can see that he has a soft heart (specially with Little Zhen Er and Xue Wu). Can’t wait for him to be more pro-active towards Xue Wu.

        Hu? “The day Zheng Er becomes a concubine”…wait, she will? Si Ye’s or Crown prince’s? O_O

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          Panda, are you who I think you are? 😉

          I think Kappy is just teasing us…that girl can’t become LLW’s concubine because the writer is not dumb enough to destroy the male lead like that…..right? RIGHT? if this was BBJX, then i think yesh, she might, phew that its not. =P

          Daniel is FREAKIN HOTTT!! im on that sinking ship long ago and secretly wish to see more of XW and him. BUT he’s cruel and manipulating. will he change because of loving her? not change to someone dumber like LLW after loving her, okay? LOL

          and rejoice everyone! softsubs is coming out soon!

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          I kid I kid. Should’ve phrased it better lest I give some fans a heart attack. 😛

          Daniel’s king is wicked for sure. I hope we see some character growth instead of him staying the same throughout. I can’t wait for more of their scenes.

          And yesh yesh. Xiao Dong is adorable!

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        Seriously, I started out a LLW/Xue Wu fan but I’m starting to become more of a Yuwen Yong/Xue Wu fan as the series goes on. Yes I know Yuwen Yong/Xue Wu is one-sided but Yuwen Yong is such a fantastic character and he just steals the show with his awesomeness. His character grows and changes a lot through the series (for the better), and even though he wanted to use Xue Wu at the beginning, by half way through the series and all the way through the end, he’s truly fallen in love with Xue Wu and he really does protect her – even to the extent of hurting himself to protect her (despite her being LLW’s wife and everything).

        As for Zheng Er – yes, I know every drama needs a villain, but normally villains aren’t so repulsive like this Zheng Er who makes the episodes hard to watch just by appearing. I actually have to skip the bits with her in it because seeing her face is bad for my health. My doctor has told me to not get too angry or stressed because of my health reasons and so I’ve never gotten angry over drama series, but this disgusting character is pushing all my limits. *sigh*

  3. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    I assume you meant song title translation? (Or did you mean lyrics translation?)

    疯狂的存在 – 任贤齐
    Crazy existence – Richie Ren (Richie Jen)

  4. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    Thank you very much!!! Really love “Ru Zhen Qu” *-*
    Any title’s translation? Please, I can’t read chinese…

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      Do you mean this 入陣曲 ? It’s the opening of the drama and also the 13th song of the album. It’s “into the array song” by May Day ^^

  5. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    Hi Frea! ^^ Hu, who do you think I am?

    I so hope it’s the case. It cant’ be, it just can’t !! Zhen Er is so awful, so mean! Is Lan Ling Wang blind? Where is the smart general? the one who loves, respects and understands Xue Wu? Sigh…

    It’s my first time seeing Daniel Chan acting and he’s so good, so nuanced. I think it will have been more interesting to see the love triangle of LLW-Xue Wu-YWY than the “stupid” one, aka Xue Wu-LLW-Zhen Er.

    The ending of episode 27 seems to indicate a change, at least !! ^^

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      Ho wait, softsubs are coming soon? when?!! ^^ Im so happy TT_TT

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        Oh you have no idea how much I wanted to slap some sense into LLW during eps 22-25. I was so angry and can’t believe he could hurt Xue Wu so much after all she sacrificed for him! It got to the point where even his General couldn’t overlook it and had to point out to him Zheng Er’s pretense! WTF happened to the LLW who swore to love and protect Xue Wu with all he has? What happened to the smart general who outsmarts his enemies in battle???

        Ariel is awesome. I was already an Ariel fan from before and she is one of the main reasons why I watch this series. I like FSF too and saw him in previous movies. This is the first time I saw Daniel Chan act and I’m so impressed with him! He’s magnificent 😀 TBH right now I’m liking Yuwen Yong more than LLW and especially in the upcoming eps 26-28, Yuwen Yong will become even MORE awesome than before! This guy will steal hearts everywhere! 😀

        Xiaodong is cute and so adorable. He’s such a loyal and wonderful friend. I feel sad just thinking about what happens to him at the end. 🙁

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          You are describing perfectly my feelings ^^ Im rather impatient to watch tonight’s episodes. No more “stupid/out of character” LLW, I hope. I only saw FSF once in Painted Skin 2 and he was just meh for me. But here, I like him.
          With YWY, im tempted to switch my allegiance. For now im still shiping the OTP but barely.

          Poor Xiaodong. Sigh it’s totally sad. And it’s Zhen Er’s doing, again.
          We know what will happen to LLW, but what about Xue Wu in the end? and YWY’s fate?

