Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22


Yay to new clothes….from Cupid Baek. Mother-son scenes are so adorable in here that inadvertently wish for more. I find this screen shot above very cute. If you haven’t noticed, actor Lee Sang Woo has huge, thick hands so he can perfectly cover Yuri’s small face. Joo Sang Wook, on the other hand, has beautifully structured hands – I’m envious of his slender fingers. heh.

Episode 22

After she left the ring in Jae Ha’s care, Joon Young rides the train back home. They both reminisce the time they spent together, and she stares longingly at her hand, now free of the ring. Tears fall.


Weeping is done, so Joon Young continues to work on transforming her dish (the same one she’s been working on for the competition) to accommodate its new setting at Sanarae. Now it’s rice cake mixed with western appetizer. The customers love her Jeungpyun Sesame Wraps (new name) and calls her out for compliments. When Baek Sul approaches the table, the customer asks if she’s the master who taught Joon Young how to view things from a different angle and Baek Sul lights up when Joon Young indirectly refers to her as “Master”.

Do Yoon watches from a distance, his face goes from relieved (seeing Joon Young’s smile) to thoughtful as he notices that she’s only putting up a cheerful front. Something that this girl excels in doing.


Baek Sul, Joon Young, and Do Yoon all head to her office to settle the last details before their migration to Arirang. Joon Young reveals that she has broken up with Jae Ha. Furthermore, she knows about Do Yoon’s relationship with Baek Sul, and the latter is surprised to find out that she knew. Baek Sul makes Do Yoon promise to obey her before she allows him to go to Arirang with Joon Young.


But first thing first! She wants to give Joon Young a makeover, her people can’t run around dressing so sloppily. Joon Young complies sweetly and adds in, “Thank-you, Master.” Do Yoon uses this opportunity to get himself some nice new suits as well, much to Baek Sul’s fake objection.

He walks around the men’s section and casually points out various suits and ties. Joon Young protests but Baek Sul tells her it’s okay, “Let me buy them all for him. Since I have never bought any before.” She turns to Do Yoon, “Why don’t you try them on?” Do Yoon: “That’s okay. I look good in everything.” She rolls her eyes at his confidence but can’t quite hide her approving smile, “Please bag them all up. ‘My son‘ likes this store.”

Do Yoon excuses himself to take a phone call. It’s Jane. She has just canceled another one of Haemil’s event. She’s tired and threatens to come and grab his neck. He asks for a few more months but she hangs up on him. Smexy lady, just come! I approve!


It’s Joon Young’s turn to play dress up and she steps out in a horrible dress. Ugh. It looks like multiple rags being sewn together. But there’s some skin showing! Do Yoon perks up slightly at the sight. Baek Sul prods him for a compliment but he simply passes it off, “It’s okay.”


While Joon Young changes into another dress, Baek Sul wonders if Do Yoon is serious in regards to publicizing their mother-son relationship. Do Yoon throws up his arms coolly and she proceeds to tell him to remember all his ‘supposed’ achievements from Assistant Kim later. You know the usual stuff – a fabricate story of where he studied, what awards he’s received, and the companies he’s in charge.

After stocking their car with the new clothes, Joon Young and Do Yoon take off. Baek Sul stands behind with her assistant. She’s suspicious of their eagerness in accepting her plan and orders Assistant Kim to keep an eye on them.


Do Yoon carries a bunch of shopping bags as he walks Joon Young home. Seeing how happy Baek Sul was, Joon Young has softened a bit so Do Yoon warns her, “Don’t let your guard down. She’s very dangerous.” She turns to him, “Are you okay?” to which he replies, “What about you?” Aw, they’re worrying about each other!

But then Joon Young defines the line pretty clear, “You know, right now all I’m worrying about is my mother, father, and Arirang…” He cuts her off by handing her all the shopping bags and walks off. She smiles at his pettiness, and teases, “For a moment, I was surprised you have manners.”

He turns around, “We’re partners now. And I don’t date a co-worker.”

They both part ways, continuing in opposite path, which is when Jae Ha emerges from the shadows. Oh wow. A stalker!


Do Yoon sits in his car, caresses the H bracelet before taking it off and puts it in the car compartment. Jae Ha self-invites himself into the car and mocks Do Yoon for his showcase of riches, “A rich man’s son is different. Both hands are full (of bags).”


