Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 03-06 Recap

There are chili pepper zombies, Duo Miao Miao is reborn, we meet the ancestors of the Li family and the infamous Tang House twins and the Princess returns.

And now that they’ve changed the airdate schedule for this week – let’s start the first half of Week 2!


(Please note that I’m not fluent in Mandarin so apologies now for any mistranslations.)

Series Information:

Chinese Title: 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云
Episodes: 26
Genre: romance, comedy, sci fi
Broadcast Source: Mango TV, iQiyi
Airing Schedule: Monday through Wednesday – 1 episode a day,
Thursday through Saturday – 2 episodes a day
Current Progress: 06/26 (Season 2)

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Character List
Our Favourite CoupleAliensEarth Apes
An Yuexi as Abu Cha Cha
 photo shake-2.jpg

Zheng Yecheng as Tang Qing Feng
 photo shake-1.jpg

Xu Muzhen as Princess Nan Yang
Ning Xiaohuahua as Magistrate (Judge of the Space Time Administration)

New this week:

Xu Jialu as Duo Miao Miao/Zhang Lai Zi
 photo shake-9.jpg

Wangzi Ming as Tang Yuan Chang (Tang Qing Feng’s grandfather)
Mao Fangyuan as Chu Guo Gong

New this week:

Lu Feng as Tian Xian
 photo shake-7.jpg

Gao Yiqing as Li Shu Zhe
 photo shake-5.jpg

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“How can Duo Miao Miao be so different than he was before?”

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Dark Tang Qing Feng (or I’ll just call him Dark TQF to save on typing) is in the chili pepper room, gloating over Tang Qing Feng’s certain doom. The people of Daxing City have gone insane as a big red cloud starts to engulf the city.

Meanwhile, Guo Gong has received a large batch of chili peppers thanks to Tang Qing Feng. When Guo Gong praises him and comments that it’s no wonder that he was able to gain the recognition of the Princess, Abu pouts. She suggests Guo Gong reward her servant, so he presents Tang Qing Feng with a commander’s tally that will allow him to enter the city unimpeded and gives him 10% off any items in the market. He doesn’t want to accept it at first, but Abu insists. But as soon as Tang Qing Feng takes it, the suspicious and jealous Guo Gong immediate decides to confirm if Tang Qing Feng truly is a eunuch and finds that he is not. Guo Gong is angry, but when Tang Qing Feng insists that he did it for Abu, she is just as in love with him as ever which angers Guo Gong and he calls for his guards to execute him.

Suddenly a eunuch comes running in (calling out in a way that reminded me very much of the Jay Chou songEunuch With a Headache”), yelling about a poisonous fog outside that is turning people crazy. Then the rest of the servants appear, now turned into zombie-like crazy people, who start attacking them in a search for chili peppers. Yuan Chang tries to save Guo Gong, but ends up being saved by Abu and Tang Qing Feng instead. Unfortunately Guo Gong ends up getting left outside and is poisoned by the cloud.

They put Guo Gong to bed while Yuan Chang contemplates suicide for failing his master yet again, but Abu stops him, telling him he can’t die for Tang Qing Feng’s sake. Qing Feng notices that the cloud came from the southwest and asks the eunuch what is in that direction. He says in that direction is only a vast sea, but Yuan Chang has heard there is an island out there called Fuyu Island. He is concerned though that they don’t have enough warriors to go check out the island since so many people are infected. When Abu is determined to go, he immediately insists that he must go instead, but she doesn’t want him risking his life (and thereby risk Qing Feng’s). Tang Qing Feng tells him to stay and take care of Guo Gong and that they will go to the island.

Tang Qing Feng asks the eunuch if they have a place to train people in martial arts so they can recruit people, but the servant tells him everyone there was infected and that he himself is very weak. Qing Feng suggests they can only go try to recruit people, but the eunuch tells him that because it’s too dangerous, no one will want to go. So Qing Feng suggests giving a reward. When the eunuch comments that they lack the funds to do so, Abu reminds him that Guo Gong does have funds so he lets them take some from the private accounts he controls.

