Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


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— Part 1 —
01. Sorry, I love you – Big Mama Soul
02. A thousand Kisses – Just

— Part 2 —
01. Goodbye – Marigold

— Part 3 —
01. Believe Me – Tim

— Part 4 —
01. Sweet My Love – Bada

— Part 5 —
01. Missing Love – Han Sun Wook

Download All 5 Parts // Mirror

— Ji Hyun Woo’s Single —
01. A Baby Elephant
02. Nice Addiction *Song he sang in Ep.12, right?
03. Kid

LINK IS DEAD for Single. Please do share links if you still have it!

Extra Songs / Song Rips by Moi!
01. Hello – Yui (Ep.3)
02. Woo Bin’s Serenade – Ji Hyun Woo (Ep.12) *ripped version

Alice: A post for fans to spazz and spread the good words for A Thousand Kisses! I’m going to get on this drama soon, what do you like most about it?

Favorite song is “Sorry, I love you” by BMS!

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    To quote Alice, "google is your best friend". Try to google the song or go straight to Youtube and look for the song and artist, you will most likely find fan made videos with romanized lyrics and english translations. Good luck!

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    Hello Annette, sorry i couldn't respond sooner..you know this holiday season..so many errands & loads of work to do..=)

    Anyway, just watched till ep 34..eng subs for 35 still not available..I can sum up this drama in two words: SWEET TORTURE! i am loving this drama again..here are some scenes i remember;

    WB & JY: felt so sorry for this couple.."letting go of you is the only way to protect you"- WB..it stabs my heart..WB didn't want to let go, he had no choice but to let go..i loved the scenes where after breaking up he still watches over JY in his car..in the street where they are about to cross—so loved that moment..in the hotel where she said goodbye and leaves the ring..

    WB's mother: we understand how she feels but all there is to it is pure grudge towards the mother..my opinion: what parent cannot do for her children?..i mean,your love for your child overpowers everything..others kill for their children, others even die for them if the need arises to..but this mother(WB's)..if she really loves her son & her son to be happy—keyword: FORGIVENESS..that's all she needs to do..why can't she give it?we understand the grief she underwent because of her brother..why cant she forget it for the sake of her son's happiness, aren't all mothers should be like that?

    WJ's father: well, i think he needs to be apart from her wife to know her worth..for 20 yrs, she served him well, she deserved to be forgiven..the mother: i think, acting wise, she deserves an award..look how she acts with those conflicting emotions on her face..[contrary on her role in PTB..i still remember how mean she was there..=)]

    the ex-gf: luck is on her side this time..well not for long i hope..im kinda guessing what's her falldown..hmm..might be the guy in America she was messing up with would appear & reveal the truth..huh! i was hoping in front of WB's family..the girl they so much wanted to be the daughter in law is nothing but a cheap sl_t!

    till next spazz..i hope the subs are up for ATK already..JM was taken to the hosp in ep 35..

    I haven't started on MTF..but downloaded episodes till ep 12..well maybe after the christmas..too busy..=)i stopped at ep 12 in FBRS..it's already finished right?

    Happy Holidays, Annette! =)

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    Tessa, no worries i understand. I also haven't been around here cos i was traveling so and was so tired from the jetlag i was trying to catch up with my sleep.
    I think i've watched to ep 29 or was it ep 30 when they broke up – i also loved that moment when he was watching over her and that street moment. Really loved it when he crossed the street to find her and she hid herself, felt for him.

    Is there something wrong with JM's pregnancy? Don't tell me she's goin to lose the baby – you know how kdramas just love to bring the drama. 

    I think for WB's mother its also about keeping appearances. She already hated the fact that JY was a divorcee with a child but now her mother is the woman who had an affair with her brother! She would die before she let any of her so called friends find out.

    I'm trying not to judge WJ's dad but if we try to look at it from his point of view is he overreacting, i.e. would this not be the same reaction of any other man who wasn't difficult? I knw that old man would go crazy – i think what makes it soo bad too is the fact that she's WJ's step mother and WJ's blood sister is his wife's blood sister – that's too much espec given the Korean attitudes
    BTW i did like the way the mom played off well with her brother in law in PTB. I loved to hate her character – i think that's her best role i have ever seen her in

    As for the exgf i just  hope a big bomb is saved for her!

    I think i watchd to ep 14 FBRS but am not sure i wan to continue watchin it. I don't like what's happening and i've been forcing myself to watch it all this time but i'm getting very annoyed with it. Am not sure if its over yet – i think it might be, it was supposed to have 16 eps – i might just wtch the last two eps since i've seen most of it. I'll read the recaps first and if i don't like what happens then i wont watch it

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    Annette! 8 episodes to go! i want it to end..i can't stand seeing WB suffering like that..and that B**chy ex-gf is sure had her hopes skyrocketing! these past few episodes didn't have that much highlights except for the father losing memory, i thought at first he was faking it because he wanted his wife back and to save face because of his pride–faking an amnesia..hehe! but it doesn't look that way..i have watched until ep 40..his memory is getting back when he came home..o-oh! the mother seems to be going back to her self exile..
    we have to wait few weeks more to end this torture..
    that WB's noona..haha serves her right! couldn't even find her man even in a matchmaking company..

    well, till next spazz…let's see what awaits us! take care!

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      Tessa!!! Happy New Year my friend. Sorry to be gone for so long, am just trying to catch up with the eps. I hope this drama doesn’t disappoint and ends on a good note. I was quite disappointed in the last two eps of Me too flower, it started well and it got better and then to have them let me down like that.

      Am really loving the song Goodbye more and more whenever i hear it, don’t you like it too?

      The universe definitely needs to take revenge on WB’s sister and exgf, there has to be justice served. Haven’t yet watched the ep the father loses his memory, did something happen to him?
      Is WB warming up to the exgf? I can’t believe she still hasn’t given up yet, i think she shouldn’t so that she should have a really embarrassing end when WB and JY get back together

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        No more spazz! i think this is the end of it..ahhh when it’s finally goin to end..we are left wondering and puzzled.. so sad..really sad! =(

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          Tessa, did you download the drama from MU? It really blows right?
          I can’t believe it’s been shut down, it was only last week that i was downloading episodes and today its gone!
          Cheer up my friend, there’s a saying where there’s a will there’s a way. Remember when Napster also had to go legit, even then people thought that was the end of it but people still found a way. The internet is vast and there are many smart/creative people out there, and i guess we can start our own Occupy Wallstreet style protest – the online version! lol As long as we internet users speak out against this they’ll have to listen to us

          What’s this whole business about WB and the ex trying again? I skipped most of it so i missed WB’s rationale for wanting try again/get married to the crazy chick. I knew it would happen but i was hoping they wouldn’t do it but why why why?!!! What was the reason given for him doing that?
          And the sister gets what she deserves with that short/little man.
          I’m getting annoyed with WJ’s sister i wish someone would just slap her.

          In a way i feel like they are just chucking too many dramatic incidents down our throat – its like they’re panicking since the series is ending so they want to get out as much as they can before it ends and it is getting too Makjang for me – i don’t mind a little melodrama but this is just too much and crossing the line into ridiculous

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          well, i download mine from MF but the sad thing is viki subs are in MU..maybe i’ll be guessing the finale just by their actions..hehe..
          yeah, it’s been dragging all right..the final episodes should be the highlight of them, way up to the climax…know what, just wanna finish this just to see what happens, who ends up with whom..
          the scenes are always about the exgf forcing herself..and the daily life crisis,oh man! no more bombs? i kinda miss those nerve wracking moments where i was on the edge of my seat..goin like pause–play–pause–play! now everything is predictable..
          anyway,where do you watch yours?do you DL them too? or watch on soju and other sites..if you know where else else to get subs,please lemme know ok? so we could finish this thing off..
          Me too flower, i love the songs..cant spazz with you about it right now because i have few more episodes left to watch..but the songs are good..

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    Thanks for the link Kaptain 😛

    Tessa, right now i don’t yet have an external hard-drive so i just watch on streaming sites. Am thinking of getting a 2TB and then i’ll start to DL. Unfortunately i also used to DL from MU, not sure where to go from here.

    I was thinking abt the same thing abt the suspense – they dropped bomb after bomb after bomb am all numbed out. It feels like now they’re just giving us thin/empty plotlines to keep it going. I’ve watched up to ep 42 and the preview to 43 shows WJ’s father has regained his memory.

    Me Too, Flower started on a good note but they let me down in the last two eps. The ratings were low and the show was supposed to be 16 eps but they cut it to 15. Its as if because they show wasn’t doing well and they really wanted to wrap up they didn’t put much thought/effort to how it will end and just quickly put together something. I was disappointed but am not sure how other viewers felt and you might see it differently.

    The one show am really really excited about right now is The Moon that Embraces the Sun – it is soooo goooood!!!!! I told Alice i will still her man Kim Soo-hyun – i am lovin him in this drama and its my first time seeing him – never saw Dream High. Am so sad its only 20 eps i want it to be longer – the young cast was so fantastic i wanted them to keep on going – i actually wouldn’t have minded if they did the whole drama

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      Oh thank you Alice! what are we without you,huh..

      Annette, MTF: well, you don’t love that all goody-goody mushy ending?hehe..that episode which had me like” what the heck?” was that when she was trapped on the rooftop..my gosh, the door was not that tightly closed you can even bang yourself in to open it..there are so many solid stuff out there to use for breaking the door..haha..these dramas sometimes is making the fool out of us..=)
      so what’s with “The Moon embraces the sun”? is it good?i haven’t sailed away much to period drama these days..but surprisingly it’s only 20 eps?kinda used to seeing hundred episodes..ok, will give it a try as long as the those in MF ..havent tried torrents, too mind boggling for me..=)
      and as for ATK, im so glad it’s finally ending..i have watched till ep 42..what now if the father regains memory..mother back to exile?..oh well..what matters to me is that b**chy exgf..hehe..can’t wait for her downfall..im sure there is one right?

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        Not that i don’t like mushy endings but i feel like it was going great and then it lost momentum/excitement in the last eps. Whatever kept me coming back for more was not that anymore.
        As for the soundtrack – i totally loved it! I really love the second track from part 2 of the OST. Here’s the title 네가 있으면 좋겠다 – i don’t even know if you can read the characters and am posting them! lol! I sure as heck don’t know how to read Korean. The english title of the song is I wish by Taru, it has been on repeat ever since i heard it. Its such a beautiful song, wish i understood what she says. i think i was discussing this song with mariah sometime last month – she understands some. She also liked the soundtrack. Which are your favorite? I also like the one by Beast, i forget what the other one is like.

        Moon embraces the sun is great!!! The acting is just brilliant – the for ep 6 were 29.3%! They have been steadily rising. The young cast did such a wonderful job carrying the show – impressive work by the kids. The older actors appeared in ep 6 – i was telling Alice that am now in love and borrowing her hubby Kim Soo Hyun cos it was strong like at first sight! LOL! Its the first time i have seen him – never watched Dream High that’s why it has taken me ages to catch the virus. He is really great in this one. Have you seen Sungkyunkwan Scandal? if you did and liked it then you’ll like this one, its also centered around the young people and in my opinion could just be better than Sungkyunkwan or maybe it already is. Give it a try

        I was annoyed when they went with all the stupid cliches in ATK, espec WB trying again w/ the exgf. I was happy when he pushed her away as she tried to kiss him. Noticed how WB’s mother has calmed a lot despite the hell that she raised. She even seems to feel remorse for stopping WB and JY”S marriage.
        To be honest i don’t really feel anything for the mother even though she was kicked out when the husband found out. Like you said, i think am also sticking with the show just to see how it ends – am hoping the exgf will have a horrible ending

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          I loved those songs..my faves: Dreaming by Beast ( can’t help but dance slowly with this song..hehe),the one you like too..” I hope you can be” by Taru..–this song when i heard it really knew it’s her,she also did some to “My Princess” ost…and “Too much tears” by Suzy of Miss A..when i first heard this song,it brought me back to Dream high..it sounded like the one she sang for their audition,at least the first few lines..that’s why even though i haven’t seen who sang it,im pretty sure it’s Suzy…and “The Way You Are” by Yoo Hae In, i love the acoustics of this song..

          And for Moon embraces the sun…maybe i should start downloading it..=) girl,your excitement is contagious…haha..

          by the way, have to admit it was first time knowing that WJ’s bratty li’l sis is the leader of “4minute”..just saw it when i did some researching on the characters..my gosh..that girl is a singer..can’t believe it..=)

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          Are you for real about the sis??!!! Now that you mention it i think i kinda remember her face. I’ve never listened to and never knew who 4 minute were until i saw the performance they did with Amerie when she went to South Korea. They redid her song in Korean and they performed together with her. I loved the performances they did with her. Apart from that i don’t know any songs they did, wait… i remember searched them after that but only listened to one song. I only liked the beginning of the song – its called Muzik. I’ve heard 4 minute being described as the bottom rung of Kpop bands, is that true?

