Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

A coup failed, a King named and a fiancée appears this week on Legend of Fuyao~~.

Join the crew of IMOmusings, Iridescent, Enid Bee and linjaturtle as we embark on this 66 episode long journey with weekly recaps.

Let’s begin Week 4!


Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 32/66

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Character List

The main character factions are used as label headers for each tab, however, the tabs will only be updated for new characters that show up in each recap roundup.

MainXuanyuan SectTianquan KingdomTaiyuan KingdomXuanji KingdomTiansha KingdomFufeng KingdomTen ForcesOthersAncient FirmamentCorrelation Chart
Born from the divine lotus petal and a member of Xuanyuan Sect. Originally disregarded as a member of the Xuanyou Division (servants), at the age of 16 she was able to learn the Sect’s long lost fighting technique, the Ninth Heaven Breach.

After defeating her martial brother in the Tian Dou Competition, she left the Sect to find herself and justice. On the way she meets a man with whom she falls in love and they join together to take down the forces of chaos in Taiyuan Kingdom. Helping to defend the people’s peace and gradually revealing their life secrets along the way.

Yang Mi as Fu Yao

 photo Fuyao.jpg

Ethan Ruan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji/Yuan Shao Xu

 photo Ethan.jpg


Crown Prince Wu Ji of Tianquan Kingdom, the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De. Chosen by the heavens to prevent eternal doom from falling upon the Five Kingdoms.

He is courageous and resourceful and willing to do anything for those he loves. On the journey with Fu Yao, they fight side-by-side and grow together through mutual encouragement and affection.

With a mysterious connection to the Firmament, he has a lotus birthmark on his hand.

Li Hong Tao as Yan Lie
Huang Ming as Yan Jing Chen
Li Yi Xiao as Pei Yuan
Liu Luo Xi as Ah Lie
Jiang Long as Xiao Qi
Sang Yan as Uncle Zhou

Gao Han Yu as Jiang Feng

New this week:

Wang Jing Song as Zhang Sun Jiong (Emperor of Tianquan)
 photo king.jpg

Juan Zi as Yuan Qing Yi (Empress Ci’en)
 photo Yuan Qingyi.jpg

Song Jia Lun as Zhang Sun Jia (Prince De)
 photo Zhangsun Jia.jpg

Zhao Chu Lun as Zhang Sun Ping Rong (Prince Yi)
 photo Prince Yi.jpg

Gao Hei Ping as Lei Yuan Shan (General Jun Wei)
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Sun Wei as Duan Tong (Prime Minister)
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
Lai Yi as Zong Yue
Chen Xin Wen as Yu Wen Zi
Zhou Li Wei as Shi Lan
Yuan Yu Xuan as Qi Yun
Liu Guan Lin as Gao Hao (Prince Xiping)
Zhong Wei Hua as Cao Cheng (Head Eunuch)
Sun Qiang as Zhang He Nian (Imperial Censor)
Hu Ke as Xuan Yuan Xiao
Li Ya A as Tang Zhi Rong
Wei Hui Ni as Jian Xue
Liu Zhi Wei as Gao Pu Rou

Wang He Run as Fo Lian
 photo Fo Lian.jpg

Zhao Xin as Qiao Ling (Fo Lian’s personal maid)
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Vengo Gao as Zhan Bei Ye
Liu Qiu Shi as Ji Yu
Sheng Wu as Lin Yi

Zhang Ya Qin as Ya Lan Zhu
Liu Xuan as Fei Yan

Liu Ying Lun as Tai Yan

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Each person has their own fate, it cannot be forgotten nor dismissed.

The episode opens as Qi Zhen is at the bedside of Qi Yun who has fallen unconscious. As Zong Yue walks in, Qi Zhen requests his aid, to which he agrees. While treating Qi Yun, Zong Yue thinks back on the conversation that he had with Wu Ji regarding Qi Yun’s ill health and the connection it has with the Dragonscale Armour. (I feel like Wu Ji’s little smirk lets us know that he feels there’s more going on between Zong Yue and Qi Yun than even Zong Yue knows…) Zong Yue laments that even though he wants to save Qi Yun, he does not want to be the cause of death of an innocent like her (*coughs* when has that ever stopped you before~then again the King wasn’t quite so innocent). Cue risqué reveal of Dragonscale Armour!
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Zong Yue makes doe eyes at Qi Yun, (Does he? At this point I think he’s still so focused on revenge that no matter how cute she is, he’s still got his eye on the prize) while Yun Hen and Qi Zhen wait outside anxiously. When he leaves, Yun Hen, once again, attempts to emphasise the point that Qi Yun should not pay the price for Zong Yue’s revenge against Qi Zhen, *coughs* to which he replies, “Each person has their own fate, it cannot be forgotten nor dismissed, it’s a matter of destiny and racing against the Gods, and there’s no way to win.”

Fu Yao wakes up to see the crazy lady staring at her eagerly. (Waking up to creepy staring seems to be a thing for Fu Yao…) She has somehow managed to end up under the care of Xuan Yuan Xiao after being heavily wounded last episode and she learns that the Elder Princess has also taken care of the bodies of Jing Chen, Pei Yuan and the maid as well, so no one knows they are dead. As is typical for all Chinese dramas, the hebao Fu Yao had received previously is a token of identity that the Elder Princess recognises as belonging to her long-lost daughter. An emotionally charged discussion about Fu Yao’s parentage and Xuan Yuan Xiao’s daughter ensues with the Princess showing her “daughter” all the clothes she had made for her over the years as princess awaited her daughter’s return. Suddenly, Xiao Qi enters dressed as a palace maid.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Qi Yun wakes up from her illness and finds Zong Yue in the pavilion outside her room playing his flute, his silhouette greatly reminding her of a boy she once admired. (*coughs* goddang this dust) “I feel like I have met you before… like someone from a long time ago, an old friend…”, she tells him, but he brushes it off as just wishful thinking and leaves her frustrated as ever. (You and the rest of Team Hotty Doctor.)

