Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 41-48 Recaps

More double personas, self indulgent sacrifices, and a weird family obsession with jewels and treasures this week on Legend of Fuyao~~.

Join the crew of IMOmusings, Iridescent, Enid Bee and linjaturtle as we embark on this 66 episode long journey with weekly recaps.

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Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 48/66

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Character List

The main character factions are used as label headers for each tab, however, the tabs will only be updated for new characters that show up in each recap roundup.

MainXuanyuan SectTianquan KingdomTaiyuan KingdomXuanji KingdomTiansha KingdomFufeng KingdomTen ForcesOthersAncient FirmamentCorrelation Chart
Born from the divine lotus petal and a member of Xuanyuan Sect. Originally disregarded as a member of the Xuanyou Division (servants), at the age of 16 she was able to learn the Sect’s long lost fighting technique, the Ninth Heaven Breach.

After defeating her martial brother in the Tian Dou Competition, she left the Sect to find herself and justice. On the way she meets a man with whom she falls in love and they join together to take down the forces of chaos in Taiyuan Kingdom. Helping to defend the people’s peace and gradually revealing their life secrets along the way.

Yang Mi as Fu Yao

 photo Fuyao.jpg

Ethan Ruan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji/Yuan Shao Xu

 photo Ethan.jpg


Crown Prince Wu Ji of Tianquan Kingdom, the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De. Chosen by the heavens to prevent eternal doom from falling upon the Five Kingdoms.

He is courageous and resourceful and willing to do anything for those he loves. On the journey with Fu Yao, they fight side-by-side and grow together through mutual encouragement and affection.

With a mysterious connection to the Firmament, he has a lotus birthmark on his hand.

Li Hong Tao as Yan Lie
Huang Ming as Yan Jing Chen
Li Yi Xiao as Pei Yuan
Liu Luo Xi as Ah Lie
Jiang Long as Xiao Qi
Sang Yan as Uncle Zhou
Gao Han Yu as Jiang Feng
Wang Jing Song as Zhang Sun Jiong (Emperor of Tianquan)
Juan Zi as Yuan Qing Yi (Empress Ci’en)
Song Jia Lun as Zhang Sun Jia (Prince De)
Zhao Chu Lun as Zhang Sun Ping Rong (Prince Yi)
Gao Hei Ping as Lei Yuan Shan (General Jun Wei)
Sun Wei as Duan Tong (Prime Minister)
Tang Guo Zhong as Chi Gui (aka Scarlet Devil – Leader of the Black Militia)
Jia Ben Chu as Tie Cheng
Yan Lu Han as Hu Sang
Luo Ting as Magistrate Su
Liu Yu Qi as Hong Ying (A Courtesan)

Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
Lai Yi as Zong Yue
Chen Xin Wen as Yu Wen Zi
Zhou Li Wei as Shi Lan
Yuan Yu Xuan as Qi Yun
Liu Guan Lin as Gao Hao (Prince Xiping)
Zhong Wei Hua as Cao Cheng (Head Eunuch)
Sun Qiang as Zhang He Nian (Imperial Censor)
Hu Ke as Xuan Yuan Xiao
Li Ya A as Tang Zhi Rong
Wei Hui Ni as Jian Xue
Liu Zhi Wei as Gao Pu Rou
Wang He Run as Fo Lian
Zhao Xin as Qiao Ling (Fo Lian’s personal maid)
Vengo Gao as Zhan Bei Ye
Liu Qiu Shi as Ji Yu
Sheng Wu as Lin Yi

New this week:

Zhang Yi Cong as Zhan Nan Cheng (King of Tiansha)
 photo Zhan Nancheng.jpg

Gu You Ming as Zhan Bei Heng (Prince Huan)
 photo Zhan Beiheng.jpg

Chen Ying as Consort Jing (Zhan Bei Ye’s mother)
 photo Consort Jing.jpeg

Yang Zhen Yu as Gu Ling Feng (Commander of “Gold of Tiansha” army)
 photo vlcsnap-00043.jpg

Liu Yang as Attendant Li (Head Eunuch)
 photo vlcsnap-00019_1.jpg

Tan Xi Zhi as Eunuch Hua
 photo vlcsnap-00015_1.jpg

Zhang Ya Qin as Ya Lan Zhu
Liu Xuan as Fei Yan

Liu Ying Lun as Tai Yan

 photo correlation chart.jpg
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From now on, Yao City is definitely yours.

Ya Lan Zhu is fussing over the unconscious Zhang Bei Ye, telling him how upset she was that he left without her and all that he went through, and praising him for surviving, though he’s not allowed to do that again. She is certain he is only interested in Fu Yao, but warns him that he’s not allowed to die for her.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

In the Inception desert, Bei Ye and Fu Yao are asleep. Fu Yao wakes up to the sound of a voice. She tries to wake up her friend, but her hand goes through him like a ghost. The voice asks if she wants to live or die and when Fu Yao asks who it is, Lady Fei Yan appears. Lady Fei Yan tries to get Fu Yao to pledge loyalty to Lady Fei Yan in exchange for saving Fu Yao, but Fu Yao refuses. Even when Fei Yan brings up how Yao City treated Fu Yao and how Fu Yao has no one, Fu Yao tells Lady Fei Yan that there are still others who have been there for her and she’s willing to die for them. Impressed, Fei Yan decides she’ll save Fu Yao anyway and disappears, promising they will meet again. Bei Ye and Fu Yao wake up, much to the delight of their friends.

The Emperor receives a report from Prince Yi advising that Wu Ji’s corpse has been found. The Emperor is shocked by the news, as is the court. A messenger relays that he died of Petrifying Poison and that they dare not bring his body back for fear of others being infected. The Emperor agrees Wu Ji’s body should be buried as soon as possible.
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye tells Fu Yao that he is headed back to Tiansha while the Black Wind Cavalry will be retreating to the mountains and he asks what she plans to do. He suggests she go to Yao City  and get some closure, though, at first, she is not willing. He tells her that the people of the city have been looking for her now that they understand what she did, but she thinks they could just suck rocks. “They ripped my heart to pieces.” Bei Ye insists she gives them another chance.

He and Fu Yao go to Yao City where everyone immediately kneels in front of Fu Yao. Bei Ye speaks on her behalf to forgive the people for what happened and tells Fu Yao, “From now on, Yao City is definitely yours.” The people pledge their loyalty to Fu Yao, but the only person she is happy to see is Tie Cheng, recovered from his wounds and carrying the official seal. She puts him in charge of Yao City as she no longer wants the position. Instead, she wants to find Wu Ji.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

In court, with news of Wu Ji’s death only a day old, some of Prince Yi’s allies start asking about naming him the Crown Prince. Prince Yi sends a message, once again trying to suck up to everyone by playing up how sad he is and how he punished someone for suggesting he be named crown prince.

Zhang Sun Jia comes across the Empress, who has passed out, and her maids are trying to revive her. She has heard the news of her son passing away and fainted after begging the Emperor to let her see her son’s body. Zhang Sun Jia sends some maids to get the doctor. The Empress wakes up, asking to see Wu Ji, but he dissuades her as the trip is dangerous. When a servant comes to give her her regular dose of medicine, she refuses it.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Zong Yue has just received news of Wu Ji’s death and is too stunned to read it to the others so Bei Ye grabs it and reads it aloud to Xiao Qi and Lan Zhu. (Group hug from Team Hotty Doctor, mostly because the episodes lately have been sexy doctor light so enjoy him while we’ve got him, ladies.) Fu Yao comes bursting in the door just in time for the bad news.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

The Emperor is not sure if he believes that Wu Ji really is dead and asks his servant what he thinks. If he really is dead, the Emperor ponders who should be Wu Ji’s successor. He knows Prince Yi wants the role and Zhang Sun Jia doesn’t seem very interested. He decides to cause some drama of his own just to stir up both sides and see what happens, as well as find out who sides with whom in court. It’s clear he intends to use the Empress. But then he realises that he still needs to confirm if Wu Ji really is dead and urgently sends his servant to confirm.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Zong Yue has his doubts about Wu Ji’s death, even if it was written by Wu Ji’s Shadow Guard. Zong Yue and Bei Ye are worried about what Fu Yao may do and that she may fall into a trap. Lan Zhu tells them she had Xiao Qi place hypnotic incense in Fu Yao’s room to calm her down, but then he comes running in, yelling that Fu Yao has run off. Bei Ye goes after her.

