Friday Freebies (1)

Happy Friday!

The fancy name is Friday Freebies (FF) but in actuality, I was lazy and didn’t want to make a post for each soundtrack listed below. Some were requested, some are new. This is a post to share goodies, so if anyone wants to upload something from their secret music collection, feel free to do so!

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My Daughter Seo Young OST (Kdrama)

— Various Artists —
01. Like Back Then – Melody Day
02. Quietly – Go Yoo Jin
03. Lonesome Story – Beige
04. A Person – KOHD
05. Main Theme For My Daughter Seo Young
06. Daybreak
07. Tears N Fears
08. Farewell
09. No Way
10. Oasis
11. Sad Daddy
12. Hojung’s Theme
13. Come Out
14. Wandering

Download VA here // Mirror

Nice Guy CDs (Innocent Man) (Kdrama)

— CD 1 —
01. Love is like a Snowflake – JYJ’s Kim Junsu
02. Nice Girl – Lee Soo Young
03. No One is Better Than You – Jo Eun
04. Lonely
05. 재희와 마루 (with Empty Heart & Change)
06. Bueno Hombre
07. Waltz in Sorrow
08. 은기와 마루 (with late Autumn)
09. Melancholy
10. Blue Moon
11. 은기 (with Magnolia)
12. Late Autumn
13. Empty Heart
14. Broken Heart
15. Water Lily
16. Magnolia

 Download CD1 here // Mirror

— CD 2 —
01. Really – Song Joong Ki
02. I Only Want You – Son Ho Young
03. I Love You – Yoon BitNaRa/Esna
04. Change
05. Here To Stay
06. Complicación
07. Waltz In Sorrow Guitar
08. Beautiful Love
09. Nobody Sees Me
10. Despedida
11. Laberinto
12. Lonely Street
13. Colisión De Frente
14. Before Winter Comes

Download CD2 here // Mirror

Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi OST (Jdrama)

— Singles —
01. Don’t Know What’s Normal – by Sakamoto Shintaro (Ending Theme)
02. 死者より From The Dead
03. 悲しみのない世界 World Without Sadness
— Bonus Disc —
01. 仕事
02. 最後の仕事
03. 胸騒ぎ
04. 悲しみのない世界 (女子高生バージョン)
05. まともがわからない (アコースティック・バージョン)
06. 蝋人形
07. ひろくん
08. 決戦
09. まほろブルース
10. 朝ごはん
11. 依頼者
12. 胸騒ぎ2
13. ロシアンルーレット
14. 多田の恋

Download OST here *UPDATED 6/25/14

— Other Theme Songs // Ending Songs —

—> Two Fathers (Tdrama)
♦ Opening Song: The Sound of Happiness – Lin Yo Wei
♦ Ending Song: Happiness is Not a Love Song – Rene Liu

—> King Flower (Tdrama)
♦ Opening Song: Because You’re There – Dream Girls
♦ Ending Song: A Girl Like A Woman – S.H.E
*note: scroll & just click “download the file” and nothing else*

—> Big Red Riding Hood (Tdrama)
♦ Opening Song: Fantasy Paradise (Currently not available) – A-Fu
♦ Ending Song: Me & U – A-Fu
♦ Insert Song: Where is the Love (Link from online source) – A-Fu

Thai Drama: Koo Gum 2013

— Tracklist —
01. Koo Gum – Bie Sukrit & Noona (คู่กรรม : บี้, หนูนา)
02. Kerd ma koo gun – Bie Sukrit (เกิดมาคู่กัน : บี้)
03. Harm jai – Noona (ห้ามใจ : หนูนา)
04. Kum sunya – Gun Napat (คำสัญญา : กัน นภัทร)
05. Koo Gum (Backing Track) (คู่กรรม)

Download OST Here (Thanks Frea for sharing the OST)

  1. 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

    LOL!! our kappy is a lazy bum. an adorable one at that. 😛

    the themesongs for tdramas this season are pretty good!! i feel like dancing to the songs!! thanks for the load of goodies!

    did you finish gu family book? how did you like it? What about Jang Ok with your Yoo Hubby?

    • 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

      Lazy is my middle name! 😉

      Ah, Gu Family Book. You know when I heard of the good reviews from folks for the first 2 episodes, I was intrigued to start it immediately. Now, that I’ve seen it, I wouldn’t call it a tragic romance. My opinion is different than many. It didn’t feel like a romance built up from love and understanding. Yes, Papa Gu is cute and all but his confession about loving Seo In Hwa – I didn’t buy. He felt sympathy towards her when she was tied up half-nekkidly and he wanted to protect her beautiful fragile self. She could have been easily replaced by another woman caught in the same plight. It wasn’t special.