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Abu tries to find recruits in the city and offers a reward with no luck. While speaking, she starts to cough in the middle of a sentence, making people think they could also win a women, so they start to cheer. A man says that he’s been practicing diligently for twenty years and is happy that his skills can finally be put to use. (If I translated the line correctly, I think the inference here is that he’s been practicing a lot of “self-love”.) Another man is excited that he will get see his grandchildren in his lifetime. An old man also wants to be considered, but ends up passing out and has to be carried away. But when Abu clarifies that the reward is just her whole-hearted thanks, everyone leaves.

Abu is discouraged and hungry so Tang Qing Feng gives her money to get something to eat. Instead she decides to walk into the poison cloud without a mask and poison herself. It affects her right away. Stumbling back to her quarters, she runs into Tang Qing Feng who offers her food, but she says she’s not hungry and locks herself in her room without telling him what she’s done. She realises that the cloud is made up of chili powder and starts trying different possible antidotes to see what will cure the chili pepper poison, but one after another fails.

 photo ep3_3.jpg

Tang Qing Feng returns with a giant pot of braised pork thinking she’s just really hungry, but finally realises Abu is ill. He tries to take her away to get help, but she refuses, wanting to save Guo Gong who is getting sicker. The eunuch comes running, yelling that Guo Gong is even more ill and freaks out when he sees that Abu is also sick. She quickly tries to test the last ingredient, sesame oil, but Tang Qing Feng drinks it, so she grabs him and kisses him so that she can get the rest of the oil. It ends up curing her illness and they run to save Guo Gong.

Guo Gong is reacting violently and Abu can’t dose him so it’s up to Tang Qing Feng to get him to drink the oil. After he does and Guo Gong passes out, Tang Qing Feng tells Yuan Chang that the oil will cure Guo Gong, but Yuan Chang sees that Abu is awake and lively while Guo Gong is passed out and doubts that it works. Abu chalks it up to his constitution not being as good as hers. Now that they have a cure, Tang Qing Feng wants to go to Fuyu Island to find the source of the poison, but Yuan Chang worries because they have not been able to recruit other warriors to help them.

Suddenly they hear someone outside yelling that he wants to volunteer to be a warrior. Abu runs out and finds a man swaddled up like a baby with a giant afro shaped with cat ears and strange whisker shaped facial hair. They immediately do the “For the peace of the universe” fist bump and she realises that he is Duo Miao Miao and that he even has the same blue mark on his forehead as she does, showing that he is from Planet Duo. However he insists that his name is Zhang Lai Zi.

 photo ep3_4.jpg

We then get to hear the story of Zhang Lai Zi. For years Zhang Shoufu and his wife had prayed for a child and they were thrilled when she finally got pregnant, but then, after a very long labor, she ended up giving birth to a fully grown man. Terrified by this turn of events, Zhang Shoufu had him locked in a box and dropped into a lake. However his son easily escaped and returned. Finally he sent his son to volunteer as a warrior, certain he would end up dying.

Abu watches Zhang Lai Zi eat, lamenting that he isn’t the same Duo Miao Miao as before. Tang Qing Feng isn’t certain that he is Duo Miao Miao at all, but Abu uses her telepathy and confirms that Zhang Lai Zi can hear her so he must be her old friend. They surmise that the accident must have caused him to forgot his life before. Abu is still not completely cured from the poison and Qing Feng is worried about her and doesn’t want her to go to Fuyu Island, but she doesn’t want to be left out. Before they can discuss it further, Duo Miao Miao announces he’s going home to tell his dad goodbye.

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Tang Qing Feng, realising there will be trouble, insists that they follow him. When Duo Miao Miao returns home, he is surprised to discover a memorial has been set up for him and the family has declared him to be dead. His drunken father is happy to be rid of the boy and then shocked to see him return again. He refuses to let his mother talk to him and sends him away, confirming that he doesn’t like his son at all. Heartbroken to realise that his father doesn’t like him, he pays his respects to his parents and then leaves just as a flying brick heads towards his jerk of a father.