          Haha! am lovin Moon Embraces the Sun and i just caught the Kim Soo Hyun virus that’s why i’ve lost myself a bit. Fingers crossed this drama does not go off course as tends to happen.

          I also like Too much tears by Suzy. What about Oh boy by Sherry – i like its playfulness. Do you like Love is You? Which OST is The Way You Are in? Is it the second track in OST part 4? I downloaded the OSTs but the tracks are written in Korean

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          yeah mine too,all written in korean but i referred to Alice’s track listings.. you can check them in MTF soundtrack, it’s all in there..=) ive heard about 4minute the first time when they did part of the OST in “Perfect match”..and the “Hot issue” dance music..and i think Dream High casts did some remake of it,not so sure..that’s why it kinda stuck in my head..=)

          Haha..Kim Soo Hyun virus..yeah, he’s quite good in dream High..=)

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    I’m yet to watch DH but i think i just might start just so i can see Kim Soo Hyun. I do like the grown up he’s playin in Moon Embraces the Sun so am not really sure about watching DH – they’re supposed to be high schools kids right?

    Can you believe ATK is ending this week?! and the subs for eps 47 and 48 are not yet out. I like to finish a drama the same week the finale ep airs, if i wait too long after i kinda lose interest. I still have not finished FBRS – actually for this drama i was just goin to read the recaps but i’ve lost interest.

    What dramas are you watching now?

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    A Thousand Kisses Wrapped Up Party! Look at this goofy picture of Ryu Jin:

    I’m with you about FBRS, Annette. Tskk tskk.

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      Its nice to see them having fun. i wonder if this drama did ok in the ratings. Apart from the controversy that caused a stir back then, did not hear much about the show. Is it cos the actors are not major superstars? I still can’t forget the mother from Protect The Boss – for me, in the roles i have seen her in that was her finest moment

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    yes! it’s Finito! ive watched till ep 46..just don’t read any comments regarding the ending so it won’t spoil our mood..=) i haven’t started on TMETS yet, still downloading until the latest episodes..i think it landed the first spot on soju…watching skipbeat right now,planning on Shut up FBB..from kaptain A’s comments,looks like it’s good..you know how we trust her instincts..yes, to answer your q’s about DH,they were HS students there..is Padam padam good?

    To Kaptain A: A Frog Prince?=)

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      I have not yet started watching Padam Padam and i don’t know if i will. Its too far gone and ma not hearing any buzz about the show. Is anyone on this site watching it? After hearing hearing the verdict from Alice i also want to watch Shut Up FBB and What’s Up – what is going on with all these music shows coming out all of a sudden? What about Bachelor’s Vegetable Store? Alice did say it was nice/cute and i’ve been meaning to get on that but haven’t quite yet gotten around it

      And oh yeah, i just marathoned That Fool! I started it yesterday and got hooked on it i kept on watching till day. I stayed up all night watching i haven’t slept yet! lol! Did you get to finish it?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Yes, was it good?it was for me..haha..you marathoned it?lemme guess, you were eating dinner in front of the computer…hehe…i loved that drama..i kinda miss them though,wishing for a sequel..=)

        By the way, i have downloaded the last episodes of ATK, my hands are itching to make a sneak peak..it doesn’t look like it’s ending, i was browsing fast and there was no big events or major turn out..i hope it’s really good or it’ll really be such a big waste watching it..

        ok,so PP out…history of salaryman in! the recent comments i’ve been reading from you and Frea are the wackiest..haha! having a good time reading your comments @ the cbox..

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          Yes i liked That Fool! Also wish it was longer, the actor playing Goo Dong Baek was really good. The whole cast did such a great job, for me this is one of the rare dramas that did not lose momentum but kept it throughout to the end. I think i’ll definitely download this one.

          In ATK all i know is JY and WB better get back together cos i will be royally ticked off – that’s the only reason am still watching. I saw from the previews that the mom’s condition is going to get worse even after her treatment. I am very happy that the mother of WB’s sister’s boyf doesn’t like her – i hope she disapproves to the end and her little boyf dumps her, give the sister a taste of her own medicine

          As for History of a Salaryman, from episode 1 i was laughing all the way through. Maybe i found ep 7 a bit boring cos i was watching it when i was very tired and so was getting impatient. I might give it another go

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          Tessa!! Goo Dong Baek is in a new drama and it looks like a That Fool reunion! His post office boss is in it as well as that reporter who was chasing them.
          The drama’s a political one called Korean Peninsular, tried watching ep1 and found it boring. Not sure if it was cos i was tired.
          Watching him in the drama and hearing him speak, i can’t shake the image of him being the unsophisticated country but. Did you see it?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          no,i haven’t…i agree with you..i downloaded his 2010 movie,”The Unjust”..because it received an award i think and i was curious about his past projects..i still thought of him as nerdy,nondescript guy..hehe..but Alice oughta watch that,don’t you think..the actress, i love her way before in 200 pounds beauty and she has a good voice..

          About ATK,viki released all last 4 episodes, but man, i stopped @ ep 47 because the audio does not sync with the subs..i tried going to darksmurf and adjusted the timing but I can’t do it right..so frustrating! i can’t skip to ep 48 and leave it behind..i assumed you finished it…don’t tell me please..or i’ll go insane..=)

          Kaptain A : reading our comments since day 1 looks like as if you had watched it yourself..hahaha..we gave away everything! but thanks for bearing with us..=)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I also saw the actress for the first time in 200 Pounds of beauty and i really liked her in it. I loved her singing Maria at the end – was very nice.
          Am not sure i’ll be able to get the Goo Dong Baek out of my head, feel kinda bad cos i like him as a person and obviously a great actor but…

          I have not yet seen ep 47 i’m goin to marathon the last eps. I hope the subs have been fixed cos i hate the idea of skipping one episode. When did you watch it?

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          What other dramas are you watching? I started Feast of the gods – its ok i guess, i’m more interested in the older cast so will keep watching. TWN dramas i’m watching Skip Beat – did you know there’s an anime too? I’m going to look for it and compare to see if its better than the drama. Am also watching some Japanese dramas

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          they posted the remaining subs few days ago, but sub for ep 47 isn’t synced..i hope they fix it soon coz im dying to finish it..

          Yes,there was an anime version of skip beat,according to the recent blogs i read, it’s almost as the same as the anime..the scenes & everything..at first i thought, the roles would push through for Ariel Lin & Jerry Yan..but there had been a problem..sigh,love Ariel Lin..

          Goo dong Baek..haha..that Ahjussi…he’s really a great actor..

          i’ll be downloading Shut up FBB,will watch them soon..have to clear my hard drive & transfer all my downloaded dramas to dvds so i could downloading again..hehe..dramas are sure flooding my computer..

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    Aw. How is that you two always find your way back to this old thread? It’s so cute! Should I make more spazzing thread so more folks can join? To make this place…livelier?

    Padam Padam. Honestly, the comments are either really good! Or…the other way. I’m not sure myself but somehow the drama doesn’t give me the I-MUST-WATCH-THIS-INSTANTLY feeling.

    haha Annette, Korean themed dramas come in bunches, not pair/triplets anymore. 😛 The next theme seems to be Kings/Princes around March. haha XD We have Lee Seung Gi, Park Yoo Chun, Yoo Ah In (HUBBBYYY), and Yeon Jung Hoon. 4 dramas! Eeeeeeek Have you picked out your favorite Hwon’s pictures/screencaps yet? *waits

    Tessa, OMGoshhhhhh! Shut Up Flower Boy Band is good. It’s my type of boys drama. Nothing like Flower Boys Ramen Shop – that one is too saccharine for me. The new one is raw, wacko, and badass.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Alice, haha! I think we still come here partly because we’re still watching the drama and partly because the C-box can get a little crowded and to find a response you have to sift through all the messages. So its easier to just come here

      i think i picked each one that had Hwon in it! LOL! The young prince was cute too but the young half brother was cuter. Which ones did you pick out?

      I hope this theme really delivers. I know about Yoo Chun (am looking forward to it – more because of the sageuk and also i’ve always loved some time traveling. I hope they capture the awkwardness just right. Yoo Chun did really well as the very upright Lee Sun Joo, right now am picturing him being this this snooty, arrogant king with a prince syndrome who ends up in what he perceives as a “barbaric” world am getting ecited just thinking about it!!!), Yoo Ah In and Yeon Jung Hoon’s dramas but i don’t know Lee Seung Gi’s drama – is it the one with Park Shin Hye? I think i saw a video of him singing and she was in it.

      Is Yeon Jung Hoon’s drama For the Emperor? Its supposed to be set in modern times right?

      I have the exact same feeling about Padam Padam – nothing’s making me want to watch it as well. I think i’ll miss that boat.
      Now i really want to watch Shut Up FB, i saw some screen caps and i think i saw the guy who played Kang Ji-Hwan’s brother in Lie To Me – that’s him right?
      Have you watched What’s Up?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Annette, I’ve only capped up to episode 8. Strangely enough, I’m not hooked onto MoonSun as many others.

        I like the younger Lee Min Ho. He played the desperation and longing scenes so well. But I can’t root for a relationship when the girl has ABSOLUTELY no interest in him. This is doomed love.

        Me too, am definitely looking forward to Yoo Chun’s drama because of the possible endless Prince moments with today’s technology. Imagine him – incredulous – looks at the toilet, and washes his face with the water (HAHA). The writer shouldn’t leave scenes like this out right? Plus, he’s like the Hwon in the 21st century – with a body guard, a young attendee (like Hyung Sun in MoonSun). Things should be endearing on that front, adjusting to modern lifestyle.

        I think all the other King Dramas are set in the modern times.

        Lee Seung Gi’s new drama (The King) is with Ha Ji Won, a noona again! That Noona killer.

        Good memory, he’s indeed Kang Ji Hwan’s brother. But he looks so badass here I didn’t recognize him. Must be the funky hair – it’s always the hair. He looks great here.

        I watched four episodes of What’s Up. Reviews for it were mostly good but like Padam Padam, it lacks the magnetic factor for me. I’ll try it again when time permits – if ever. >.<"

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Alice, i cannot imagine why you don’t love Moon/Sun. I love everything about it – the plot, the characters i.e. just how the story is going although the pace has slowed down a bit.
          I emphatically agree with you about Lee Min Ho. I was kinda rooting for him (and also the king) to get the girl but after they grew up i stopped caring about his character. I’d rather the king gets the girl and frankly i don’t see any chemistry between them like their younger versions. As much as i’m enjoying Jung Il Joo’s acting somewhat, i don’t feel sorry for his character – i think it has to do with the fact that am still not over his Cha Chi Soo fiasco in FBRS. I’m still mad at him for that so it translates into this drama! LOL!

          I hope they put that scene with the toilet in Yoo Chun’s drama! Haha! Now you’re putting ideas in my head cos the drama has already started airing in my head and all the characters you mentioned are there and they’re doing what you said – this is not good cos i might get crushed when the actual drama airs and its nothing like we envisioned

          Now i remember reading about the Lee Seung Gi/Ha Ji Won drama, i am soo looking forward to it. What’s the plot about again? I was getting worried it was a drama with Park Shin Hye – i love that girl but she needs to take acting classes asap, even her cameo in Gumiho was a little off

          So i was right about him being Kang Ji Hwan’s brother. I don’t find him attractive – especially when you compare him with all the other pretty boys so still not sure why he was cast that role in Lie To Me. I saw a clip of Shut Up FB and he has a love interest? i don’t know about him being cast as a pretty boy, but maybe i’ll give this drama a go and he might prove me wrong

          What’s Up and Padam Padam are in drama limbo for me – am not sure i’ll ever watch them cos like you there’s no interest for me

          Have you heard about the new sageuk that’s set in Koryeo time? I think its either started or should be starting. I saw the previews ad honestly it looks boring

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Annette, I think it’s because I stopped caring for the majority of the characters. I only care about Hwon, Sul, & Jan Shil – the others have yet to pull any heartstrings. Them pining over one girl is seriously getting on my nerves every single episode! You guys loved her! We get it! It seems like they have NOTHING else to do but think/pine over the dead girl – which is excessively unrealistic/repetitive. [email protected] Chi Soo fiasco in FBRS!! An apt description!

          They better have a toilet scene – so funny fun scenes keep popping in my head for this drama. They better not fail! 😛

          Lee Seung Gi/Ha Ji Won drama, I think is about a modern haughty prince (LSG) marrying an army instructor (Ha Ji Won). They slowly fall in love and join hands to get revenge for his dead elder brother.