The men relocate to a bar where Jae Ha agrees to buy drinks. Jae Ha’s new plan? He’s going to find some misdeeds about Baek Sul and report it to the police. He thinks this is the only way he can remove Joon Young from this fight. However, when Do Yoon encourages him to do well, Jae Ha is surprised – shouldn’t he be on his mother’s side?

Jae Ha: “I’ll be watching. You know you’re President Baek’s son right? And Joon Young will return to her rightful place. You know what I mean?”
Do Yoon: “You and I, do you know the difference between us? You think too much.”
Jae Ha: “You’re simple.”
Do Yoon: “Seo Yeon Woo, 27 years old. The real name of Ha In Joo. I thought you might find out.”
Jae Ha: “You know that it’s a disease. Can’t go by sick people or it is just a bluff.”

Any volunteers to dissect what Jae Ha means in the last line?


Jae Ha leaves without paying for the drinks because he argues that this place is too expensive for a government employee. He goes to a regular restaurant and drinks by himself. Tipsy but still very clear-minded, he texts Joon Young, his message to her: “The moment you step into Arirang tomorrow as Sanarae’s representative, your parents will take you as President Baek’s ally. It’s going to hurt more than you think. I will not care if you regret and cry.” The doll, dear lord, has moved up in position?


I think it’s Jae Ha’s habit by now, walking into Grandma’s room every time he’s drunk. He tells her that he’s following her order now by making Joon Young his younger sister. He will treat her well. He falls onto the mat, mumbling, “If she does something wrong, please don’t get angry. If you do, I won’t see you anymore.”


The big day has come! Baek Sul, Joon Young (chic haircut!), and Do Yoon arrive outside of Arirang. Grandma, Doo Hee, and In Joo are shocked of the news – Joon Young’s the new representative? Doo Hee tries to intervene but Baek Sul slices to the core, “You know you can’t stop me today right? I didn’t come here for free.” She also takes this chance to introduce Do Yoon as her son. Uh oh. Now In Joo knows all his secrets!


The employees gather in the main hall as Baek Sul takes the stage, introducing the familiar faces to everyone. Joon Young takes the mic next, “Hello everyone. I’m the new management representative, Go Joon Young.” As this scene unfolds, Doo Hee looks at them in disgust, smokes coming out of her ears, while In Joo looks helpless next to her. Oh poo. Both mother and daughter can’t take it when their “things” are taken away. Unhealthy obsession, these two have.

Baek Sul and Doo Hee have a brief talk in the office, where Doo Hee objects to the idea of Joon Young coming to Arirang. Baek Sul says it’s Joon Young’s idea to help Arirang. They are interrupted when an employee requested for Doo Hee’s attendance somewhere else.


Do Shik is battling it out with Joon Young regarding the food supplies. As the new co-director, Joon Young wants to use food supplies from an outside company. Boo Joo sneers at Joon Young’s display of arrogance but she is quickly corrected to use formal language and conduct by Joon Young, “I’m the new co-director. Please keep that in mind.” Do Shik stands up for his belief, “In Arirang, not even the director can make such tyrannical order.”


Joon Young doesn’t bat an eyelash and replies, “The way I see it, the first thing we need to change is the head chef.” Oh! Oh! Doo Hee then comes in with her mighty voice but Joon Young isn’t shaken, “My order is to change everything that is hindering Arirang.” In Joo joins the growing party and stares in dismay at the unfolding event.

Doo Hee moves the talk somewhere else, out of the curious eyes of the employees. Once they’re alone, Joon Young softens her words, “I didn’t come here to destroy Arirang. I came to save it.” Doo Hee: “What if I won’t agree to it?” Joon Young: “Then I will still continue.” Doo Hee stalks off, and Baek Sul, standing from afar, nods in approval.

Joon Young enters her new office, her face down and weary. Do Yoon tells her to keep her face in check, the fight has just begun. He hands her a list of outsourcing companies provided by Baek Sul. He thinks it’s better that they follow her orders exactly until she trusts them.

How much do I like it that his office desk is next to hers? hehe.

On her way to meet the new co-director, In Joo runs into Do Yoon and adds some snide remarks, “What’s next? You’re really something Kim Do Yoon. Is getting Go Joon Young next on your list?” He stays quiet. Aw. Everyone is misunderstanding his intention.