“You and Zero, what exactly is your relationship?”

As a dejected Zhang Lai Zi leaves his parents house. Abu arrives and beats the crap out of the cruel father as Tang Qing Feng lectures him and then they leave. In the woods, they find Zhang Lai Zi trying to hang himself and thwart his attempt. He is upset that his parents don’t want him, but Abu tells him about her good friend, Duo Miao Miao. As she tells him of their history together, she kind of fibs a bit on some details. She says that she used to be a starship captain and Duo Miao was a criminal. Qing Feng is amused, but doesn’t say anything. Inspired by their past adventures of heroism, Zhang Lai Zi decides to be called Duo Miao Miao from now on and help save people. Tang Qing Feng watches in amusement as Abu runs after her friend, commenting on how much she has grown up.

That evening he makes braised pork for her, insisting on feeding her himself. But he has added a sleeping medicine to the pork to knock her out as he plans go with Duo Miao Miao to Fuyu Island and wants her to stay behind to stay safe. Yuan Chang promises to watch out for her. As she sleeps, we catch a glimpse of some sort of red band briefly appear on her wrist. (Hmmm… the mystery deepens.)

But Abu is not so easily left behind. Just before Tang Qing Feng can leave with Duo Miao Miao, she appears, knocking him out and then paddling the three of them to the island. But Dark TQF knows they are coming. He gives orders to one of the villagers he controls, the military teacher, to not let them leave the island and to kill the most handsome man in their group, but also not to harm Abu.

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When Abu, Tang Qing Feng and Duo Miao Miao get to the island, they are immediately nabbed. Abu and Duo Miao Miao are brought before the leader of the island, Qi Tian Xian. (Her name also means “goddess”.) This island is a little different in that what they consider beautiful is considered ugly by the outside world. Tian Xian has been the leader because she was considered the most beautiful, but they now find Duo Miao Miao even more beautiful. But Abu they finally horrifically ugly to look at to the point of throwing up. Abu recognizes Tian Xian immediately as being related to her nemesis, Madam Qi.

Tian Xian is frustrated that none of the villagers will listen to her now because they are so intrigued by Duo Miao Miao. When she comments that they’d probably rather have him as their leader instead, they agree and give Duo Miao Miao the position and kicking her out. Dark TQF is surprised to learn that they find Duo Miao Miao the most handsome as it ruins his original plan.

As Abu goes looking for Tang Qing Feng, seeing how people react to her by getting ill and saying she is “too ugly” starts making her wonder if she really is ugly and if it’s because of her shape.

 photo eps4_2.jpg

Duo Miao Miao is not comfortable with the sudden attention he is getting, but as people are now being nice to him, he is enjoying it. Tian Xian, though, is annoyed by it all. He sees the dejected Tian Xian eating alone and immediately asks her to share a meal with him. Quickly she warms up to him as she hears about how no one used to like him and seeing how nice he is to her.

Tang Qing Feng, having beaten up his would-be kidnapper, gets lodgings and Abu finds him, demanding to know why he brought her to the island and then abandoned her. He apologizes and promises to never again let her leave his sight. Appeased, she tells him about Duo Miao Miao becoming the leader of the village and wonders what is going on with the island. Tang Qing Feng plans to go out later to see if he can find the source of the chili pepper poison and tells Abu to stay safe.

 photo eps4_3.jpg

Tang Qing Feng spots the military teacher talking to another man is spying on the pair. He follows the man back to the cave where he meets Dark TQF where he confronts him, but immediately is sent to another part of the island. Dark TQF punishes the military teacher for being followed and then gives him a poison, telling him to find a person Tang Qing Feng trusts who will get him to drink it.

Tian Xian is the one who finds him and seems to know who he is already. She is the one who has to make him drink the poison and she is reluctant to do so, but has no choice or she’ll be killed. It turns out that she knows that Duo Miao Miao is also going to be sacrificed as part of the ceremony he thinks he’s going through to become the official leader.