After some slightly weird hugging and greetings between Fu Yao and Xiao Qi, and a quick update on Bei Ye and Lan Zhu, Fu Yao returns to the Elder Princess and they have a sweet ‘mother-daughter’ moment before the Princess has a meltdown when Fu Yao makes the mistake of asking about her husband. Having just knocked her out, Fu Yao is hurriedly summoned by Xiao Qi as eunuchs’ approach to ‘escort’ (I read apprehend) Yu Wen Zi to Qi Zhen’s manor. Although she reminds them that the King has ordered her not to leave the Cold Palace, the eunuchs come with prepared excuses saying that the King is absent from the palace, attending the rites, and won’t know she is gone, and that Qi Zhen has invited her maternal family who has travelled from far away.

While this transpires, Xuan Yuan Min is at the altar conducting the ancient rites. (I actually was rather impressed by the level of detail for this scene as often they tend to just mention that these things have happened.)
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

As Fu Yao has no way to deny the invitation, Xiao Qi hurriedly explains that once they return to the manor, with so many people around, she will be unable to run away. He wants her to escape now, but Fu Yao, mindful that others will be punished if she does, simply pulls out a dagger from under her pillow before telling Xiao Qi that too many people’s lives depend on her staying and that she’ll leave only when necessary.

Whilst finishing up the rites, Xuan Yuan Min appears extremely tired, only to be told he has to stay by the altar for another day while fasting and praying. After much complaining, the head eunuch whispers that he understands and has prepared everything. Enter Zhi Rong. While her maids deliver a selection of snacks, Wu Ji recognizes Xiao Qi in the contingent of maids. He whispers an urgent “Fu Yao” as he passes, while Jiang Feng sputters at his appearance. (Gao Han Yu has the best facial expressions.) As the maids leave, Wu Ji sends Jiang Feng to follow Xiao Qi who urgently warns Jiang Feng to, “Tell him to send people to the Qi Zhen’s quickly!”

Wu Ji orders dancing girls, but then eventually sends everyone away so that it’s just him and Zhi Rong, who thinks she’s finally getting lucky… until he pulls a dagger from his sleeve and warns her not to cry out. Outside, in the hall, the servants can hear the Consort flirting with the King, but then we see Wu Ji riding off to save the day while a sad Zhi Rong is pretending that she is playing the lute for the King in an empty room.
 photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

At his manor, Qi Zhen attempts to interrogate Yu Wen Zi about her relationship with the King. He told her that after hearing she had left, the King ignored every counsel and set off to bring her back. She attempts to deny any good relationship/collusion before Qi Zhen attempts to guilt Yu Wen Zi into following his commands once again and is told to assassinate Xuan Yuan Min.

The two meet as Qi Zhen had planned, but Yu Wen Zi, after hearing Xuan Yuan Min making comments that don’t quite match with what they had discussed before, realises that this person is an imposter. Watching from afar are Qi Zhen and his men who have been ordered to kill her if she doesn’t obey his order.

Remembering what Qi Zhen told her to do, she pulls out the dagger to stab Xuan Yuan Min, killing him before having a (fake) complete meltdown, until Qi Zhen reveals it was all a test with someone disguised as Xuan Yuan Min. Yu Wen Zi exclaims how she can’t believe that he doesn’t trust her. (But Fu Yao has passed the test!) She is then returned to the palace where she notices someone following her (three guesses who~~).

 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

In your eyes, is she more important than anything else?

Fu Yao is trying to sneak back into Cuiliang Hall when she hears someone in the bushes. When she hides behind a tree, she is grabbed and it turns out to be Wu Ji. She couldn’t be happier to see him and realise it’s the real deal this time. She informs him that she killed him earlier and is very happy to see him again. After talking about what happened, he asks how she knew it wasn’t him and she tells him that no matter how good the disguise, “he can’t imitate your bitchy expression.” (All his flirting has rubbed off on Fu Yao now.) Of course, it leads to a sweet moment where they are about to kiss, when “Mom” interrupts the fun.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Head Eunuch Cao reads out a decree, once again praising Tang Zhi Rong as a role model of the harem, and all the ladies visit her, bring presents and praise her for being the only consort to get the King’s attention. Everyone wants to be on her good side, but Zhi Rong, while willing to play the part, is less than happy with the reality.

In a flashback, we see that Wu Ji called her out on being a spy for Qi Zhen and providing Qi Zhen with information. Wu JI also let her know that her own father has asked that her sister (who, unlike her, is a legitimate daughter) be married into the palace as well, and warns her that no one is looking out for her. When she asks what she should do, he tells her that as long as she does what he says, she will reap all the benefits. (I’m feeling sorry for her now. I was expecting her to turn out to be full on evil and scheming.)
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

As Zhi Rong is summoned to see the King, Her Royal Pain in the Ass, Pu Rou, is trying to hang herself as her maids plead with her. She’s upset the King hasn’t given her any attention. Her father is upset as well and yelling at Qi Zhen again about not helping her, but Qi Zhen informs him that he has no say in who the King likes. When asked if Zhi Rong will become Queen, Qi Zhen says he doesn’t know, but the Commandery Prince doesn’t seem convinced. He brings up how Tang Bo Nian helped him kill off Prince Wen Yi and his family, and now seems to be benefiting from it, but Qi Zhen holds the party line that the Prince was a traitor, though the Commandery Prince is no fool. As the Commandery Prince leaves, he points out that if Zhi Rong becomes Queen, it won’t necessarily benefit Qi Zhen. Qi Zhen also suspects that General Tang has intentionally had his daughter alienate Yu Wen Zi to keep her from being a threat.

Jiang Feng reports to Wu Ji that Qi Zhen has sent a messenger to General Tang asking him to come to the city alone. They realise it’s a test of loyalty and they plot to make Qi Zhen’s doubts grow, with Zong Yue’s help.