In the desert, Fu Yao has found one of Prince Yi’s soldiers to get more information out of, but Bei Ye knocks him out. She refuses to go with Zhan Bei Ye, determined to confirm that Wu Ji is really dead. (Girl…*sigh*)

Meanwhile, Prince Yi’s men form a funeral procession with Wu Ji’s coffin where they plan to burn the body. (Wait, isn’t it stone? How is that going to help?) Prince Yi is keeping up the sad big brother routine in front of the Emperor’s servant, who asks about how they found the body. The Prince tells him how his soldiers searched for several days before finding him. The eunuch informs Prince Yi that several in court are asking for the Prince to be named the Crown Prince, which pleases Prince Yi, and that the Emperor has sent the eunuch to confirm the body is Wu Ji’s.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

At the request of the Emperor’s servant, the soldiers remove the lid from the coffin before lighting it on fire. Bei Ye and Fu Yao, disguised as soldiers, watch to funeral and Fu Yao sees her beloved’s body and gets upset. Knowing she’s going to get them caught, Bei Ye knocks her out and then throws rocks to knock out two other soldiers. Certain that the passed out soldiers have caught what killed Wu Ji, the other terrified soldiers run away. 

 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

That night Fu Yao wakes up in the desert. She’s ready to go kill Prince Yi until Bei Ye gets her to calm down and promises to help her avenge Wu Ji.

Servants in the Tianquan Palace are gathering the ingredients for the Empress’ medicine with one servant secretly writing them out. Zhang Sun Jia has a doctor look at the list of ingredients and is shocked to discover that it’s a slow acting poison. He meets with the Empress in the garden, asking why she never told him about the medicine. We find out that the Emperor forced her into marriage.  She didn’t want Zhang Sun Jia to get involved for his safety as she knows the Emperor is out to get him and is just using her to do it. But now with Wu Ji dead, Zhang Sun Jia wants to save her, telling her to give him three days to make plans and then he will take her away.
 photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Bei Ye and Fu Yao just waltz into Prince Yi’s tent to kill him. (Um, Bei Ye, I thought you had more sense than this. After telling Fu Yao to be smart, this was your plan? Just walk in the front door?) And then, surprise, surprise, soldiers run in and surround them. They are King Zhan Nan Cheng’s soldiers, the Gold of Tiansha, who have come to arrest Bei Ye. One of Prince Yi’s men tells them that he knew they were at the funeral and would come to kill Prince Yi. When Fu Yao demands to know where he is, they are told that he’s going to Pan City for the King of Tiansha’s birthday.
 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

You can’t let so many of your brothers die for nothing.

Prince Yi knew that Fu Yao and Bei Ye were at the funeral and would come to kill him so they’ve ambushed them at the Prince’s camp. When Fu Yao demands to know where Prince Yi is, they are told that he’s going to Pan City for the King of Tiansha’s birthday. Before the soldiers can arrest them, Bei Ye tosses hypnotic gas (which doesn’t affect him or Fu Yao for some reason) and they run for it.

In Tiansha, King Zhan Nan Cheng is cleaning his jade while a visibly annoyed Prince Huan watches. (These Zhan men really like keeping their stuff well polished and shiny…) Prince Huan is upset that the Emperor doesn’t believe their story about Bei Ye colluding with Qi Zhen and is asking for proof. But the King isn’t worried because the Emperor is right. When Prince Huan asks what to do about the Gold of Tiansha, who has been sent to arrest Zhan Bei Ye, the King reminds Prince Huan that Bei Ye has his own personal army, the Black Wind Cavalry, which is against the law and that’s why he’s being arrested.
 photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

In the desert, Bei Ye and Fu Yao aren’t able to keep ahead of the Gold, but then the Black Wind Cavalry arrives, along with their friends, Xiao Qi, kickass Princess Lan Zhu, General Ji, Tie Cheng and everyone’s favourite sexy, sword-wielding doctor. (*le sigh*)

Prince Huan still continues to be upset about Bei Ye, wondering how he could fly the Cavalry banner when they were disbanded long ago. Prince Huan worries the Gold are not a match, but the King still isn’t worried as he has plans to lure Bei Ye to Tiansha.

General Ji informs Bei Ye that he’s been accused of intending to rebel and that his friends, family and subordinates back in Tiansha have either been imprisoned or killed. The King has also locked up his mother and promised to bury her with her husband if Bei Ye doesn’t show up in 15 days. Realising they are outnumbered, Zong Yue takes some of Bei Ye’s men to lure them away while the rest go to safety. (And now we won’t get to see him for awhile. *so extremely sad*)
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Bei Ye tries to get Fu Yao and her friends to take the safe route to Tiansha while he takes the more dangerous and direct route across Mount Changan. Of course, no one will hear of it, so he sends his men back to Geya Desert, and then the Scooby gang with some soldiers goes through the mystical forest. For some reason they are depending on Xiao Qi to lead them through even though he only went there once when he was six.

More Gold soldiers arrive, lead by General Gu Ling Feng, again to arrest Zhan Bei Ye. Everyone splits up, with Bei Ye taking Lan Zhu with him, and Tie Cheng, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao leaving together. Bei Ye and Lan Zhu end up at the edge of a cliff, battling the General and some of his men. To save Lan Zhu, Bei Ye tosses the Englobement Bell to knock away a blade, but she still ends up falling and hanging off the side. The General is about to kill Bei Ye as Bei Ye is holding on to Lan Zhu, but General Ji takes him out with a flying kick and helps pull Princess Lan Zhu back up where she passes out.
 photo vlcsnap-00044.jpg

Fu Yao and co. reunite with everyone else, but General Ji worries about the Englobement Bell. Bei Ye couldn’t care less at this point, as now he’s suddenly got the feels for Lan Zhu and just wants her to be okay. Telling Fu Yao that he’s going to get water, he leaves the Scooby gang behind, but she’s no fool. She and Xiao Qi insist on joining them while Tie Cheng takes Princess Ya Lan Zhu back to recuperate. (Fu Yao and Bei Ye are the worst at trying to be sneaky.)

As they sit around a campfire later cooking fish, Fu Yao recalls memories of Wu Ji and his fishbone love memento. Xiao Qi, though, is interested in the Black Dragon Sword. We learn that there is a legend of the God of Swords turning into a black dragon and attaching to the Zhan family so now each member has their own sword with eyes that no one but they can touch.
 photo vlcsnap-00046.jpg

The group continue on through the foggy forest until it’s just Fu Yao, Bei Ye and a random soldier (hmmm, wonder who is going to die next…) on their own.

They see a body hanging from the trees, but when they try to cut it down, Bei Ye and the soldier end up in quicksand. Fu Yao tries desperately to save Bei Ye after the soldier is a goner, but Bei Ye wants her to save herself and tries to give his sword to her. General Ji and Xiao Qi find them and try to help, but flesh-eating ants are approaching. Of course, everyone continues to be stubborn as hell with General Ji finally cutting off his own arm to distract the ants.

 photo vlcsnap-00050.jpg
Later, now that he’s out of the quicksand, Bei Ye is upset about the men he’s lost while Fu Yao tries to get him to not give up. “You can’t let so many of your brothers die for nothing.”  She reminds him that he still needs to save his mother. When Bei Ye tells her that she also needs to take care of herself and that Wu Ji wouldn’t want to see her like that, Fu Yao says she doesn’t think Wu Ji is dead and then goes off to get water.

In the forest alone, Fu Yao is sad. She sees something odd on the ground and, when she picks it up, suddenly sees Wu Ji. Happy to see him, she runs to him, but when he tells her that they should forget about the Five Kingdoms and everyone else, and just go spend the rest of their lives together, she smells something fishy. Knowing that Wu Ji wouldn’t just give up on everyone and everything like that, she knows this is another fake Wu Ji and stabs him and he turns into black smoke. Bei Ye suddenly appears and pushes her out of the way just before the smoke can attack and it ends up going into Bei Ye’s body and he is knocked out. Fu Yao calls for help, but then passes out herself. 
 photo vlcsnap-00052.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia has returned to run off with the Empress, but she refuses. Instead, she gives him the Supreme Badge of the Imperial City so that he can leave Tianquan. Soldiers arrive to arrest Zhang Sun Jia, saying the Emperor has ordered his arrest as an assassin, but he fights them off. After trying one last time to get the Empress to go with him, she threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t go, so he leaves. But it turns out this whole thing was planned by the Emperor. The Empress is ready for him to kill her, but he’s not ready for her or his brother to die yet, as he still is waiting to see how things play out.

Prince Yi and his soldiers are crossing the snowfield to Tiansha when he hears about Bei Ye being driven into the mystical forest on Mount Changan.  He also hears that the King of Tiansha has now come forward in support of Prince Yi to become the next Crown Prince. Things are looking good for the eldest Prince.
 photo vlcsnap-00062.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up to someone else watching her sleep. It’s Wu Ji. Or is it? She’s happy, then remembers what happened in the forest and freaks out, but it really is him and she’s happy and crying, and they’re hugging and it’s very sweet. (Ummm, so what happened to hotty doctor?) Fu Yao asks him what happened in the desert and he says it was very unexpected… and we have to wait until the next episode to find out why.