She mixes the poison with some congee and gives it to Tang Qing Feng, but he smells it and immediately coughs up blood. He complains that it’s bitter and asks for sugar. She ends up bringing back and force feeding him a large chunk of sugar to combat the taste. Disoriented, he stumbles back to his room as Tian Xian quietly apologizes.

Abu returns to the room at night only to find that Tang Qing Feng doesn’t like how she looks anymore and wants to break up with her. When she says she doesn’t understand what he said, he just kicks her out. The military teacher who was following him is happy to see the poison has turned him into one of them.

 photo eps4_4.jpg

Tian Xian brings food to a bored Duo Miao Miao. When she refuses to eat with him, he gets sad thinking that she doesn’t like him and tells her about how no one liked him and his own father wanted to kill him. Feeling bad for him, she sits with him, sharing that she lost her own son. Duo Miao Miao then insists that he will be her son from now on and she will be his mom. Flustered, she rushes out of the room as he happily enjoys the food she brought.

Abu is frustrated with Tang Qing Feng for being a jerk and has an argument with herself about the issue before she goes looking for him and finds that he is gone. She then hears guards outside talking about him and finds out about the poison he ingested.

 photo eps4_5.jpg

Tang Qing Feng is taken to meet Dark TQF, but it’s revealed that he never ingested the poison. (Oh, that poor rabbit…) He attacks the dark figure and, as they fight, he notices that his opponent has the same moves as he does. But because Dark TQF has powers that Tang Qing Feng doesn’t, he ends up getting caught in a chili pepper cloud bubble as Dark TQF laughs.

Duo Miao Miao is excited to see the pretty robes he gets to wear while Tian Xian feels guilty, knowing that he is going to be sacrificed, especially when he promises that after the ceremony, he will officially make her his new mom.

Tang Qing Feng demands to know why the dark figure wants to kill him and how he is related to Zero, but Dark TQF will only say that once he gets the Eye of the Universe, then he will end everything.

“That’s a big chili pepper.”

The people of Fuyu Island have prepared for the ceremony for their new leader where they plan to burn him at the stake. As they watch him arrive, they notice he is wearing a mask. One of the villagers takes it off and it’s revealed that instead of Duo Miao Miao, it is Tian Xian pretending to be him. When the military teacher asks where Duo Miao Miao is, she refuses to say and it’s revealed that she knocked out Duo Miao Miao to keep him safe.

 photo eps5_1.jpg

Because she won’t reveal where he is, she is tied to the stake. But she still won’t tell, instead distracting the villagers with old feuds between families. Since she won’t tell, she is sentenced to death, but then someone else appears to stop the fire. It’s Abu, but with a makeover to make herself more attractive…to the villagers. In awe of her new beard, they are distracted, but as she unties Tian Xian, the former leader accidentally reveals Duo Miao Miao’s location and, now that they know where he is, they attack the two women and tie them to the stake.

Dark TQF, still in the cave torturing Tang Qing Feng, knows what is happening and demands that they let go of Abu. He yanks Tang Qing Feng out of the chili pepper bubble in anger so he attacks the dark figure, demanding to know what he’s done to Abu. But the dark figure tells him that he’s to blame for what has happened to her because he didn’t do a good job of protecting her. He repels Tang Qing Feng back, injuring him and calling him a good-for-nothing. Qing Feng passes out from his injuries.

 photo eps5_2.jpg

Duo Miao Miao is tied up and struggling to get free. His motions knock over a vase which alerts the guards, but he manages to escape before they can see him. Tied to the stake Tian Xian apologies to Abu for causing her trouble. Duo Miao Miao arrives to save them, the platform they are on is set on fire and the three appear to be doomed. As they crouch down in the fire, Duo Miao Miao’s memory is suddenly triggered and he remembers the spaceship crash which manages to knock his whisker mustache off and make the fire stop. When the villagers start to attack again, Abu tells Duo Miao Miao to take his new mother to safety, but he is worried about Abu. When Abu asks, “If me and your mother fell into the river, who would you save first?” it suddenly leads to a heated discussion amongst the rest of the villagers who get distracted by the question, giving the three a chance to sneak away. The military teacher, perplexed by how to answer the question, smacks himself in the head which causes a small chip to fall out out his head and he collapses to the ground. Tian Xian sees it and picks it up.

