[Shows] Happy Land 164 & Twinkle Time 303

Women and their eye make-up = hilarious here!

–  Photobucket = Twinkle Time

*Season 2 Episode 303:
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: So what happened after MC Shin Jung Hwan’s gambling scandal? K.B.S decides to not air any of the episodes he appeared in. They aired Episode 303 this week. So yea…the answer everyone has been waiting for…

Photobucket = Happy Land

*Episode 164:
Guests: 4 Announcers – Hwang Jung Min, Kim Gyeon Ran, Oh Jeong Yeon, Jeon Hyun Meo
Watch here: [email protected]
– The finger game at the end!! Emcees VS Announcers = Epic battle!!


  1. One thought on “[Shows] Happy Land 164 & Twinkle Time 303

    I really like past MC for Star Golden Bell, the male guest. His meepsang (hateful) TV personality is so unique and funny. I really enjoyed the last HT episode he was in too. And the oldest announcer seemed kind of rude sometimes, though she was really funny (the weird expressions and noises she made after getting sprayed with water were awkward, but funny). If you don't know Korean, you might not know what I'm talking about. Not all the comments are put in the subtitles, especially if guests are talking in the background. And the oldest female announcer made some off color remarks at some points…In fact, it seemed to me that the male announcer kind of disliked the oldest female announcer, because he was kind of short with her. Anyways, I really enjoyed seeing the past female MC for SGB. She's as lovely as ever!! And I have to say, I MISS THE OLD SGB DAYS!! I miss having Jaedong as the MC, I miss the old format and structure of SGB, I miss seeing the plentiful guests of idols, actors, veteran singers, etc, and I miss Nicole…

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