Jdrama: Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo OST

Track list:

— Full Album —

01. Sabão – アップデート | Update (Opening Theme Song)
02. Sabão – たからもの | Thanks For All (Closing Theme Song)
03. Sabão – Goodbye Namida
04. Sabão – White Knight
05. Sabão – 会いたくて | Want To See You
06. Sabão – さよならわたしの片想い | Goodbye My Unrequited Love
07. Sabão – イタズラRhapsody | Mischievious Rhapsody
08. Sabão – Hey, Mr. Cool
09. Various Artists – 「アップデート」~ギターバージョン~ | Update (Guitar version)
10. Various Artists – ハッピーライフ | Happy Life
11. Various Artists – 琴子Love | Kotoko Love
12. Various Artists – 入江直樹! | Naoki Irie!
13. Various Artists – 金之助はおれのことや! | Kin-chan!
14. Various Artists – 入江家の毎日 | Irie Family
15. Various Artists – 本末転倒 | Upside Down
16. Various Artists – Love in Tokyo
17. Various Artists – 「たからもの」~ギターバージョン~ | Thanks For All (Guitar version)
18. Various Artists – 「アップデート」~オルゴール バージョン~ | Update (Music Box version)
19. Yamada Yuki – I Love You, Kotoko (TV version)

♦♦♦ Download Full Album Below ♦♦♦ [Buy the album via iTunes]

— EP album —

01. Sabão – アップデート Update
02. Sabão – たからもの Thanks For All
03. Sabão – アップデート Update (Karaoke version)
04. Sabão – たからもの Thanks For All (Karaoke version)

♦♦♦ Download EP Album Below ♦♦♦ [Buy the album via iTunes]

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The UNOFFICIAL full album tracks. Any help finding the true title tracks is much appreciated.

I update the album with OFFICIAL title tracks, 130826. Links have revision.

Ironically, the only (piano) score I like is not on this list so I’ll just have to rip them and share my serene sanctuary:
01. Naoki Cries
02. Naoki’s & Kotoko’s Third Kiss
03. Wistfully 150513 – I’ve decided to share an MQ mp3 of my fav track (in full) to the few who do not HIT&RUN from AVV’s TWITTER. I won’t share HQ because HIT&RUNs displease me so.

And last but not least, in appreciation to XYZ for the link here’s a little something extra for our Miss Jpop teammate. See below:


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