The trio are being chased around the village, finally finding a hiding place by pretending to be parts of artwork. Knowing that they need to find a cure to get the villagers out of the trance, Tian Xian tries to think of where he would be hiding and finally figures out where it must be.

Tang Qing Feng wakes up, still weak from his injuries, as Dark TQF commends him for his persistence, but that changing his fate will not be simple. Tang Qing Feng follows Dark TQF into the room with the giant chili pepper. Dark TQF taunts him for trying to be a hero, but Qing Feng only cares about protecting one person.

 photo eps5_3.jpg

Tang Qing Feng struggles to get up to fight again, but then Abu arrives and tosses a brick at Dark TQF who catches it easily. He quickly disappears before she can get any closer, so she runs to Tang Qing Feng as Tian Xian and Duo Miao Miao stare at the giant chili pepper. She sees that Tang Qing Feng is sick from the poison and sends Duo Miao to get sesame oil. Instead of giving it to her, though, he tosses it on the giant chili pepper. The pepper changes multiple colors until it turns white and suddenly Tang Qing Feng and everyone else is cured.

Dark TQF appears at the Pool of Life – a red pool around the base of a white tree with floating orbs hovering overhead. (According to the description on the screen, this pool replenishes energy.) As he struggles to get into the pool, a disembodied voice chastises him for expending his energy. “How many times have I told you? Your body is now mine.” He warns him that he was too eager to kill Tang Qing Feng before first recovering his energy.

 photo eps5_4.jpg

Dark TQF crawls into the pool, still clothed, eventually shedding some of his clothing when he resurfaces. When he comes out of the pool, we see his back is covered in really deep cuts. (Oh, ow, ow, ow! That made me cringe.) He talks to himself, saying that it was only because he didn’t want to see Abu in danger that he allowed Tang Qing Feng to destroy his chili pepper poison.

Back in Daxing City, the red cloud has begun to disappear. Everyone is cured including Guo Gong and his servants celebrate as he watches with confusion and then terror as everyone jumps into bed with him.

On Fuyu Island, the villagers are paying a tearful farewell to Tian Xian and Duo Miao Miao and Abu walks a still healing Tang Qing Feng back to the boat. Tang Qing Feng thinks that the mysterious dark figure is somehow related to his family ancestors and that it wants to destroy their timeline.

Duo Miao Miao tells the villagers that he wants to take his mother to Daxing City and have a happy life. He tells them they are also welcome to go anywhere they would like as their freedom is no longer restricted.

Back in Daxing City, they visit Guo Gong so Abu can say goodbye. He is sad to see her go and asks her for one favor which she agrees to before even hearing what it is. When she hears that he wants a kiss, she is surprised, but agrees, to everyone’s surprise. But then she tells him he has to kiss her with his eyes closed because she’s very shy and he agrees. With his eyes closed, he gets a smooch…but not with Abu. Instead Tian Xian takes one for the team with only Guo Gong none the wiser.

With that, Guo Gong fires Tang Yuan Chang. He also grants his royal token to Abu and gives Tang Qing Feng a sword. Yuan Chang is surprised to be out of work, but then Abu reminds Qing Feng that they should help ensure that he gets a job with the Li family so they invite him to join their group and he happily agrees.

At Li Shu Zhe’s house, in the cat house, Dark TQF appears to meet with a half cat/half man alien. He criticizes him for having forgotten his identity. The alien doesn’t understand why he has come looking for him so Dark TQF asks him to help him with a problem he’s having. The alien isn’t to eager to help until he reminds him that if the Space Time Administration comes to Earth, that, as a smuggler, he will not be in a good position.

 photo eps5_5.jpg

Abu and Tang Qing Feng drop Yuan Chang off at Li Shu Zhe’s house to start his new career and then have lunch while Tian Xian runs around town window shopping with Duo Miao Miao follows afterwards. They suddenly see the strange purple matrix on Tang Qing Feng’s hand again and know that Yuan Chang is in trouble. Rushing back, they see him leaving just as Tang Qing Feng freezes. Before he can be transported Abu knocks Yuan Chang out with a brick to keep him from going anywhere. He falls onto the chest of a large man who thinks it’s a scheme and tells him off.