Zong Yue has been summoned to check on Qi Yun, but it’s a ruse. She’s been trying to get him to come over for a meal, but he’s been avoiding her, so she tricked him to come to check on her. He tells her that he was just doing his job and there is no need for any praise. Just then, Yun Hen arrives to give her a present but sees the doctor and stops. Qi Yun asks him to help convince Zong Yue to stay for a meal and, when the doctor finally relents, they all sit down together.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Qi Yun tells Zong Yue that he reminds her of a childhood friend who she used to like, but he would never give her the time of day and even left her in a cave one time. As she serves Zong Yue some soup and has him try it, she reveals that she paid back the boy by putting qijin leaves in his soup because she knew he was allergic and would get a rash from it. But when she tried to see the results of her trick, the boy had moved away so she never got to see what happened. Zong Yue finishes the soup and then gets up to leave, but Qi Yun won’t have it. Certain that he is that same boy, she annoys him by trying to look under his clothes, certain that the qijin leaves she put in the soup this time will cause the same rash, but his arm is clear of any blemish. (You should ask him to show you his tattoo. He keeps flashing it at everyone.) After the doctor leaves, Yun Hen tries to console her, but she is upset because she knows the boy didn’t move. He was killed, instead, along with his entire family, and she begins to sob.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

The doctor hurries back to his chambers and immediately starts to treat his now inflamed and blistered arm. As he heals, he has flashbacks to his childhood with Qi Yun. Yun Hen visits the doctor, but Zong Yue warns him that if they are seen together too often, Qi Zhen will get suspicious. But Yun Hen doesn’t care. He knows he needs to help his brother avenge their family, but again begs that he leave Qi Yun out of it. He also acknowledges that he’s known for a while that Qi Yun had feelings for someone from her past and now he knows that it was Zong Yue, but Zong Yue is upset that Yun Hen is more worried about his enemy’s daughter than his own family. “In your eyes, is she more important than anything else?” (My poor, poor Yun Hen, jie jie’s heart hurts for you.)

Zong Yue reveals to Yun Hen how he was buried alive with the bodies of their family, and had to resort to cannibalism to survive, so he has no interest in his little brother’s pleas and that, if he has to, will have no problem doing away with him. Yun Hen is shocked and confused. Zong Yue warns him that he should get rid of his feelings for Qi Yun because he’ll never have the status to be married to her. Then Zong Yue tells him that they have some work to do.

Zong Yue informs Qi Zhen that Qi Yun’s life isn’t in danger, but she still needs special medicine that he needs to gather himself in the mountains. Qi Zhen consents to have him go and suggests taking Yun Hen with him for protection.

The next day as they ride out, Yun Hen realises they are going in the wrong direction. Zong Yue reveals that he needs Yun Hen to intercept the message for General Tang.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Back in the palace, Yuan Bao has lead Fu Yao to Wu Ji’s chambers where he complains that he was waiting forever for her. But she’s jealous about Tang Zhi Rong spending so much time with him while she has to hang out in the Cold Palace, never knowing when she’s going to be called on. Of course the two can’t resist teasing each other. But Wu Ji has some business. He wants her to take the Mystic Spiritual Leaf and use it to ask Xuan Yuan Xiao some questions to find out what happened with her and the Prince, and why she ran away from Tianquan. The leaf will record her memories. Fu Yao doesn’t want to as she’s aware of how hurt the Princess is and feels bad for her, and doesn’t want to use her the way Wu Ji has been using other people. When he tells Fu Yao that if she doesn’t, then he won’t be able to get the information needed to remove the spell from her, she says she’s willing to pay the price and ends up leaving. 

Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that Qi Zhen is a suspicious person and will be worried about General Tang gaining more power and influence through his daughter’s marriage to the King. Yun Hen figures out that while General Tang is gone, other people under Qi Zhen’s influence will take over his troops. But then, Zong Yue confirms that they have switched the letter and, instead, told General Tang to come to the city with 50,000 of his men.

General Tang is suspicious of the message he received from Qi Zhen and decides to send a message back to confirm before just taking troops back and getting arrested for it. But before he can send the message, Yun Hen arrives in person to verify it. The brothers know that General Tang won’t easily obey unless someone he trusts confirms the orders.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

What is the purpose of everything I’ve done here?

Yun Hen has arrived at Tang Bo Nian’s base to verify the letter from Qi Zhen as part of Zong Yue’s plan. When the General asks what is up, Yun Hen advises that he has come in person to explain that Qi Zhen wants to proceed with the rebellion they’ve been planning for years. The first 50,000 men are to come with him with the rest as back up, split into three groups to surround the capital.
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

General Tang and his men proceed, but stop just outside the capital, waiting for a messenger sent to his daughter. He is still worried it is a trap. At the palace, Zhi Rong advises the King that her father has sent a secret letter about the arrival of himself and his men, and of his worries. She realises that his act is considered treason, but also does not want to put herself at risk, so she disavows the Tang family and vows to be loyal to the King. He tells her that if she can help them take down the army, he will reward her. At the possibility of that reward being the position of Queen, she promises to confirm to her father that all is going according to plan and he is safe to proceed.

Head Eunuch Cao announces the upcoming royal wedding where Tang Zhi Rong will become Queen of Taiyuan Kingdom. Many gifts are delivered to her and she is aware that her father will likely die for his crimes, but at least she will be able to survive. In the meantime, General Tang and his troops are ambushed in a pass by archers in black and the General is wounded.

Jiang Feng asks Wu Ji why he hasn’t seen Fu Yao in a while and if Wu Ji’s mad at her. Jiang Feng has noticed a change in his master’s demeanour since meeting her and wonders if her lectures have affected him, but Wu Ji doesn’t want to discuss the matter, so Jiang Feng leaves him alone.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

At Qi Zhen’s manor, Yun Hen reports that General Tang arrived at the capital with 50,000 men, but they have disappeared. Qi Zhen is furious the General decided to rebel and is certain that the General has been plotting with the King to betray him. Qi Zhen views the announcement of the new queen as proof of this. He decides to come up with a plan to combat this plot.