          Shut Up Flower Boys Band – the boys are rockers this time, only 2 of them are “pretty”. The rest is raw and gritty – and that’s Kang Ji Hwan’s brother. He’s the main lead so…..he might get the girl this time around. 😀

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Annette, i have finished all of them in one sitting! well,my verdict: not the way i wanted it..i really hate that ex gf that she didn’t deserve that ending..hehe! i wished for more painful one…haha! i am so mean! there was that scene where she was packing her bags and leaving for New York, she was uttering:” JY was the happiest woman in the world,she was not even good to look at, i am curious whatever did you like in her” (somethin like that) and i was like: are you kidding me?she was the prettiest of them all!”

          I was hoping for a happier epilogue where they are already married and have kids of their own..something like that..i was crying half of the whole drama itself and i was lookin forward to joyful moments at least in the end…but im glad it’s finished..=)

          next: what’s up,shut up fbb,TMETS..ok,not more than that..i have social life too…haha!

          thanks for the spazz Annette! surely enjoyed it with you..=)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Alice, am with you on the whole Yeon Woo business and the brothers fighting over her especially the king’s brother. Now he’s pushing himself on her even tho she clearly doesn’t want him but because he doesn’t want to lose to his brother again – he’s really getting on my nerves. I’m tired of it all, give us something new
          I love hating the Queen, and like you i also don’t care much for most of the characters -xcept the King, the chief Eunich who serves him, the princess who can be cute at times (but not as cute as when she was young). I’m also hoping we get a breath of fresh air in the form of the new character introduced – the detective hired to investigate the death 8 years ago. I think the story desperately needs to focus on a new direction.
          Apart from the scenes that have the king and also when he’s with Yeon Woo/Wol its become a burden to watch this drama. Unfortunately we’ll have the whole Yeon Wo/Wol thing goin cos most if not the whole story hinges on her – she was destined to be the queen but something happened but cos its “fate” she’ll still be the queen so i’m afraid its a permanent thing

          So do Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won get married while the hate each other and then fall in love? How do they wind up getting married – is it some sort of contract?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Tessa, i finished all the eps about 2 days ago and i was soooooo disappointed but i didn’t want to say anything till you had seen it. How could they end it like that??!!! I was also hoping that they would atleast show them married with JY pregnant or they already have kids etc.
          That ending was too respectful for the crazy exgf – i wanted JY and WB’s reunion to be rubbed in her face along with JY’s successful. I feel like i have been cheated after investing all this time in that drama

          I hope you’re not going anywhere Tessa, i really like spazzing with you guys. ATK is finished so now on to the next one. Jump on Moon/Sun – i was telling one of my friends to start watching it and at first she was unsure about it – she watched it and marathoned from ep 1 – 12 and she can’t stop talking about it!! Its gonna end soon so you might want to jump on it so we can spazz

          SInce you’re going to start SUFBB and WU and i think i’ll start them as well.

          I’m thinking of doing what you did and burning my downloaded dramas to dvds. i don’t have an external harddrive yet and my laptop memory is almost used up.

  10. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Ummm..calling Kaptain A for help…your friend from Viki’s might wanna help readjust it..(if they don’t mind) it’s ep 47..sorry i don’t really know how..thanks Kaptain!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Hey Tessa, my friend doesn’t work on ATK, she merely has the links….

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      I just checked on my copy of E47 720p-hanrel. The subs are syncing perfectly with that release. What release are you trying to play sub with?

  11. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Ok ladies, so which page are we gonna patronize next – should we go to the Moon/Sun, SUFBB or What’s Up page? i prefer spazzing about eps on the pages cos i can write more and i don’t have to sift through a thousand comments to find the response. What you guys say?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Im On! till next spazz! =)

      still have ongoing dramas..skipbeat & wild romance..
      haha..don’t we need to clear our hard drives

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        I’m watching both of those dramas! And Alice is also watching Wild Romance, it’s getting good. What ep are you at?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Seriously, really guys? YAY!! I’ve been waiting for someone to spazz with me about Shut Up Flower Boy Band. If everything goes right, I’ll make a discussion post for Shut up so all spazzer can come together!! 😀

      Yay or Nay?

      Annette, I’m not too sure about the plot of HJWxLSG drama yet. We shall hear about it soon.

      Tessa, my hard drive has been used up. After burning the special ones to Dvd, I’m deleting this batch. =D

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Alice, what ep of Moon/Sun are you on? I just ep 14 and things are finally happening. I’m getting sad now cos its coming to an end very soon, i’ve become so attached to it. Are you spazzing on the Moon/Sun page? I haven’t been there yet, maybe i should go there and se what people are saying about the show. Are you still watching Wild Romance? When are you going to put up the SUFBB page, and what ep are you on? I’ll start it this week

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        The Page for Shut Up is posted! Let’s see how this works out. Maybe I can do one for each drama if folks like this idea. =) I’m on episode 6, tomorrow is 7 & 8.

        Annette, I have yet to watch episode 13&14 of MoonSun yet. Need to finish my research papers before spring break (3.2.2012)… T_T

        I’m still watching Wild Romance on a timely manner. Poor Dong Soo…covering for his wife. I still hope she isn’t the one! I love Robot and Dong Ah. OMGosh. Their kiss was adorable and awkward.

        Tessa, hurrrrrry chingu!! 😀

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Alice, sorry for the late response. I do like Dong Ah and the robot – that kiss was just toooo awkward and i might say quite painful. I finished watching it – there’s a scene Dong Ah wears a hanbok when she goes to meet robot! Hahaha! i still can’t believe she did that, i really liked those two

          Have not yet started watching SUFBB but will start asap. Aaaah i need more than 24 hrs in a day. Since i’m not going anywhere for Spring Break am hoping i’ll be able to catch up – and more dramas keep coming! I think the Ha Ji Won or is it the Yoo Chun drama is starting after Moon/Sun

  12. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Annette, according to my schedule, 4 dramas are airing in one week March 12-14. All our favorites are battling each other out for sure!

    Robot Boy and Dong Ah = LOVE! That hanbok scene is hilarious! I still need to watch the ending (ep.16) subbed!

    Did you see the photo I posted in the cbox of Prince Yoochun in a convenience store? hehe

    Frea and Keane named him the Pringles Prince!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Alice! Am lovin the picture! Have you seen the one he and the other members are in a box wearing jump suits and matching shoes and YooChun wears that hat with his jumpsuit! It is sooo adorably funny! Here’s the link to dramabeans where i saw it and a couple of others. You’ll love them


      I can’t believe all those dramas are going to start the same week – its bad enough now i can’t keep up with the dramas – here’s goodbye to sleep

      I marathoned 7 SUFBB eps and you were right its really good. Ji Hyuk’s character actually works. I like how it is kinda rough/scruffy even the pretty boys look mean and gritty. It is certainly refreshing. I’m goin to watch ep 8 right now and i’ll meet you at the SUFBB spazz page for this one

  13. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Annette & Kaptain,

    i dont know why i keep coming back on this page..=)i love it here..hehe.. Rooftop prince will be airing next week right?and so is king 2 hearts..the same playdate.. is time travel fantasy drama now on the trend these days? Ji Hyun Woo (yes,our jang woo bin) is also doing a similar one, i had read somewhere..well,let’s go for it..it’s what the writers are up to these days..=) the time portal..

    so what’s to spazz next? besides RP & King 2 Hearts? love rain..well.. a little so so..we wil see…
    I know everyone is spazzing on TMETS..now that it’s ending..hmm.. sorry can’t keep up..im not reading anything about it..im still halfway to go..too sad..
    anyway, there’s more coming….lookin forward to it…cheers to the upcoming dramas, i hope they’ll make me happy..=)

  14. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


    Haha! I think we just got so comfortable in this spot, never thought any of you would come back. Am so looking forward to Moon/Sun but am sad cos its ending. A friend of mine told me that its not gonna air tomorrow but on the 19th cos of the ongoing strike

    i also read news of Ji Hyun’s drama – told Alice about it. I guess as the saying goes “strike while the iron ti still hot”, remember the whole vampire thing, and now also the whole boyband/pretty boys group, medical dramas.

    I’m looking forward to Kim Sun Ah’s upcoming drama I Do, I Do – looks like you got your wish Alice. The actor chosen is Lee Jang Woo from Man of Honor – i’ve never seen him before this drama, his kinda ok. This drama starts in May after King 2 Hearts

    As to what other dramas are coming out? Am not sure, i think Alice had mentioned there are 4 dramas to look for coming out – so other than Rooftop and K2H there 2 other good ones

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Me,not come back?oh no..i may not be around all the time but i sure to pop out once in a while….=)
      As long as there are Asian dramas, i will never miss the happy times to spazz..=)so,at least we still have a week until the premiere of those two..

      so ,is TMETS done yet?what’s the verdict?happy ending,eh? i might be able to finish it until the weekend..well,based on what i read,it garners so much attention and the comments are really good..and there’s a wedding too..hmmm,maybe i’ll just have to marathon it..=)

      I do, I do..i can’t wait for that..by the way,is Yoon Eun H ye doing another project?’coz i haven’t seen her since “Lie to me”..

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Moon/Sun might seem sad now but it gets really good from ep 17, all sadness gone. Ep 19 has just been released so subs not done yet and ep 20 is coming tomorrow. From what i saw in ep 18 i think the heartbreak part is over, just mainly trying to catch the bad guys. Have you watched any of the specials?

        Last time i read anything about Yoon Eun Hye she was in Taiwan i think (or is it China) – don’t remember what she was promoting but they showed her with a famous Taiwanese actor. haven’t heard of any project from her.

        I did hear though of a movie i think with Kim Ah Joong (That Fool) and Ji Sung (Protect the Boss), something about phone sex. Supposedly she’s calling her boyfriend to have phonesex and wrong number cos he picks it up instead. Not sure if its movie or drama, its called PS something or something PS

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          No, i haven’t…funny but i read somewhere there’s nothing “special” about the special episodes.they are just good scenes combined..=) but i’ll still try to watch them after finishing the drama..

          Yoon Eun Hye is doing that movie?it’s like an adult movie already?or did i just misunderstand it..or was it just Kim ah Joong? i hope this lady makes another drama,i like her..=) i hope they make another one like ” best love” kind of dramas..i miss squealing with delight..=)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Kim Ah Joong’s the one in the movie

          Best Love was what it was cos of Dokgo Jin! LOL! Cha Seung Won was genius to come up with that character – i want another drama with a character like him or Kim Joo Won, not someone imitating them but a character who was so outhere like these two – maybe i should rewatch Secret Garden!

          Have you heard any news of dramas from Cha Seung Won or Hyun Bin?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          not much about Cha seung Won..Hyun Bin oppa is quite busy in the military..so we can only hear news of him inside the camp..

          If it’s kim ah Joong in that “PS”movie…then it’ll be like her role in 200 pounds beauty where she works as PS agent..if that’s what they call them i don’t know..hehe..=) but have you seen that movie?so it’s the same line huh?..=)

          Thinkin about Rooftop Prince..I can’t help but remember “Kate & Leopold”..and the melody of “moonriver” coming from the neighbor’s terrace..hmmm..if my memory serves me right..=) i loved that movie..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Omo Tessa i was just watched parts of Kate and Leopold like two days ago! It was on tv and i was flipping through the channels. It was ok, a little bit disappointing from what i expected when i was watching the trailers.

          Yes i have seen 200 pounds of beauty – i really liked her in that one. It was the first time i had seen her. I remember the scene you’re talking about, it was at the beginning before she had the surgery right?

          When did Hyun Bin enter the military? I don’t remember if i heard he went, how long do they serve for – is it 3 years? I think the service is better done when you’re younger or atleast earlier to get it out of the way. I think i’ve never heard of Kim Bum or Lee Min Ho going yet, to think they’ll have to leave when their careers are hot. Maybe they benefit from the buzz that’s generated when they’re getting out

  15. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    hehe, Annette and Tessa, you guys are going for the thousand comments in this post alone? 😛

    I can’t imagine the heartbreak when the boys of 1986 go to the army for two years. That’s HALF of the pretty boys in drama land. Micky Yoochun, Yoo Ah In, Choi Siwon, Lee Min Ho (1987 but close enough), Song Joong Ki, Kim Hyun Joong, Noh Min Woo, Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Seung Gi (1987), Jang Geuk Suk (’87). Joo Won (1987).

    Kim Bum (’89) will be going around the same time as Kim Soo Hyun (’88). OMG. My heart! 🙁

    This is when I ask, where’s the army location at? I’m flying there!

    Hyun Bin will return at the end of this year.