When Yuan Chang wakes up wondering what happened, Abu tells him he had heatstroke. Tang Qing Feng is surprised to hear from Yuan Chang that Li Shu Zhe, someone he always admired from history, has been cavorting around with women and hanging out with smugglers. Tang Qing Feng decides to go investigate, but when Yuan Chang wants to go with him, the matrix appears on Tang Qing Feng again so Abu knocks Yuan Chang out once more.

 photo eps5_6.jpg

Li Shu Zhe, the defender of Taiyuan, is drunk and surrounded by women at a brothel. He stops when he spots the half cat/half man alien across the room and their eyes meet. They eat and drink together as an informant pretending to be a waiter spies on them. At the next table over, Abu and Tang Qing Feng watch them as Tian Xian tries to keep Duo Miao Miao from running over to play with his fellow cat alien. Tang Qing Feng is enamored of his hero, but Abu is not impressed.

They keep waiting for Li Shu Zhe to leave the brothel, but he continues to stay and drink and party all night as Abu and Tang Qing Feng struggle to keep awake outside. Tang Qing Feng is rather disillusioned with his idol.

“I’ll just stop caring about you and you can just keep giving flowers to other girls!”

Tang Qing Feng is very upset to find out his idol is not who he thought he was. As he mourns, Abu is studying the chip Tian Xian found and trying to reprogram it while Duo Miao Miao watches her. Tang Qing Feng is certain something is wrong with Li Shu Zhe and won’t let him continue on the way he has been. He wants to investigate him further to ensure the future of the Tang Family and, since Li Shu Zhe likes cats, they need Duo Miao Miao to help. And apparently turning him back to a cat now involves what used to turn him human before. (Yeah, this is not really a family show, is it?)

 photo eps6_1.jpg

Back in his cat form, Duo Miao Miao, Tang Qing Feng and Abu discuss their plan to get Shu Zhe to meet Duo Miao which ends up involving drop kicking him into the middle of Li Shu Zhe’s group lunch. Shu Zhe immediately takes to the stunned kitty while the half cat/half human is annoyed.

Li Shu Zhe arrives home drunk and is greeted by Tian Xian, disguised as a teacher from a Daoist temple, who tells him he had a vision that he would meet a great man at that location. He says he is concerned about his current environment, but that with great effort he will one day help the world. Tang Qing Feng and Abu listen in and Tang Qing Feng is surprised when Shu Zhe laughs at the Daoist. Since that plan didn’t work, they have to go with plan B.

 photo eps6_2.jpg

Li Shu Zhe comes across Abu outside his door who plays helpless. He drags her back into his house as Tang Qing Feng watches, the mystery informant by his side. Li Shu Zhe offers her jewelry, declaring her someone he likes even more than his cats. She offers to hit him with a brick, but then remembers she’s supposed to be helping Tang Qing Feng and tries to be friendly. She ends up getting backed onto the bed and then Li Shu Zhe closes the doors, blocking Tang Qing Feng’s view. Of course Abu takes the opportunity to beat him up. Tang Qing Feng comes running up and she realises she needs to wake Shu Zhe up, but it’s not working. She notices that he has a chip in his head and takes it out. With Tang Qing Feng banging on the door, she puts the chip back in Shu Zhe, but when he wakes up and tries to grab her, she knocks him out again and then replaces the chip with the one she had reprogrammed.