Qi Zhen reads a secret message from someone promising to meet up with him. It appears that he has a second ally already in play, just for this very reason.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Zhi Rong is performing for the King when Jiang Feng arrives to deliver the news. He announces that General Tang arrived in the capital, but then suddenly his men disappeared. Zhi Rong is worried. The King wonders if Qi Zhen is responsible for the disappearance. Fortunately General Tang has been arrested and hidden from Qi Zhen. After Jiang Feng leaves, Wu Ji tells Zhi Rong that he locked up her father because he doesn’t think her father deserves to die, but if Qi Zhen finds him, he won’t be able to save her life.

In the dungeon, Yun Hen and Zong Yue visit General Tang. When the General asks who Zong Yue is, he reveals his tattoo (something about that sound effect makes me giggle), which the General recognises immediately and is shocked to realise that the son didn’t die. He’s even more shocked when he finds out that Yun Hen is Zong Yue’s brother. Tang Bo Nian realises their return was a trap and asks what they want. The General confirms that their father was set up by Qi Zhen on behalf of their father’s younger brother so that Qi Zhen could get the Dragonscale Armour. When Zong Yue asks the General why Qi Zhen wanted it, Tang Bo Nian will not say, but Zong Yue knows it was for his daughter. The General is willing to let them kill him, but the doctor, not willing to get his own hands dirty, leaves the General with the means to do it himself.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Qi Yun sees her father rushing into his study and follows after him. Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are looking out over a pond in the gardens, discussing how much time they’ve spent in Taiyuan Kingdom and how it’s time to bring matters to an end. Jiang Feng seems pleasantly surprised to hear that it is almost over. Head Eunuch Cao arrives with Minister Zhang to see the King. As he is listening, Wu Ji asks Minister Zhang what he thinks about General Tang, but doesn’t mention the recent events. Realising Eunuch Cao is listening, the King asks Minister Zhang if, since the borders are stable, Zhang He Nian would like some extra men to help shore up his numbers and promises him 50,000 men, but Zhang worries that the other officials will think he has selfish intentions.

When Minister Zhang starts to cough from the cold, the King sends Eunuch Cao to get a blanket and Jiang Feng to keep an eye on him. Once they are gone, Wu Ji quickly reveals to Minister Zhang that the palace isn’t safe due to spies and that Wu Ji needs Zhang He Nian’s help. In the meantime, soldiers ride up to a lake where Qi Zhen is waiting. It is the Eldest Imperial Prince of Tianquan Imperial City, Wu Ji’s brother.

Wu Ji tells Minister Zhang that he wasn’t much interested in the throne, but got caught up in fate and realises that he is not capable. Minister Zhang vows to help him. Worried about a potential rebellion hurting the Kingdom, the King suggests giving up his throne before he’s forced to abdicate by Qi Zhen, but Minister Zhang feels there are loyal people who will help guard the Xuan Yuan bloodline. Inspired by the King’s honesty, Minister Zhang confesses that the reason why he doesn’t want more soldiers is that he feels there are others in the court that deserve them more, plus his health would make it too difficult for him to manage that many soldiers.

Qi Zhen thanks the Imperial Prince, Zhang Sun Pin Rong, for coming to visit. The Imperial Prince promises to help Qi Zhen get the throne if he, in the future, will help him become Tianquan’s Crown Prince. Qi Yun, hiding in the trees, is shocked to witness this exchange. Qi Zhen, though, is concerned that Crown Prince Wu Ji may hear of this.
 photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Minister Zhang is surprised that Qi Zhen would try to become King and even more surprised that the Imperial City might help him. Minister Zhang is also shocked the King would say anything bad about the Emperor or Crown Prince Wu Ji and goes on to praise them, much to the King’s amusement. (Seriously, no one has like a potluck or something to meet their rulers? No drawings shared about the place?) The King shows him a secret letter saying that someone from Tianquan has secretly visited Qi Zhen.

Qi Zhen tells the Imperial Prince that he’s been planning this for a long time, and reveals the allies Qi Zhen has and his agreements with them as Qi Yun listens. But the Imperial Prince is skeptical about Qi Zhen’s llack of action. Qi Zhen assures him that he is waiting for the right time, while the King tells Minister Zhang his own plans. Minister Zhang agrees to risk his own life to protect the King.
 photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Qi Zhen plans to attack on the royal wedding day, but the Imperial Prince wonders why he is so worried about a puppet king taking his powers away.

If she’s pre-destined to be my Queen, there’s nothing I can do.

Qi Zhen plans to attack on the royal wedding day, but Zhang Sun Pin Rong wonders why he is so worried about a puppet king taking his powers away. Qi Zhen says that while everyone gathers for the wedding, Qi Zhen will be able to easily sort out those who support him and kill those who don’t. Qi Yun is angry with her father, but then someone (oh, who could it be…) comes up behind her and knocks her out.

Tang Zhi Rong is bathing. As she listens to the maids talk about how much the King likes her, she gets angry and sends them away. While she looks over her clothes for the wedding, she imagines what the wedding day will be like, but is less than happy as she thinks about her family. She promises that once she is Queen, she’ll pay back those who betrayed her family, but suddenly finds herself stabbed in the back by an unknown assailant.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Jiang Feng advises Wu Ji that his robes for the wedding have been delivered, but the King is lost in thought. Jiang Feng wonders if perhaps Wu Ji should have a different Queen, but Wu Ji knows Zhi Rong is the only one who will do what needs to be done.

Fu Yao wakes up and finds herself locked in a room with wedding robes on display. Not sure how she got here, she looks around the room and at the clothing. She remembers going back to her chambers and being called by a eunuch, only to be knocked out. Qi Zhen enters the room and she asks why he didn’t just ask her to come.