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      rarely do we get a writer that knows when to stop a drama from entering insanity land. lols.

      well, at least now we know which episode is good for a rewatch and which aren’t. 😀

      daniel chan, i saw him in the foxy drama with barbie as the innocent scholar. he was so cute. but he’s awesome here and you’re right about the nuances he brings to his character.feng shao feng as LLW is cute too, if only he stays that way…..

      yesh! its coming! will update when i see them floating around cyberspace!

      your name is familiar so i made a wile guess. do you use panda too at a english-chinese forum? 😉

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        Don’t worry, Si Ye has been acting like a fool and a jerk during eps 22-25, but he eventually finds out Zheng Er’s true evil self (gotta love the people around him and Xue Wu for pointing out the obvious) so while he threatened to take Zheng Er as concubine, he never actually did it.

        However, all the trailers show Zheng Er dressed in expensive gowns, etc. because she eventually becomes crown prince Gao Wei’s royal consort. They later become the evil Emperor and Empress responsible for the destruction of Northern Qi.

        I love all our main characters, but I think Daniel Chan really steals the show with his magnificent Yuwen Yong. FSF and Ariel’s acting are excellent as always (and they’re just so very cute OMG), but Daniel’s version of a villain with heart is just fantastic. Xiaodong is very lovable and George Hu is hilarious as LLW’s brother 😀

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          “rarely do we get a writer that knows when to stop a drama from entering insanity land. lols.” Yup, it’s the snow ball effect :/

          Yeah for softsubs, I ‘ll wait patiently ^^

          I use LittleRed sometimes as my name. Hum english-chinese forum, is it maybe Shushengbar? Fanatical Hui3r?

          Episodes 22-25: He did finally find the truth about Zhen Er but he broke Xue Wu’s heart è_é He needs to repent
          Zhen Er will become Gao Wei’s royal consort, she’ll be powerful and she’ll destroy Lan Ling Wan cause she can’t have him.* Sigh*

          I think there’s clearly more things to talk about with Daniel Chan than LLW. He has the most interesting character. =p Xiaodong is cute and supportive, like a puppy.
          Ariel Lin is one of the few actresses that I appreciate. I like her since she did It started with a kiss. It was just fine. And then she did In time with you with the perfect Bolin Chen and I was sold ! xD

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      According to history, YWY unites the Northern kingdoms of Zhou and Qi under his rule, but dies shortly after taking Northern Qi cuz he was overworked in all the years of battle. Yang Jian (the black robed guy in ep 1) eventually takes all the kingdom for himself and becomes founder of the Sui dynasty.

      As for Xue Wu, well, LLW was destined to die (in history, Emperor Gao Wei forced LLW to drink poison, which is why Northern Qi fell so quickly to YWY because there was no more LLW to defend it) but Xue Wu’s involvement changed his fate. Like Xue Wu’s grandma predicted, the cost of that was very great….

      [SPOILER!!!] According to spoilers, LLW survives in this series but Xue Wu dies for him instead. I hope they change the ending because I want a happy ending where Xue Wu and LLW live out a peaceful life with their son…

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      Yeah I agree with you: I like FSF too but I think right now Daniel Chan’s YWY is stealing everybody’s hearts with his awesomeness and many nuances 😀

      Let’s hope LLW redeems himself in the upcoming episodes! He and Xue Wu were so sweet in the beginning – it’s only cuz of the evil Zheng Er that their beautiful relationship seems to have soured. They’ve made up now but they’re gonna have to get stronger cuz the most-difficult-character-to-kill-in-history Zheng Er is out to make their lives hell 🙁

  6. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    dam!!! just saw the preview for episode 27 and is it me but something is seriously wrong with the editing?

    XW is being captured and KISSED BY THIS BARBARIAN but LLW’s face looks kinda happy. i didn’t capture the best happy face but here he looks like he wasn’t the one that married her so he doesn’t care? WTH IS THAT? Who was smoking while editing this madness? while daniel looks like he’s calculating something. and he does something much more respected than LLW when the barbarian asked for……… that’s it. sinking ship!!!

    @panda, i think i must have mistaken you for someone else! sorry! so many cute pandas around. lols.

    @voyagefan, that’s the right word. repulsive for zheng er!!! RUSLSFH($&)$(@*!!!

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      Yup the preview is bleh.
      Oh, LLW’s face is kinda blank. He said nothing when Xue Wu was captured (again)…I was thinking, is he really in love? You can’t help but compare LLW and YWY’s reactions. YWY was so adorable and protective in episode 26 and 27 ^^ With Xue Wu, he is not a cruel and commanding king but just a man who is falling in love. Argh I like Ywy !! >_<

      No problem Frea 🙂 hihi ^^

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        i swear LLW was smiling in several frames during his wife capture. totally inappropriate expression. i think it’s partly the editor’s fault because you can clearly see the difference in colors.

        LLW has become two person. tskk tskk. i agreed with you too! when the female lead just forgives the male lead without giving him the same treatment he’s been giving her! UGHHH! i wanted her to stay angry at him for longer period!!

