Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

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Mother Hen and the three gossipers! I love when these four share the same scene. It’s light and fuzzy and cute. And Sam’s reaction is hilarious as he feels challenged by the hyperactive Holiday, playful with Coco, and critical of Isaac. Yet together, these three dominate the mother hen with their mischief. Careful there Sam, losing MOAR hair doesn’t do your image any good. Breathe! And now I’m just sad that our little makeshift family is split up in the next few episodes for the development of other story threads, especially that pesky thing we call love. Oh yea, it comes with multiple sides too. What? You don’t like subtle hints? We have a doll for that! Meet triangle!

Episode 6 Summary:

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The gossipers gather around in the living room to decide what to do in regards to Zoe look-alike, Summer. Isaac truly believes that his brother has gotten over his deceased wife already and thinks that he should introduce the two before they coincidentally bump into each other at the airport without prior meeting. Coco, her boyfriend, Nick, and Roy don’t think so. The pain of losing Zoe sent Sam into the pits of depression for two years. They suggest to wait it out for as long as possible.

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So in episode 6 we see a busy Isaac using every fiber in his body to stop Sam from meeting Summer. He even goes as far as driving Summer and her lackey, Ah Bee, home, leaving his brother hanging in the airport cafe. When he’s home, annoyed Sam moves over to question Isaac. “Are you hiding something from me?” Isaac’s eyeballs round his orbit, “No one can hide anything from you! You’re Samuel Tong!” Insistent on finding the reason behind his brother’s fishy beahavior, he replies with humor, “But you are Issac Tong. You’re brilliant in causing trouble. You know that?” Afraid that he’ll be pressured to spill the beans, Isaac hurries up the flight of stairs, purposefully teasing his brother’s age, “Uncle, be quiet, others are sleeping, OK?”

I love Sam’s face. Ha!

Next day, Sam meets up with his friend, fellow Captain Tony, the kind husband of Heather. The two were involved in a project before Sam disappeared with Zoe and now they’re starting it again. It’s called PPP, short for Pre-Pilot Project, a program to help fund young potentials who are interested in the Aviation industry. If the selected candidates passed the program training and received recommendation from the instructors, they can directly apply for the cadet-training at Skylette Airline. Jayden later gets invited into the committee after he saves the life of the (haughty) sponsor.

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Near the end of episode 6, what Isaac spent the whole hour worrying about transpires into motion. The three gossipers look down in horror and witness as Summer and Sam walk towards each other from the opposite direction. They walk past each other safely but fate has decided the meeting must happen today. Summer stops to help pick up a few luggages while Sam turns around on a whim after feeling a pull of destiny.

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Shocked by the physical appearance, Sam stares blankly into Summer’s face, his eyes glowing intensely. After a pregnant moment, Summer meets his gaze, “Are you done? I am not who you think I am. My Chinese name is not So Yee. My English name is also not Zoe.”

His face betrays a smile, as if beyond happy that someone with a face so similar to Zoe knows his Zoe. “You know Zoe?”

“I don’t. But many have mistaken me for her.”

Snapping out of his astonishment, Sam reaches out for a handshake. She takes it and leaves curtly.

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And yet, after she leaves, shock engulfs his whole face and body as the trio looks on, alarmed and somewhat relieved. An excellent scene performed by Francis. Very subtle changes in his expression and yet we see the magnitude of the meeting on his whole body.

Episode 7 Summary:

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At home that night, while the two brothers dine, Isaac’s eyes refuse to stray away from his brother. He asks, concerned, “Are you okay? Really okay?” Sam simply shrugs, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Don’t you find that shocking? Or maybe so unbelievable you want to…Cry?”

Casually, Sam replies, “I’m actually not that surprised. I knew she existed and I was prepared. Zoe’s mannerisms, expressions and gestures, and the way she talked were unique.”

Isaac prods further, “Can you let go?”

Sam’s response is easier said than done, but it’s sweet. “Something is irreplaceable, and doesn’t need a replacement.”

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We get to meet another major character in Jim Chi Lun (Him Law). This tickles me cause the actor’s real name is Him and in the drama his older brother calls him affectionately by Jim Jim. heh. Anyway, he’s a representative swimmer for Hong Kong and has won many medals. The passengers crowd around him for pictures and autographs, to which he kindly accepts without complaints. However, things become uncomfortable when two fangirls kiss him at the same time on each cheek. Unsure of what to do and really embarrassed, he runs to the bathroom. Worried about being touched by his fans, Jim Jim stays in the there, which is when Coco offers her assistance. She upgrades him into First Class, away from the grabbity fans. He’s thankful and apologizes for causing her so much trouble. When he leaves the airport, the poster for PPP catches his attention. He looks at it keenly.