      And Seo In Hwa. Lordy. I say it’s not a romance because from the beginning to the end of their story, I firmly believe she didn’t love him. He was convenient for her pitiful situation and he was hot, so she married him. Their story to me wasn’t a romance but more of infatuation and out of convenience. It was underdeveloped. What’s more frustrating to me is her disturbing course of actions leading up to everyone’s demise. She spent 3 happy months with this man and she just ran off to her almost-rapest-father-killer-family-masscre like that to rat on him? *slaps* Insensitive and cold. I feel bad for her bro and the maid!

      And LYH’s acting didn’t help. Was she conflicted? In pain? No….she was full on hatred mode. *face-palm*

      I really hope LSG and Suzy’s romance would be better (believable and heartfelt) since they have a lot of episodes to convey everything in between fighting of ghost ninjas, rapesty villains, and claws (mine or not).

      Jank Ok Jung, the male actors are killing it, each with their own compelling charisma. Love the new kid with Hong Soo Hyun! Kim Tae Hee is doing okay. I didn’t have high expectations. heh. Still need to watch ep3 & 4.

      • 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

        Hear! Hear! Someone who finally thinks like me! I didn’t catch the whole “tragic love story” thingy either. It was more like a “poor male gumiho got duped by a weak-minded female human” story! And I agree with you. It was convenience. It was about getting hitched to a hot looking guy. When things went south, the woman sure changed pretty quickly! It was not love. It was “Shyeeet! I slept with a hot looking monster and while the experience was far out, I don’t think I’ll want a half monster child born of me!” This woman is a selfish person and obviously haven’t heard of family planning… but given the setting of the story, that can be forgiven. However, persecuting her husband (it’s husband NOT lover!) is totally unacceptable! I was half praying for the woman to die from childbirth (perhaps that is too light a punishment but I would looove to see her character eliminated). Seriously! Btw, I’ve stopped watching this after Ep2. I will wait it out. That way, I can skip scenes and episodes as I see fit.

        • 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

          HECK YEA!! 3 minds of the same!!!!

          i think the writer was betting on the tragedy of the story to hook people in since we know korean viewers love devoted, tragic stories like nobody else. just look at all the monstrous rating drama. LOL

          i seriously wanted to kick seo hwa in the head, the eyes full of hatred she gave to the poor but very veryyyyyy stupid gumiho!!!

          i hated her also for the fact that she thinks suicide is the solution for everything. what the hell man? Man up and live for the sake of your child! don’t let him grow up in a family without love. nooo, but she went and got herself killed infront of rapest man.

          the villain in this drama is too one-dimensional, like there’s nothing he can’t do to achieve his own means. no grey areas at all. and when he was looking after the poor chung jo as seo hwa’s replacemnet? NASTY!!

          don’t stop watching Aryael, we need 3 heads to spazz about where this drama is going. lol.

  2. 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

    Thanks for the OSTs for King Flower and Big Red Riding Hood. Between the 2 dramas, I am leaning towards Big Red Riding Hood but I can understand why King Flower’s more popular (who could resist the candy factor of the leads eh?) Big Red Riding Hood has a more mature storyline with some twists here and there. More angst too. However, both are around the same ranking. It all comes down to whether you like “Cinderella turned princess with handsome leads” kind of story or “Woman growing up in tragic circumstances and turned into a strong, fist wielding heroine” kind of story. Both are worthy entertainment hours.

    • 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

      Thanks for the quick thoughts Aryael! BRRH was one of the first dramas I want to check out but eng sub at Viki came out too late and then came Borrow Your Love (but sub is now slow due to viki new interface!! 🙁 ) which stole my attention from everything else. 😛

      Yep, I see that King Flower is quite popular because people will eat up the story like cotton candy. With a relatable female character and a pair of handsome male leads, the great reception is not hard to see. hehe.

      I’ll give both a try one of these days. For now, just enjoying the songs. Each drama has great moving songs!

  3. 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

    thanks! I love the King Flower OST. one day I’ll finish the drama…maybe…lol

  4. 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

    Hello, I just recently watched Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi and I loved the soundtrack. I couldn’t find any other link as to where I can download the OST, nor could I find a link to even buy it. This website was the closest I could get to, so I was just wondering if perhaps you would be able to re-upload the OST?

    • 10 thoughts on “Friday Freebies (1)

      Reuploaded the OST for you Moe! Enjoy! =)

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