        YWY. handsome handsome. thanks to LLW’s stupidity, YWY looks like the better man. he’s the one to kill if someone touches his wife.

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          Definitely the editing was a bit off in ep 27 cuz the colors switch every now and then in the scenes! There was a bit of disconnect between the bandit kissing Xue Wu and then the shot to LLW’s face, so I can forgive LLW for the totally inappropriate non-reaction to his wife being harassed by the bandit! Look at his previous reaction to YWY just holding Xue Wu’s hand – completely different to his reaction to the bandit.

          Another way of looking at it could be LLW was just trying to be calm in front of the bandit, cuz if he loses his cool, then the bandits may use that to hurt Xue Wu more…

          I just wanna say that while I’m in the YWY camp, I give LLW a chance to redeem himself cuz he will only keep suffering from now on. Deep inside he’s still the good man that Xue Wu fell in love with during eps 1-19, the one who always tried to cheer Xue Wu up (chicken broth, egg-selling, etc.) and risked his life over and over again to save Xue Wu and the same man who swore to love and protect her with his life….

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          I’m not up to this scene yet and I’m reading so much spoilers as I wait for english subs. I’m happy you blame the editor and not FSF as most people probably would. My conclusion would be this scene probably had many NGs and the editor probably couldn’t be bother editing it properly. FSF is capable of showing the right facial expressions >_<

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      I’m just pissed that the repulsive evil Zheng Er lives for so long in this series (all the way till the end WTF :\). URGH. Looking at her hurts my eyes, so I have no choice but to skip most of her scenes.

  7. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    I forgot to say this. The writer should have made LLW reflect a bit more. He needs to suffer as much as she has. è___é Niark!

    PS:Ha ! Hu? Hum… do I spoil a lot? I mean, maybe some people don’t wish to know what will happen.

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      TBH I was already tempted to switch to YWY after the recent episodes, but after ep 26-27, I’m pretty solid in the YWY camp! The man is just … OMG I CAN’T DEAL WITH HOW AWESOME HE IS ESPECIALLY WITH HOW HE BRAVED ALL THE ELEMENTS TO SAVE XUE WU AND HURT HIMSELF TO SAVE HER!!! Yeah I know LLW/Xue Wu is OTP but the writers haven’t done a good job of convincing me with the episodes so far. I’m sad that YWY gets so little screen time compared to the repulsive Zheng Er cuz I’d rather see YWY than Zheng Er any day. If they ever give YWY his own show I’d be all over that in an instant! 😀

      I totally think Xue Wu shouldn’t have forgiven LLW so easily, but it was mostly cuz of how much she loves him and her grandma’s persuasion that she forgave him so quickly. I just feel so sad for YWY who was left to bandage himself afterwards! The only saving grace was LLW coming out and helping him with the bandage… *sigh*

      Well, I know right now LLW isn’t in our good books, but with what’s gonna happen all the way till the end, we’re gonna see lots of LLW torture which will probably put him back in our good books. Like LLW said, he was momentarily stupid and so we may be able to forgive him in the light of all he’s gonna suffer from now on. If the spoilers I read are correct, LLW does become more awesome after these episodes of stupidity…

      YWY just gets more and more awesome as the story goes, so LLW’s gonna have to do A LOT of catching up (LOL). I liked YWY since the first couple of episodes I saw him, and he only gets better each time he graces my screen! I swear Daniel Chan totally steals the show! And when they play his song during his trek to get medicine for Xue Wu – this guy can act, sing, and is so full of charisma I’m shaking my fist at him not getting enough screen time (LOL). YWY may not have the romantic love of Xue Wu like he wants, but he got all the love of audience instead 😀

  8. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    It’s definitely the editor’s fault in this case. The switch in bright vs dim colors was so obvious in the clip. And VoyageFan’s explanation is plausible as well. You can’t let your enemy see your weakness, unless they already know. 😉

    I think we can safely say that while LLW & XW is the OTP, YWY can be her man-cubine on days when LLW misbehaves. Oh geez, I thought I already took my mind out of the gutter!

    CR: Tumblr

    Preview for episode 38 (Dang, it’s ending real soon?!)

    The intensity in YWY’s eyes when she begs him… it kinda kills me even when I’m not there yet (with the story.) You hot thang, YWY.

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      According to weibo and other websites, it’s the fault of the editing. (BAD editing)
      Like you mentioned, the obvious switching between the light and dark colors, the dodgy backgrounds…

      There are many shots added back in afterwards (some shots also repeated) which is why there’s the odd colors. They needed to add shots back in because the filming of LLW was extended and so FSF had to come back to film more scenes. His filming contract for this series was supposed to finish by end of June, but because the scriptwriter changed the script halfway through and added episodes (original script was 35 eps, but then later changed to 46 to make more money and to have more Yuwen Yong scenes), FSF had to come back and didn’t finish till end of July. But by then he was filming other movies so he had to film the extra scenes during the day and rush off to film the movie during the night (and vice versa). So there are scenes where he wasn’t even on the same set as the other actors and the editing only added his shots back in afterwards.