Whatever happens, I must retrieve the Englobement Bell today.

Fu Yao is happy to see Wu Ji alive and well, but is confused because she saw his corpse at the funeral. He tells her that he was ambushed by Prince Yi in Geya Desert and thought he would die, but Yuan Bao saved him. He promises never to leave Fu Yao again. (Which you know means he’s gonna leave her again…)
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Unfortunately, Zhan Bei Ye is not doing so well and even our handsome doctor can’t help him. He’s been hurt by supernatural powers and Zong Yue (hey, when did you sneak back?) says they need the Englobement Bell to save him. Lan Zhu, having just arrived in Pan City with Tie Cheng, is upset and frantic so she starts yelling at our hotty doctor. (Hey, hey, that’s our boyfriend, lady! You can’t yell at him like that.)

Our Zong Yue is alone in his chambers and visibly upset. (Team Hotty Doctor quickly offers to teach that annoying princess a lesson and warm hugs.) Since we can’t be there for him, Wu Ji appears and reminds the doctor of how much Zong Yue has saved everyone’s butts so far. Wu Ji realises our dear doctor is not himself and, grabbing Zong Yue’s wrist, discovers he is not doing well. But the doctor assures Wu Ji that he won’t die anytime soon.

However, he is losing his medical skills, as half of his skills come from his inner force which is becoming harder to control. (Why do I have a bad feeling that this show is going to end with our handsome doctor having a funeral of his own? Better go find the tissues now.) Wu Ji wonders if Lady Fei Yan is punishing him because Qi Zhen failed, and the doctor is upset that he didn’t even kill Qi Zhen (as are we), and even more upset that, without his skills, he’ll be useless. Wu Ji vows to help him. (As does Team Hotty Doctor. Starting with hugs.)
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

At the Wintry Hall, King Zhan Nan Cheng welcomes Prince Yi, but is a little dismayed to not see Prince Yi bringing any goodies with him. Prince Yi promises that they are on their way, but he does bring one little gift: the Englobement Bell. One of his men found it on Mount Changhan which leads to a lot of dialogue about Bei Ye and the Englobement Bell and yadda, yadda, yadda. The King decides to celebrate its return with a banquet.

Fu Yao is sad, again. Wu Ji apologises, again, for everything that’s happened so far and saying that, because of it, she’s no longer happy-go-lucky like she was before. She tells him she had to kill another fake Wu Ji and that she knew this one was fake because she knew the real him would never give up the Five Kingdoms or his friends for her and tells him that she’s still the same person as before. But Wu Ji wants to be all touchy-feely now about his feelings and how he’s changed, and how he knows he’s not as awesome as Zhan Bei Ye.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

He hands her the object she saw on Mount Changhan. It is the Congregation Bell, another Tiansha relic that was thought to have been lost forever. He also informs her that his spies have told him the Englobement Bell is back with the King of Tiansha.

Zhan Nan Cheng and Prince Yi enjoy some entertainment during dinner, but Prince Yi can only sigh very loudly and pointedly. Prince Huan tells Prince Yi that he’s practically got the crown prince title in the bag, but Prince Yi still sighs VERY loudly. (My 6-year-old nephew is more subtle.) It turns out the Emperor’s servant informed him that his father has said that choosing the next Crown Prince is up to the rulers of the Five Kingdoms and that, if Prince Yi can go through the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate and survive, just as his brother did before, then he would be able to gain their loyalty and trust. Sending all the servants away, Nan Cheng tries to talk Prince Yi out of it because of the danger, but Prince Yi knows that if he doesn’t do it, the people will never think he is as good as Wu Ji. He then asks if the King might have an object in his possession that will help Prince Yi survive the challenge.

Later the King and Prince Huan are enjoying all the gifts from Prince Yi and talking about him. It becomes clear that they think Prince Yi is not as smart as Wu Ji and it will be easier to manipulate him to get what they want. Even if Prince Yi fails, they are not worried as it won’t affect who rules Tiansha. And then we find out that they are giving Prince Yi the Englobement Bell to help him in the Ruins.

Lan Zhu is dressed as a soldier, trying to sneak into the palace for the Englobement Bell, when Fu Yao, dressed in black, finds her and says she will help her.
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Prince Yi is looking at a map of the kingdom while his servant wonders why he agreed to give Zhan Nan Cheng so much territory, but Prince Yi has no intention of keeping his promise once he gains the throne.

Back at Scooby Headquarters, Zong Yue, Tie Cheng, Xiao Qi and General Ji are checking out a map of the Tiansha Palace. Zong Yue points out that the Bell must be kept in the heavily guarded Singing Frost Tower. (How is this info coming from him and not General Ji who is actually from Tiansha?) Fu Yao and Lan Zhu will distract the guards while Wu Ji steals the Bell just as it’s being given to Prince Yi.

Lan Zhu and Fu Yao watch Prince Yi and the King enter the tower, and then they jump over a wall. Despite Fu Yao warning Lan Zhu that the King loves traps, Lan Zhu runs off towards an unguarded spot and sets off an alarm that alerts the guards. In the Tower, the lights go out as they are looking at the Bell. The King is amused.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Fu Yao and Lan Zhu are surrounded by guards, including General Gu who attacked the group back on Mount Changhan. Lan Zhu immediately goes after him while Fu Yao has to fight off everyone else. But while Fu Yao is doing just fine, Lan Zhu is knocked down and Fu Yao has to drag Lan Zhu back over the wall to safety. They run through the city, careful to not run towards where Bei Ye is hiding. Back at Scooby Headquarters, the others somehow know about what happened and hope Lan Zhu and Fu Yao return safely. (Really, writers?)
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Lan Zhu is surprised to see Wu Ji handing the Englobement Bell over to Fu Yao and finds out that it was planned the whole time for him to get it. Back at their lodgings, Lan Zhu tries to use the Englobement Bell to heal Bei Ye, but it doesn’t work and they figure out that it’s a fake. (Who’s surprised? Were you surprised? I was surprised…*cue sarcastic eye roll*)

Wu Ji sees an angry Fu Yao and asks what’s wrong. (Side note: anyone else getting tired of him always calling her “girl”. She has a name!!) She tells him the Bell was a fake and realises that it must have been Prince Yi. Once again we get Fu Yao being all impetuous and Wu Ji as the voice of reason. He’s also jealous of Fu Yao being so worried about Bei Ye and is certain that she likes Bei Ye better so she has to reassure him that he’s her favourite.

Cut to Nan Cheng and Prince Yi, where we find out that Prince Yi faked the whole death certificate, and is pretty certain that Wu Ji is still alive. Prince Yi warned Nan Cheng ahead of time and they had planned this whole thing with the fake Bell. (Is it just me or does it feel like the writers are trying waaaaay too hard?) Prince Yi is certain that Wu Ji will show up at the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate to get the real Bell. Nan Cheng is impressed by Prince Yi’s plan to use Wu Ji and get rid of his younger brother at the same time.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Sure enough we cut to Zong Yue arriving to tell Wu Ji and Fu Yao that he heard Prince Yi is going through the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate and Wu Ji is certain his brother must have the Bell or he wouldn’t dare go. Fu Yao insists on going there to help save Bei Ye so Wu Ji agrees to go with her.

Xiao Qi watches Lan Zhu talking to the unconscious Bei Ye and seems a bit sad, though is it because it’s clear she loves him or just for the situation? (Pretty sure Xiao Qi likes Lan Zhu.)

The next day everyone is gathering to watch Prince Yi take on the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate. The Emperor’s servant (why did no one give him a name or did I miss it?) wishes him well.

Lan Zhu is alarmed when Bei Ye will no longer drink his medicine. When she goes to find the others and Xiao Qi says they have gone out, she gets upset, but won’t tell him what happened.
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Everyone waits for Prince Yi to proceed with the challenge and they see some astronomical omens that they take as good signs for Prince Yi. In the meantime, Wu Ji and Fu Yao have already entered the Ruins. At first it seems normal and Wu Ji said the last time he went through it, it was no big deal. Suddenly, the sun is covered by clouds and a strange wind blows the two lovers away from one another. Fu Yao starts calling for Wu Ji, but turns around to see… herself. Wu Ji also finds himself facing himself. While Wu Ji is calm, Fu Yao is freaked out by it.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

An antidote for an antidote.