    Annette, regarding Kim Sun Ah’s upcoming drama, I Do I Do, I have no special feeling for actor Lee Jang Woo…you confused me with someone else! 😛

    Tessa, agreed. Another Best Love crazy actor would be great. But I also want a crazy female lead too. Why is it that we females have to be the boring one? Let’s go crazy here writers!

    List of upcoming dramas: Food for thoughts…

    King2Hearts – Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won
    Love Rain – JGS/Yoona
    Equator Man – Uhm Tae Woong/Park Bo Young/Park Si Yeon
    Fashion King – Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Yuri
    RoofTop Prince – Park Yoo Chun, Ha Ji Min 🙂
    Can I Love Money – Yeon Jung Hoon, Uhm Ji Won, Wang Bit Na
    Full House 2 – Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo, Park Ki Woong

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      haha..Kaptain, we’re stuck here…Annette, yes he was admitted last year i think?or right after the Secret Garden..the time when Lee dong wook ended his term….and yay just what the Kaptain said,he’s ending his serve this year..i think he’s itching for another drama..

      Kaptain, that is so heartbreaking..who are we gonna watch if those boys go all together. or maybe they should shoot a drama there..something like Prison Break..or forest Gump..haha!
      Yep, i missed the crazy dokgojin..i hope they do another one thing like that..
      I see Full House 2 there..i hope it’ll be as good as the prequel..
      Can I love Money, well i haven’t read the synopsis..Fashion King seems good..
      Equator Man—Lee joon hyuk is prosecuter again?he’s loving the role..=)

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Hahaha! Yes i believe we will reach 1000 cos we have already broken the 100 Mark! LOL!

      Alice, when i said you got your wish i meant its not going to be Jung Yong Hwa in the lead role. Never knew Lee Jang Woo before Man of Honor so don’t really care about him much

      So at what age do they have to report to the military? From what you wrote, i got that the enrollment goes according to their year of birth so the 86ers and 87 are up next?

      I might miss Equator Man if Park Si Yeon is the lead…

      Have not heard of Can I love money, what’s it about?

      Full House 2… was excited when i heard cos i thought it would be the same cast but…No Min Woo is pretty to look at i guess, we’ll see…

      Having a crazy chick – that’s a brilliant idea Alice!! There’s never been a female character like that right? Mungyol came close to that – more on the wacky side (at the beginning of the show before things went down south)

      Good one about prison break/forest gump! Maybe you should seriously hit up the writes about the idea, no?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      I know right, Tessa, if all the youngins go, we have a string of ajusshi with choco abs returning! But still…my lovely boys. Gah! Good idea! Prison Break….dang, they will burn all the fences. 😛

      I’m really skeptical about FH2 because I couldn’t stomach FH1 the second time around….with the amount of exposure we have had towards contract marriages.

      Annette, oh! got it! Whew! Yea, I’m going to pass if it’s Yong Hwa. Luckily, it’s not. I believe they serve around the age of 29. They can go earlier if they want though, which could be a better option so that they don’t get shipped away during the peak of their careers. Tragic!

      But some actors hit a new high after serving in the army. Magic abs…… hehehe

      Can love become money (Cable drama) – a successful CEO who loves money but decides to give a huge amount to his future wife? From wiki. 5 episodes have aired…but rarely talked about. No subtitle is a huge disadvantage.

      We really need a crazy chick. I notice that the guys always get the complex/crazy characters while the girls are almost always “reacting” to their antics. We should switch the roles. Seriously!

      Who should we cast as our CRAZY girl? And down-to-earth BOY?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        I must say i do love the abs they come back with a la Lee Dong Wook! Whew *fans self*

        Crazy chick portrayal, first actress that came to mind is Kim Sun Ah – she can pull it off. She was slightly off in My lovely Sam Soon. Maybe Kim So Yun, Park Jin Hee, Chae Rim, Han Ye Seul, Ha Ji Won, Choi Kang Hee, Gong Hyo Jin. I might be leaning towards some of these actresses cos i’ve seen a glimpse of craziness in the roles they’ve played.

        For this role i keep on thinking of the older actresses, how about young actresses like Shin Min Ah, Yoon Eun Hye Shin Se Kyung? You think they can pull it off? I feel like it needs to be an older actress

        As for down to earth guys/men: Hyun Bin, Cha Seung Won, Lee Joon Hyuk, Han Jung Soo, Ji Sung, Hero Jaejoong, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Sun Gyun, Gong Yoo (still deciding on this one), Kang Ji Hwan, Song Il Gook, Han Suk-Kyu, Jang Hyuk

        For the roles of the guy i would rather a man as opposed to a boy like Lee Jun Ki or Hero Jaejoong actually.

        I would like to see an actor that has never done a role like that before, e.g. for the guys i would like to see one who has always played a dominating role and see him demure/quietened down. I want to be surprised, to see an actor you can’t imagine being that role

        There are so many actors that i cannot think of at the moment so the list is not exhaustive. Who would you guys like to see play such roles?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        It’s funny, I raise the question but don’t really have an actress in mind.

        Shin Mina would be a nice choice. She has the aloof aura done well when she was a gumiho. For a younger actress, I would love to nominate my beloved girl – Moon Geun Young. I think it’s time for her to handle one of the guys. Since she’s so petite, it would be cute if the guy were Yoo Ah In. Okay, I’m on a tangent about my dream couple, again.

        Down-to-earth guys….The tall, broody Lee Min Ho? Would he look the part since he’s so tall? Height is an advantage. The person appears more powerful. Don’t say Kwangavatar, he’s the only exception. haha 😀

        Tessa, I think it’s Frea. She likes choco abs. Wait, who doesn’t!? *raises hand proudly*

  16. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    ok..thinking thinking….crazy girl…how about Choi Gang hee (eun Sol) of Protect the boss?that gangster crazy kind of girl..haha..i couldn’t think of down to earth boy..maybe Siwan? (heo yeom) of TMETS…haha..can’t imagine what will happen..

    weee..magic abs…i remember Frea calls them Choco Abs?=)or is it someone else?

  17. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    It’s funny, I raise the question but don’t really have an actress in mind.

    Shin Mina would be a nice choice. She has the aloof aura done well when she was a gumiho. For an even younger actress, I would love to nominate my beloved girl – Moon Geun Young. I think it’s time for her to handle one of the guys. Since she’s so petite, it would be cute if the guy were Yoo Ah In. Okay, I’m on a tangent about my dream couple, again.

    Down-to-earth guys….The tall, broody Lee Min Ho? Would he look the part since he’s so tall? Height is an advantage. The person appears more powerful. Don’t say Kwangavatar, he’s the only exception. haha 😀

    Tessa, it’s definitely Frea. She loves choco abs! Wait, who doesn’t!!? *raises hand proudly*

  18. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Yes, Shin Min Ah is on my mind too…Lee min ho who?our city hunter?yes,he’ll fit the role..hmm.kaptain maybe you should give it a try..writing a story i mean..=)

    hihih choco abs..what about milk abs?or cappuccino abs…to tell you,i haven’t watch RP yet..the file’s too big for my harddrive..sorry i had to go somewhere else to download the files, im just being honest..i know the quality’s not as good as the files being shared here..but i have no choice..my computer cannot take them anymore..haha..

    and one thing,do you know any software that can burn mulitple episodes in one DVD..i mean,how do you do yours?i tried burning them but the file’s too big to fit in a single dvd..you can burn them alright but in 2 or 3 dvds for one drama..awww that’s a lot of dvds…=)

    Annette, are you done with yours?have you tried putting them onto dvds?

  19. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Tessa, Me? a writer? I’m grinning like a fool now. I have a lot of ideas but when it comes to writing, I can’t write a cohesive paragraph to save my life. It sounds…corny? heh.

    And of course, no hard feelings about the downloading. I know HOW some folks feel. It kills me every single time I delete a slot of old dramas for the new batch.

    As for converting to DVD. I usually do 4 episodes (450p) for one dvd. So approximately 4 Dvds per drama. It’s a lot of dvds but I need to see these folks in HQ.

    I use Convertxtdvd to burn them. Probably the easiest one to use. The downside is, it’s not free.

  20. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    oh..that’s a lot of dvds..well if it’s worth it..=) thanks for the tip

    You?, a writer? Why not? you’ll never know..haha..=)

    Just watched RtP….hilarious! hahaha!

    My fave funny scenes:

    * conversation in the truck, where Park Ha said..”WOW! YOU’VE EVEN STUDIED YOUR HISTORY! OHH!” hahaha..had me laughing out there..
    *Jail scene: the reaction on the officer’s face when the Prince said he was the Crown Prince! hahaha..
    * The fire extinguisher thing..where they look like donuts dipped in sugar powder..hahaha..

    Daebak! really daebak!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      I’m absolutely enamored with Rooftop Prince! It’s so cute! And more cute! Especially the cartoon photos made by a fan which captured the attention of the PD and he decided to use her cute chibi pictures.

      I love the fire extinguisher scene too. Poor Mr. Bear! The jail scene is hilarious. The cop distorted face when they tell him their birth date and name.

      “Call me ‘Crown Prince'” 😛

  21. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    hahaha..i know! ep 2 was hilarious! and the Chibis..they’re so cute..even TMETS’s chibis are adorable too..how did they do that?i want my own chibi…haha! hey,speaking of it..why don’t you make one banner full of your chibis..all of you..kaptain & her crew..haha..looove the idea!

    i just loved the voice of Park/bak Ha when she delivered those lines in the truck..haha..the way she said “Wow! ” & ” Ohh” ..hahaha..=)
    i haven’t watched K2H yet..is it good too?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Where did you guys see the Chibis? I wanna see them too

      Ep 2 was ok. RP did not have a spectacular start but it was not bad – has a lot of laugh out loud moments especially ep 2 when Bak Ha takes them to the palace and the cop finds them there and orders them to leave. He was ordering them to leave and he was like “Hey Crown prince…hey Eunuch, “! I still can’t stop laughing! And the part the crown prince is looking at the girls eating ramen and the cop brings his friends! LOL!

      Watched 2KH and its nice too although i prefer RF to that drama


      No i haven’t yet bought an exteral harddrive but i will soon, and i’ll but dvds as well to use for backup. Do you guys use the double sided dvds or the one side? And do you compress the file when burning it

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Tessa, did you camp in my brain or something? hah! That was my intention several months ago. But I failed drawing them. I think the artists use a pen tablet to draw directly onto their laptops, and then slap on colors. I saw how my friends made his… Wicked talent, I don’t think I possess it. heee!

      K2H, like Annette, I prefer RP over it. Dunno why, the girly accent that Ha Ji Won used in the drama (she’s from NK) irks me to no end.

      Annette, I use both. For dramas with a lot of episodes, I use double-sided Dvds to save space! My room has a lot of dvds. 😛

      That cop is hilarious. He’ll be showing up once in a while. I’m sure!

      Chibi figures are the ones our “Crown Prince” imagines him spanking Park Ha! haha

  22. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    haha..i wish you could have some friend draw them for you..whoa, i’d love to see you guys in a banner…soo cute! .i wonder how you all would look like..you Kaptain,jeff, frea..who else?annette too..is mariah still on the boat?haven’t been to the cbox lately…all of you..please kaptain, it’ll be a hit for sure! hahaha..cyeowt!

    and one funny thing, the tv scene where an epic drama was being aired..they thought it so real..hahaha..they wrecked the tv..hahaha..yeah that cop sure will pop out once in a while…

    Annette, i haven’t tried compressing anything..just burn them..hihih..need some tutorial…

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Tessa, Talented friend moved away last year… T____T I did picture how we all would look like..it’s hilarious in my head. =D

      Trailer for Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na’s time travel drama Queen In Hyun:

      It looks like a pretty CF.

  23. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    haha..i guess all of you are so adorable! well, i wish i know how to do it..or i’ll be the one to make the banner..hihi!=) what will be the theme like?hmm lemme think..maybe in a boat,of course you’re the kaptain who holds the steering wheel..=) and the rest..they all have eyepatches just like the pirates..hahahaha..just kiddin’..i can’t imagine..it’s hilarious all right..well,jeff might be at the bow of the boat,shouting” im the king of the world!!”hahaha..love it!

    omo! Annette look! our Ji Hyun Woo oppa! another time travel drama eh? it used to be Flowers all over! now it’s the time warping trend..hehe!=) but i’m waiting for that..i hope it’ll be good!

