[Shows] Happy Land 163 – No Twinkle Time this week!

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*Episode 163:

Guests: Cast from movie “Cyrano Dating Agency” – Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Min Jung & Park Shin Hye, Park Cheol Min, Hwang Hyeon Hui
Watch here: Playlist @ Daily Motion

Frequently Answered Question: What the heck happened to Twinkle Time?!
– As notified last week by some fans, the reason why K.B.S stops airing Twinkle Time is because of MC Shin Jung Hwan’s Gambling Scandal. Episodes with him hosting won’t be released until further notice. Few articles I find: Here & Here. For folks who are looking forward to Shinee’s appearance, you ought to look for their fanclub’s subbing project, I’m sure they sub Twinkle Time with the boys.

Frequently Answered Question: Something is wrong with Seveload/DailyMotion? I can’t view anything! 
– Here’s the deal folks, I can’t satisfy EVERYONE. Impossible. There will always be problems with one streaming site over the other for that small unfortunate group of people. Unfair, but that’s life. I will be switching between both accounts for my uploads.


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    First time leaving a comment xD
    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the videos ^__^

  2. 3 thoughts on “[Shows] Happy Land 163 – No Twinkle Time this week!

    Thanks for the subs! =)

    Also every1 that is having problems with the sevenload, dnt push the play button cause it doesnt buffer that way…. u just have click on the secs thing and itll start load, once it does load just move the thiing to the beginning! Thats how i get mine to work

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