Kdrama: Fashion King OST


— Part 1 —
01. Dream of You – Monday Liz’s Lee Jin Sung
02. Instrumental

— Part 2 —
01. Best Love – 8Eight’s Lee Hyun
02. Instrumental

— Part 3 —
01. I’ll Be Waiting – SNSD’s Seo Hyun
02. Instrumental

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— Part 4 —
01. Love Like This – Lee Young Hyun
02. Instrumental

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— Part 5 —
01. You’re Everything – M To M
02. Standstill – K.Heart
03. You’re Everything (Instru)
04. Standstill (Instru)

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— Part 6 —
01. Can’t I? – Soul Star (Feat. Beige)
02. Instrumental

— Part 7 —
01. Love Like This – Lee Jae Hoon

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Alice: Is the writer running out of things to write yet? Because there’s so much you can do with two couples and their jealous eyes. *yawns*

The songs in this soundtrack don’t do much for me… they’re average. *Love part 5 though. 😀

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    Just finished this week’s episodes. And I need to RANTTTTTTTTTTTT!

    Like I said in my tweet a few weeks ago, this drama runs on hormones. The kids in here react more to hormones than logic and reasoning. If thy lips are next to mine, the sense thing to do is to kiss it. You know?

    Yea, this drama is crazy. The writer behind it wrote What Happened in Bali. Anyone wants to explain the ending to me? I saw it, I just don’t get it. Maybe that’s because I stopped watching mid-way and watched the ending instead.

    Why are there more fans of JH x GY? While both men are the biggest jerks, Young Gul has the decency of a human being – he treats his employees in a nice way, the only person he’s not nice to is his lady love, Ga Young. He needs to stop taking her for granted. What I love the most about them, when the other lackeys are not intervening is the genuine happiness on their faces when they see each other. And that strong conviction that the other being won’t let them down. The two times that Young Gul respectfully and swoon-worthily asked for her hand, the butterflies in my stomach were a riot.

    While Jae Hyuk is this high-class society scum. The moment he flings the jewelry box at his assistant, I lost my little affection for him completely. If he can’t treat another person like a human being that they are, he doesn’t know what love is. Look at how he treats Anna, the woman he professed to love and protect. Jae Hyuk needs anger management class as well as how to be a decent being class. His idea that poor people are insignificant is going to be his ultimate downfall. I can’t stand this dude and his high horse.

    The two men have this unequal view in love – they can what the heck they want but when the ladies do it, they want to flare their noses and be all pissy and jealous. Oh please. I want to whack them both in the head.

    I feel suffocated watching Ga Young suffer under them. Although I’m a devoted YoungYoung shipper, I want Young Gul to SUFFER! Leave him Ga Young. LEAVE HIM. If his reason for not working with JH is because he hates him, then your reason for not working with Madama Ugly Cut is just as valid. I know it’s a business deal but if he can’t get past his pride and see your wounded soul, then LEAVE HIS BUTT BEHIND! Make him crawl his way back to you!

    But please do not go to psycho Jae Hyuk. He’s worst. He may treat you nice now because you’re his new toy, but don’t be fooled. Don’t be. You can be successful without these two jerks!

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      That doesn’t really sound like a recommendation… I actually wanted to start watching it sometime this week…

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        actually if those person feel hate/love enough to the character in this story, it means that these
        actors/actresses had been successful in carrying their role and makes the audience feel the flow. i’m
        really interested in this drama though my first impression ain’t what i imagined, but as you carry on, the
        plot seems very interesting and full of twist. so, i recommended u to watch this!

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          Thank you for your reply. I think you really have a point there ^^
          Finally I found the time to start FK yesterday. I liked the first episode
          (although it’s already starting with some unnecessary meanness…)
          But now I’ve already seen the spoilers -.-
          I guess I’ll wait for withs2 to finish subbing the whole series and maybe then I’ll have
          enough “distance” XD
          I wasn’t as disappointed with Color of Woman as everyone else here,
          but this case might be a bit different…
          (Until now there was only one drama I couldn’t continue though ^^)

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    I came up with a theory that Jae Hyuk is nothing but a loan shark disguised in brand name clothes. If I operate under that theory then everything in this drama makes sense. Well kinda… Actually this drama will never make sense, but I love writing about it because there is so much to mock.

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    heh, Deeno, when in doubts, blame it on the hormones!

    Today’s episode continues to be crazy…shall rant after watching it subbed. X)

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      ive been looking for that song everywhere! omgg its nowhere. the singer sounds like baek jiyoung to me but i could be wrong lol.

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    Wow, it’s the same as in What happen in Bali all over again. :)) I hope they will not die here as in Bali, but If they do so, please, let them be killed by a sewing machine or some needles.

    What I hate most is GY crying always, the actress must have red eyes all day long. She must be payed extra for this.
    I dislike the way YG walks and his pants (4/5 or 3/4 or…).
    JH’s costume – what was that? a patch work?
    Anna – she get boring and boring day by day.
    But the drama it’s addicting and I hate that 😀

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      dana, don’t you tink GY can be JY’s younger sister? they both cry like they have installed a personal hose behind those deer eyes. =D

      yuri picked the wrong role for her debut. whenever she cries, i feel like she’s having an asthma attack…lol. you know what? she should have been casted as a villainous model, instead of a talentless designer. since you know, she walks around weaing pretty clothes like a mannequin anyway. writer, you’re so lame. EVEN I can come up with better characters.

      im watching for yoo ah in and ssk, the storyline doesn’t make much sense anymore. the other characters are useless…BUT I do like the gossipers ajujmma a lot. they’re so right. with age comes knowledge i guess.

      i like how in ep. 12 YG says only his GY/Madonna fits this perfect house. awwwwww. but he’s a jerk still!!! LOL! 😀

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        my theory is that Ga Young and Young Gul are siblings. if u seen in episode 7, while Ga Young was
        sleeping on her bed in YoungYoung factory(also when Jae Hyuk came to her while he was drunk), she has this cute bear with crown as her pillow. and in episode 5 there was a scene where when Young Gul came back to his home,and he remembered his lost younger sister. the younger sister is pictured hugging the same bear with crown pillow. that makes me come into conclusion that they’re the lost siblings. but its just a theory, only time will tell..

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    Yes, they could be sisters, but I believe that their father meet a lot of women :))
    Yuri should only sing (this way I will see her less or non).
    YG I don’t understand him at all, but after ep 12 I had a deja-vue filling from ep. 9 (or. 5 / 7) .

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    I think I’ll give up on this drama. Stopped watching halfway through episode 11 subbed.

    It’s like a game of silly back and forth among these four characters. Everyone is annoying – a sign that it’s best to check out before further head trauma and massive hair loss.

    Tell me when something DOES happen guys. I’ll come back then! 🙂

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      I stopped after ep.02… I was thinking whether or not to give it another chance watching it online. Thanks for the heads up. Lacky taffy script or no chemistry?

    • 18 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fashion King OST

      The chemistry is there Keane…but the sense of a storyline is not.

      Updated w/ Part 5 and I love the songs!! Finally! M To M is ❤❤❤!

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    Yay! These pictures gave me the boost I need to start watching again!! Young Young are full of sunshine and love. I swear only YAI could pull off those flowery/bright colored shirts and pants! His confidence wearing them makes everything acceptable and stylish.

    Can’t stop smiling! Esp the last picture!! ❤

  9. 18 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fashion King OST

    Thanks God it ended :))

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