  24. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    King 2 Hearts: were they really filming at NK territory?i mean, it’s NK..it irritates me to see Ha ji won’s character acting all whiny like a blooming teenager..Isn’t she supposed to be a soldier? not just a soldier, but a NK soldier and special force agent on top that..and when NK comes to our mind, Strictness is an understatement..she forgets her accent once in a while..in Secret Garden ,she was a stuntwoman who acted like a soldier..the acting was reversed..=)

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Annyeong chingu! 😀

      To be honest, Ji Hun Woo oppa did not really impress me or maybe am still mad at that crappy ending for ATK. Am also not sure of Yoo In Na as a lead but i’ll give both of them a try.

      You know which girl i want to see in that role? Kim Ah Joong! I think she does endearing/sincere so well and plus i would like to see her in a historical drama

      BTW have you guys heard of Shin Min Ah’s historical coming up? I forget who the lead actor is but she’s going to die a tragic death and her ghost will be wandering around. The lead actor is going to play a magistrate who investigates her death – atleast that’s how i remember. Anyone know when that’s coming out?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        The lead actor is fresh out of the army – Lee Jun Ki. They’re thinking of airing it in July.

        Both are so pretty…who am I going to focus on? Shin Mina! Cause I like my boys a little manlier. LJK is too pretty for my taste. 🙂

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Oh yeah its LJK, i loved him in Il Jimae so ever since i’ve been a fan. I can’t wait for that drama.

          I sounds like its going to be a sad loves story since Shin Mina’s character is going to be dead already or the story’s not going to be as straight forward as that right?

          Atleast LJK is more cute than pretty, just like LSG. I can roll with that, but guys like No Min Woo are just too much. I think what makes them look too pretty is all the makeup they put on and the hairstyles, so maybe NMW can look just as good as a more masculine looking – what do you think? Look at Jiro for example, he’s a pretty boy and he looked really good in that dress and makeup. But when he has no trace of femininity and espec with those abs HOW HAWT IS HE!!!

          But when you say manly are you referring to Dokgo Jin type? Cos am for that!!!! Love me some cute boys but am all for the manly look for sure!

  25. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Tessa, I’m not too sure…the two countries aren’t on friendly terms are they?

    K2H is confusing me with the North and South thing. Maybe I’m not paying as much attention as I should.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Well..I’m ignoring my mistake earlier. Anyways, I can’t imagine that they would allow SK to film in NK since it is a very politically-infused drama. Also, they would have to present a view of NK soldier compared to SK and with ep.2 having them train in NK (I think), it would be affect negatively in NK if they’re portrayed worse than SK. So, I can’t imagine them filming in NK. As to the whole “she’s to be a soldier thing”, I’m fencing. I mean, if she acted as a soldier all the time, things would be fun ^w^ But her coming out as a teenage girl in desperate need of attention was a bit too much and too fast. According to a kpop news I read at some time, she’s suppose to be either singing or dancing to TARA’s Bo Beep…so…bye bye to soldiering? But realistically, unless you’re brainwashed or something, I’m sure people would have heard all the buzz about SK’s popular media so there are a bunch of secret fans and what have you. I kind of look forward to the humor that it may present when the NK soldiers break character as they’re fascinated with SK’s entertainment industry but I sincerly hope it doesn’t become a dichotomous relationship with soldier-mask, fan girl-mask. It should be a gradual change; is where the show is heading…unless that M guy completely starts crazy IRIS level stuff 🙁

  26. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    I’ve been meaning to ask..is Skip beat ending on 15th episode?it doesn’t look like it..

  27. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    what kind of ending was that? not bad..but not that good either..
    good thing there’s RTP to console me..=)

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      You were watching Skip Beat too???!!!! Why didn’t i know this!! I thought it was just me and Keane

      The ending ikr!!! I thought it was going to go on till she became really famous and got together with Lian. It seems like it ended in a to be continued kind of way but i did not hear anything about there being a second season. Have you read the manga or watch the anime? am thinking doing either so i can see how the story ended

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        yeah i did! it’s so disappointing,the ending i mean..i was like..(my mouth’s open)”is that it?” the writers could do more, i don’t understand why did they stop at that? i was waiting for the time she became famous you know and was lookin forward to the love triangle..ahh so mean! no, i haven’t watched the manga..go on & watch it & tell me how it ended..hihi..=)

        im loving rooftop prince..i stopped watching king 2 hearts..i dunno why, the military scenes bores me stiff! im into Absolute Boyfriend now..although Jiro doesn’t act the way the japanese “night” did..ima give it a try..well,gotta admit he looks different now.more handsomely..=)

        So,i’ve been reading your comments ’bout fondant garden..is it good?taiwan drama too,right?

        well,i missed you girl, haven’t seen you around lately..=)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Missed you too chingu! I know i haven’t been around lately but i try to catch up with you guys

          Not so sure if i’ll watch the anime – i am not fond of the very physical acting/expressions of Japanese acting. I can take it in a drama but in animation it drives me absolutely nuts, that’s why i don’t watch any animes

          Am watching Absolute Boyfriend too! And yes Nai te is cute but he’s nothing like Naito and that friend who likes the lead girl is nothing like my RIHITO!!!!!! – this is a Taiwanese drama after all and they are not known for their acting so i wasn’t holding my breath. In fact i lowered my expectations and it turned out to ok (I just might go and watch it again XD). I don’t think they can ever do it better than the original – btw did you know that a korean Absolute Boyfriend is also in the works? I think it will be released this year. I think i also read somewhere that they’re making a Taiwanese version of Operation Proposal

          Taiwanese dramas might not to be great but i was pleasantly surprised when i watched the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi with Ella Chen – its better than the Jdrama!!!!! I started watching the Japanese version maybe a year or 2 ago but i can’t bring myself to finish, it felt like a chore to watch while the Taiwanese version is such a delight

          I am only watching Fondant Garden so i can see Kingone – luv me that man! Why he never has a leading role i’ll never know. Am liking him in this drama and he sounds good when he speaks Korean!! But i might stop watching cos the moment of heartbreak is coming when he breaks up with the lead girl and i really do not like the lead guy, he’s just terrible. Its the usual Tdrama fluff but i was enjoying the relationship between the lead actress and Kingone – she’s just so adorable.

          What i don’t like about Tdramas is that they try so hard to be cute it just ends up being puke inducing – especially the girls and this drama is no exception. Apparently the girls’ acting is supposed to be cute and stuff but i find it sooooooo freakin annoying the way they act – am sure you have seen Raini Yang’s dramas! They are so stupid, i keep asking myself people in Taiwan actually like watching that mess??? Its beyond me

          What ep did you stop at for K2H? There have been further developments in eps 7 and 8, sad developments in ep 8 but i enjoyed the eps. I agree with you about the military stuff, it was getting tedious for me too but luckily it has been minimized since they have now gone back to civilization

          Are you gonna watch Queen In Hyun’s man? The likelihood of me watching it…very slim chance. Have you checked out Standby? Woo Bin’s cousin is in it – i forgot his name, i remember his wife’s name Joo Mi

          Am sayin too may dramas and so little time!!!! Some of these dramas better send soon cos i can’t take it anymore. I’ve completely given up on Fashion King, Love Rain, Equator Man, Operation Proposal, Warrior/Soldier,

  28. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    you guys are aiming for 1000 comments? LOL! *waves to chingus*

    agreed with annette on the puke-inducing cuteess in taiwanese dramas. the females are always so cartoonish and unreal.

    jdramas for me….lack in the romance area. it’s either a hit or miss. sometimes, the actors are too loud when they scream “BAKAAAAAAAAA” 😀

    kdramas = pretty, perfect people with perfect teeth and perfect abs.. the society is marketing its people like that.

    did you see ep.9 of K2H yet annette? omGOSH,,,,misunderstandings!!

    she calls him trash and he calls her a B*****!!! So harsh!!

    is it just me…but i enjoy the scene with the princess and the robotic soldier. they’re so endearing and cute…and [email protected] parrot!!!

  29. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    hahaha..you two! Frea, welcome to ” A thousand Comments”!!!

    need i say more?you’ve said it all..all what’s in my mind…agree with you Frea on J-drama. too stiff..lacks romance..maybe because one thing,the way they deliver script..it’s way too hard..if you know what i mean! you can’t even tell if they’re blushing or what..hehe!

    Annette, yeishhh, Rainy Yang’s dramas..hahaha! well, it’s hard to say something here,there might be RY fans out there and i don’t wanna hurt their feelings..okay, Tdramas,out of ten,you would like (if not love) at least 2 of them,and you’re watching them because you’re a fan of that famous Taiwan actor..and not because the story is soo good! the actresses,especially the lead ones..they act like they are all grade school students,all they lack was a lollipop on their mouths..their voices are ear screeching they blow out your eardrums, and they deliver their lines as if they’re arguing all the time..i cannot fathom all these..they are in their grown up age i don’t know why do they have to act like they’re all toddlers!
    by the way, i stopped at ep 5 in K2H..ok ima give it a try again..i miss Ji Hyun Woo so i will try to watch Queen in hyun’s man..
    yes, i loved hana kimi taiwan version better than the J one..i love ella chen..well sometimes..=) i watched “down with love” and it’s cute..i missed jerry yan during the meteor garden days..=)
    And our Rihito..o-oh so incomparable to that of T-actor..and my Hayami mokomichi a.k.a. nighto…ohhh was he good lookin..that J model made my knees wobble..hehe..=)

    Frea was right. kdramas are well resarched, the plot is good..actors are chosen perfectly,most of them at least..ost’s are good! and thee….most important thing is the Romance level is that it makes your heart stops,makes you squeal with delight! haha that’s me!

  30. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    just watched Queen Inhyun’s man..i had to google Queen Inhyun & jang hee bin’ stories to enlighten me at least, what story i might be watching…the 1st episode was a little boring for me..maybe because i had too much of time travelling from RP it never excites me anymore..but it’s too early to tell..will still give it a try…

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      I was about to ask around if anyone caught QIM – am thinking about watching it infact am about to watch the first episode right now. I was never excited about this – only interested cos you’re watching it and also the lead actor. The actress not so sure about so let’s see how it goes

      I started watching Down With Love but like all TWdramas it just got too draggy and boring/lame. I left it when Jerry’s friend decided to start dating Ella Chen – i forgot what is excuse was for going on with the lie that he and Ella like each other/are dating but i remember thinking that was a lame excuse to use.
      I liked when she was pretending to be a lesbian w/ her friend at that restaurant and her friend was calling her baby! lol!

      Never seen any Jerry Yang dramas, DWL was the first one, i thought about watching Meteor Garden but i saw the trailers and the clothes and the hairstyles and the acting oh my!!!!! It was not a pretty sight so i decided to stay away and plus i know i will probably compare it to the Korean and Japanese version, which i know were a thousand times better

      And yes no one can take the place of our Rihito and Nighto! Am telling you when i watched Zettai Karenshi i forgot for a moment who Rihito was cos Nighto stole the show!! I saw him in another drama with the girl who played Riko but it was sooooo boring

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        DWL: the excuse was jerry’s friend was still in love with jerry’s ex-gf..they used to be all friends during their college days..so, seeing her (the actress) still in love with jerry,out of pity for her( becuz he still loves her)..wooed ella to give way to the “couple”..well, that’s where the love triangle began..you should try to watch it again.it has nice ending though..=)
        Haha..i know what you mean ’bout meteor garden..the hairstyles & their colorful outfits..i love MG 1 but not the sequel,too draggy..yes,korean was the best version..but take note, BBF mostly took some of the scenes from MG rather than J-version..

        QIM: this time here it’s different..it’s like he can travel to the future whenever he wishes to, because of that talisman..and goes back again to his time..wow! a time portal where you can go back & forth..

        and our nighto,yeah i think i i saw that drama..but didn’t watch it too..looks boring…

  31. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Time Slip, Dr Jin——————another time travel!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      IKR!!! There were medical ones, Vampire ones, i wonder what will be the next craze. Read Park Min Young is in that one, and i think possibly the actress who was in Prosecutor Princess. Don’t remember who the lead actor is. Do you know when its coming out?

      BTW i saw some stills from Kim Sun Ah’s I do, I do drama and her boy toy looks good! I liked him Man of Honor – well liked looking at him! lol! I was afraid he might look too young in the drama with KSA but i think it looks ok, only the part about him knocking her up…might me a bit immature to be a father/shoulder that responsibility. I think even in society it would raise eyebrows for a woman that age to have a child with a kid that age

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Time slip, dr jin i think will air on the 26th..and I do, i do on the 3oth..will make our hands full again..i haven’t read the full synopsis of i do, i do..she was knocked up there?by a man her junior?ohh..haha! kim sun ah is really favoring younger men these days huh?