Girl’s talk. Basically, Joon Young uses her new power to kick In Joo out of her office. But the pink lady won’t go out without a threat, “I don’t know what you and Kim Do Yoon are planning, but be careful. I’m not like President Baek.”

Grandma calls Jae Ha and screams into the phone, “You knew about Joon Young didn’t you? She has a plan right? She isn’t a child to do something like this!” Jae Ha doesn’t answer her and hangs up.

He speaks in private with Manager Cha. Dude, you need to stop making me laugh with your ludicrous talk. Jae Ha: “I will take care of Arirang. Sanarae is doing some internal managing to Arirang which could potentially cause more harm.” The manager thinks he needs to separate personal feelings and work.

Do Yoon returns to the office carrying lunch and snacks. I love that he’s always trying to feed Joon Young. It’s friggin adorable. He looks at her sleeping, and whispers, “I told you, you were overdoing it today.”


He unbuttons his suit jacket and covers Joon Young. Still looking at her, his fingers brush the hair out of her face lightly, and then moves on to organize the table, and lastly unhooks her killer heals (o.o). He turns off the lights and exits quietly. Dangerous habit Do Yoon, being in the shadows, working behind-the-scenes. I don’t like it!

She wakes up in the middle of the night and again registers his presence as she touches the jacket…


She heads outside and notices lights in the kitchen. It’s Doo Hee and In Joo working on the new meat broth. They have finally found the critical ingredient – Japanese Leaf honeysuckle that has the ability to remove the bad smell and taste from their current broth. In Joo embraces her mother as Doo Hee sees Joon Young. She excuses herself but Doo Hee takes her as a traitor, spying on their new recipe. She replies that it doesn’t matter whether she knows or not, because as the new co-director, she’s responsible for any leak.

Once outside, she returns the suit jacket to Do Yoon. Joon Young’s eyes wander down the hill, it’s Young Bum. Do Yoon leaves them alone.


Young Bum is naturally on his wife’s team, so his gentle voice has an underlying coldness, “It would’ve been better if you weren’t President Baek’s representative. I think I have misunderstood (misjudged?) you. Go home safely.”


She continues down the hill and Do Yoon appears beside her again. She’s hungry and offers to buy food. They head to a local restaurant and Joon Young excitedly gives Do Yoon his food, but when he notices that her fingers are touching the food, he makes an “eww” face. “Way to be fussy!” she teases. Joon Young wants to order soju but Do Yoon shakes his head, “So you can sleep on the street again?” She purses her lips like a kid. šŸ˜€


As she digs into the food, a stain smears on the corner of her lip. He passes her a napkin, but she fails to clean it, so he wipes the stain off for her. My naughty mind is thinking of Secret Garden‘s foam kiss. Who’s with me? šŸ˜›


Next morning, Jae Ha has a meeting with Baek Sul. He hands her a contract which states, “If Sanarae ruins Arirang’s image in any way, their joint management will be terminated unilaterally.” Baek Sul sighs, “Destroying Arirang’s image has a broad meaning. Who is to say where the line is?” Jae Ha answers that it will be his Food Business Team. Haha. Baek Sul understands his meaning and readily accepts the terms.

Joon Young enters the office, looks at Jae Ha, and he excuses himself. Baek Sul tells her that Arirang’s employees will be hard to handle, so Joon Young asks for more time. But they don’t have time and Baek Sul hands her a folder, “Arirang Team is too big for no reason. We need to get rid of useless staff members. At least 30% of them.” Joon Young looks down, worried and uncomfortable, but promises to try.


Jae Ha waits outside for her. They go back together. In the car, Jae Ha says coolly that he doesn’t have time to look after a girl and her work, so she doesn’t have to look at him that way. Joon Young sees through his lies and he replies honestly, “I haven’t decided on what to do yet. Whether to follow you till the end or look after you like a brother, or forget you. But I know I won’t help you.” She nods, “Just look after Arirang carefully, that is helping me.”

They arrive at Arirang and Do Yoon hurries out to let her know that Baek Sul has already planted the lay-off rumor among the staff members. Now we know what Baek Sul handed to Joon Young earlier is a list of mistakes committed by the employees. Jae Ha thinks she should go in and confirm it herself.


She faces the angry mob of staff, led by Boo Joo. Turns out that one of Boo Joo’s misdeeds was pocketing some of the kitchen’s expensive ingredients. Boo Joo argues that she was deceived into doing it, and out of anger, dumps a bin of cabbages over Joon Young’s head.