Certain that their friends have abandoned them, Lan Zhu is going to take matters into her own hands. She talks to Bei Ye about the first time she saw him when they were kids. Basically, the men of Xuanji sound like jerks and it was the first time she saw a male not being a jerk to a woman, so Lan Zhu fell in love with him. She declares that, even though he’s never answered her declarations of love, she has considered herself his woman and is willing to give up anything to keep him alive. She then reminds him that she has the Power of Transferal and can use that to save him. (Is it me or do these scenes with Lan Zhu just seem to go on forever?)

In the Ruins, Wu Ji and Fu Yao face off against themselves. While Wu Ji is witty enough to realise that it’s all a trick of the mind, Fu Yao is easily lulled into a trance, where she envisions herself in the middle of a battlefield, surrounded by dead soldiers, and sees a wounded Wu Ji. (Sounds about right…) In the trance, she follows her doppelganger while reliving the sad moments of her life so far. Wu Ji, in the meantime, fights against himself and ends up winning.

 photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Lan Zhu tells a sleeping Bei Ye that the Power of Transferal can cause injury or even death, but she is willing to face the consequences to save him. Then she uses her powers on him.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Wu Ji desperately uses his powers to find Fu Yao. Her clone tells her that her life has been so full of regret and fear that if she just goes to sleep, she can get away from it. Entranced, Fu Yao starts to walk towards a portal to her death, when Wu Ji manages to finally call out to her mentally and wake her up. Fu Yao and her clone fight as Wu Ji rushes to save her. Realising that they are the same, Fu Yao cuts her own throat to defeat her shadow and wins, though wounded. (Yeah, I’m sure that was the best idea…) Wu Ji finds her just as Prince Yi arrives.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Big brother is happy to see all is going according to plan and thanks Wu Ji for helping make it so easy for him. The brothers end up fighting, but just as it seems that Prince Yi is going to win, Fu Yao, now awake, manages to save Wu Ji and Prince Yi finds himself about to be sucked into the deadly portal. He frantically pleads for help and apologises for all the crimes he’s committed. Wu Ji and Fu Yao think about it.

Lan Zhu collapses from using her powers, but is happy to feel Bei Ye’s hand moving. Xiao Qi comes in to ask what is wrong and she tells him that Bei Ye will wake up soon. Xiao Qi is happy at first but then realises that something is wrong. Lan Zhu is now blind from saving Zhan Bei Ye. Xiao Qi is upset with her for doing something so rash and not waiting for them to get the Bell, but Lan Zhu only cares that Xiao Qi promise not to tell Bei Ye what she did and she gives him instructions on how to take care of Zhan Bei Ye when he awakes. Then she sings to Bei Ye the same song that they sang on the rooftops of Tianquan. 
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Outside the Ruins, everyone is exclaiming over the quintuple rays of sunlight, something not seen since Wu Ji defeated the Ruins. Everyone takes this as a good omen for Prince Yi, including the Zhan royals. Everyone exclaims when Prince Yi exits the Ruins, though they notice he doesn’t seem happy. But then everyone sees who comes out behind him. It’s a not dead Crown Prince Wu Ji. (Gotta love Nan Cheng’s “oh shit” face.) Initially shocked, everyone eagerly greets and bows to Wu Ji as a dejected Prince Yi looks on.

In a flashback, we see Fu Yao and Wu Ji in the ruins waking Prince Yi up with the Bell. The couple discovers that the antidote for Fu Yao’s poison is actually in Prince Yi’s blood and, because his mentor is dead, it is the only antidote. Fu Yao makes the Prince swallow a pill, a poison she said she got from Zong Yue with unpleasant side effects. “An antidote for an antidote.”

In Tiansha Palace, Zong Yue has taken some of the Prince’s blood and will use it with other ingredients to create the antidote. Prince Yi chases after the doctor, asking for the antidote, so Wu Ji “reminds” Zong Yue that the pill Fu Yao made Prince Yi ingest was a poisoned pill given to her by him. Zong Yue “remembers” and gives Prince Yi half of the antidote, promising the other half in a few days, as long as Prince Yi behaves. As they are leaving, Prince Huan arrives to invite Wu Ji to a royal banquet, but Wu Ji says he’s too tired from the challenge and will have to come another time.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Walking back to their lodgings, Wu Ji and Zong Yue are amused by the trick that Fu Yao played on Prince Yi and Zong Yue remarks she is becoming more and more like Wu Ji. When Wu Ji asks what Zong Yue gave Prince Yi, Zong Yue says it’s a poison, but not a fatal one, though it does have unpleasant side effects. Cut to Prince Huan asking Prince Yi for the Englobement Bell back as Prince Yi begins to suffer from “intestinal discomfort”.

Xiao Qi helps Zong Yue gather the ingredients for the antidote.
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye dreams of Fu Yao in the desert singing to him and wakes up just as she arrives with the Englobement Bell. Surprised and happy to see him up, she gives him back the Bell, promising to catch him up on everything after she rests. He asks her if she had been singing to him, but she tells him she has a horrible singing voice, which leaves him perplexed.

Sad Xiao Qi is happy to see Fu Yao, but when she asks about Lan Zhu, he tells her that Lan Zhu has gone to bed. Fu Yao is surprised, but then realises that if Lan Zhu is in bed, she must be really tired and is sure she’ll be really happy to see Bei Ye when she’s awake.

Later that night, Fu Yao drinks as she thinks about the vision she saw of the battlefield. Zong Yue interrupts her thoughts to check on her. He gives her a surprised look, but says nothing, so she gives him a big-eyed look in return. He tells her that the antidote is working, but not to eat or drink anything cold for the next week.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

But then, he informs Wu Ji that, while the antidote is working, her pulse is strange. Wu Ji knows right away what Zong Yue is referring to. Somehow, in the Ruins, another tier of the spell was lifted. Zong Yue also wonders if Wu Ji noticed that the spell seems to be suppressing another stronger power that increases as each level is lifted. The doctor also wonders why such a strong and ancient spell was cast on her and what Wu Ji thinks about it, but Wu Ji only cares that she’s his woman. The doctor has his doubts. (And then Zong Yue disappears for two episodes…argh!)

Cue flashback of Wu Ji’s mentor telling him his destiny.

The Emperor receives the news that Wu Ji is alive and has defeated the Ruins yet again, and he is pleased. But, of course, he’s not going to tell the Empress right away. Instead, he asks her why she hasn’t been eating and tells her to take care of her health, but she thinks he doesn’t care if she lives or dies. When he mentions his brother, whom he wishes were dead, and questions why she doesn’t hate Zhang Sun Jia for abandoning her, she tells the Emperor he doesn’t understand, because he has never been in love or trusted anyone. Now that Wu Ji is gone, Zhang Sun Jia is the only person left she can depend on. With her son dead, she tells the Emperor that he no longer has anything to hold over her. And that’s when he decides to tell her that her son is alive.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

You’re just an ungrateful scoundrel!

The Emperor tells the Empress that her son is still alive. She desperately wants to see him, but the Emperor tells her that she’ll need to wait until he lets her see Wu Ji.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Prince Huan tells Nan Cheng that Prince Yi has gotten sick and hasn’t returned the Englobement Bell due to his gas issues. Nan Cheng says he can fart himself to death for all he cares as long as the bell is returned. A guard appears reporting that Prince Yi has disappeared and handing over a note that he left behind. In the note, Prince Yi tells the King that Wu Ji has the Englobement Bell.

Xiao Qi is ugly crying about Lan Zhu.
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Unaware, Fu Yao tells Bei Ye about how she tricked Prince Yi. Wu Ji is jealous of the two and when Fu Yao tries to give Bei Ye his medicine, Wu Ji insists that he do it instead, leading to a rather awkward moment between the two guys with Bei Ye finally just taking the medicine himself. Of course Wu Ji uses this as a reason to drag Fu Yao away since Bei Ye can take care of himself now.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Outside, Fu Yao teases Wu Ji for being jealous. When Wu Ji says that she’s not the woman who should be taking care of Bei Ye, they realise that they haven’t seen Lan Zhu in a while. Seeing Xiao Qi, they ask about Lan Zhu. He avoids answering and tries to leave, but eventually he tells them the truth about what happened. They go into Lan Zhu’s room and find it empty. A note that she has left says to tell Bei Ye that she has gone home and will return soon, and for them not to look for her.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Before anyone can do anything, though, Prince Huan arrives at their lodgings with many troops. His initial excuse is that Zhan Nan Cheng, realising the Crown Prince was staying in such lowly accommodations, wanted to invite him to stay at the palace. When Wu Ji finds an excuse not to leave, one of the soldiers pretends to see an assassin and Prince Huan insists on letting his troops search for the assassin. Wu Ji plays along and lets them look, asking Tie Cheng to escort them around.