        RTP: omygosh..lovin it…things are getting interesting..and only at ep 13..i mean usually, things unfold on the last episodes right? we still have 6 epis to go and it’s getting good already…the evil schemes of the witch sister are starting to unveil…

  32. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    hi alice pls pls help me your sound track of drama A Thousand Kisses OST is the best one i see
    its too complete and perfect but bicause your links is for megaupload it doesent work so i cant downlod it pls add another link for downloading pls i want this drama sound track with extra songs
    you are the best alice

  33. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    alice pls i beg u pls add another link for this drama sound track specialy for your extra songs of this drama
    your sound track list is the best pls i want it

  34. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    i try them too but that links is for media fire and link doesent work and say Invalid or Deleted File.pls u couldnt do any thing?pls i search all internet but all links is for mf that doesent work
    pls alice u are the one that have extra songs of this drama

  35. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    kaptain a u are the best thank u so so much if u coild give me link for Ji Hyun Woo’s Single and part 5 ost i will be so thankful of u pls help me one more time

  36. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    kaptain a u are the best thank u so so much you are great
    but if u coild give me a link for Ji Hyun Woo’s Single and part 5 ost i will be so thankful of u pls help me one more time

  37. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    wwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwww kaptain a u are the best tahnk for links but sorry could u give me a link for 02. Woo Bin’s Serenade – Ji Hyun Woo (Ep.12) *ripped version
    pls kaptain a

  38. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    yes tnx so much idownload it but i want *ripped version of song that jhw sang in ep 12

  39. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    you made someone happy again,kaptain..=)

    i hope i can help..i still have the songs..but i don’t have any accounts to upload to..if you could give me your email addy, Hany..i can give it a try..=)

  40. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Tessa, I tried but I don’t have the resources anymore. Thanks for lending a hand dear!

    Is it weird that I like the picture but not interested in the drama? The storyline sounds like a mix between Wonder Life (one night stand) and Dalja Spring (noona-boy relationship).

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      You’re welcome Kaptain! i totally understand Hany..i used to crave for those songs! ahh..=) i think that’s the reason why this post came this far..=)

      i agree..the pic looks good..and if i were Kim Sun Ah, who wouldn’t hug those “choco abs” (as Frea would charmingly say..)

      Whadya think, Annette?=)

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        I like the picture but i think he looks better on the other pics. Maybe this guy is just not photogenic but he’s really really cute. I love a man on a bike, i like looking at then when they’re zooming past its so sexy – bikes like this one not Harley’s.

        Am also not really interested in the plot but i wanna watch it only cos KSA is in it

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Holy Toledo! What a thread!

      Ooooh, Sunny! I love her, I would slay a dragon for this woman! I can’t wait for this. Uhm, I don’t recall any choco abs from WGM but if LJW try to look good for our Sunny then I’m a happy ray of sunshine. Hurry, E.O.M. come sooner.

  41. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    i love u tessa
    thanks so much its the song that i wanted
    im so thankful for all yours help a virtual voyage

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      You’re welcome Hany, credit goes to the Kaptain..that song was ripped by her..=)

  42. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    This is not weird or anything….

    Much Better….

    Tessa, choco abs….but but…he looks so pale compared to those hardcore army abs… Lee Jang Woo’s abs are like white choco, still very young… hehehe 😀

    Keane, It took me a few minutes to register Sunny means Kim Sun Ah! How slow am I today? LJW looks just like a cute dongseng that he is. ^^

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      So is the fashion trend playing around w/ blue…. and red, or burnt orange?? My eyes are playing tricks on me. Dang, every guy clicks w/ Sunny easily and nonchalantly. She is my idol.

      Man, by looking at LJW’s outline (i.e. broad shoulders), hmm, there may be a beast underneath all the layers of clothing. Rawr~

      The second lead actor looks smaller. And there is barely any room in the chemistry lab for the second lead actress. Poor Princess.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Haha! Love the shoes!

      So true about the second actress – she has no presence, even the second lead guy. Doesn’t he look a little like Jung Il Woo in this pic?

      I can’t pull off her leg pose either, probably need to be in the gym for about a year!

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Haha..Annette! a year in the gym??..well, me?uhmmm 3 years?hahaha..if that was me sitting like that, i would definitely crash those skinny guys..

        you watching QIM? it’s okay..what ep you at?liking it so far..
        well,given those two time travel dramas..RTP & QIM..i could say..Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) is smarter than prince lee gak/tae yeong..haha! for he was able to adopt easily in the modern time..maybe it has to do with him being a sungkyunwan scholar..hehe…at first, i was like, wth..learning how to use the phonebooth,not afraid of flying..but it was later on that it was explained..i said..okay..one more chance..haha..i just love JHW,it’s coz of him im watching this..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Tessa when i say one year in the gym that means i’m not eating anything at all!! That’s what it would take to look like that otherwise its 3 years for me too! lol!

          I also do prefer her with a little meat on her like the other dramas, her looking this small doesn’t look healthy or maybe its cos we’re used to seeing her with a little more weight

          I had been trying to watch QIM for since it came out but i kept putting it off or i got caught up in the other dramas i was already watching. I decided to take a peek at it yesterday and got hooked now am on ep 3. I think its cos i missed sageuks so much so the scenes at the beginning of the ep definitely are what drew me in. I wish they would spend more time on the Josean era.

          Am not sure am liking the lead actress, she doesn’t seem to have the presence for me. She’s not captivating me with her performance, her acting doesn’t feel like she’s a lead actress. I’m finding her lacking when i compare with other actresses. Maybe she’ll get better as the show progresses

          As for JHW i find it amazing how he did not FREAK out considering he went 300 years into the future and he seems to have somehwhat adjusted already? There some moments am not satisfied with his acting – its not very good in some parts (both him and the lead actress). Am finding it hard believing he jumped through time cos of the acting

          Am definitely lovin looking at the ex boyf! Atleast we get some eyecandy. Not that am shipping him and the lead actress – i want her with the lead actor. This is one of the few dramas when am not in love with the second lead. Am not liking his character too much – he’s such a jerk. He’s trying to get with the lead and that other girl who plays Lady Jang – i already hate her.

          I can’t help but compare the characters here to the ones in Dong Yi – i find the Dong Yi Queen In Hyun was more convincing and likeable than this one. I found it infuriating when JHW was telling her the right minister plotted her assassination and she told him not to think such things. If it was the Dong Yi Queen i would have understood that she’s trying to be cautious.

          Am also not liking the character of the lead actress – she’s a dormat. She takes crap from the actress Lady Jang and i saw in the preview that that girl hits her with flowers and she doesn’t defend herself but just cries. After seeing too much crying i have become immune to tears. It irritates me when i see anyone crying i don’t feel any sympathy

          What are your thoughts so far

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Tessa i change my mind about the second lead actor – i just saw the rest of ep 3 and am lovin how he exposed the witch second lead actress about the way she treated the lead actress!!! He’s my hero for now – so cute/adorable the way he stuck his tongue out 😛

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I know, Yoo In Na..she lacks depth in acting…she needs more acting workshop..she fits second lead for now..
          as for the second lead actor,yeah definitely an eye candy..=) his smile is sweet..he looks somewhat familiar,maybe he resembles some actor..well, ep 7 & 8 are out now but im still waiting for the subs..i love JHY smile,that makes me stay here to watch..haha..=)
          i didn’t watch Dong yi—too long..but my friends did, they said it’s good!

          upcoming dramas: been lookin up for “BIG” by the “hong sisters” whom the Kaptain loves..
          Casts: Baek Sung Hyun ( That Fool / Accidental Couple ) the brother of that actress, remember?Ms A’s Suzy is there too, Gong Yoo ( Coffee Prince) who i think just came out from the military..Lee Min Jung (Boys Before Flowers,Smile You) i love this pretty girl..
          The story i think was like ” 49 days”..y’ know like someone trapped in somebody else’ s body..well, at least we’re getting out of time travel thing..haha..i also thought of the american movie by the same name “Big” starred Tom Hanks..maybe the Hong sis got the inspiration from that..
          Speaking of time warping again, yeah i saw Lee Min Ho goin’ the same stream..time travel again..oh well,why not? just do it in go!

          what about ” Full House 2″, is it airing this month?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Dong Yi is long but trust me its worth every second – its so good you don’t even notice its long co you get into it and when it ends you wanna watch it again. My friend just recently watched it and she loved she wants to watch it again

          I take back (some of) what i said about QIM – am totally hooked! I get what you mean about JHW being smarter than prince lee gak. I read a recap of the show and am beginning to understand his character. He’s not the type but he instead takes it all in calmly, studying his new environment carefully and quickly adapting.
          I am really liking JHW in this role better than in ATK. I also like how the pace of the story – i do think its a bit early for love but i still buy the budding romance or i should say i don’t mind since i like them together – feel bad for the gisaeng left back in Joseon

          I saw the second lead actor in Twelve Men in a Year, it wasn’t that big of a role though

          My thoughts exactly on Yoo In Ah – she seriously lacks depth and i feel bad for her cos i liked her in SG and in this role. I only saw her in two dramas – maybe she’s had more – but she needs to accumulate more experience

          Yes i read about BIG, am looking forward to it cos of Gong Yoo and Lee MIn Jung – didn’t like her in BOF but that changed after Midas

          LMH is doing a similar drama as his ex and they’re coming out the same time?!! Let’s see who’s gonna win this battle. I’ll probably be rooting for PMY since am over LMH and of course girl power!

          Don’t remember when Full House is supposed to be airing but sort of lost interest when i heard it was a new cast

          Did you ever watch the I Need Romance? If yes then they’re making season two with other actors – forgot the lead chick but the guy is Lee Jin Wook – loved him in Spy Mungyol so i am there for this drama

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I know what you mean about Dong Yi..because my friends keeps telling me the same thing..the only period dramas i ever watched so far were Queen Seon dok, the legend,well mainly coz Bae Yong Jun was there..hehe..=), the moon embraces the sun( smallest number of episodes i guess,compared to others)..i just dont know i cannot keep up with so many episodes..poor me..=)

          QIM: well, i think they made JHW his role like that because in my opinion, they might be compared to RTP..since they almost have the same storyline..i think they wanna tread on a different path this time..i like the way they thought about the talisman,y’know that makes him travel back & forth..otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting..imagine,you are just like watching RTP all over again..so yeah,JHW is smarter here..very observant..what ep you at? darn, subs for ep 7 & 8 aren’t out yet..

          im with you on TIme slip,Dr Jin..i saw the teaser poster..i realized i missed PMY..i rewatched sungkyunwan scandal recently..so i wanna see her again..=)

          no, I haven’t watched I need romance, been eyeing that for sometime but some dramas always gets in the way..i’ll try to get into it..
          been meaning to ask, have you ever watched “Rude miss Young Ae”?it’s season 10 already, i was looking for new dramas that i saw that one..i dunno know this drama till i saw it..looks interesting..but i think it’s not that popular?

          Full House 2, i wish they didn’t change actors..”Rain” must be really busy huh..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I Need Romance? Well, the beginning was good until the writer suddenly made a death wish around the end and… grrrr~ it’s one of those WTF moments in Kdramaland! That’s all I should say. S2?? Hah! The teaser better be awesome or else I refuse to keep roasting the PT/PD again. I’m usually a docile creature. (◠‿◠✿)

          Look at this thread? When does pg.3 start? LOLs~

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          I also watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal at the beginning of this year! Whenever i miss the Jalgeum Quartet i always go back and watch it

          I’ve never heard about Rude Miss Young Ae until you mentioned it. Have you tried it, and do you have to start from the first season?

          Queen Seon Duk, i left it at ep 14 i think and that was maybe a year or two ago. I’ve never been able to go back and watch it…don’t have the motivation

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          I also liked I Need Romance – though the kiss scenes between the lead actress and lead actor were sorta awkward

          They p***ed me off when first, he cheated with that silly actress, and then when they made her go back to him. I was mad as hell, the other guy loved her so much and you know he would never cheat on her

          The second season has Lee Jin-wook and Kim Ji-suk so am already there! Didn’t like Kim Ji-suk in Personal Taste but i saw him on Strong Heart when he was there to support Lee Dong-wook’s debut as the new host. He looked really hot! I want to see him in a drama where he’s the lead
          The lead actress is Jung Yumi – i’ve never seen her in anything…we’ll just have to wait and see

          Everytime i come here i also expect to see page 3 of this thread! LOL!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          haha..don’t we love it here…subs for ep 7 (QIM)is out..yayyy! actually, i tried downloading a couple of days ago from DSS, i thought of giving it a try..but, darn it’s machine translated..my head hurts understanding the subs..hehe..so patience paid off..

          ok, how about movies?any recommendations?i’ve been browsing a few..i thought i missed Soong Joong Ki’s killer smile, i might wanna watch “Penny Pinchers” .. “Clash of the families” too since they’re Rom-com..no tears pls…and yeah,also “Love sick” with Ariel Lin in it..