Zhi Rong’s body is taken away as Wu Ji asks who did it. Jiang Feng tells him they don’t know and advises him that Fu Yao is also missing. Wu Ji is certain this is Qi Zhen’s doing.

Qi Zhen tells Fu Yao that he wants her to be Queen. She wonders if he means for her to pretend to be Zhi Rong, but he insists she will be formally proclaimed as the new Queen. He confesses that he doesn’t mean for her to marry the King, but to kill him.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Jiang Feng explains that as part of the ceremony, the seal that controls the guards will be handed over by the Queen as part of the wedding ceremony. This would be the best time to steal it. Qi Zhen confirms this very plan with Fu Yao and she promises to go along with it.

When Head Eunuch Cao advises that there are rumours about the fate of Zhi Rong and that, with her demise, someone else should be named Queen so that the wedding can proceed. The King is angry at this request and is shocked (shocked, I tell you!) that the officials suggest Yu Wen Zi. He rants about how he’s sure Qi Zhen is behind it and behind the murder of his Queen to-be, but then says he doesn’t care and they can name whomever they want to marry him. (Love Jiang Feng’s playful suggestion to calm down and watch out for his health.)

When everyone is gone, Yuan Bao comes out from hiding and Wu Ji confesses about being relieved to know Fu Yao is safe. “I originally wanted her to leave, but we can’t control fate. If she’s pre-destined to be my Queen, there’s nothing I can do.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Fu Yao fidgets as she’s watched by the guards. Shi Lan arrives to serve her and Fu Yao is relieved, and asks her to make her a cup of tea. She whispers to Shi Lan that Qi Zhen plans to kill the King and that he should escape, but Shi Lan tells her that it’s not possible as they would both end up being killed.

Shi Lan tries to leave to get water, but the guards won’t let her go and they bring water instead. When Fu Yao asks for food, they also bring it. Even faking intestinal issues only results in them bringing a bucket. Finally, they are able to get the guards to leave so she can do her business. With them gone, Fu Yao calls for our favourite rodent. In the palace, her calls attract Yuan Bao’s attention.

After Qi Zhen has presented the King with a drawing he made of a dragon and a phoenix as a wedding gift, Wu Ji thanks him for it and, in recognition of his years of service, presents him with a plaque that says “Sacrifice for the Nation”.

Fu Yao, back to being stared at by the guards, waits impatiently for Yuan Bao to arrive.

Qi Yun is asleep in a strange room and Zong Yue tucks her into bed. (lucky girl…)
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Yun Hen confirms with Qi Zhen that everything is prepared. When Qi Zhen asks for Qi Yun, Yun Hen reminds Qi Zhen that he had her sent away from the city. A soldier reports that the person they were looking for has been found. When Yun Hen asks Qi Zhen why he wants to act during the Royal Wedding, Qi Zhen confirms what he told the Imperial Prince, that he wants to use this opportunity to take care of his enemies. When Yun Hen points out there would be so many people there and a lot of collateral damage, Qi Zhen slaps him, telling him that anyone that stands in Qi Zhen’s way will be removed.

The King and future Queen are dressed in their wedding robes with lots of dramatic music playing. It’s time for the big game, folks! The wedding procession to the palace proceeds as the decree for Yu Wen Zi to be Queen is read out. The procession is soooo slow with various rites being performed every ten steps so Fu Yao is bored. Outside the capital, the Prince of Xiping and his men wait for a signal.

Yuan Bao arrives carrying the cutest little mouse bag. Fu Yao is mad at him for not showing up the day before. Then she realises he has a note for her. It’s from Wu Ji with instructions to hurry the rites up and then watch for his signal to run away. After telling Yuan Bao to hide, she suddenly gets out of the palanquin, much to everyone’s shock, and makes a run for it. (And thus begins the funniest scene in this show since the eunuch dog pile.)
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

With servants madly trying to keep up, Fu Yao runs to the waterfall courtyard and starts the incense, insisting that the officials administering the rites and finish reading the decree by the time the incense finishes burning, which she blows on to make it burn faster. Just as the rest of the procession arrives, out of breath and exhausted, the incense is done and she dashes off for the hall as everyone responds in confusion.

In the great hall, officials are muttering about why they were asked to come so soon and skip all the other steps. The King arrives with his retinue and tells them to start the ceremony before the auspicious hour. Confused, because the Queen has not yet arrived, they start, but then are interrupted by Qi Zhen who arrives, wondering why the ceremony is being rushed. When the King says the Queen will arrive soon, Qi Zhen starts to explain that it will take another hour for her to get here, only to be surprised by the announcement of her arrival. Fu Yao walks down the aisle on her own, much to the shock of the officials not used to things being done outside of the normal rites.
 photo vlcsnap-00038.jpg

Fu Yao bows and apologises for being late, but Wu Ji is happy to see her. Qi Zhen asks Yun Hen what time it is, commenting that the person they were waiting for must have arrived by now just as the Imperial Prince’s soldiers come across the desert. Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen to bring over the person. Qi Zhen then calls out to the King that the wedding can not yet proceed. When another official asks why he is stopping the ceremony, Qi Zhen suggests that the King is an imposter. Fu Yao, knowing this is true, is concerned.

The gods want me dead, but I’m not going anywhere.