All is well until they get to the room where Bei Ye is staying and Tie Cheng tries to keep them out, exclaiming that it is the Crown Prince’s rooms and that they can’t enter, as Bei Ye, Fu Yao and Xiao Qi get ready to fight for their lives inside. But the soldiers go in anyway and find nothing. Thanks to the combination of the Englobement and the Congregation Bells, Bei Ye is able to make himself, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao invisible to the soldiers. With neither the Bell nor the errant Prince Lie being found, Prince Huan punishes his soldier for sounding a false alarm and they start to leave. Suddenly Wu Ji remembers something his brother gave him and hands it over to Prince Huan to take to Nan Cheng.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Of course, it’s the fake Bell, which Nan Cheng shatters on the ground, angry at both of the Tianquan princes.

As Bei Ye, Fu Yao and Wu Ji talk about the Bells and how good it is that they have both, Xiao Qi is pouting. Bei Ye realises that everyone seems upset about something and then asks where Lan Zhu is so they tell him the story she wrote in her note.

Nan Cheng suspects Wu Ji is the one behind the disappearance of the Bell and is also certain Bei Ye is still alive and that Wu Ji is likely allied with him. Prince Huan, though, isn’t convinced, much to Nan Cheng’s annoyance. Nan Cheng, eyeing him with suspicion, recalls a time Bei Ye saved Prince Huan’s life and how Prince Huan talked Nan Cheng into giving the Bell to Bei Ye to take to Taiyuan. Prince Huan is frantic to make the King not suspect him, but because they share the same mother, the King does not suspect him.

Instead, Nan Cheng wants to start getting rid of Bei Ye’s past subordinates, including the ones in power. The King wants them all arrested with everyone over age sixteen killed while the girls are to be sent to brothels and the boys to the army. (Sending the brothers to the army sound counter productive honestly.  It’s like, I’ll kill your parents and then train you and perhaps give you the power to extract revenge.) When Prince Huan worries Wu Ji may interfere, Zhan Nan Cheng reminds him that the Imperial City can not intercede in domestic affairs.

Wu Ji and Fu Yao search Pan City for Lan Zhu with no luck. They see some of Bei Ye’s subordinates being walked through the city in chains to their doom and hear townspeople comment on how much better Bei Ye is than the current King, and what a shame it is that Zhan Bei Ye was treated so unjustly. Suddenly, a stranger hands Fu Yao a note and leaves. It is an invitation for her to meet someone at the Iron Cliff the next day.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Bei Ye is helping General Ji get dressed. Though the general feels overwhelmed by the gesture, Bei Ye feels it’s the least that he can do given that General Ji gave up his own arm to save him. Bei Ye is determined to avenge all their dead comrades.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

When Zhan Bei Ye comments how it was Fu Yao who took care of him and helped him get better, Xiao Qi loses it, calling the Prince an “ungrateful scoundrel” and informing Bei Ye that it was Lan Zhu, not Fu Yao, who stayed by his side, and that she gave up her eyes to save him. It turns out General Ji is also aware of what happened and that Ya Lan Zhu had snuck away. This upsets Bei Ye and he yells at the returning Wu Ji and Fu Yao for not telling him. He is determined to go find her, but they tell him that they already searched for her in the city with no luck. They tell him they know where to find her and show him the note Fu Yao received in town. Bei Ye determined to go, but Fu Yao wants to stop him. Wu Ji, however, intercedes and says that Bei Ye has to do this and that he will go with him.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

As the two men walk to the Iron Cliff, Bei Ye realises that Wu Ji probably had another reason for wanting Fu Yao not to join them. Wu Ji does. He advises Bei Ye that it’s time for him to make a commitment and decide once and for all if he wants to just sit back and do nothing about Tiansha or take action and get back the kingdom.

Back at the lodgings, it’s General Ji’s turn to try to do something rash, this time to save Bei Ye’s mother, the Grand Consort Jing. But this time Fu Yao is the voice of reason, knowing that Nan Cheng will keep Consort Jing alive to use as bait to get Bei Ye, and Fu Yao promises to think of a plan to save her.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

At the cliff, the two Princes watch as a crow flies towards them and drops something into Bei Ye’s hand; Lan Zhu’s necklace. Wu Ji, knowing that Bei Ye is going to Illusion Hall to meet Lady Fei Yan, gives Bei Ye instructions on what to say. At the hall, Bei Ye enters and sees a woman in white. Following Wu Ji’s instructions, he introduces himself and asks for her help. But it’s not Lady Fei Yan he’s talking to. Instead, it’s Wu Ji’s annoying little buddy, Tai Yan, and she is not pleased that Bei Ye came without Fu Yao and won’t bring her mentor out unless Fu Yao is there. She threatens to kill Lan Zhu, which angers Bei Ye and he draws his sword. They fight at first, but when she drops Lan Zhu from the ceiling and threatens to kill her, Bei Ye stops and begs her not to hurt the Princess. Bitchy as ever (Nahh… this time, Tai Yan has a reason for her actions.), Tai Yan could care less and is about to take her life when Wu Ji comes in and stops her.
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Bei Ye picks up Lan Zhu, who regains consciousness, while Wu Ji asks Tai Yan to let them go, but she refuses. She reveals that her mentor wants to meet Fu Yao. Wu Ji tells Bei Ye to take the Princess away and, when Tai Yan tries to stop them, Wu Ji fights her and, again, defeats her. As he leaves, she calls out that she knows Fu Yao is the one his mentor ordered him to find and asks if he’s forgotten his other identity, but he tells her to lay eggs and leaves.

Back at the lodgings, Wu Ji is holding the Leaf of Spiritual Elixir as he remembers an image of Fu Yao awakening in the middle of a lotus, when Fu Yao comes in with some wine. She wants to celebrate Lan Zhu’s return. Wu Ji asks Fu Yao if she had ever wondered who her parents were. She admits that she used to think they were very powerful, important people who wanted to hide her for her safety and that, one day, they would return for her, but then later realised that the only people who would abandon their children to become servants to others must have already been in a very bad situation. When asked if she holds a grudge against them, Fu Yao doesn’t care because she now considers Uncle Zhou her family, but the thought of him makes her sad and want to drink more.
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Your own brother wouldn’t doubt you.

When Wu Ji asks if Fu Yao holds a grudge against the parents who abandoned her, Fu Yao doesn’t care because she now considers Uncle Zhou her family, but the thought of him makes her remember his death and what he told her of the spell. Wu Ji then gives her the Leaf of Spiritual Elixir, saying that while it’s very important, she is even more important to him. He also tells her that it contains his memories, good and bad, and things that are important to him. Cue some smooching. (Really it seems like he’s not conflicted at all, about giving up the rest of the world for their love.)
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Out in the snow, Bei Ye is standing in front of Lan Zhu’s quarters when Xiao Qi comes out. When Bei Ye asks how she is, Xiao Qi doesn’t answer and just leaves. So Bei Ye yells out to her that his life is hers now and that he’ll risk his life for her in gratitude for what she did. She tells him to come inside where she informs him that it’s her birthday. Then, she starts going through a list of the last couple of birthdays that have all pretty much sucked. (Aw, so I’m not the only one with a jinx of a birthday.) But she tells him that she doesn’t want his pity or his gratitude. What she really wants is for him to love her. However, since she’s certain he loves Fu Yao, she’s willing to wait until eventually he loves her. While hugging her, he calls her by her nickname, Zhu Zhu, for the first time. (Awww…)

Wu Ji finds Bei Ye outside getting drunk. Seeing the Crown Prince, Bei Ye kneels to thank Wu Ji for helping him, but Wu Ji doesn’t want any of these formalities and, instead, invites Bei Ye to drink. Bei Ye admits he’s never been ambitious and had always thought if he just put up with his brother’s crap, everything would be fine. But now he realises he can’t do that anymore, though he first wants to make sure his mother is safe. Wu Ji promises to help him as does Fu Yao who suddenly appears.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

The next day, Bei Ye is in his “Peaches” disguise and goes with Fu Yao to the city. There they find a drunk Eunuch Hua who immediately recognises Prince Lie, even with his faux facial hair, and kneels before him, grateful that the Prince is still alive. The eunuch passes on a coded message from his mother saying that she is fine, but warns that she is under heavy surveillance in Xihua Palace. The men are not sure how to get Bei Ye in to see his mother, but Fu Yao has a plan.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Representatives from the different Kingdoms arrive for King Nan Cheng’s birthday celebration. He is a bit surprised to see Wu Ji appear to join the festivities, but has to put on his friendly face. (But I like his “I’m evil” looks.) When Nan Cheng tells him that Wu Ji didn’t need to go to the trouble, Wu Ji tells him that the Emperor has made a decree that Wu Ji is to take over running the Five Kingdoms, which a eunuch verifies.