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Our charming womaniser, Jayden, may be suave with the ladies but he fails miserably when it comes to smoothing the rough edges with his sister. It happens that he remembers his sister’s birthday (when Isaac reminds him about the PPP’s meeting date.) He marches over to the technician’s area and notices Summer’s toolbox. Hidden in her glove, he finds a broken watch and smiles knowingly. He takes the watch and enlists the help of his Robin, that is Isaac, if you didn’t know already. Thanks to Robin, the watch is fixed and they plan a surprise birthday party for Summer on November 10th (yo, that’s my bro’s!)

Is she happy at his thoughtful preparation? Nope. The girl doesn’t break a smile at all. Why? Her birthday has passed! It was on October 11th! Jayden parts his lips in surprise and levels a death glare at the flight attendant girls for not knowing their landlord’s birth date. He turns around and faces Summer, “It’s okay! It’s the thought that counts right?” He presents her with the fixed watch, thinking that this will mollify her cold attitude somewhat. Again. Nope. Summer dumps the watch in the nearest juice container and walks out. Angry, Jayden follows her.

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Wise he is with the ladies, he’s confused and frustrated with his sister. “This watch…you’ve kept it with you, that proves I have a spot in your heart. What do you want from me?” Tired of his foolish actions, she replies with exasperation, “You still don’t get it?” He bellows: “Explain it to me!”

Summer: “Remember when this watch stopped? The day you left home to join the air force, your sister begged you to stay. You pushed her away and she fell down with the watch. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The watch stopped that very moment.”

Jayden: “So you kept the watch but didn’t fix it, so you’ll always remember I left you at 2 o’clock.”

And finally a different emotion from Summer as she explodes but very quickly regains control. “Yes!! I wasn’t even 10 years old, how could you be so heartless? I don’t understand why you’re so happy about the watch. But then again, it’s not hard to understand. You only care about yourself!”

That night, Isaac returns home and relays the whole story to Sam, who listens silently and watches his brother feeling guilty for not being able to help mend Jayden’s relationship with his sister. He then takes out his own identical watch, a gift from Zoe. “Even if you can have the watch fixed, you can’t have their relationship fixed. Take my watch. The watch is a dead object and Ha Sun (Summer’s Chinese name) is a human being. Zoe always stuck her nose in other people’s business. She wouldn’t want to see anyone upset, especially a girl who looks so much like her. Let this be a different way of keeping Zoe in our memory.” Aww.

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Isaac meets up with Summer at a random location in front of the beach, which is odd but hey, it’s a nice view! He shows her the functional watch and at one glance, she recognizes that it’s not hers. Isaac confirms her suspicions by honestly confessing that it belongs to his brother, who has kindly offers it to her as a gift from Zoe.

But even knowing what Sam wants, Isaac, this sweet boy doesn’t do as suggested. “It took my brother two years to get over his loss, and put his uniform back on. He asked me to let you use the movement for your watch, but I won’t do that. I’m just showing it to you, and not giving it to you.”

Confused, Summer says, “But I didn’t ask for this watch. I don’t know why your brother offers it…”

Isaac: “Because Zoe meant the world to Sam. He offered his watch, because he wanted you to understand the reason behind. What he cares about is the love for a person, not for an object. Life is fragile. Not everyone can grow old with a beloved. You must cherish being brother and sister. I’m returning your watch. It stopped precisely at 2 o’clock. It might remind you of that day over 10 years ago when you were abandoned. But I’ll remember that day years later as a brother asking for his sister’s forgiveness.”

Dude, can I give Isaac a big hug? Why is he so sweet like this? Saying all the right words, hitting all the right spots.

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It’s also in episode 7 that we get to reunite with the emo-now-happy Holiday. She has come to Hong Kong to pursue her new dream. To repay her mother’s kindness of hospitality, Sam can’t say no to her rooming with them. Coco and Isaac look at the punk girl suspiciously, though they’re excited to have a fresh mouth in the house. heh.

Isaac has more exams to pass before he can get the title Captain and he uses this opportunity to ask for his brother’s notes. Sam wiggles his fingers, every pilot has his own set of study guides, he’s not relenting to his own brother.

Episode 8 Summary:

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Well, if Sam declines to give up the notes willingly, Holiday would have to steal it. And she does it rather successfully. Not to be called a lazy bone, she actually spends time studying and memorizing the facts.