Tang Qing Feng busts in the room, but Li Shu Zhe is now a very serious man. Ignoring Tang Qing Feng and Abu, he starts talking loudly about rebelling so his servants think he’s gone mad and drag him off. Tang Qing Feng comments on the change in him, but Abu doesn’t quite know what to tell him and claims not to know anything. She and Duo Miao speak telepathically as he thinks she is trying to get Li Shu Zhe to rebel, but she just wants to keep the timeline from getting broken again. The servant is surprised to see Tang Qing Feng and Abu also in Shu Zhe’s chambers so Qing Feng introduces himself as guests of Shu Zhe and they are given quarters to stay in.

 photo eps6_3.jpg

The next day the trio are surprised to run into Princess Nan Yang. Tang Qing Feng goes to greet her, but Abu is not quite as friendly. When they mention going to get something to eat, her servant, Eunuch Du, appears to separate them from the Princess until she orders him to stand aside. When Tang Qing Feng offers to take the Princess to go look at flowers, Abu gets jealous and asking what about her. Qing Feng tells her that she needs to take care of Li Shu Zhe.

Eunuch Du is wondering why the Princess is going to look at flowers with Tang Qing Feng when he turns around to see Li Shu Zhe standing right behind him. When he starts saying random words as his servant tries to shut him up, Abu appears and knocks him out with a brick. Eunuch Du is aghast by her actions so she informs him that Shu Zhe is sick.

He and the eunuch put him to bed and then leave him to the care of Abu and Duo Miao, Abu turns his chip back on and Shu Zhe wakes up and starts yelling “rise in rebellion” and she has to turn it off again. Eunuch Du turns back in shock at hearing this, so Duo Miao Miao makes an excuse that what he said was “go make dinner”. (Both phrases sound similar in Mandarin.) Eunuch Du doesn’t seem convinced.

 photo eps6_4.jpg

Tang Qing Feng takes the Princess to a lake to look at the flowers, but they don’t see any. She doesn’t care as she still likes him as much as ever, but he’s just trying to distract her so that she won’t notice that Shu Zhe is a bit off. She offers to help him with his career, but he turns her down. After they finally find a flower, she thanks him and asks if she can call him Qing Feng and he agrees.

Eunuch Du is suspicious about what is going on with Li Shu Zhe and wants to write a letter to the Emperor. But then he decides first to contact governments spies to look into him more closely. Tian Xian overhears him talking to himself about it and is alarmed.

Tang Qing Feng and the Princess return with Tang Qing Feng saying goodbye to her loud enough to let Abu know they are back and she comes out of the room. After the Princess leaves, Tang Qing Feng takes Abu inside. He has figured out about the chip and asks Abu about it, taking it from her. He and Abu argue about what to do with the chip as he wants to put it back thinking that is the only way to fix Shu Zhe and she doesn’t want to because she’s certain it’s bad and she’s worried he’ll get hurt. Angry, she tells him he can go ahead and get killed and go get flowers with another girl for all she cares and she storms off.

Duo Miao Miao is enjoying lunch while Abu pouts. Duo Miao asks if the Princess made her angry. She asks Duo Miao what he would say if someone tried to help him and he responds “Thank you.” She’s upset that Qing Feng doesn’t seem to understand that she’s trying to keep him alive and that he was hanging out with the Princess. When she tells Duo Miao that they should just go back to Planet Duo, he tells her to calm down and tries to get her to consider Qing Feng’s point of view, but she won’t listen. Tian Xian brings them another dish and joins in the conversation, understanding how Abu feels and offers to help Abu listen in on Tang Qing Feng to find out how he really feels.

As Tang Qing Feng is taking care of Li Shu Zhe and talking to him, Tian Xian, Abu and Duo Miao listen in. He is recounting all the things he admires about Shu Zhe. When Duo Miao Miao comments that Shu Zhe is Qing Feng’s true love, Abu is sad. Qing Feng inspects the chip in Shu Zhe’s neck and then turns it back on, thinking it’s the key to waking him, as Eunuch Du spies on him and wonders what he is doing.

 photo eps6_5.jpg

Dark TQF laughs as he sits in the Pool of Life. With the chip back in, he is able to awaken Li Shu Zhe and make him attack Tang Qing Feng, who dodges the blows, not wanting to hurt his idol. Eunuch Du watches, wondering what is going on, and ends up getting knocked out by Li Shu Zhe. Just before Shu Zhe can get Tang Qing Feng, Abu knocks him out. Qing Feng wants to check on his idol, but Abu grabs him and forgives him for the earlier fight, knowing how much he admires Shu Zhe, and then she gets the chip back before he can reply. But Tang Qing Feng stops her as he has an idea for how to save him.