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      LMAO @”man-cubine.” Not there yet, not there yet. I must resist reading any further….

  9. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    Am at Ep 23, and have given up on LLW growing a brain when it comes to handling relationships. I’m already one foot on the villain (actually, it depends on your POV) ship to cheer for Yu Wen Yong!

  10. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    I also skip Zhen Er’ scenes. I hate her :/ She is so evil and intriguing. The crown prince will be easily toyed by her.
    I don’t fully understand chinese, but Xue Wu’s grandma was telling her to forgive and stay with LLW? Wasn’t she against their relationship from the very beginning?
    Noooo!! The bad minister is back! >< why? why?! Did you see what the hell he did to a young boy?!

    Wow the preview O_O I can't wait to watch this episode. Even if it's sad. It 's just that I love Ariel Lin's acting, she nails every scene, especially her heartbreak with LLW. With the music and all, love it.

    3 episodes by day and then 2 episodes on the week's end. I love this schedule. So much more than 1 episode by week.
    I tought that today's episode 28-29 were "boring" but hey, Im expecting more from tomorrow's episodes ^^

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      My internet is stuffing up so unfortunately I only watched up to ep 27! 🙁
      That evil minister will die, don’t worry 😀
      He will pay for his crimes 😀

      I heard that the series is dragging a bit here in the middle because apparently it was meant to be 35 eps but later made into 46 eps….

      I really don’t like the ending, but I’ll finish watching this series anyway…

      This series has the best airing schedule EVER! It will finish on August 30 😀

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      Xue Wu’s grandma was against her falling in love with LLW because she had foreseen that she would die saving LLW. That’s why she tried so hard to prevent Xue Wu and LLW from meeting each other. LLW was destined to die unless someone special came to help him change his fate. That person is the Heavenly Maiden Xue Wu.

      Grandma came to Xue Wu in a dream to tell her in person that while she was against her relationship with LLW, she was only against it out of love for Xue Wu but she’s always been proud of Xue Wu. She foresaw that being with LLW is not an easy road and that it will cost Xue Wu greatly.

      She says to Xue Wu:
      Ever since you heard Grandma’s prophecy about LLW, you started admiring him. Didn’t you sacrifice everything to stay by LLW’s side because you wanted to protect him? Haven’t you noticed that ever since you left LLW, you haven’t been happy? He’s the one that gives you courage to live your life. A Heavenly Maiden’s mission is not easy – you have sworn to protect LLW and you must learn to love selflessly. LLW doesn’t just belong to you – he belongs to everyone who needs his help. Why have you left him just because of another woman’s involvement? You should believe in LLW, believe in his heart and his love for you. LLW needs your help and needs you by his side.

      Xue Wu then begs Grandma to come with her and says that she doesn’t want to be separate from Grandma anymore. Grandma just tells Xue Wu to go and look in Grandma’s room, and Xue Wu sees herself sleeping and realizes that she’s dreaming. She calls for Grandma frantically but then finds that she’s alone and Grandma’s disappeared….

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        Hi ! Do you perhaps know when the bad minister will die? He’s so heartless and as repulsive as Zhen Er. And I miss YWY :/

        Thanks for your explanation ^^ Now i understand. Im very worried avout Xue Wu’s fate. What will happen to her in the end?

        Yeah it’s dragging a bit right now, too much Zhen er/ebil minister/crown prince scenes ( for my taste).
        Why did they change the number of episodes? is it because of money….? or something’s else?

        Did you succed in watching episodes 28-29? even maybe 30-32?^^

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          No worries, you’re welcome! 😀

          I just caught up to ep 32 and I can’t wait for the evil minister, Zheng Er, and Gao Wei to die. Unfortunately they don’t die till right at the end (LLW kills the evil minister right before he and Xue Wu go off to rescue Duan Taishi, one of their good friends held captive by Gao Wei and Zheng Er). During the rescue mission, Gao Wei accidentally kills Zheng Er and so he kills himself. But before he does he tries to kill LLW and Xue Wu jumps in to protect LLW…

          I have to skip all the bits with Zheng Er, evil minister, and Gao Wei because I don’t wanna punch my screen. These scumbags get WAAAAY too much screen time and apparently I’m not the only one who’s sick of seeing them.

          The upcoming episodes are all just gonna torture our favorite good guys and it’s all just gonna be tears from now on. MY POOR XIAODONG 🙁

          LLW and Xue Wu are gonna suffer all the way till the end. YWY will show up soon and he’ll be the focus for these later episodes. LLW will take a break for at least a few eps before he can come back…

          The rumor is that it was originally scripted to be 35 eps, but because more episodes = more money, the scriptwriters extended it to 46. This also gave the scriptwriters a chance to have more YWY scenes and yeah, they basically just made the series longer mainly so that they can make more money…

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          Spoilers all over the internet say that Xue Wu dies saving LLW and the surviving LLW is left to take care of their baby son…


          Why does every Cdrama end like this these days? Chinese Paladin 1, Fairy from Wonderland, Xuanyuan Sword, and now King of Lanling too? Do all these scriptwriters come from the same school or something???