The men’s reaction is interesting. Do Yoon tries to intervene like a boyfriend, while Jae Ha stops him like a brother, trying to let his sister toughen up. If she displays weakness now, she’ll never lead them like a leader.


Joon Young then turns to another male staff, who had an economic offense a year ago. He spits out that he has paid for it already. Now Doo Hee interrupts the loud argument by saying that all these mistakes were seen and forgiven by her. She asks Joon Young for a favor, “Please don’t touch any of the staff.” Joon Young backs off.


In her office, Joon Young’s cold exterior breaks down and Do Yoon tells her to keep her head clear because President Baek’s target is not the employees, but Doo Hee’s destruction. He explains it to her, “Since Doo Hee is the person covering up for the workers, President Baek is using this excuse to fire Doo Hee.” Joon Young widens her eyes as she realizes the ultimate plan, if the reputation of the Master Chef is damaged, she only has one way out – being fired or retired voluntarily.

In Joo follows her mom into the office, and finds it insulting that Doo Hee has to beg a mere being like Go Joon Young. In Joo: “By any chance, do you still believe in her?” Doo Hee shakes her head no.

The kitchen people slump onto the floor – several employees have been cut already.


The next day, Doo Hee confronts Joon Young, “That’s enough. Stop all your doing right now!” No can do M’am, Joon Young has already reported it to the lay off department already.

Joon Young: “This is all your fault. You shouldn’t have covered for them in the beginning!”
Doo Hee: *slaps* “How dare you! Now, what do you feel? Angry? Hurt?”
Joon Young: “No, since you have released your anger, just follow my decision.”
Doo Hee: “What if I don’t? Will you fire me?”
Baek Sul: *enters the tea party* “Such a thing could happen. What do you think you’re doing? How come you, an elegant and graceful person, hit someone else?”


Baek Sul offers an easy way out: A competition. The winner gets to decide what to do with the employees. Doo Hee accepts while Joon Young hesitates.

Alice: Although I dislike competitions, this one will be interesting. Upholding traditional food is fine but there comes a time when a mix of both worlds produce the best results. Doo Hee needs to accept change and modernization if she wants to keep business from closing down. I’m not worried about the results but rather – is this contest going to be fought fair and square? Don’t forget we have a mischievous bunny and an insecure turtle waiting to bring mayhem.

I’m sad to realize this: Do Yoon isn’t fighting for his lady love at all. Instead, he’s fighting to help her achieve her goals. His brief talk with Jane confirms that he’s indeed leaving after everything is done. Why is his heart so big?

The conversation between Jae Ha and Do Yoon also emphasizes his decision. I think the difference that Do Yoon speaks of is that he doesn’t think far ahead to the results between him and Joon Young. He’s carefree about that matter, so he’s here for the process and that is to help Joon Young gain back what is rightfully hers. While Jae Ha is starkly different. He is motivated now because of the future – once Joon Young is back to her real identity, she is his. He practically tells Do Yoon that they cannot be together because of the family issues.

Ep.23 Preview will be available tomorrow. I have a senior presentation late into the afternoon so I won’t be able to upload it promptly like usual. If someone beats me to it, feel free to post. šŸ™‚

  1. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    Am I loving the new clothes and haircut or what? haha. It was bugging me that I actually like IJ’s fashion sense more than JY’s XD and we’re not gonna see DY in his maknae attires anymore! Love the suit and the (red/magenta?) jacket he wore!

    So back to the plot, writers, where’s the story heading? It seems like you’ll pair our beanie couple tgt, what with all the couple screentimes you’re giving us. If so, why’s there always that element of uncertainty that you keep inserting? (I sense a Ga Eul/Yi Jung BOF scene where he leaves her to let her ‘grow’ and then returns(maybe,maybe not?) after a few years)

    DY, can’t you be more straightforward, boy? JY clearly needs a knock to her head when it comes to matters of love. Sheesh, i cant complain. I love both of them, heh.

  2. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    Thank you, Kaptain A! If episode 21 is my least liked, episode 22 can be my favorite!

    I love the sweet scenes and the new attire of our beanie couple…and yes, the family shopping spree!