          RTP: have you watched till ep 16? it’s ending in a couple of weeks right, good thing there’s QIM..another time warp coming Dr jin,TS..
          btw, i love how Chi-san (Choi wook sik) calls pak ha—“pak ha nuy”..it’s like short for noona..haha..i love it when he calls her that..

          Now, Keane, am i goin to watch “I need romance”?hehe..=)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          no,haven’t tried “rude ms young Ae”..i thought you might have watched it i wanna know if it’s good..=)the season’s is in 10th already..soo behind..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Am guessin you’re going to dl the movies? I’ll try to find them on streaming site. I was thinking of Penny Pinchers c
          os I like the lead actress. There’s a movie coming out, a Rom com. It’s about a guy who’s trying to divorce his bossy wife by hiring someone to seduce her – I forget the title but the husband is played by the second lead guy in First Shop Coffee Prince. It comes out on the 17th of May, not sure how long we’ll have to wait for subs tho

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          OMG the cliffhanger of ep 8! Buya!!!!!! How could they? You wont believe what happened! We’re halfway through the show and am wondering where this is heading to

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          The movie i was talking about where the husband hires a lothario to seduce his wife is called All About My Wife

          I’m also looking forward to the Shin Mina and Lee Jun-ki drama Arang and the Margistrate. I’m kinda hesitant about this one cos i feel like it will be a tear jerker. Shin Mina will be a ghost who falls in love with LJK – i knw its dramaland and anything is possible but how could they possibly bring her back to life? Unless maybe she’s not really dead and her spirit is wandering around looking for justice and then it will go back to her body – one can only hope. Yoo Seung Ho will have a guest role. They have included to guys that i am happy to see:
          I saw and loved Han Jung-soo in Prosecutor Princess and also saw him in King Geunchogo. The other guy is Kwon Oh-joong – saw him in Damo. Liked the drama but was really p***ed off with the way it ended i wish i had not watched it – i was like “the hell!”. I really really really dramas that end like that

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          *really really really hate dramas that end like that

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          QIM: omo! what happened? his memories has gone off with the sliced talisman! poor Hee Jin..=(
          if that talisman transports that assassin into the future, then we’re in for an interesting drama ahead of us..we’ll be on our seat’s edge once again..but have you seen the preview?,only Hee-Jin remembers about Gim Bung do..she must have been waiting for that romantic date..i hope the talisman won’t work with the assassin,because how could it?if it was sliced already in half..i guess ep 9 & 10 are out?have you watched it already?

          That movie, “all about my wife”..who’s the lead actress?seems funny though..=)im with you,i’ll watch it..=)

          Shin min ah..a ghost this time? a Gumiho last time..haha..well, nice transition!
          Lee Jun Ki, i saw him last on “MY Girl”..looong time ago! haha..this guy has really cute eyes, it’s a good thing he doesn’t go under the knife to widen those peepers..well, i’ll never know..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          From the preview i thought she had also forgotten cos she was asking if Han Dong Min looking confused. Now that i think about it she was confused cos she remembered being with Gim Bong Do and not HDM. Did you notice the part where apparently GBD asked the gisaeng was asking if he wanted her to be his wife – i was going noooooooo. We’re on ep 8 and things are already like this?! How long is this drama? I feel like they’re bringing the drama too soon which is usually reserved for when the drama’s about to end

          The leads in All About My Wife are Lee Seon-kyun and Im Soo-jung – i’ve never seen Im Soo-jung in any drama, only saw her in a movie and i liked her. The hired casanova is played by Ryu Seung-ryong. I saw him in Personal Taste and thought he was a good looking man but he played a gay character. Here’s the trailer


          Last time you saw Lee Jun Ki was in My Girl?!!! Please tell me you saw him in Il Ji Mae before that drama – if not then girl YOU HAVE TO WATCH IL JI MAE!!!! When i saw him in MG i was like meh, and frankly his dressing was horrible – omg those earings he wore *shudders* I saw him in Il Ji Mae and i went O.O *swoons and faints* He looked so hot in there so unlike his character in MG. He became the leading man for me, when i saw him in that drama, i was like Lee Dong who?

          I also think his eyes are so cute – they look good on him. Am not sure he would look good if he was to have them widened

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          QIM: haha..i was also like that,when the gisaeng was asked for marriage..i blurted out…noooo! pls don’t..poor Hee-jin..if the Kaptain said was true, that QIM was well written, then let’s just hope for the best..’coz im looking forward to really finishing it..

          All about my wife: haha.funny,saw the teaser..y’know if i was the husband i would have divorced that woman long time ago..hate nagging! that hired guy,yeah i remember..the gay one in “Personal Taste”..but he was a bad guy in some movie i forgot what it is..the lead actor was also the guy in “Pasta” right?i’ve been reading good things bout that drama but i haven’t watch it..

          Lee Jun KI: sorry dear, i didn’t watch Il-Jimae..told yah im so not into Joseon era/period drama..hihi..but searched for it,it was only 20 epis..so,okay..will give it a try one day,since it’s highly recommended by you..=)

          Have you watched RTP? i was like, darn,her real mom was about to see the photo but then Se-na called..so i thought it’s not goin to happen..im glad it did at the end of the episode..(oopps..spoiler?)

          I do, I do: have you watched this trailer?
          looks funny though..=)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          did you see the new drama trailer on RTP’s recent episodes? it’s So Ji Sub..my oh my..he looks soo hot there..he has matured and the added years suits him well..he looks good today than he was in the past years..what new drama is that? watched him long time ago in “memories in Bali” with Ha ji won..and the other cute guy(forgot his name)..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          If the writers of QIM don’t smoke crack and mess up the storyline, i am there all the way

          Yes Lee Seon-kyun was the lead in Pasta with Gong Hyo Jin. I think it was my second Kdrama – the first was Bad Guy. Pasta was ok…

          Its too bad you don’t like era dramas cos you would have liked Il Ji Mae, although i shud give you a warning if you are considering watching it. Apparently was the drama was winding down, for some reason they ran out of time so they didn’t properly shoot the last ep. They quickly shot some scenes and added some scenes from before (that they had already used). I hate the way it ended, i was like WTH??!!!! It p***ed me off!! If you want a good happy ending where the lovers get together in the end stay clear of this one – not that they died
          BTW Park Shi Hoo is also in it

          I am watching RTP! I was so happy at the airport when the mother finally got to see the picture – i didn’t think it was going to happen. I was mad that the mother decided to forgive Sena so quickly – that girl needs to pay. I never imagined she could be as wicked as to let haelmoni die and also be in on the plan to kill Yong Tae as well. Its about time the real Yong Tae woke huh. Do you also think the person who died was Joseon Bak Ha and not the crown princess?

          I’ve seen the trailer for I do, I do, not really that great. i hope the next trailer is better

          The trailer you’re talking about is SJS”s new drama Ghost. I have never seen hi in any drama. I put the Bali drama on my watch list but i’ve never gotten around to watching it

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          yes, I forgot to add..there was this comment i read in some blogsite..saying that her guess was the one who died floating in the pond?river?..well it’s Boo Young the younger sister..so if she died there,then pak ha & the crown prince can be really together..but why would he say that it was the crown princess who died?

          Have you watched QIM 9 & 10 yet?me..not yet..busy this weekend..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I also don’t know why they said it was the crown princess who died. Notice how they did not show the face of the body in the pond, and he assumed it was the crown princess cos she went missing from his room. The people who did the autopsy also said it was the crown princess – remember when the yellow or was it green ranger was explaining that she ate something that was poisoned, he also did not say it was Bu Yong.

          QIM i saw ep 9, 10 is not out yet. I thought you had watched ep 9 so was about to start talking about it, will wait till you watch it

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          yup, just watched ep 9..oh my..complications! i love ep 9..i mean,how the story unfolds.i loved how the writer did some of the twists..
          don’t you just love the “hang dong min” guy?2nd lead actor..he is gorgeous! i mean soo cute! i wish he would do a drama where he’s a lead actor..
          ep 10..im about to watch,coz the subs are out already..but i already saw the raw vid..i was squealing with delight!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Soon as i read this post i went to check for ep 10 – am going to watch it right now!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          what’s your from QIM ost? i love “im goin to meet you right now”..=)
          sorry i got carried away for saying i squealed..hehe..complication after complication..i just loved seeing him back in modern time..it was kinda funny seeing that talisman stitched back into place..haha! still works huh..=)

          saw your comment in the CB..im with you in Absolute BF..it gets boring each time i watch it..GHS’s acting—-what’s with her?i don’t understand why she gets this role and act like that..maybe comedy is not really her cup of tea..i stopped watching it already..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          So far in the QIM OST am liking the instrumental which sounds a little like the one in Moon/Sun. I’ll listen again and see what others stand out.

          I am happy that he is back – i was thinking if the bad guy goes to the future when he was reading the talisman i was going to find the producers. i am happy that only GBD can use it, but does that mean if the bad guy gets one and gives it to the right minister he’ll also be able to move through time?
          I almost jumped into my screen to choke Hui Jin’s manager when she did not tell her about the call from GBD, i was steaming mad! I was a little sad that the ep ended without them spending some time together, i want more screen time with them two. HDM is cute but right now GBD is overshadowing him that i only see GBD. In ep 10 i liked Hue Jin’s acting, when she kept on saying “yes i know its a dream” and then talking about it as it were real. So she did not forget after all, she was just unsure cos no one else seemed to remember

          Abso BF GHS was acting like the TW actresses – that’s how they act and unfortunately i really don’t like it, but she’s doing a Twdrama so she has no choice. I have no idea why i’m still watching it honestly, as i told Alice am just a glutton for pain i guess. There’s supposed to be Kdrama version coming out but so far i haven’t heard anything about its production although i did see a poster with the actors that were in it – not sure where i saw it and don’t remember who the actors are

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          “i was thinking if the bad guy goes to the future when he was reading the talisman i was going to find the producers.”——-hahaha..had me laughin here..=)

          i think, it won’t do for the bad guy..if you remember what the monk had said to him..it was the loyalty of that gisaeng that makes it works only for him..the talisman was made out of pure heart & loyalty..that’s what the magic does..well,assuming the worst..and he also have a talisman that transports him too..he’s not as smart as GBD in the modern time..GBD is a few steps ahead of him already. it’s true when i said it’s complication after complication..the setting was different now..before,hui jin has nothing to do with HDM so it’s ok to be involved with GBD..now,the situation aggravates..the two are a couple already when GBD came back for like only 2 months past..everything happened in 2 months..whew! i can imagine when that happens to me..ill go crazy!

          haha..the manager, maybe i would have acted the same way..coz no one knows GBD.. a man from ” a dream” calls you on the phone..haha..imagine that!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          You know, i never thought about what you just said. Does this mean that things will not go back to normal/the way they should be? Remember when GBD went back to the past and managed to escape his death, history was rewritten/ adjusted accordingly. I assumed everything got messed up cos when the talisman was ripped it undid what had happened – except for the pple directly involved who still remembered – and that when he went back to the future everything would adjust accordingly i.e. when the talisman ripped there was no GBD but now that he’s back and even the manager is aware that GBD is back it would all turn back to the way it was…if it remains the way it is then things are going to get very messy indeed cos now HJ has to explain to HDM about GBD

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          yeah i think so..because the talisman was ripped off and so was the events..and when it was stitched back and to GBD’s hands again..it adds complications..and yeah you’re right..things are goin to get messed up…not to mention messing our brains already..haha!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          did you like how the RP ended? oohh.. i doooonn’ttt! well it seems okay but i mean, if i were pak-ha, i wouldn’t really be happy at all even if seeing the man i love in someone else’s face..it’s not him at all..it’s two different people..she just cannot ignore the memories they made togethr ..from pak-ha’s point of view, i’ll just take it as another love and having the same face as the man i loved is just a bonus!

          I would really be happy if it ended like the one in “kate & leopold”..she from the modern time went back to the past to join him and live happily with him..well, if i were Pak ha again, i wouldn’t mind living in the Joseon era and be the crown princess..hehe..=)

          anyway,good luck on your exams!

  43. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    yeah..i thought so too.. i think i was kinda disillusioned seeing him on that motorbike photo…oh well,wait till his time for the military..

    haha..i love those red shoes…but what’s with the pink one?ran out of red?=)
    that’s a good photo by the way, (the last one)..i wanna try it my chinggus…haha! but no, i second thought, i can’t pull that off..sitting like that..ewwk..haha!

  44. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    ^ Too much skinship eh Tessa? heehee! 😛 I sure won’t be able to pull that off….

    Pink…maybe because he was wearing light pink pants?