Qi Zhen suggests that the King is an imposter. Another official accuses him of treason and argues with him to prove it. Yun Hen enters with the real Xuan Yuan Min whom Fu Yao recognises right away. The officials don’t know what to believe so a bowl of water is brought out for Xuan Yuan Min to display his water manipulation powers. However, Wu Ji is not deterred. Instead, he offers another display and has Fu Yao herself manipulate the same water to success. Of course, no one notices that it’s really Yun Hen controlling the water. (OK, how did he learn this skill if he never knew until now that he was of Xuan Yuan blood?) (Iridescent:  Zong Yue probably taught it to him, when they were discussing plans of sabotaging the rebellion.) Wu Ji then accuses Xuan Yuan Min of being a con artist and Xuan Yuan Min is dragged away. In the meantime, the Prince of Xiping and his troops proceed towards the capital as does the Imperial Prince’s army.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Qi Zhen apologizes for his mistake, ready to be punished, but Wu Ji doesn’t want to kill him on such a joyful day and the wedding proceeds. As the auspicious hour is announced, the King and his Queen continue with the ceremony. As they stand together, an apparition arises and floats around the room while the couple makes lovey eyes at each other. (Awww, it’s so sweet.)
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

The military tally that controls the army is presented to the Queen just as Qi Zhen gets a message from a servant. Before she can give it to the King, a soldier rushes in to advise that an army from Tiansha Kingdom is attacking them. Another soldier arrives to announce that the Defense Battalion in control of the city gates is rebelling. An official accuses Qi Zhen of trying to usurp the throne and is immediately killed by an arrow.

Qi Zhen commands his troops to get the King and Queen and suddenly there is fighting in and around the palace with officials, maids and soldiers being slaughtered. Minister Zhang is with his troops outside, prepared to give his life to defend the Kingdom. Outside the city gates, soldiers are arriving to attack.

Fu Yao tells Wu Ji he should escape, but he says there is no way out and that when he calls her a bitch, she should run away. Jiang Feng tries to take out Qi Zhen, but is knocked out. (Qi Zhen is a pretty badass fighter. I really like him as a bad guy, I have to say. And will also enjoy seeing him get his comeuppance.)

Fu Yao and Wu Ji are surrounded by some soldiers who try to protect them though they are outnumbered. Qi Zhen commands Fu Yao to give him the tally which causes Wu Ji to call her a bitch and accuse her of betraying him as the tally is flung over to Qi Zhen, but Fu Yao doesn’t leave. Instead, she pulls a dagger from her sleeve and holds it to his throat. Qi Zhen is pleased and orders her to kill him.
 photo vlcsnap-00027_1.jpg

But Wu Ji uses his magic “throw a girl around and make half her clothes fall off” skills and suddenly he and Fu Yao are in front of Qi Zhen all in red and ready to fight him. When Qi Zhen rebukes his goddaughter, she reveals that she’s actually Fu Yao and he finally remembers that servant girl from Xuan Yuan Sect. Holding up the tally, Qi Zhen takes control of the guards, but before they can attack the fake royals, Fu Yao holds up the real tally and Qi Zhen realises that he has been tricked.

Wu Ji commands that the soldiers arrest Qi Zhen, but as they fight with Qi Zhen’s men, he attacks the couple. Though they outnumber him, his skills make it difficult for them to defeat him. (I’m actually really surprised, he’s as strong as he is.)

The Imperial Prince looks over the city as the Prince of Xiping’s troops arrive at the gate. Qi Zhen’s men open the gates, but as they start to enter, someone sets off a defense system that shoots arrows from the walls and kills several of the soldiers. Then the order goes out to close the gates. The order is from Yun Hen. When a soldier chastises him for killing their allies, Yun Hen kills him with an arrow and then tells the rest that Qi Zhen has ordered the gates closed and to stop anyone from entering the city. Now Qi Zhen’s allies are fighting one another. Inside Minister Zhang encourages his men to keep fighting to protect the kingdom.

In the great hall, everyone is dead except Qi Zhen, Fu Yao and Wu Ji who continue to fight.
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

In the meantime, Qi Yun wakes up in a strange room. She sees the doctor and asks what is going on. He reveals to her that she was right about his identity and also that her father was the one who killed his family and that he has sworn revenge.

As the fight in the great hall moves out into the courtyard, which is also littered with bodies, Zong Yue tells Qi Yun the noise she hears is her father trying to take over the kingdom, but she refuses to believe him. He reminds her that she heard for herself of her father’s plan, but she still won’t accept it. She tries to ask the doctor not to go after her father, but he is unmoved.

Qi Zhen has managed to get a hold of a wounded Fu Yao and holds a dagger to her throat. Qi Zhen tells Wu Ji that he will let her go only if Wu Ji gives up his powers and his throne. Fu Yao tells Wu Ji not to do it and to let her die, but Wu Ji won’t allow that. Just as Wu Ji is giving in, Fu Yao turns and head-butts Qi Zhen and the couple attack Qi Zhen and finally take him out before collapsing from their own injuries.
 photo vlcsnap-00036.jpg

A soldier tells the Imperial Prince that the Prince of Xiping has turned on Qi Zhen and defected to the royal family. Now that the odds are no longer in Qi Zhen’s favor, the Imperial Prince has no interest in helping him and has his men retreat.

Minister Zhang and his surviving men survey the damage. Fu Yao and Wu Ji lay in the courtyard, wounded, as Qi Zhen flees. He rides out to the woods to meet Yun Hen and his troops. Qi Zhen proclaims that “The gods want me dead, but I’m not going anywhere.” He wants to go to an area he controls, Gan Province, and come up with a new plan to take over the Kingdom, which disappoints Yun Hen.

As Qi Zhen gets up, they are surrounded by the King’s army and he realises that Yun Hen, who can’t face him, has turned on him. Zong Yue appears and Qi Zhen realises it was him and demands to know who he works for. When he says he works for Prince Wen Yi, Qi Zhen is shocked. Then he recognizes Zong Yue as the son he thought had died, but is even more shocked to discover that Yun Hen is his brother. Finally, Zong Yue gets to vent his anger on the man who killed his family and then tells Yun Hen to kill Qi Zhen.
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Fu Yao and Wu Ji survey the dead bodies. Crazy lady arrives to find her daughter, but Wu Ji still needs information. He confronts her and forces her to acknowledge that Fu Yao is not her daughter and that her daughter is dead, but the princess refuses to accept it.

Affections of the heart are always deadly.