    Regrettably, almost all of Jae Ha scenes or his attitudes are grating my nerves (the bar scene with DY when JH assumes JY is naturally his (what arrogance), the car scene with JY when he feels he makes the sole decision on their relationship, his twitching whining face, brat like attitude towards granny, etc). I did like JSW in thorn birds but not here in FOTG. Weird! Maybe it was because of LSW’s abs! LOL!

    Oohh….Can’t wait for the next episodes. Your recaps is a joy to read, you notices everything and it is so endearing! Thanks!!

    JY-DY till the end!

  3. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    Thanks so much for the recap!! I have start to watch FOTG thanks to your recaps lol…

    I hope the new competition will be fair and not with tricks[= InJoo messing*around*], I wish the writter could change the loveline to DY & JY they are so cute together, I must said they have much better chemistry than JH&JY couple, well that’s what I think lol… Let’s hope the writter hear my prayers and change the plot for the loveline!! ^^


  4. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    I forgot to mention: It seems like things are going for our beanie couple after all. Notice the cene where JY stops pining for JH and focus more on cooking, the new cheerful ost sung by sunye starts? And that all the new songs are played only exclusively during our beanie couple scenes? Hehe (:

  5. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    This episode has the trappings of a Trojan horse (not the virus kind ) though the entrance of JY and DY was preempted by the rumors . DY had said he allowed her to do that (wow ) -I call this paternalistic on his part and that what makes his love different from JH. But will he be her backup (another wow) -so is he her executive assistant ala his mother’s assistant or her adviser /cordon sanitaire?

    I wish DY go down to a level more comfortable for both of them .During their shopping spree ,he couldn’t even give JY a nice compliment though he must have been drooling at her sight . JY ‘s face was full of anticipation of something “warm ” from him . Did he notice that ? I did for heaven’s sake. Or would he rather do it when she again when she is in a drunken stupor or fast asleep ? But he is genuinely (I hope) becoming demonstrative and affectionate when he wiped JY’s lips when they were eating .

    But JH is acting like the rejected lover (of course he feels that way ) making ultimatums to JY if she goes to Arirang .

    The trouble with Arirang is it that it been run by the same group of women like their fiefdom -and so the employees there behave in a feudalistic manner . True they serve traditional food but must their organization remain a closed society impervious to changes ? JY is surely going to win enemies ,specially when she streamline operations. Insiders will see her as unqualified and merely following orders of Pres Baek . I think JY will only follow orders to a certain extent or until she is trusted by Pres Baek as advised by DY.Eventually she will become her own woman .

  6. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    Hey guys I came back to tell you there is a new actor I saw in MBC’s webpage for FOTG (I think-I don’t know hangul) to join the cast . He must be JY’s brother who lives in the US . Expect fireworks .

  7. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    Many many thanks Alice šŸ™‚

  8. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    hey everyone!! an actor has finally been casted as Joon young’s older brother!

    he’s Jin Tae Hyun!! they have worked together in Snow Queen before!


    as for episode 22! i love everything about it, the shopping scene is MY FAVORITE!!!! everyone thinks so badly of our slowpoke. he’s only here to help jy and doesn’t think about himself at all. =((

  9. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this site and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info specifically the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  10. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    seattlebabe can i have the link it the ep 23 preview?thanks

  11. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    Hi Alice! Thks for recaps. And my thot on your question: Do Yoon’s heart is so big bcs only in that way will Joon Young’s heart be won over. And it makes ours go pitter-patter . : )

  12. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    JT, hehehe pitter patter is the answer to his duguen duguen! šŸ˜€

    Ep. 23 Preview!

    A lot of DY-JY scenes. We’re moving forward. And the brother!

    • 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

      Hallelujah! Woo woo woo!! Kaptain, i report that our”lock them in a room” mission worked! Be possessive Do Yoon, take your women!!

    • 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

      Alright guys, it seems Do Yoon has decided not to be so passive anymore. Whether its for real or just to protect her we’ll see, but in the scene where he’s leaning over her, he says, “I am going to come to you now. Just don’t run away.” And later Baek Sul asks him, “Are you thinking of marriage?” and he tells her, “Watch and see.”

      Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! <3 <3 <3

      The rest could have been a bunch of noisy bees since I didn't pay any attention to it! šŸ˜›

    • 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

      hehe Mariah, looks like you have to download this week’s episodes again, I heard goodies! šŸ˜›

  13. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    I really enjoyed this episode. JY is finally stepping it up and she did very well. I have to say that the Arirang kitchen has bothered me since the very beginning. The lack of professionalism is ridiculous! I know this is a drama but if that’s what they’re meaning to show, then Arirang does need major changes. And I’m glad they want to get rid of Boo Joo. She’s the worst of them all. They way the kitchen staff acts is juvenile at best. Always petty and childish. Please let there be changes made!