Bei Ye and Fu Yao, dressed as servants, enter the palace where Eunuch Hua assigns them to Xihua Palace. They are on their way when they run into the same General Gu from Mount Changhan and their attempt to steal the Bell. Recognising both of them, the General attacks, but the pair ends up killing him and hiding his body behind a rock. Then they jump over a wall into the palace. While trying to decide what to do, they hear his mother singing, only for her to be beaten and punished by a servant. Fu Yao has to hold back an angry Bei Ye and tells him she knows of a way to get his mother out.

At the King’s birthday dinner, everyone is enjoying music and a show. Wu Ji asks if he can visit the Singing Frost Tower and the King hints that he should already be very familiar with it. A soldier runs in and announces General Gu’s death. Prince Huan is furious and offers to investigate, but then Wu Ji recalls an incident in Taiyuan where, on the King’s birthday, something similar happened when the King’s uncle wanted to usurp the throne. The King tells Prince Huan to stay where he is and just to send officers to handle it while he stays at the party, but Prince Huan does not feel easy. As Wu Ji proposes a toast to Prince Huan, the King eyes them both carefully and then tells Attendant Li to have the guards at three of the gates changed out. The first seeds of doubt have been planted.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

At nightfall, Fu Yao delivers dinner for the Grand Consort. She finds the consort unconscious and tied up. Fu Yao unties her and wakes her, telling Consort Jing that Fu Yao has come on behalf of her son to help rescue her. Fu Yao will take the Grand Consort to the toilet where he will be waiting.

In the banquet hall, soldiers arrive with the General’s body. Prince Huan is upset to see the general dead. The King asks the Crown Prince what he thinks and Wu Ji advises that the body appears to have been stabbed by one of the Cold Blade’s used by the Tiansha’s guards, so it must be an inside job. When Prince Huan tells Wu Ji he is being too hasty to judgement. Wu Ji says, “I’m just stating the facts. I didn’t say YOU had anything to do with it. Besides, your brother wouldn’t doubt you.” (So basically just saying what will guarantee doubt in everyone’s mind.)

The guards inspect the toilet before they let the Grand Consort and Fu Yao enter, telling them that there are assassins in the palace. Inside, through a window, Bei Ye and his mother finally see each other again for the first time in a while.
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Prince Huan swears he didn’t have anything to do with the General’s death and would never plot against his brother. Prince Huan says that he suspects it’s Bei Ye and that Bei Ye must have returned. The King immediately orders guards to Xihua Palace.

Bei Ye wants to get his mother out of the palace, but Grand Consort knows it’s too dangerous and tells him not to. Instead, she gives him a hairpin of hers with something hidden in it.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

The next day, Fu Yao sees Bei Ye being sad about his mom. She promises to help him in the future whenever he needs it. He feels guilty for being so meek all these years and not helping his mother sooner, as well as for all the people who have risked their lives to keep him safe.

Zhan Nan Cheng gets the feeling that something bad is about to happen. Prince Huan tries to reassure him that they are doing everything they can, but the King is not assured. He also still suspects Wu Ji and Prince Yi of being up to something and that Bei Ye is not dead.

Bei Ye is doing what he always does, cleaning his sword. He tells Wu Ji he’s ready to take back what is his. In the hairpin, Bei Ye has found the real decree from the former Tiansha king in which he named Bei Ye as his successor. The decree that was read out by Zhan Nan Cheng’s uncle was a fake. The Scooby gang are all in to help Bei Ye, but he worries about how it will affect the people of Tiansha.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

General Ji also points out that they don’t have enough troops, but Wu Ji says they have underestimated Bei Ye. It turns out that the Black Wind Cavalry was formed by Qiongcang (aka The Firmament) to keep the Zhan family in check, in case they got too powerful and decided to take over the other Kingdoms. The Cavalry and their leader are granted Qiongcang powers that can break the spells that protect the Tiansha palace and help them annihilate any traitors, but they need more soldiers and can’t get any from outside of Tiansha without a Tiansha seal. So where can they get soldiers from? Wu Ji knows.

One day, when he’s all bruised and bleeding, when he knows the pain, only then will he understand.

Bei Ye needs more soldiers to help him overthrow his brother, but can’t get any from outside of Tiansha without a Tiansha seal. So where can they get soldiers from? Wu Ji and Bei Ye have the same thought. The men of Black Wind Cavalry that Bei Ye found are not the only soldiers in the Geya Desert. There were others who betrayed their duty and the Qiongcang magic trapped them in the Geya Desert for eternity. They are the Dust Dragon’s Secret Army, the same ones Fu Yao and Bei Ye saw in Inception desert world. Legend says that the sword Bei Ye found is the key to controlling them, but they don’t know for sure if it will work or if they exist. However, Wu Ji knows they do exist as he saw them when he almost died in the desert. Bei Ye is determined to go and reassures a worried Ya Lan Zhu that this is his destiny. (How is it that this couple now is having much longer touchy-feely scenes than our OTP?) Fu Yao tries to volunteer herself and Wu Ji to help, but Wu Ji tells her they have other business to take care of.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

King Nan Cheng has Prince Huan increase security around the palace. Prince Huan reminds him that with all of Bei Ye’s allies that they’ve arrested, and with the General’s death, there are a lot of vacancies now. Nan Cheng asks if Prince Huan is looking to take over the Gold of Tiansha, but Prince Huan is defensive and swears that he has no interest, so the King plans to find someone he can train to follow his every command.

Wu Ji, of course, plans to make that person Fu Yao. Knowing how suspicious the King is of everyone, he wants to get someone by the King’s side who works for them. Fu Yao is not very comfortable with the idea of sucking up to the King and worries it’s dangerous, but, of course, she will do it. Because Wu Ji knows the King is petty, Wu Ji has a plan.

Soldiers announce the competition to becoming the General of True Valiance. To sign up, warriors have to carve their name into ice and get a white ribbon to wear on their arm. The King, once again, participating in the Zhan royal family’s favourite past time of polishing a prized possession, listens to his brother’s report about sending an invitation to Wu Ji to help judge the competition. The King wants Prince Huan to send over gifts as well so the King can suck up to Wu Ji. Prince Huan is worried because they had previously pledged to support Prince Yi. However, the King is going to go with whomever he thinks can help him most and is annoyed with Prince Yi.

Various men step up to carve their names into ice with their swords to enter the competition.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Fu Yao comes up, this time pretending to be Jiang Feng, and uses her powers to add her name to the ice, to everyone’s amazement.
 photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

As he leaves, Wu Ji arrives in a carriage and they have a well-staged argument in front of everyone, where they make it clear that Jiang Feng is tired of Wu Ji not promoting him and wants to go where there are better opportunities. The Crown Prince is not happy about Jiang Feng leaving. 

Zhan Bei Ye and his men are riding their horses near the edge of the desert when he stops. He knows they are being followed and, when he calls for the person to come out, up pops the blind Princess who somehow managed to follow them despite not being on horseback. Bei Ye insists she ride on his horse to keep her safe. Before they ride off, he promises to celebrate all her birthdays with her from now on. (Girl… you blind.  You know you’re just going to be a burden to him.)
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

King Nan Cheng is being dressed and getting an update on the competition. Once the servants leave, he tells Prince Huan how disappointed he is that Wu Ji wouldn’t agree to participate in the match and wonders what Wu Ji is up to since he is staying in the city. Prince Huan passes on the rumour about Wu Ji and Jiang Feng’s confrontation. He tells the King about the Crown Prince’s Shadow Guard, who has been favoured by Wu Ji for so long, but now they’ve had a falling out and Jiang Feng, in anger, signed up for the competition.

Fu Yao is annoyed at having to act all the time and swears she won’t do it again, when Xiao Qi enters, announcing the return of Zong Yue. Fu Yao scolds Zong Yue for leaving without telling anyone. (More like the writers forgot about him, much to our chagrin. But don’t worry, Team Hotty Doctor. The next couple episodes bring a lot more of our Divine Physician. *le sigh*) When Fu Yao comments on the doctor so quietly returning and wondering if he was worried about being caught in the King’s trap, he tells her that there are so many scouts around the place that he knows his return has been noted.
 photo vlcsnap-00001_1.jpg

As the writers suddenly realise only a third of the series is left to go, they give the doctor some exposition to help bring his storyline (remember the whole revenge on Qi Zhen thing?) back on the table again. He tells Wu Ji that he heard that Qi Zhen fell ill after being imprisoned, but then escaped thanks to Yun Hen not killing him. (Still not sure why you didn’t just do the job yourself.) While Wu Ji understands why Yun Hen would feel that he owes Qi Zhen for raising him, Zong Yue worries that his brother is not capable enough to rule Taiyuan and that Qi Zhen is just waiting to strike back. Wu Ji tells him his brother was not born a killer, but that “One day, when he’s all bruised and bleeding, when he knows the pain, only then will he understand.” Zong Yue just wants things to go well for Yun Hen and will not be at ease until Qi Zhen is dead. Wu Ji suggests that they lure Qi Zhen out.