    Kim Sun Ah looks stunning with the chic cut and stylish clothing!

  45. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    yeah, and she has a good tall figure.. i love her long legs..but i wish she’d put on a little weight..
    and know what,she dances great too..she showed her dancing skills in City Hall..
    well, can’t blame Keane..this “Sunny” lady is sure Awesome!

  46. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    A1000 kisses – It was kind of disappointing ( ok, a big disappointing), but I watch it til the end for those 30 seconds of the OTP getting together.

    JHW deserves the role of BG in this new drama, I like his acting so much, It even dropped RTP and K2H from my favorite list. His character is the kind of hero I simply LOVE: smart, calm, calculated, handsome. The girl (even if she lacks depth) I like her, she is not the most beautiful girl in the show, she is not the smartest, the poorest like some other first leads, but she works hart to achieve her dreams, she is nice, loveable and she falls for him and makes him fall for her. I simply love this drama.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Hi Dana!

      It was dissapointing alright..but we were loyal and still finished it..=)
      if you love JHW that much, go ahead & give QIM (Queen In Hyun’s man) a try..you might love it too..just as we & Annette do..=)

  47. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Aside from the next flood of time-travel dramas, I’m looking forward to A Gentleman’s Dignity with sure-to-be-crackling entertaining Ajusshi in their 40s!

    Here’s a quick subbed teaser:

    Mainly, I’m eying Jang Dong Gun’s return to the small screen. He’s my first Korean celebrity crush back in 2000. Although, he looks very gaunt now…I still watch “All About Eve” once in a while to reminisce his perfect character.


    I’m not even sure when does page 3 start….. What’s the limit of comments I set for each page?

    While I’m at it, here’s Dr. Jin quick trailer:

    A pretty cast…… but I think Park Min Young needs a break to really settle down, watch her dramas, and improve! I swear this girl is on a luck streak, landing lead roles one after the other. All her characters seem like a version of herself. T__T. She’s a likable person through interviews but not a very capable actress to completely immerse herself in the character.

    How was Glory Jane for those who watched and finished it?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Whoa, i was just browsing yesterday about ” A gentleman’s dignity”..and yeah i thought it looks interesting..

      Umm Glory Jane, wasn’t able to finish it….but Song seung hyun..came back after what? “My Princess”, right?i saw the teaser photos and im excited..Jaejoong was also there..

      thanks for the trailers, kap!=)

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      I watched Glory Jane till the end and my advise is skip it, nothing memorable.
      Am not sure about Gentleman’s Dignity, the trailers didn’t really give me much to go on so will just have to wait for when it airs. The “sageuk” Gaksital didn’t look that interesting either and its set in the 1920’s I think – I prefer Joseon dynasty.

      I agree with you on PMY’s acting, she’s passable but not that great. The trailer for this drama too wasn’t interesting – BTW i read that in present time PMY’s supposed to be the lead actor’s sister and when they go back in time she’s his love interest…eh o.O that does not sound right at all

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Tessa, I’m like you, I watched a few episodes of Glory Jane…and kinda never went back. heh. Annette is great for sticking with it all the way to the end. I think most fans are looking forward to Dr. Jin too because of the leading men (choco abs (SSH), idols abs (Hero/JaeJoong), ajusshi abs (LBS). I saw Lee Bum Soo pictures! Yay for him but I was sad Kim So Yeon didn’t take part in this drama.

      Annette, I saw that you’re watching Jdramas too in the cbox! Weeeeee! Locked Room Murders is good. I like it, no acting like anime characters. hahah XD Did you watch LIFE too? It’s a bit on the dark side but I’m loving the holistic approach the writers are using to explain bullying and why it happens. Episode 7 is Sugoi!!

      And I still don’t understand how PMY character works…I mean… Seriously?!!!

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Am also sad Kim So Yeon is not in it – i lurv that girl!

        It had been a while since i watched Jdramas and i was looking for something to watch. I love that there’s no anime acting, i’m still not fully on board with the very physical Japanese style of acting but sometimes i can roll with it. No i have not seen LIFE and didn’t know about it till you mentioned it, i’ll look it up

        And by the way i just watched the Thai movie you wrote about – A Little Thing Called Love. It was really really cute and sweet – how adorable was that baby!!! But i can’t believe it ended like that! I wanted to see more romance between the two

        I thought you had heard about PMY’s character cos i am puzzled and wierded out by that plot

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Thai movies are cute and endearing. Have you tried Hello Strangers too Annette? You must! I went over to that thread and you said you were saving it for the holidays. heehee!! It’s hilarious!

        I think I’m going to try thai dramas next! Still looking for the perfect one, the one Ms. Frea & Yui recommended me….left me scarred for life. T_____T

        I did read about PMY’s character, still can’t wrap my head around it…It’s just wrong. The Jap version has at least two different actresses….They’re giving PMY more than she can handle. Tskk tskkk.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I said i’dsave it for the holidays? LOL! I don’t even remember but now that you’ve brought it up i’ll go look it up

          I have quietly become addicted to Thai dramas thanks to the ladies here who were suggesting them! I have racked up quite a few i must say and found really good ones too! Let me just say this – Korean men are not the only fly asian boys people!!! I luv me Thai boys too!

          What drama did you watch that scarred you? As much as i enjoyed the lakorns i however discovered a disturbing trend. In most of the dramas they tend to have violence against women – sexual violence/ rape – some women are raped more than once – and at the end of the drama the girl and the guy that raped her are in love!!! I was like WTH!!!! Am thinking this guy raped me a couple of times but i end up in love with him so its ok????!!! Its as if they’re saying/sending an implicit message that if a guy rapes you its ok so long as he makes you his wife, and that its ok to rape a woman you think is spiteful, you want to get revenge on/as punishment etc.
          If they dared to air such here in the US it would raise hell and i mean figuratively and literally

          Some of the dramas i did like unfortunately had rapes in them. I think you should watch these ones, i really enjoyed these so i’ll recommend them to you:

          Wanida – my fav XD

          Kon Ruk Luang Jai – i was really surprised by this one. it was a delight but the makeup and the clothes were egregious

          Thara Himalai (Thara’s Himalaya) – this was also a surprise. I really liked the actress and the characters her brothers played

          Hua Jai Ruk Karm Pope – enjoyed this more cos of the actress. She didn’t take no crap from anyone, but alas only subbed to ep 11 on Viki, 12 in incomplete and the rest of the eps have no subs and there are none anywhere

          Taddayo Bussaya – was not too bad

          So ist true, they’ll be siblings AND LOVERS??!!! I fail to understand how that would sound ok to them? Even if PMY’s character was adopted in the present time, the fact that they’re raised together as siblings should make that incest

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          hahaha Annette, the thai celebrities that I saw through google search alone are gorgeous. The males aren’t like korean idols, stick skinny. They’re BUFF, even before serving in the army!! Man!!

          Yes yes yes!! Exactly what I heard and watched too. Frea and Yui recommended me a thai drama called “Sawan Biang”…and oh god. I couldn’t go past episode 5 because that’s when the nightmare starts…and he raped her three times in one episode. Bloody hell…..I was shaking with anger.

          1st time: Your sister wants me, but I won’t let her have me. YOU can have me.
          2nd time: You won’t eat? I will rape you again!!
          3rd time: You won’t say sorry? I’ll tie you to a pool, let you soak in the rain, then rape you!

          GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH do not understand. Can’t fathom. I look through the comments on youtube and they say she forgives him in the end because he repented (after learning that she’s pregnant with his child), and did everything he could to love her during the nine-month period. Still, I’m scarred and rightfully so!

          What’s worst is that while the rape scene is happening, the editor has the AUDACITY to insert a love song?!!! Romanticizing rape? Hell no!

          The acting from the lead actress is top-notch though. I cried like a blubbering mess whenever she cries. The lead actor is handsome but his character makes me want to carry a bazooka and put some holes in his body…….

          I cannot even write/say rape properly after a few days. It’s now called Mr. R to spare some pain…. >.< Thanks for the recommendations! I'll take a look and report back if anything good hits my radar! It's funny Annette, Song Seung Hun's character back in Autumn Love is also in love with his fake sister...who was accidentally switched at birth to live with them. After the truth is out... the two girls went back to their rightful positions during their teens. His character loves his fake sister all the way through the drama. I guess... the writer finds it acceptable....

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Hahaha! Alice you’re so on point with the music, its disturbing that at a moment that is supposed to be one of the worst most horrifying experience a woman can go through, they play romantic music – to make it endearing??
          I did watch Swam Biang (BTW the lead actor is actually an American, he went to Thailand for a friend’s wedding, caught the attention of some modeling agency pple as they rest is history) – and as you know am a glutton for punishment – i watched it to the end. The whole time i was like “are you freakin kidding me!!”
          There’s one Mr. R. The ones you mentioned happened at his house. They go back to his father’s house and he rapes her again when everyone’s in the house – i was going “scream for help!” – the threat that the guy gave was that if she called for help he would tell everyone that the time she disappeared (when he took her to his house) they were actually together. Why kind of threat is that – she has a mouth and could say he’s lying. Why should they believe him not her?
          There’s a point she escapes and hides away when she learns she’s pregnant. Apparently during the time he was torturing her, he fell in love with her (that why he was Mr. R – they actually want me to believe this nonsense?!!!). He found out she was pregnant but because she lied and said the baby wasn’t his, he got mad. When he found out it was his baby he went to look for her and when he found her tried to make amends. She refused to have anything to do with her – i was happy that she didn’t want to see him. But in the end she forgives him – why these women don’t go to the police and report this i will never understand, cos for one his DNA can be matched

          After watching many of these dramas, it seems as if the guys like/find the girl attractive despite the fact that they have something against them, so its ok to Mr. R As for the women, because they have feelings for the guy, they let them get away with it.

          The second Thai drama i watched was Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk. Lots if cute scenes, lots of nuzzling is this one. I liked it at the beginning, when they were so cute and innocent – the lead actress loses her memories, is washed ashore some island and she’s found by the inhabitants. For some reason she was acting like a kid again, but she was adorable, and she falls in love with a cute island boy. Later on in the drama she’s taken home and she regains her memories but forgets the island and everyone. The guy goes to look for her there’s a Mr. R but they make it seem like it wasn’t since she did not resist him – cos her body remembers him – wth??! BTW on the island they were married. I did enjoy the scenes they were on the island, and i did notice that this girl is not skinny like other actresses. She is very beautiful but she’s healthy and she looks really good. I love that the Thai actress don’t have the pressure on them to be skinny. I think in all the dramas i’ve watched, non of the actresses were skinny, and yes the men are buff and hot!

          In Autumn Love, did the two end up together? How can you have romantic feelings for someone who you’ve known as you’re brother all your life?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Ah! You already watched it and stayed until the end? Omg, you brave soul Annette. My angry tears told me to stay away. I’m surprised the main girl didn’t go coo-coo over the course of her capture, how her body and mind were emotionally and physically put under cruel conditions..

          Game Rai Game Ruk! I think Frea and Yui recommended me this one. I see beautiful actors and actresses. I’m going to give it a try after the mayhem of this week’s finales.

          In Autumn Love, the two loved each other until the end, but they were separated because she died from cancer. Believe me Annette, the trend during the time was cancer. “They drop like flies in every drama” – quoting my mom when she was an active Kdrama watcher. 😛

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          The actors are pretty to look at but after a while it becomes the typical lakorn. After i saw the two leads in that drama i liked them but now am tired of them. Too much cutesyness – but not the gagging kind a la Raini Yang so don’t worry. Another lakorn i saw w/out Mr. R was Roy Marn – well it happened to the second lead girl. It was my first lakorn and wasn’t too bad – i liked the leads, although the girl could be bratty at times but nonetheless i was rooting for her

  48. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    I Need Romance 2012 drops their first teaser!!!!! Lee. Jin. Wook! I didn’t know his buddy Kim Ji Suk is in it too!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      What in the world!?! Ò_Ó Charlie’s Angels, Coyote Ugly, and Romeo+Juliet rolled into one? Is it going to be all about movie cliches? I don’t know how to react to this.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Keane am with you! Am trying to figure out what the heck it is that i just saw. It looks nothing like the first one – i know this is not meant to be a sequel but this is too far from what i watched and after this trailer am not sure i want to watch it

  49. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    kap, can i change my avatar?im not lovin those shark teeth..hehe..JK!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      haha Tessa, your avatar makes me think of a cheeky scientist, laughing evilly – until his plan is demolished by power rangers. hehe. I think you can change it by making an account at gravatar.com (very simple). Then, whenever you leave a comment at a blog with the same email, your chosen avatar shows up. =)

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Nah..changed my mind Kap..at least im unique! who has those ragged teeth but me..haha!

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