[Shows] Happy Land 173 & Twinkle Time 311

Photobucket = Twinkle Time

*Season 2 Episode 311:
Guests: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder, 2AM’s Changmin, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, Jung Juri, Kim Tae Hyun, etc…
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
– Comment: This is it guys and gals, the last episode of the long-running show, “Star Golden Bell”. It’s sad seeing how attached Jung Juri is to this show… 🙁

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*Episode 173:
Guests: Tony An, Kim Ji Sun, Jung Juri, Hwang Hyun Hee, Kim Jae Duk
Watch here: Download here!
– Comment: DailyMotion is trying to kill me…it takes 5 hours to upload one part for Happy Land yet 5 minutes to upload Twinkle Time…so here’s the download link folks. I’ll upload this episode at another time.

Alice: The first Official episode of “100 Points out of 100” premieres next week on this blog. The previous episode is the pilot episode. This new show will be nicknamed “Full Marks” (suggested by Anonymous! Thanks a lot!). Looking forward to it.


[Shows] Happy Land 172 & Twinkle Time 310

♥ Sooyoung ♥

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*Season 2 Episode 310:
Guests: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder, Hwayobi, SungKyunKwan Scandal’s Supporting Actors, Dong Yi’s Dongyun & Damin, Tony, SG Wannabe, Yurisangja
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion

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*Episode 172:
Guests: SNSD’s Taeyeon – Yuri – Seohyun – Sunny – Sooyoung
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
– Comment: Sunny cracks me up with her cute walk… I want Sooyoung’s Ringtone voice “12 o’clock!! So animated and cute! That girl is awesome with imitation. XD

Alice: Merry Christmas Everyone!! 

[Shows] Happy Land 171 & Twinkle Time 309

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*Season 2 Episode 309:
Guests: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, FT Island’s Hongki – Jonghoon & Seunghyun, T-Ara’s Hyomin & Soyeon…
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
– Comment: Just before people ask, 100/100 Points didn’t air this week.

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*Episode 171:
Guests: Idol Group’s 2PM
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion

Alice: I’m dead tired right now. I started out my week looking like this:

…but today, I’m a goner….

Well, at least I’m done with my finals! Whew!

[Shows] Happy Land 169 & Twinkle Time 308


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*Season 2 Episode 308:
Guests: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder, U-Kiss’s Kevin & Dongho, Nine Muses’ Eunji, Chae Yeon, Hwangbo, etc…
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion

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*Episode 169:
Guests: Joo Ja Hyun, Park Seulgi, Kim Heung Soo, Jung Chan, Seonwoo
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
– Comment: haha@ a girl’s real scream… Don’t you love it when actors dance? It’s awkwardly cute. I have never seen Kim Heung Soo in a drama before…boy, when he stands, he’s like the Eiffel Tower. o__o A tidbit: He’s recently cast in KBS’s drama President with veteran Choi Su Jong, set to air after Rain’s Runaway Plan B.


[Shows] Happy Land 168 & Twinkle Time 307

Photobucket = Twinkle Time

*Season 2 Episode 307:
Guests: BEAST’s Yoseob & Junhyung, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder, Secret’s Zinger, Hyosung, Sunhwa & Ji Eun etc…
Watch here: Playlist @ SevenLoad
– I actually watched this week’s episode! The three idol groups are entertaining with their “likes” and “confidence”…but I miss Doojoon’s wittiness and G.O’s humor. heh. Soojung Vs Kim Tae Hyun!

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*Episode 168:
Guests: Park Young Kyu, Chun Myung Hoon, Noh Yoo Min, Seonu Yongyeo
Watch here: Playlist @ Daily Motion

Have fun watching!

[Shows] Happy Land 167 & Twinkle Time 306

Photobucket = Twinkle Time

*Season 2 Episode 306:
Guests: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, F.Cuz’s Jin On & Lee U), Sistar’s Bora & Dasom, Dam (Sun Joon’s butler in Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Watch here: Playlist@SevenLoad
Photobucket = Happy Land

*Episode 167:
Guests: Clazziquai’s Alex, Wheesung, Park Jung Ah (love her!), Park So Hyun
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
– Comment: A lot of age-teasing in this episode!

—-> I will be hibernating this weekend and do some hardcore studying for my third round of exams, and writing up 2 papers. So be nice to one another around here! 🙂