Dark TQF is angry that Tang Qing Feng wasn’t killed and goes a bit mental as he is clearly very obsessed with killing him.

Tian Xian and Duo Miao Miao show Abu and Qing Feng the passed out Eunuch Du and Tian Xian tells them that he has been spying on the Li family. Abu wants to kill him. When Duo Miao worries that someone else will just be sent over to spy on them, Abu suggests they kill everyone related to him. Tang Qing Feng suggests that instead they use him to control the situation by finding all the spies. Abu asks if he’s afraid she’ll hurt the Princess and makes another remark about him going to look at flowers with her again. He tells her that he only did that to keep her from finding out about Shu Zhe’s issues. He tells them he’ll go distract the Princess while they take care of Eunuch Du.

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Eunuch Du wakes up with Tian Xian leaning over him in bed, telling him that he fainted and that she was the only around who could take care of him. He is a little freaked out and tries to leave, bumping into a servant who was listening at the door. Tian Xian demands to know what he was doing sneaking around. Before he can explain himself, Abu and Duo Miao arrive, insisting they are there to protect Eunuch Du and drag the servant away. Then Tian Xian tells the Eunuch that they heard that the emperor sent an informant to spy on them and she feigns concern for the eunuch and promises to protect him. He is less than thrilled. He finds that he never runs into any spies, not noticing that Tian Xian is getting rid of them.

Tang Qing Feng approaches Princess Nan Yang as she is looking at a painting. He helps her buy it when she realises she has forgotten her money. Back by the lake they talk again and she confesses to him.

It’s fun being able to finish these up before the episodes are posted to YouTube so that anyone who doesn’t understand the language can at least get a general idea of what’s going on as they are watching as sometimes it’s not always obvious what is being discussed. I’m hoping to get the next batch of episodes this week so that I can have the recaps ready in time for them to be posted on YouTube next week. (Fingers crossed.)

Oh wait, they just changed the airdate schedule for this week and now I’m up at 3 am getting the first half out to you in time for the Monday episode.

So…I’m very intrigued by Dark Tang Qing Feng. And not just because it’s opportunity to enjoy all that working out Zheng Ye Cheng did for “An Oriental Odyssey”. (Oh, please let that be coming out soon.) He’s playing like a bad guy, but then there’s that voice that vaguely reminds me of what Bai Yu used to be like with him with the whole “your body is mine now” bit, but it’s darker so is it that the Eye of the Universe controls him now or is it Zero using him? And is he really bad or just misdirected? Oh, I love how ambiguous it all is and can’t wait to find out more.

And from the trailers, I could have sworn the Princess was alien, but right now she hasn’t shown any signs so I wonder if it’s going to end up being a situation like with Tang Qing Ye where she dies and gets taken over by another alien. Hmmm…

I’m glad I’ll get to start seeing some new episodes tomorrow, but I’ll have to be sure to crank these out a bit faster this week. Not sure if next week it will go back to normal, but will keep you posted as I’m trying to stay ahead of the new episodes so you don’t have to wait for these recaps.

And I honestly can’t get enough of Guo Gong introducing dishes. Anytime now I get food, in my head is “This…is macaroni and cheese. And this…is vegetables.” *cue giggles*

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    Thank you, Enid!

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    Thankyou so much. i slurp up your recap heartily.

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    Thanks for ur recap. You are my life saver 😍😍😍

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    Btw, does anyone know who is duo xing xing?

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      Abu’s sister…but you meet her next week (unless you are watching the raws every morning obsessively like me…)

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