Xiao Qi (a.k.a the writer’s favorite tool for exposition) is surprised to hear that Zong Yue is also going to take part in the competition and wonders why. Fu Yao explains that they are pretending to be rivals for Wu Ji’s friendship so that Zhan Nan Cheng will want to win Jiang Feng over.

The day of the competition begins, and the King and Prince Huan are seated, but Wu Ji’s seat is conspicuously empty, much to Nan Cheng’s chagrin. Zhan Nan Cheng has done everything he can, but seems to have been snubbed by the Crown Prince. He asks Prince Huan where the competitors are and Prince Huan explains that he sent out assassins to kill them as they make their way to the venue. Those who survive and make it to the venue before a stick of incense burns out will have passed the first round.

Fu Yao is attacked by assassins as she walks to the venue. She subdues one of them, asks who sent them, and is informed about this first part of the competition. She is angry that the King would just kill off innocent people just for this competition. For Nan Cheng and Prince Huan, however, this is a requirement as all the men in the Gold of Tiansha are survivors who have killed before and that’s who they want leading them. But the King is bored with waiting and wants something exciting to watch.
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Wu Ji arrives and, immediately, everyone goes into faux politeness mode. Nan Cheng notices Wu Ji expectantly watching the doors and asks if he’s waiting for someone, but Wu Ji doesn’t answer. The incense is almost out when competitors start running in the slowly closing doors, Fu Yao and Zong Yue included. Of course, Zong Yue notices another competitor right away, Qi Yun, and wonders why she is there. We see in a quick flashback that Qi Zhen is ill and has told Qi Yun that only Zong Yue can cure him.
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Nan Cheng announces that the winner of the competition will be the one who can retrieve a very special treasure that is hanging in a sack over a bunch of blades, before fires burn up the ropes holding it up and it falls. The King enjoys Wu Ji’s pained expression hearing about this.

When the match begins, the competitors immediately start fighting one another, while the King keeps an eye on Wu Ji’s reactions. Hotty Doctor is looking sexy as hell while taking out competitors. Jiang Feng is almost taken out, but Wu Ji quickly tosses a cup to knock out a competitor’s sword. When Nan Cheng asks Wu Ji about Jiang Feng, Wu Ji says Jiang Feng is just having a tantrum and that’s why he joined the contest. Nan Cheng is surprised to see Zong Yue is also in the competition and asks about him. Wu Ji confides that he and the doctor are close friends and that he doesn’t know who to root for between the two.

Jiang Feng fights one competitor, Tang Yi Zhong of Xuanji Kingdom, and knocks away his sword. He’s ready to be killed, but she opts instead to let him go and he thanks her. Other men get launched into the frozen water as one after another are taken out. Qi Yun is hurt and is about to be killed when Zong Yue saves her and dispatches another competitor. She wants to talk to him, but instead is rushed away as he continues to fight.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Finally, it ends with just Jiang Feng and Zong Yue left standing. They trade barbs while Wu Ji asks for Nan Cheng to give them both the title, but Jiang Feng doesn’t want a title offered out of pity and, instead, Wu Ji’s two buddies fight it out. As they fight, the ropes holding the treasure finally break and they immediately grab the ropes to ensure the treasure doesn’t fall. They continue fighting until Zong Yue falls towards the ice water. As Wu Ji rushes to save the doctor, Jiang Feng grabs the falling treasure. When she opens the sack, she is surprised and angered to discover Grand Consort Jing was in there. Although her first impulse is yell at the King, she remembers her role and, instead, claims to be angry because she wasn’t expecting such a heavy load and almost hurt herself.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Nan Cheng is ready to give Jiang Feng the title when Wu Ji tries to talk Jiang Feng out of it. Citing a desire not to break his own word, plus with Jiang Feng’s own desire to be somewhere he is appreciated, the King accepts Jiang Feng as the winner.

Fu Yao is still mad about the Consort, but is thankful Bei Ye wasn’t there or he would have been caught trying to save his mother. She hopes they can get Bei Ye on the throne soon and Wu Ji reminds her that she has to keep up the act and gain the King’s trust if they are going to be able to do that.

The next day, Wu Ji and Zong Yue walk through Pan City. Wu Ji explains how they have to make the King trust Jiang Feng and doubt everyone else, but he realises the doctor is distracted, though Zong Yue claims nothing’s wrong. Just then, his distraction appears before them: Qi Yun.
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Eunuch Hua is scolding a batch of new eunuchs, and among them is Xiao Qi, when the Head Eunuch comes looking for a servant to replace one that just died. He ends up picking Xiao Qi. Eunuch Hua tries to help Xiao Qi, but the Head Eunuch notes that the King’s servants end up dying in a few days and they don’t want to waste one of their apprentices for the role, so there’s nothing that can be done and Xiao Qi runs off to serve the King.
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If you aren’t here to seek revenge, please leave.

Zong Yue is having some tea as Qi Yun watches him. He asks her if she is there to avenge her father, but she insists she’s not so he tells her to leave and stay far away. When she won’t, he gets up to go and she tries to stop him, which makes him angry. He tells her that he won’t kill her for sins that aren’t hers, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be nice to her and that he still wants her father dead. Him saving her at Wintry Hall gave her hope and she is certain that he’s been thinking of her. She reminds him of their good childhood memories and asks for a chance to make up for her father’s mistakes because she hates seeing him live in anger. But Zong Yue can’t forget watching his family die. He accuses her of seducing his brother to make Yun Hen not want revenge on her father and now trying to seduce him for the same reasons, and he tells her to get lost and leaves while she cries, insisting that she’s not that kind of girl.
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Nan Cheng eagerly shows Jiang Feng around his tower of treasures. She praises his collection and, upon seeing the empty pedestal where the Englobement Bell once was, asks if he is missing a piece. He tells her that he is about to acquire a new treasure to put in that spot. Prince Huan is announced and the King eagerly has him brought in. Jiang Feng, remembering that they’ve met before, tries to leave, but the King won’t hear of it. Instead, she looks at the treasures as they talk. Prince Huan informs the King that there’s no more money in the treasury to buy the treasure the King wanted, which angers the King. He demands that they raise taxes, but Prince Huan worries the people will not be able to pay the new taxes, though the King could care less.

As they argue, Jiang Feng steps in to offer a suggestion: arrest some of the corrupted officials as they will have more money than the commoners. Prince Huan, the more politically savvy of the brothers, realises this could cause other issues, but Nan Cheng doesn’t care either way. Zhan Nan Cheng tells his brother to do one or the other as long as Prince Huan can get more money for the treasure. The King is frustrated that his brother always has bad news and likes his new buddy, Jiang Feng.
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Prince Huan, finally realising how much Jiang Feng looks like Faux Lian, runs into her outside the palace and accuses her of being the same person. Jiang Feng gets offended at being called a woman and feels he is being insulted, but Prince Huan is certain they’ve met before and wants to figure it out.

Bei Ye and his crew arrive in a small village. Worried about Lan Zhu, he tells General Ji to find a family who is willing to feed them so that they can get some rest, though General Ji worries they may be found by the King. As they eat, Bei Ye tries to pay off the man whose family is taking care of them, but the man refuses as they are guests.
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Head Eunuch Li shows Jiang Feng to his new quarters and tells him that the King has never favoured someone so much in the past decade and had a good location selected for him. Jiang Feng rewards him and Eunuch Li predicts he will rise up the ranks quickly.

Inside, and finally alone, Fu Yao calls out to the person hiding in her room. Wu Ji comes out, complaining that it’s going to be harder to see her, but liking that they can secretly meet in her bedroom. When she wonders why he’s not hiding under her bed, he suggests they both hide there. 

Fu Yao worries that Prince Huan will reveal her secret, but Wu Ji says Prince Huan will keep it to himself if he’s smart. The King is overly suspicious and Prince Huan is the only brother he hasn’t killed. Prince Huan has managed to get to such a high position without being harmed, but he must be getting anxious, Wu Ji says, as we see Prince Huan sending a letter to someone.
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Bei Ye is laying next to Lan Zhu, just a curtain separating them. He can’t sleep so Lan Zhu asks him to share his troubles with her and… TL:DR version – he’s worried, she reassures him, pretty music plays, I check my email.
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Fu Yao and Wu Ji discuss the plan to make Nan Cheng doubt Prince Huan. She realises Wu Ji is worried about something and she reassures him that she knows how to suck up to arrogant royals. However, he is more concerned about Bei Ye and what difficulties he may be facing.