  11. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    Hoo ! Can’t wait for LLW to kill him ! ^^ Hu? Gao Wei kills Zhen Er accidentally? it’s even better ! Gao Wei killed his own father and I think He did felt guilty. Her killing is what we called in french ” le coup de grâce”. We just have to wait one week now.

    Urgh Xiao Dong’s death…Xue Wu cute puppy. It’s really tragic for him 🙁
    I suppose that the latter part of this serie will be the most interesting. So eager to see it. I want more YWY ! ^^

    Ha I see…money issue.. On one hand, Im happy that we’ll have more YWY scenes. On the other hand, I think that 35 episodes was good enough. No middle part dragging, no zhen er/evil minister/crown prince “bonus” scenes, there’s just too much of them in episode 31-32. Just the essential story and a fast pacing. But ho well…

    At first, i was gonna say ” thank you for spoiling me zhen er/evil minister/crown prince’s end” but then I saw the second part and OH MY GOD! What? Xue Wu is gonna die?! What the hell?
    Do theses scripwriters think that sad ending equals memorable and great drama? Just no !

    Big SIGH…

  12. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    sigh, the more i watch the more disappointed i am at writing. so many things are simply glossed over, which makes me sad that this one isn’t as epic as BBJX!! when will another one come close to that beast?

    but oddly enough, it’s still fun to watch because it’s an idol drama with lots of things to poke fun at. hehe, like what we have been doing.

    im not surprised that XW forgives LLW since she’s a lack a good brain on her head. Ariel is doing the best she can with the character but XW’s so silly at times for me. i like her better in In Time With You.

    yesh, cdrama writers tend to think that sad ending = memorable. ughhh….. LLW deserves to be left alone! LOL. yesh, im still angry at his sorry butt.

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      I still like this drama but I can’t love a drama the way I love BBJX. I was totally crazy about it (and still am and that how I know this site or Alice’s blog). You said it, it was epic, amazingly epic, nicely written, characters shaded in greys, a great casting, great OST etc etc I can go on and on.I don’t know if it’s possible for a drama to come close to what is BBJX… Hum, maybe Da Mo Yao’s adaptation? =o

      Yes, I really like Ariel and Chen Bolin’s story in ITWY. ^^ As Xue Wu, she is too big-hearted, kinda naive and cute.
      Episodes 33-35 were better than 31-32.
      ” LLW deserves to be left alone! LOL. yesh, im still angry at his sorry butt.” xD After watching episode 35, I just couldn’t be angry anymore. I was sad for him.

      A certain scene in episode 33 is strongly reminiscent of BBJX…
      While I hate Zhen Er, I was sort of impressed with Gao Wei. He is not totally evil, he stil is very very bad yes, but he felt guilt killing his father and was questionning LLW’s attitude toward him ( hum do you understand what I mean?xD I don’t think I truly succeed in saying what I mean).

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        BBJX was epic indeed, even if there are aspects i didnt fully enjoy but as a whole, a very quality drama in recent years!

        not sure about Da Mo Yao as LSS isn’t on my top list actress. she’s often too bland in expression for me. XW is sometimes cute but other time, i feel a need to shut her up, stop blabbering nonsense about fate (in the beginning). LOL

        LLW started out well but have now descended into mediocre land. =/ still fun to watch, but not as exciting.

        im taking a break from this drama now that the ending has been revealed!!! BOOO!! hahahha XD everyone is dying! one by one. can’t believe xiao dong dies too. 🙁

        my attention span isn’t very strong.

        and yes! i know what you mean. ^^

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        Gao Wei is a selfish person. He placed his own interest first over the people and country’s interest. This is something the previous emperor had told him – the reason why he can never rival Lanling Wang in anything. Gao Wei may not be truly evil, but he is a selfish person and a selfish person is never a natural leader.

        May I just mention how handsome Xiao Dong is (someone give him a lead role already!). I also do not mind if Xue Wu ends up with Yuwen Yong after Lanling’s death. That way she ends up with both (Oh, Goodie!). Yes, I am greedy that way! LOL

        Although history records that Langling died young in his 30s by drinking poisoned wine given to him by Gao Wei, I have a feeling that this drama will twist the end and allows Langling to survive. In the end credits, we see Langling dressed as a commoner, hiding and smiling sadly as he watches Xue Wu rock the cradle of their child…which tells me, he survives but maintained his distance from everyone. *sad* …. and here I was hoping that Xue Wu would somehow end up with Yuwen Yong!… or even Xiao Dong (ok! this is far fetched but it’s dramaland, right?).