At first, denying Wu Ji’s assertion and refusing to discuss what happened the day she left the Imperial City, Xuan Yuan Xiao finally remembers the events of the day she ran away. She overheard the Emperor arguing with another concubine about how someone else’s son was named Crown Prince and then she ran away with her daughter but was chased down by soldiers who set the woods they were hiding in on fire. She screams in agony while Fu Yao looks on in sadness as the woman starts searching the dead bodies for her daughter and then yelling that Zhang Sun Jia killed her daughter. Wu Ji feels bad about having to make her remember, but is glad to finally know what happened.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

After listening to Qi Zhen reminisce about raising him and making him promise to not hurt his daughter, Yun Hen can’t bring himself to kill Qi Zhen. Zong Yue tells his little brother that the Taiyuan Kingdom is Yun Hen’s now and he can do what he likes with it and Qi Zhen. When asked about Qi Yun, the doctor warns Yun Hen, “Affections of the heart are always deadly.” His revenge completed, Zong Yue has no interest in the throne or killing Qi Zhen himself, so he leaves.

Xuan Yuan Xiao asks Fu Yao if it’s true that she’s not her daughter and Fu Yao starts to cry, but the Princess laughs instead. Then she leaves the palace, saying that she is going to find her daughter. Wu Ji apologises to Fu Yao, who is disappointed that in the end he still used people. As she wonders who he really is and why he did all this, she passes out.

In the Royal Bureau of Meteorology, Zong Yue and Wu Ji lay the unconscious Qi Yun and Fu Yao under the Dragonscale to lift off the first tier of the spell. Zong Yue uses his powers to remove the first tier as both women float in the air. Fu Yao’s wounds heal, her magic disguise disappears and her necklace glows. Wu Ji hopes that she will no longer have to pretend to be someone else again (no such luck there…) while Zong Yue declares she will have to suffer a lot more. Wu Ji believes that the two of them are meant to meet again and tells her sleeping form to take care of herself. Wu Ji tells Yun Hen to take good care of the Kingdom while Zong Yue leaves Qi Yun in Yun Hen’s care, still wearing the Dragonscale Armour. And so the episode ends…
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

OK, not really. With all that music and stuff, it sure felt like an end, but I guess to just part 1 of the story as there’s still 25 minutes left to go. Whee!!

Fu Yao wakes up by the river, a memory of Wu Ji’s kiss on her lips, but not much else about what happened to her. She hears Xiao Qi calling her name and sees him paddle a boat up to the shore. He has exposition to pass on. He tells her the fake King told him where to find her. Yun Hen is now King of Taiyuan Kingdom and has made our favorite bitchy consort, Gao Pu Ruo, his Queen after making a promise to her father in exchange for him turning against Qi Zhen during the battle. They both wonder who the fake king is and why he went to all the trouble just to win the kingdom for someone else.

The pair decide to travel down the river and see where it takes them. Cue another montage of the events of these first 30 episodes. And now that’s the end of the episode… wait, no, Fu Yao just realised that her multi-coloured stone is gone and has been replaced with Wu Ji’s Mystic Spiritual Leaf . A flashback shows that he swapped them in hopes that it will bring her back to him. Angry, she yells at the air as a confused, but amused Xiao Qi watches and then proceeds to recite poetry as they float down the river. (Awww, look at his cute face.)
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

At night they walk through the woods and find an abandoned campsite, but then are attacked by two Tiansha soldiers. They capture one who claims to have been working for Zhan Bei Ye, but ran away when the battle in Taiyuan failed. Fu Yao realises that he was actually working for Zhan Nan Cheng and had been told to claim they worked for the other prince if the battle failed to give Zhan Bei Ye bad name. She asks what happened to Bei Ye and we get an image of the wounded prince bleeding out.

Fu Yao decides to take the soldier prisoner and head to the Imperial City to clear her friend’s name. As they ride through the woods, they come upon a campsite filled with people suffering from an epidemic. Undeterred, Fu Yao goes in to get clean water and ask about what has happened. A maid, Qiao Ling, tells her that the sick people are refugees from the battle who have gotten ill. Her mistress, Feng Jing Fan, a Princess from the Xuanji Kingdom, who is also known as Fo Lian, has been tending to the sick with both her time and her money.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Xiao Qi runs in, announcing that their prisoner has gotten ill, so they put him in Fo Lian’s care. When Fu Yao asks Fo Lian why she is helping all these people, Fo Lian says that she made a promise to Buddha to do good deeds. Fu Yao has Xiao Qi distribute their money to the sick, certain they’ll be able to make more. He tells her that he heard there is a mysterious leaf in the Imperial City that can cure this disease which makes Fu Yao look at her necklace. He also heard that the Crown Prince, Zhang Sun Wu Ji, is returning to the city and everyone is certain he will fix everything. 

In the Imperial City, officials are reading and signing documents while the Emperor’s table sits empty in front of them. As they go about their work, General Huo Yuan Shan suggests giving control of the army back to the Crown Prince when he returns from training in the Holy Lands, but Duan Tong, a Prime Minister, thinks it would be unfair to the Elder Imperial Prince to make the Prince give up the army he’s been in charge of for years. After debating amongst themselves, they both turn to the empty Emperor’s chair to plead their cases. Though the chair is empty, the Emperor is observing them from another room where he can see what is going on in a cloud of smoke coming from a large censer. Then all the officials kneel towards the chair and kowtow.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

The Emperor clears away the smoke and talks to Wu Ji about what has happened while he was gone. He reminds his son that he will have to prove himself again to win back allies. When Emperor asks about the Englobement Bell, Wu Ji apologises to his father for failing and offers to take his punishment. Instead, the Emperor tells him to go see his mother.

The Empress, Yuan Qing Yi, is looking at the stars when her maid brings a drink from her husband. When the maid reminds her that the Crown Prince is returning, the Empress is happy to hear her husband has helped make celebration plans.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

In the morning, Fu Yao is disappointed to find out her prisoner has died. Thinking that she is sad to have lost a friend, Fo Lian tries to console her, but Fu Yao informs her that actually he was a witness to help a friend of Fu Yao’s and mentions that she was headed to see the Emperor of Tianquan to plead his case. Fo Lian is surprised that Fu Yao is going there and Fu Yao asks why. And this time it really is the end of the episode.