Men in black set fire to the village granaries as Bei Ye and Lan Zhu are still talking. Fast forward to them hearing calls of alarm and rushing out to see what has happened. The villagers are trying to put the fire out when soldiers arrive. Two days ago, the soldiers had been trying to buy up the land, but the villagers refused. Now that the King wants the wood that grows on their land for his royal halls, so they are going to arrest the villagers for setting fire to their granaries. Bei Ye and co. immediately stop them and take out the soldiers.
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The next morning, with the horses and some of their men gone, they are running across the ice field when they are stopped by a crevasse. The Gold of Tiansha appears, with the leader of the troops telling them to surrender, but they fight instead. Somehow blind Ya Lan Zhu can sense when her man is in trouble and ends up stepping between him and a blade. He’s upset and makes her promise not to save him anymore as now it’s his turn to take care of her.

Nan Cheng is checking out his family… treasures when Head Eunuch Li announces that the Ice Field Tiger has appeared. The King is eager to hunt it and takes Jiang Feng and some other soldiers with him. It’s an auspicious sign from the gods and very rare. Seeing something white in the distance, the King proceeds with Jiang Feng and a few men, but they run into assassins in black who kill off everyone but the King and Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng manages to “save” the King while getting wounded in the process.
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Wu Ji paces nervously until one of the assassins reports the success of their mission and that the King has named Jiang Feng the General of True Valiance.

In the palace, servants have delivered various gifts from the King and one servant, Xiao Qi, delivers some special medicine, but Jiang Feng refuses all of it. The King arrives, insisting on feeding Jiang Feng the medicine himself, but the warrior refuses all the King’s kindness, not sure how to accept it. The King is thankful to his new General and offers any reward. At first, he refuses, but then, finally, asks to be put in charge of the Gold of Tiansha.
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Prince Huan appears at that moment, declaring that this demand is proof of Jiang Feng’s bad intentions and then accuses Jiang Feng of being a spy for Wu Ji. Prince Huan produces a letter from Prince Yi as evidence and tells his brother about the incident with fake Princess Fo Lian and says that Jiang Feng is that same imposter, the wanted fugitive Fu Yao. Not phased, Jiang Feng says Prince Huan forged the letter and is trying to set him up. When the Prince asks why, Jiang Feng tells the King that his brother secretly met with Wu Ji and asked for his help to get the Tiansha throne, which Prince Huan violently denies.
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As proof, Jiang Feng mentions a ninth concubine that the Prince married the day after Wu Ji arrived in the city and that she acted as a messenger. When the King asks to talk to her, Jiang Feng advises that the concubine mysteriously died recently and Prince Huan confesses he killed her for cheating on him. But Jiang Feng suggests that the deceased woman left behind evidence and that Prince Huan has been building up his own army and hoarding some of the money from raids of corrupt officials. When Prince Huan says that flying thieves stole the money from the officials before he could get it, Jiang Feng laughs at his story. Insisting on his innocence, Prince Huan asks for his brother to believe him. The King says he says he will… once he takes a look at Prince Huan’s manor.

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Linjaturle: I think the writers have given up on the story. What, as if another tier was lifted in the Ruins and we don’t see anything significant happen. It took 30 episodes to lift one tier and almost another 10 to lift another that we weren’t even aware of. I am not impressed with the two main female characters. Fu Yao and Lan Zhu don’t take a second to think at all and are always wanting to rush off into danger, and now we have Lan Zhu with a senseless sacrifice. She went on and on and on about not being able to live if she can’t see Bei Ye anymore and well, now that she really can’t see him… what’s she gonna do? She had very little faith in her friends to save Bei Ye. Hotty doc had already informed her Bei Ye WILL NOT DIE. I can’t make sense of it. At least, there’s one less female recklessly rushing off into danger now. If she can’t see, she’ll stay put. Hotty doctor saving me from giving up this drama. More Zong Yue, please!

Edit: Welp. There goes my theory that if Lan Zhu is blind, she’ll stay put. Nope, she managed to follow Bei Ye, not being able to see and all. If she had a white cane on her, I could swallow that, but otherwise… how?

Enid Bee: The good news is we are going to get more Zong Yue next week. But yeah, we are very close to the end and, ever since the “Red Wedding” at Taiyuan, it’s just been people running around the different kingdoms, splitting up, reuniting and so little about the spell and the prophecy. And sure Fu Yao and Lan Zhu have been hysterical messes, but then the guys decided to take their turn at it (Bei Ye, General Ji). We need more of the calm, collected and smarter than everyone else Zong Yue as he seems to be the only one capable of being emotional without doing something stupid. (So far at least. Unless you count letting Qi Zhen live as something stupid.)

As much as I don’t like Tai Yan being back, at least her appearance points to the plot getting back on the original track and I’m anxious to get this whole mystery with Wu Ji’s uncle as well as Fu Yao’s origins finally get resolved. I’m actually a little glad that it’s only 66 episodes because I don’t think I could handle more and it’s getting harder for me to think of funny things to say in these recaps. (Unless they did a “Cinderella Chef” and killed off everyone except Zong Yue and Qi Zhen and then let them spend the rest of the episodes plotting against each other with a few final epic battles where Zong Yue finally kills him just before he dies. Sad, but satisfying.)

I’m loving Nan Cheng as the baddy much more than Prince Yi. He’s silly, but in an amusing, but still evil, way. (Plus I love that actor – his reaction faces are my favorite thing this week.) I’m not sorry to see creepy, whiny Prince No Balls go. But still no one is quite as good at being bad as Qi Zhen and I can’t wait for him to return.

IMOmusings: Honestly, this series started off with so much potential. It had the right mix of fantasy, romance, political upheaval and pretty faces to keep you interested. Then….half way through…everything just falls to pieces. I’ve basically given up on following the drama and not even Zong Yue can keep me interested. He used to be the voice of reason but now, I basically fast forward past any scene of him that doesn’t involve Wu Ji and their bromance. This push and pull relationship he has with Qi Yun is so belittling to his nature and just brings back my hate for his and Yun Hen’s storyline. He knows Yun Hen likes her so if he eventually does get with her after all this hate, it completely throws his upright nature out the window.

Iridescent:  I feel like there’s too much emphasise on the side storylines now, including Zong Yue’s one.  But then again, I’m no longer all that interested in the main couple anymore.  I would have rather had Qi Yun disappear from this story, mainly because it makes me feel worse for Yun Hen, knowing that he may have to witness the love of his life marry his dying brother.  It’s not like his life wasn’t hard enough already.  I’ve been doing a lot of skimming, not really happy with the development or well lack of development for Fu Yao and Lan Zhu. I’ve always been finding it hard to find the motivation to continue this series. We’re already 2/3 of the way done, but for the last 20 or so episodes it seems we’ve been at the same place.  The separations between our OTP are not long enough for their reunion to feel touching either.

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Family reunions can suck sometimes~~
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And why is Fu Yao dressing up like our Divine Physician?

  1. 2 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 41-48 Recaps

    I agree with everything that everyone stated above. I was forecasting drama inertia at episode 25, more or less. Having finished off epsiode 48, I really have no empathy for the characters, except Yuan Bao (or Bao Yuan), the chubby little CGI who was errand boy for Fu Yao and Wu Ji. Having crossed the treacherous Geya Desert twice, he should be ready for the next Summer Olympics marathon.

    Wu Ji and Fu Yao; are they only holding hands? This seems so unrealistic in ancient times, or current times.

    Why does Fu Yao have a unlimited costume budget that rivals Janine Chang’s
    character’s unlimited costume budget in Here to Heart? Unless she won the Five Kingdoms Power Ball Lotto, how did she acquire funds for one hundred costume changes? The yellow and black and white taxi cab costume was the worst.

    Zhu Zhu is pitiful. Qi’s daughter is pitiful. Fu Yao is pitiful some of the time. Isn’t it time to start killing off characters? The last casualties were Yan and Pei more than two dozen episodes ago.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 41-48 Recaps

    There are so many things to pick on but I will just highlight one. Fu Yao passing off as Jiang Feng?! I thought that this show was smarter than that. In the first double persona (Fu Yao as Yuwen Zi), there were believable elements such as the Qiongye kingdom’s spell. The show went through all the trouble of crafting several scenes, detailing the spell and its drawbacks, that the double persona was believable. This is a fantasy show after all. The second double persona (Fu Yao as Fo Lian) wasn’t great but at least Fu Yao was passing off as another woman. Add to that, the corroboration of the maid and Prince Yi, and we’ve got another believable persona. But slap on a hat and presto, Fu Yao is Jiang Feng. I’m not looking forward to next week’s double persona (Fu Yao as our hotty Doctor) because firstly, it will be another case of lazy mimicry, and secondly, we really will be missing our hotty Doctor!

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