        I’d better stopped salivating over the men in this drama. Thank you K for the OSTs! ^_^

  13. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    Ok…I just saw the ending of LLW and it was exactly as VoyageFan said, except maybe for the fact that Gao Wei did kill Zhen Er on purpose. There’s so much to say and Im kind of upset. So first Im gonna gather my thoughts as to not write incoherently. So see you soon !

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      i skipped several episodes and watch the ending. LOL. they really didn’t change it huh?!! everyone dies except for the idiotic man LLW!!

      YWY hands down = BEST MAN ANY WOMAN COULD HAVE FOR A HUSBAND. he lets XW go gracefully. and although he didn’t love his queen as much as XW, he was kind to her in his last hours. sadface. 🙁

  14. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    I also watched the ending… I cried my eyes out … I can’t help but feel that the king deserves the girl more than the main guy…

    When the king conquer the land, he asks for a solemn moment crying for the girl’s death while the lords turned their back toward the sky…What a touching scene..!

    He always puts other things as priority than her.. He fakes death for 1 year !!! Would u do that to someone u love??? He doesn’t even have a strong reason for that… She is in danger even when she is in his “secret” protection…

    Anyway… tragedy in the end… I really hate these ending… Waste 30+ hours watching an ending like this… After all the obstacles, they still can’t be together….!

  15. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    Yeah they changed nothing !! I was prepared to that ending thanks to VoyageFan but still I feel mad, because LLW and Xue Wu were finally reunited, happy and with a cute son. What a price she paid… I would have prefered LLW to die instead of her. I don’t know how I feel about this ending, im not disappointed tough im not happy either. I have mixed feeling about it.

    So the final scene is kinda strange. LLW with his son…in Bai Shan Village? Hu? how is it possible? how?!!! o_o maybe im wrong? it has the same vibes as Bai Shan Village.

    YWY has my heart. He saved her, protected her and her child. He loved her in the purest form. He did let her go when she was reunited with LLW. Is He was poisoned, it’s because of her, right? In ep46, I cried because of him…so much’s was not overplayed, loved it. You could actually see his heart breaking and tearing.

    As for Zhen Er, I have no pity for her. When Xiao Dong died, she stabbed his corpse…cute puppy Xiao Dong..sigh. She only wanted to posses LLW and was only looking at him. But what abour Gao Wei? If only she did realise that she was the only one in his eyes. More sigh.

    Im maybe foolish but I so hoped for a different ending. This drama’s ending make me SIGH a lot.

  16. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    @silverdezz, agreed!! YWY deserves her. seriously, how could any girl not fall for this PERFECT MAN? He’s so selfless when it comes to her, protecting her life and her baby while LLW go and fake his stupid death for an underserving King. i wanna cry!! (of anger lol)

    @RedPandaFox, LOL is it evil for us to wish death for LLW? heck, i don’t care anymore! he deserves it! not sure what village it was though. but yea, YWY was poisoned by that evil Gao Wei’s adviser. he only had 3 years to live, so he reunites with XW in hell. lol. 😀

    Zhen Er stabbed XD’s corpse? OMG. i think i skipped that episode. but too sad to watch for me. he was a lovable person…. sigh.

    i know right. this ending gives me mixed feelings too. sigh.

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      It’s not evil ! xD I really disliked when LLW was “toyed” by Zhen Er. That he disappeared from Xue Wu’s life for a long time. That he love his country more than her. You can’t help but compare LLW’s love and attitute VS YWY’s.
      Just 3 years, it’s really a short time compared to his ambition. Yes finally with her and no LLW cause he’s still alive…

      Xiao Dong died to save Xue Wu :'( Hoo you skipped the episode where YWY saved Xue Wu? SWOON, YWY was amazing. So powerful ! He did announce that Xue Wu woud be his “concubine”, even though she was LLW’s wife. To protect her and her child. How awesome is that? A man who doesn’t care about what others will say and only care about his love one.

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        I like YWY and think he’s a much better written character than LLW, but I just want to say that LLW didn’t fake his death – he was poisoned into a coma by Zheng Er and then chained in a hidden underground basement. It took him some time to wake up fully and by then he tried his best to escape. He tried to break the chains with brute strength but couldn’t. Nobody except for Zheng Er knew he was alive and that he was imprisoned, so the only way he could get out was to convince Zheng Er to let down her guard.

        He knew Zheng Er was lying about Xue Wu being dead and his chance of escape finally came when he got a hold of Zheng Er’s hairpin. He picked the locks and escaped using Xue Wu’s belt to bend the iron bars. He then tried his best to track down Xue Wu’s whereabouts even with EVERYONE out to kill him.

        He couldn’t show his face even when he found Xue Wu because he didn’t want to risk her safety again, so he only protected her secretly.