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Turns out Holiday shares a fated meeting with Zoe before she passed away. Flashback: Both were headed back to London but because of her worsening condition, Zoe handed her ticket to Holiday, along with the Angel of Destiny (from the prequel), Triangle. She hoped that if Holiday chances upon her husband to tell him not to blame himself.

There’s a funny sequence where Holiday assumes that Sam is dating this young girl (Apple, too many characters!) and happily declares to Zoe that he’s moved on. She leaves the doll on the roof of Skylette, hoping that it would find a new owner to serve. However, Summer catches this moment and returns it to Holiday’s bag quietly. Freaked out at the doll’s reappearance, Holiday finds out that the girl with Sam is someone he sponsors, not his girlfriend. She figures that Zoe’s spirit will not rest in peace until Sam finds his lifelong happiness. heh.

Episode 9 Summary:

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The beginning of episode 9 cracks me up cause Isaac and Coco are running laps in the morning with a cloud of confusion hovering above their heads. With a hand against the pole, each believes that Holiday’s been acting weird lately. They agree that Holiday might like Sam but is acting cool and aloof. But when they ask the source (Holiday), she promptly laughs and spits her breakfast into Isaac’s face. As if on cue, Coco explodes into fits of giggles. Holiday adds, “I know Brother Sam is the most eligible bachelor in town. But he’s too…square for me! See? He’s not right for me!” When Coco speaks up and gets choked on her food, Isaac returns the favor with his own chuckle and fingers pointing. Oh you two. So adorable. I need at least one scene of them in every episode writer! Appease this shipper’s heart!?

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Determined to get Sam a girlfriend, Holiday seeks the help of her accomplices – Isaac and Coco, and sets up a profile for Sam on a dating website. In truth, it’s a bargain deal to enter the dating club. Two people for the price of one. 😀 She then pleads with him to come along, provoking his protective paternal side by saying, “You wouldn’t let me go to some unknown place to meet an unknown man alone, right?”

Embarrassed by the whole situation, Sam enters a phase we call speechless, as he can only furrow his brows ineffectually. This family is so cute to watch. More please!

So on the double date they go…and this is Sam’s WTH faces when he meets his date, a woman who dresses like a hybrid between a maid and a cat. LOL!

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I repeat this scene multiple times because it’s just too funny! You can tell Francis is trying to control his laughter at the ridiculousness of the whole segment. 😛

True to Sam’s style, he’s a true gentleman and gives her some dating tips (ha!). “Do you mind if I give you some feedback? If you are looking for Mr. Right, maybe you should wear something more understated, more age appropriate.” After dinner, he takes her out to the movies and sees her home.

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Anyway, less family time now as the PPP interviewing process is underway and we meet our batch of young potentials, the major ones being Holiday and Jim Jim. The night before the interview, Sam, for the first time ever, lets his anger out at Holiday because he truly believes that she doesn’t have the passion for flying. She retorts that she’ll prove it to him.

So during her interview, Sam is critical of her, just like he is of Isaac. However, Tony likes her quick thinking and analysis of the situation. The final question has a time limit of an hour for each candidate. “What is the difference between flying a two-engine plane and a four-engine one?” Everyone cracks their head over the question and Holiday happens to bump into Jayden and hears that the girl addressed him as Captain.

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She asks for his help to which he cutely squishes his face and replies, “That’s cheating.” He turns and she chases after him. “Fine. Then give me some tips, I’ll work it out on my own.” He mulls over the idea for a quick second before smiling and leaning in closer, “If you want tips, give me a kiss.” He says it in English. DANG YOU JAYDEN! YOU SEXY BAS****!!

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She gives him a quick peck and he says curtly, “Thank-you.” Flabbergasted, she runs after him. “What about the tips?” Jayden: “I have given it to you.” Her eyes go wide, when?? He’s all, “You have the beauty but not the brains. I really hate myself for having a soft spot for women.” He then spells out, “S.T.U.P.I.D.” HAHAHA! She chides herself for falling prey to his antics.

Episode 10 Summary:

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As it turns out, there’s a K.I.S.S principle! And it simply means, Keep it Simple, Stupid! Thanks to the hard-working males around her, Holiday successfully solves the question. With two-engine planes, one engine failing means immediate landing, but with four-engine planes, there are two backups, the plane can continue to fly. Again impressed with her thinking, Tony backs her up when he and Sam decide on the twelve candidates. It’s down between her and this other Mr. Facts Guy.