    DY is wonderful again in this episode. I like the way his character has been consistently improved since we were introduced to him. You can’t help but love the way he is so supportive of JY. I liked seeing him get riled up at the sight of JY getting disrespected. He was showing his true colors there šŸ™‚ He is tough when he needs to be and he has been very supportive when he needs to be. He does what is needed for his girl. I think it’s right for him to stay back and help JY get things clear and although it’s temporary, I don’t think of it as letting her achieve her own dreams. She just wants a family.

    I’ve never really seen this addressed, but what of JY’s goals? I haven’t really seen an ambitious goal for her to become a renowned chef. Oh, sure. She enjoys cooking a great deal, but she does it to please the people she cares for. At least, those are the vibes I get. She seems to be the type to be completely happy taking care of her family and cooking for those she loves. IJ is the ambitious one! And although lots of people mention all the time how she was pushed into the whole Arirang master chef thing, I think she really wants it! She’s that kind of ambitious person. JY is more of a simple girl who would forgo that type of thing.

    So, I want to see JY get all her family matters straightened out and then she and the chef extraordinaire, Haemil, can settle down and make a beautiful, happy family:) Which, I want to see more Haemil again. I totally miss him. And am I the only one who loves DY’s jackets? He owns his leather jackets;)

    • 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

      Nice points you brought up Rose. ^_^

      I’d like to add to what I said in my analysis as Joon Young’s dreams/goals: Essentially, for someone who has been abandoned multiple times, I feel that having a family becomes a dream/goal in her life. And the boys are doing exactly that knowing what the word ‘family’ means to her. It completes her as a person. She wants a sense of belonging, a mother to bicker with, and a father who spoils her.

      You’re right, I never got the vibes of ambition from Joon Young. Like you said, I can see Joon Young in the future – becoming one of those happy Ajuhmma in a small restaurant, running and cooking things at her own pace. Things would’ve been simple if she weren’t Doo Hee’s daughter. I’m glad she didn’t grow up having to fulfill her mother’s overwhelming expectations which makes her vastly different from In Joo.

      In Joo is ambitious but if she didn’t have Doo Hee as mother, she won’t dream of becoming a chef. She would dream of bigger things in life if she grew up as a child living on meager meals and shredded clothes.

      Lastly, Do Yoon should always wear that smexy, red leather jacket. šŸ˜€

  14. 18 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 22

    A part of me wishes that JY wasn’t faking this strong/cold person right now. Fake IJ, Doo Hee, and grandmother has screwed her over time and time again, for the sake of “Arirang”. Most people would feel belittled and victimized by these women in Arirang (and BOo Joo, too! I agree that she’s a first class b**** to anyone new in Arirang). But alas, our heroine JY is an angel (*rolls eyes*), though ignorant and naive…and she forgives people easily, cause she wants everyone to get along..

    JH is spiteful and inconsistent, but it seems he has taken a step back and has become more of a behind the scenes supporter. And DY is much closer to JY now than ever, is becoming more of an outward supporter for JY. DY and JH has almost switched roles in JY’s life. But JH is expecting for things to go back to “normal” (JY becomes real IJ, and they live happily ever after). And DY, no longer has any future hope for him and JY but just wants JY to be happy, and not be in a situation where she’s in any sort of dilemma.

    I just think that president Baek and Doo here need to do a damned rematch. That would solve THAT issue in a heartbeat. But I guess it wouldn’t be a drama if it were that easy to resolve šŸ˜›

    And ROSE, I agree that arirang’s chefs are a bunch of old gossiping ninnies! So very unprofessional. They’re obviously very snobby, and they think way too highly of themselves…just like Doo Hee, fake IJ, and grandmother.

    And with real IJ’s brother coming in the picture…I wonder if he’s the key to getting JY to her rightful place in the family. And HAEMIL, and even Jane (I miss her too Kap), they’re also wild cards as to how this will all unfold. It can either go bad…or good.

    P. s. I agree on the horrid dress JY tried on, and DY’s sexy leather jackets šŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the new eps! Ty again Kap for the awesome recaps!

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