        As for LLW caring for his country and citizens, it’s actually part of his responsibility to his people – just like Yuwen Yong has a responsibility to the people of Zhou, and just like Xue Wu has a responsibility to care for people too (it’s her mission as a Heavenly Maiden and wife of LLW). So LLW’s caring for his people isn’t because he doesn’t love Xue Wu enough – in fact, Xue Wu and his son are the people he loves most, but LLW has his own duties to fulfill.

        Actually, if LLW abandoned the people for his own happiness, he wouldn’t be the person Xue Wu fell in love with in the first place. He and Xue Wu both are kind people who always tries to help others less fortunate than themselves, and this is part of the reason why they understand and respect each other so much.

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          I’m more cool-headed now and I understand your point. All you said is true. Still, I have a bittersweet taste of the ending. The final arc is interesting and full of actions and decisions and I like LLW in these episodes. Im just plainly sad. It’snot a bad ending but I always have a “but” to place.

          I should say it, I love reading your comments. You just speed-recap the final arc and Im happy that it’s being discussed here ^^ Cause nothing was said from episodes 32-35 to 40.

          LLW have a good heart and he’s devoted to his people yeah but I can’t help thinking that it’s “sad” that he disappeared for a year, even if it’s not his fault. I know that Xue Wu did inderstand him. Oh well, I guess I did enjoy very much this drama and that I was very engrossed by it.

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          LOL. blame me for skipping episodes. I thought he fakes his death. kudos to you VoyageFan for the explanation and staying cool as it is.

          but for me, the ending is just too tragic. i know that LLW is dedicated to his nation and people but i just want a leader who isn’t blindly following the stupid King he serves. if this drama had spent time on developing gao wei and LLW’s relationship since they were younger, maybe i would buy that he would do anything for the lame King. but they didn’t, all we heard is from LLW and god knows this man is sometimes blind. so when he wanted to die for GW, i was jsut rolling my eyes. a good leader should be able to prioritize and know when to let go of certain things but LLW just keep diving into the same problem. he pissed me off. lol. but he does redeem himself a little bit in the end.

          same problem with gao wei, like does he not see the evil in ZE? i just hate characters like him. he doesn’t try to change her and choose to drink the freakin poison she fed him. then of course he went and got XW killed for no reason. that’s like a pat on the back to LLW for being loyal all this TIME? i swear these characters are too illogical just for the sake of creating unnecessary drama = 46 episodes. dumb!

          im soooo pisssssssssssed with the ending the more i think about it. but ill end it here.

      • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

        LOL no worries, you’re welcome! 😀

        TBH I don’t like the ending at all. I think it’s rushed and the scriptwriters killed Xue Wu just to make it a tragic ending. There was no need for her to die. It doesn’t even make sense: why would Gao Wei shoot Zheng Er and Xue Wu and not LLW?

        • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

          Yup, the first part is nice and romantic and fast pacing. The middle part is dragging. The last arc is…well… we said it all already. She didn’t have to die like you said. And like we said earlier, nowadays scripwriters think that a sad and tragic ending equal good ending and “strong lasting impression”. Just NO.

          Totally, isn’t LLW is enemy? Why did Xue Wu and Zhen Er did relocate to such a wide space? juste to get shoot?
          OK, LLW and GW grew up together, I can buy that they used to be “friends” But why shoot Xue Wu? Because her death will hurt LLW? I suppose GW shoot Zhen Er because he loves her and can’t love without her. He’s dying by her hands so she should die by his. Or because she betrayed him ’cause every actions and every steps she did was for LLW. Or maybe killing LLW is meaningless. Officially he’s already dead.

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      LLW didn’t fake his death – his lethal poison was switched by Zheng Er into a poison that turns him comatose. His organs wouldn’t go back to normal until after a certain period of time and during his coma, Zheng Er kept him locked up in chains and hidden in an underground basement.

      He only started regaining consciousness after some time and once he fully woke up, he found himself chained and imprisoned, with nobody but Zheng Er knowing about his existence. Zheng Er wanted to keep him as a pet for herself and she kept feeding him lies about his Xue Wu is dead, etc.

      He figured out that she was lying but there was no way for him to escape. Even with his warrior strength, he couldn’t break the chains and he thought hard about how to escape without making Zheng Er suspicious. He finally got his chance when Zheng Er came down to convince him to elope with her and he got a hold of her hairpin. He waited until she left and then picked the lock, and used the embroidered belt that Xue Wu gave him (which he kept) to bend the iron bars enough for him to escape the basement.

      Zheng Er found him but had to let him go because she would be in trouble too if word got out he was still alive. LLW escaped and the first thing he did was to find Xue Wu, but nobody knows what happened to her until Yuwen Yong spread the news that he made Xue Wu one of his royal harem.