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During another break, Holiday thanks Jayden for his tip. She buys him a bottle of drink from a machine. Unsatisfied, he questions, “You’ve passed the test and this is all I get?” Holiday asks, “What do you want?”

Jayden: “Simple! K.A.P!”

Me: “Yes, yes?”

Jayden extends his neck out and smiles with his eyes closed. “Kiss Again Please!”

Not to be taking advantage again, she bites down on her lip and slaps him. “S.L.A.P is what you get! Stupid like a pig!”

I’m loving all the jargon in this episode.

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When Holiday and the other male candidate enter back into the room, Jayden is now seated as one of the judges. He cheekily cups his burning cheek and levels a I’m-the-judge-today look at her. You guys know what? Resistance is futile with this charming womanizer! Just embrace it! 😎

The judges want to hear why they’re a better than the other. While the guy says he’s better than Holiday at the facts and textbook materials, she gets points for speaking about team work. Long story short, the guy is picked and she’s also chosen as the extra head count, all thanks to Jayden because he believes that not everyone has a dream to pursue and who knows, maybe this program will help explore that passion in Holiday.

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First big argument between our two captains. Despite Jayden’s laziness in attending the PPP meetings, Sam has quietly accepted his nature but this time, he catches him carrying a luggage for a trip with his latest girlfriend, leaving the responsibility of training the new recruits on him. He cannot stand that nonchalant attitude any longer. “It was because of your opinion that we added an extra student! You know all the candidates are passionate about flying. If you think this is a game, it’s an insult to them!!” Frustrated, Sam throws up his arms in the air, a sign of defeat.

Jayden listens passively to the lecture with his sunglasses on, cool but simmering underneath. He continues to smile but getting called out for being irresponsible burns his ego ya know? If Summer were here, she would agree with Sam and I think Jayden hates those words the most because it reminds him that he has failed his sister.

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And here we are! Sam, along with the other instructors, are leaving for training with the new kids at London. Coco and Isaac bid them farewell at the airport, hugging each other to show Sam that they will take care of one another. Sam shoos them to go home but they jokingly reply that they’re here for Holiday. heehee!

The 7th member on this trip is late and it’s no other than Jim Jim, who earns a few groans from the other kids because they think he got in because his uncle is Adrian, the General Manager of Skylette. Coco chastises him for being late and he lights up, recognizing her as the flight attendant who helped him on his previous flight. They’re gonna be adorable together, aren’t they?

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London, they’re here. To relax the recruits, Jayden takes them out to a pub. They drink and chat. Which results in tired faces and yawns the next morning in class. Tony and Sam wonder what they did last night, suggesting that maybe a ride on the plane would wake them up. Unfortunately, Jayden steps in and denies them access, citing the reason that went drinking last night and therefore stripped of their rights to fly today. “If a pilot knows he’s flying the next day, he won’t drink the night before.” When one of them points to Jayden and says he drank too, he corrects the guy, he did not have a single drop of alcohol.

Holiday shouts: “You set us up!!”

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Sam intervenes, “Watch your attitude, Holiday. Though you guys are not cadets yet, I hope you’ll respect each instructor’s teaching method.” He then stands back and lets Jayden take charge. He gives them a shot at flying on the condition that they all pass two tests.

Results: No flying today because Holiday and Jim Jim have failed.

Exiting the classroom, Jayden stops Holiday. “Still angry?” She shakes her head, obviously not liking his teaching style. “Of course not, you’re my instructor.” Jayden repeats, “I’m only your instructor in class. Outside of class…I’m…”

Holiday: “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

Jayden: “Whether you’re interested or not, I want you to know I’ll always be your Mr. Nice.”

———- End ————-

Kappy A: Is that last line foreshadowing their relationship? ‘Cause we know that Nice Guys rarely get the girls in dramaland, no?

The momentum has slowed down, as expected, when the screen time is divided among the other cast members. And I find myself forwarding those scenes, unfortunately. One thing that I’ve been wary about is the large cast of this production, which automatically means there will be scenes added to be fillers or for the sake of involving everyone. And I’m talking about Roy’s failed playboy persona. I’m not sure why they added those scenes with him and the busty girls? To show how ineffective he is compared to Jayden? There’s also the storyline linking him romantically with Heather, which I’m like WHY? She looks happily married to Tony, who caters to her every gentle requests.

