Love of Aurora First Trailer: Ma Ke and Guan Xiao Tong

Adapted from the novel of the same name, Love of Aurora (极光之恋) stars Ma Ke (Song of Phoenix) and Guan Xiao Tong (Novoland: The Castle In the Sky) in a bickering romance from school well into their adulthood. He’s an heir to a large company while she aspires to become an actress, returning from her overseas study to help her mom’s failing health. As expected from modern Cdrama trailers, first half is cute then comes the crazy. XD

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  1. Kathy

    is anyone going to sub this?

    hopefully kappy can give us recaps :D?

  2. KKC

    Omg haha, I was vegging through the trailer and then the Princess’ Man OST smacked me in the face at 6:21! Some how it made me more interested?

    1. KKC

      LOL and then Kill Me Heal Me at 9:43 and I Can Hear Your Voice at 10:38!! At least they picked good songs?

  3. Majesty

    LMAO! The second half of this trailer is so melodramatic and ridiculous I couldn’t stop laughing.

    It’s like they realised they hadn’t stuffed every dramatic cliche known to man in the first half so they would do it in the second half. All the slapping, fires, car accident, slo mo fight scenes, people dropping to their knees, evil second leads being evil, a million almost kisses between the leads, dramatic music and not to forget the CC TV footage of the bride making out with who knows who and projected at her wedding ceremony and why is Ma Ke’s character bowing in slo mo to different people every few minutes. Hahaha! It’s like one of those old crazy telenovelas.

  4. frea

    LOL@ the part where Ma Ke flipped xiao tong’s cellphone….. and she asked if he thinks he’s Song Joong Ki…. the failed version!!

    so much songs from kdramas….makes it less and less original. cmon china! you have a lot of songs to choose from, why always copy others?!!

    1. Donald


  5. Banu

    This drama looks really good and I love the fact leads use there own voice.
    Funny that Chinese drama still use Korean ost (Kill me Heal me) but don’t allow anything Korean XD

  6. chasingpolaris

    I like Ma Ke but not enough to sit through this whole thing. Lol.

    What I find is interesting is seeing Zhang Xiao Long as the second male lead. It feels so out of place to see him in this kind of series.

  7. LaoJibao

    So much deceit, so much treachery, so much makjang. Watching the entire trailer made me go “WHAT” numerous times. Seems like the only good thing in this drama is going to be the two’s romance. But I’m not sure if that’s enough to persuade me to watch through the whole thing.

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