      LLW then sneaked into Zhou country, disguising as a Zhou palace guard, to find Xue Wu. He can’t let his face show because everyone is out to kill him. By the time Xue Wu was about to give birth, Empress Ashina sent assassins to kill Xue Wu. Yuwen Yong sent Yuwen Shenju and palace guards to protect Xue Wu, but they were too busy fighting the assassins and one of them chased Xue Wu all the way out to the forest.

      He was about to kill her when LLW in disguise jumped out and saved her. Shenju took Xue Wu and the midwife to this abandoned village house and Xue Wu gave birth to her and LLW’s son, with LLW watching from the window.

      Later on, Xue Wu decided to live away from the palace to avoid causing trouble for Yuwen Yong, and life was hard for a poor single mother. People were starving and looting and everything was chaos, which was why LLW became a vigilante to actively fight against the evil Gao Wei and Zheng Er. At the same time, he always kept an eye on Xue Wu and his son whenever he could, and when Xue Wu had stuff stolen by bandits, he took them back to her.

      The reason LLW didn’t make himself known to Xue Wu and only protected her secretly is because he didn’t want to endanger Xue Wu and his son, not because he didn’t care about them. With EVERYONE out to kill him, and Xue Wu & baby finally being safe, he didn’t want to risk the safety of his wife and son.

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      No worries, I totally get what you mean and I’m also frustrated with how the series ended. The first half of the series was a lot better and it just went downhill after ep 20. I don’t like the ending at all – it’s rushed and they just killed Xue Wu for the hell of it. It doesn’t even make sense – why would Gao Wei shoot Zheng Er and Xue Wu? He should be shooting LLW instead, if we’re go by logic. But then again, the script started losing it after the first half of the series so… *shrug*

  17. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    It’s good to see that there is a good number of fans preferring Yuwen Yong over Lan Ling Wang! I’m in that camp too! YWY himself said, “I will prove to you that he can die for his people but only I can die for you.” As a woman, I want a man who puts me first over country and career – that is the ultimate dream of most women. In reality, however, most men puts career first over love unfortunately. Therefore, men who are capable, kind hearted, good and have strong emotional tendencies such as YWY is rare.

    While many mourn the ending. I anticipated it (did not read any reviews, was solely based on my experience as writer and fan of dramas). It is a justified ending that delivers a strong storyline. At least the writer stayed true to the story and did not spoil it with a forced happily ever after to please fans. From the beginning, Xue Wu’s granny has warned her. If Xue Wu wishes to save LLW and spare him death, it will come with an expense on her and that LLW can only divert death with the intervention of a ‘benevolent’ person. Greatest hint ever! So, I have been holding my breath, anticipating XW’s death. I also knew YWY will die from history. So, it is LLW’s life for XW’s life. A trade off. The words in the OSTs hinted this as well, especially 命运 by 家家 where the vocalist expressed how she would sacrifice everything but cannot live without him, that she does not have a choice, that her life is no longer based on her own fate but based on his decisions and that she does not want her life, can no longer know her own fate, but would rather hold him tight etc etc. Kudos for brilliant OSTs that truly reflect the mood of the story. 🙂 Overall, a good drama!

    • 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

      While you have a point, the way they killed Xue Wu off was really pointless. She took Zheng Er right out into the open field where she could easily be killed. Perhaps that field had a significant meaning to it but it’s still stupid. The Xue Wu who always uses her wits and intelligence left herself undefended. Keep in mind, she didn’t even plan to let herself be killed. (She said that to Lan Ling Wang as she died in her arms.) Also, the way Gao Wei came out and shot Xue Wu was so out of character. It doesn’t make sense. He was already giving up on owning the world, he doesn’t need to obtain the Heavenly Maiden anymore (not that he wanted her in the first place,) killing her was pointless. Honestly, it would’ve made more sense if it were Zheng Er who killed Xue Wu. And the whole,”LLW will die unless someone trades their life for his” doesn’t work in this scenario. GW was purposely aiming for XW, not LLW. If he were to aim for LLW but XW ran in front of him to take the arrow, then her life would be exchanged for his. There are many flaws with this drama. The dragging storyline with Zheng Er set up the story for the ending but they could’ve cut out some parts. >.> The ending was horrible as it didn’t go according to the prophecy nor make sense. However, I still love this drama so much. :'( I don’t know why, perhaps it’s because of the great start, perhaps it’s because of YWY, perhaps it’s because I love LLW despite how he had many flaws towards the end, perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of Ariel Lin, perhaps it’s because of the OST, and/or perhaps it’s because I have a thing for sad endings, but this drama became my 2nd favorite Chinese drama. <3

  18. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    the ending was soo sad i could sleep for days. so sad this drama is done :(((
    im gonna rewatch this again ;________________;

  19. 69 thoughts on “Cdrama: King of Lan Ling OST

    huge ariel lin fan and found this drama via an awesome fanmade video. i’m a little late in the game but thanks for the ost!!!! it’s few and far between that i’m able to watch 10 episodes of anything without forwarding so this drama– being quadruple that–was a real gem. thanks again!

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