Jayden’s scenes with the busty girls, I feel like it’s a cryptic intention from the writer. Do notice the sequences and how he makes out fiercely with the girls right after arguing with his sister? I don’t doubt that he’s a natural womanizer but there looks to be another reason why he feels the need to indulge in lust. To me, he’s trying to win as many hearts/battles as possible to make-up for the fact that he can’t weaken his sister’s hatred (the one failure in his record.)

As for our leading ladies, Summer and Holiday (hey, I’m indeed on vacation), they cannot be any more different and yet very similar at the same time. Both hide their emotions differently. Holiday shields her sadness by being happy and hyperactive, hoping to dupe herself into believing that she’s really happy. On the other hand, Summer chooses the more direct approach by wrapping herself in porcupine skin, covering the scars and vulnerabilities. One look at her cold, thorny exterior and people would think twice before coming closer. I’m not sure which one I like better yet because I’m kinda in between. Performance-wise, both need more diverse ranges in their expression. One can’t emote and the other can’t relax.

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Ah, dimple. I love that he’s Batman to Isaac’s Robin. Not sure about Isaac in the prequel but I lubbbb him here. So earnest and funny. Ron may not be the best actor around but he’s effective as Isaac.

  1. 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

    YEEEE!! Loving this series right now!! ^___^
    I love love Chilam’s Jayden character!! Gaaah, he’s so freaking hot and Mr. Nice 😉 but I feel like he won’t end up with the girl that he loves *ahem*Holiday and that it’s gonna be Sam that will end up with Holiday… or neither 🙁 I really don’t want Sam to end up with anyone! He was good with Zoe and then they went and killed her character -.- I just don’t understand… I mean, it’ s not like they couldn’t get Myolie to come back cus she’s in this! As Summer!! -____- sometimes I don’t understand TVB any more. & am I the only one that found Holiday a bit annoying… I hope she will ease up a bit so I’ll like her lol. I mean, she did get better from the first like 2 episodes.

    & really?? Roy is a freaking cheating player… I really do not wish Heather and Tony will break up! They seem so happy and in love right now!! Gaah! All the pairings I want are not gonna happen it looks like… I mean, Issac and Coco are sooooo cute and comfortable with each other. I want them together but no…. Him Law gotta jump in. He should just stay with Tavia. Or get with one of the other many characters in the series lol.

    Whoops, sorry for the long rant guys!! Lol. But I am enjoying this series so far~ nothing caught my eyes this year for TVB so this series is making me quite happy haha. Now if I can just get myself a Jayden… mmm.

    • 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

      HEHE! Tvb gotta keep up with their own traditions Rin, killing off major characters to fit in new ones (tsk tsk.) And in this sequel, they were trying to promote new blood in Fala so she gets to romance both captains. But I think she’ll end up with Sam too cause Jayden is a bird without legs. He can’t stay at one station (married to one woman.) 😛

      YEP! I know what you mean, Isaac and Coco are so cute together. Natural chemistry I tell you. I don’t think they have paired up since Twin of Brothers. I don’t mind Jim Jim cause his character is adorable. (Very different from his hot-headed police role.) Would be better if Isaac-Coco-Jim Jim. Now where can I apply for this triangle?

  2. 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

    I so, so love that Jayden giffy. It’s like you can’t feel sorry for him but you want to, when he got dimples and the cutest pout for defense to melt your icy fortress. I had fun watching Jayden and Holiday flirt with acronyms. Chilam makes playing Jayden all easy breezy. I can’t imagine any other playing the role of Jayden.

    Besides the saucy Jayden, I look foward to CoCo and Isaac in every scene too. (Hey, at this rate I might nod and agree joining forces w/ you for Itakiss.) Everyone else are just life rafts to support their characters. Uh-huh, yes, even our popular gallant gentleman, Sam.

    That petite matchmaker agency owner is a comedian, is she not? Don’t know her name. Francis was trying really hard to hold back his chuckles around her. She’s so touchy feely, in turn if I were her I’d be all over Francis too. Once in a lifetime event while on camera at that. XD

    My heart isn’t really invested in the other characters besides the ones I named. If I were to summarize these 5 chapters then it’ll be much shorter. Skip-skip-hop-and-then-here-we-are-finally. Thank goodness you have a much more spacious heart than moi.

    I love how Jayden is sincerely shallow selecting his wing-man, Robin/Isaac. Just ’cause Isaac’s shorter than him. LMAO! Roy, what did your mom feed you? Giraffe milk like Kwang Soo’s? Haha~

  3. 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

    LOL. GOD JAYDEN! That Gif just makes me want to slap him and then kiss him. so irresistible this man!! 😀

    i like jayden and holiday too….the DIMPLE COUPLE! so cute! I like Sam too but he feels like a grandpa now. sorry people, im young. XD

    i spit soda in that matchmaking date. that lady reminds me of those women in japanese cafe…they havea fetish for these looks. francis is like “cant laugh cant laugh” in his head. LOL

  4. 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

    Alice, I was rooting for Sam and Belle. and found out it TITS2 that he was married to Zoe instead. When i first saw Holiday thought she was Belle and they were going to continue their storyline – the whole time i was thinking to myself “Belle looks and dresses too young for her age” lol!

    I do like Holiday’s spunk although not so excited about her upcoming relationship with Captain Cool. Why can’t she just be one of the very few leading ladies to dodge the bad guy bullet – she’s supposed to be smart.

    I just love how Jayden is so full of himself – i like it when a guy acts so cocky and pull it off! Cheeky little monkey, i kinda get why all the girls want a piece of him although some of those lines he’s feeding them a hilarious!

    I like Isaac and Big Brother coupling. At the beginning i preferred Roy but Isaac has grown on me, he feels the more mature now

    Frea i soo know what you mean about Sam, i think it’s because he’s the oldest and out of with all the spring chickens i have made him my pet. lol! What can i say, i’m a sucka for the underdog. I also think Sam is too old to be paired with her but good guys have to finish first right!

    Keane you’re right about the characters’ screen time, i feel like they kinda just threw them to the side. I know the three are the main actors but some of them you hardly see anymore – like Coco’s boyf. It felt like i saw him in season one and the’s been left out of season two.

  5. 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

    Keane, that part was screaming at me: “Gif me! I deserve to be giffed!” hehe.

    Yes, yes, the matchmaker owner is indeed a comedian. I can’t put a name on her shows though. XD Love that sequence. 😀

    haha Frea, don’t use the youth card on us now. We’re young at heart too. ^^ Sam is old, he admits that he can’t handle Holiday’s hyperactive personality too. Funny line.

    Annette, you thought Holiday was Belle! HILARIOUS! Characters’ screen time, I prefer to watch the major 7/8 characters. Coco’s boyfriend in Season 1 is different from Season 2 Annette! They changed him! But he’s a nice boyfriend, super nice and considerate of Coco.

    • 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

      Ikr! Belle and Holly looked so similar but the whole time i was thinking this doen’t make sense! Loool!

      You know i find the relationship between Heather and Roy suspect. I really like Heather and the relationship she has with her husband but i feel like we’re going somewhere with her and the young man – what’s your take?

      So Coco’s boyfriend was a mean prick in season 1? I don’t remember what he was like? Didn’t watch much of season 1. We’re not seeing much of the boyf anymore so that might mean he’ll be out of the picture soon?

      • 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

        You’re heading in the right direction regarding Heather and Roy. I don’t like where we’re going hence I leave them out of my summaries. Tony is such a nice guy yunno, always smiling and unsuspecting. It’ll be heartbreaking if Heather cheats on him… I hope they don’t make him to be a cheater too. That’d be typical! This might be the only story thread I’m disliking.

        Coco’s BF in Part 1 was Bosco. He didn’t sign up for Part 2 so they changed him. I don’t remember whether he was a mean prick or not. heh. The boyfriend has a small role, he’ll die or break up with Coco soon, I think. I’m interested in how they’re carrying this part out. Curious!

  6. 9 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

    It’s been a long time since I watched a TVB series and I’m surprised I’m enjoying this one so much. I have to admit that it’s the friendship lines between Coco, Isaac, Roy and mother hen Sam that really gets me. And Chilam as Jayden… OMG! I have no words. He’s totally hot! He makes me forget that I hate womanizers since he puts such a different spin to his own womanizing ways. And yes… dimples! Chilam is such a great actor!

    I didn’t much care for the first series since I didn’t much care for the characters featured then. Instead, I like this sequel more. And Isaac is so different in this one than he was in the first one. Ron has limited range, but when you give him the right characters, he gets them so well that you can’t help falling for him. Isaac suits him oh, so well. I’m not sure how I feel about Myolie yet; I’m not her biggest fan, but I do appreciate her more subdued character portrayals over her over-exaggerated comedic ones since she tends to border on overacting sometimes. Then again, her subdued characters also tend to invoke her underacting abilities… I’m conflicted.

    Holiday (Fala Chen) is cute, but I can see myself getting easily annoyed with her soon. Otherwise, I’m really enjoying this series a lot and might even have that new spark of hope that I’ll love TVB once again.

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