Wu Ji isn’t human. He’s a god.

Fo Lian is surprised to hear that Fu Yao is headed to see the Emperor of Tianquan to plead for Fu Yao’s friend and Fu Yao asks why. Fo Lian warns her that while it is easy to enter the city, entering the palace is difficult, plus the celebration for the returning Crown Prince will mean that the palace will be heavily guarded. Fo Lian shares her knowledge of the Crown Prince and his great deeds, which Fu Yao thinks may not all be true. Fo Lian offers to take Fu Yao there in two days as Fo Lian is already headed that way and that she will help get Fu Yao into the palace. Alone that evening, Fo Lian is looking forward to Wu Ji’s return. (I’m guessing this is the fiancée we heard about.)

The next morning the maid runs to Fu Yao with news that the Princess is ill. Fo Lian asks Fu Yao to go to Tianquan Kingdom on her behalf as she thinks she won’t make it. She tells Fu Yao that she has been engaged to Wu Ji from childhood and has been writing to him all these years. She asks Fu Yao to go in her place and has her maid give Fu Yao the Princess’ badge to help with the request. (Here we go again.) Fu Yao is hesitant, but finally agrees.
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Xiao Qi is surprised by the decision, but Fu Yao says there is a crisis in the capital and if the Princess doesn’t arrive on time, her kingdom will be punished. Fu Yao decides she will tell the Crown Prince the truth once she sees him.

In Tianquan, they are amazed by all the sights, including the impressive palace. They see a crowd with a woman begging an official to help her sick brother by letting her keep some leaves she picked from the Feather Tree to help cure him, but commoners are not allowed to touch it. Just as soldiers are about to kill the woman, Fu Yao knocks them out with fruit baskets. She chastises the official, Xu Lai, the Imperial Prince’s guard, for bullying the woman.

The Imperial Prince, Zhang Sun Pin Rong (also know as Prince Yi), arrives and his guard has soldiers attack Fu Yao, but she easily defeats them, dropping the badge in the process, and throwing two swords towards the Prince, not to kill him, but to cut the belt on his robes. He demands she be killed just as Zhang Sun Jia, the Imperial Prince’s Uncle, arrives. He sees the badge and gives it back to Fu Yao and chastises the Prince for treating her so, revealing that she is the Princess they’ve been waiting for. Fu Yao pleads the woman’s case, but Zhang Sun Jia informs her that they already were about to distribute the leaves to the people in town. The woman is thankful for the leaves and to Fu Yao.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

As Fu Yao and Xiao Qi continue through town, guess what shop they see? I’ll give you a sec as I bang my head on this coffee table…

They find out that the Imperial Prince had already booked rooms for them, but they decline the rooms as they are certain he is up to no good. Sure the Prince must have bribed everyone in town, they happen to run into the one person they can trust, Zong Yue.

Prince Yi is angry to hear Fo Lian has not checked into any of the rooms he had for her and takes it out on his guard. He wants to win the support of her Kingdom, but his plans so far have failed. The guard promises to find out about her accommodations.

Well fed and happy, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao are surprised when Zong Yue starts to tally the bill. When Fu Yao informs him she has no money, he tells her that he is short on staff so she suggests that they work for him in return for meals and accommodation and some nice benefits. They take up the doctor’s offer and he immediately sends them to gather herbs.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

One of the places for them to get herbs is heavily guarded. Fu Yao sends Xiao Qi to get the other herbs while she breaks in. She climbs over a wall and finds the plants, but as she finishes gathering what she needs, she hears someone playing a familiar tune. She watches the mystery musician from the side until she realises who it is, that fake King.

Incensed, she storms up to him and he is both surprised and happy. She asks for her necklace back, but he hugs her instead. She doesn’t believe him when he says he missed her because of all his other lies. They exchange necklaces, but when she tries to leave, he stops her. He starts to say he’s the Crown Prince, but then says he’s the Prince’s aide, Yuan Zhao Xu, (Dammit…seriously…we’re doing this again…) but Fu Yao still thinks he’s a liar and wants to meet the Crown Prince and see if all the stories she heard about him are true. Now that she knows he was in Taiyuan on the Prince’s orders, she thinks the Crown prince must not be a good person. Wu Ji instead wants to take Fu Yao somewhere fun, but she just wants to go to the palace, though she won’t tell him why.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Wu Ji takes her to a brothel for a meal and a lot of wine, but she is still suspicious of him and suspects this is a place he hangs out at a lot. When she starts to leave, he tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away only to then grab him and kiss him.

Zhang Sun Jia is listening to music as some ladies dance for him. The Imperial Prince arrives and sits with him. Prince Yi dismisses the dancers and then finally speaks his mind. He is hoping they can team up to keep the Crown Prince from taking their authority from them but his Uncle is not interested in any plots. (Of course he wouldn’t be.)The Imperial Prince then brings up an incident at the hunting grounds and insists that he should watch out for the Crown Prince, but the Uncle just worries about the tea instead. After the Imperial Prince leaves, Zhang Sun Jia comments to himself that it’s really Prince Yi he needs to be worried about.

The officials in court are sending matters about the army to Prince Yi to check since the Crown Prince has not arrived, but Prince Yi declines since it wouldn’t be appropriate. Officials start to argue whether or not these decisions should wait, with the Prince finally giving in as the Emperor and Crown Prince watch on the smoke screen. The Emperor chastises Wu Ji for having spent time with Fu Yao instead of being in court and wonders why.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia bows before an empty table and chairs and then sits and starts to sing. The Empress arrives and he apologizes for singing a song about childhood love. (Ooooo, is this a royal love triangle?) She announces that Wu Ji is home and asks Zhang Sun Jia to give Wu Ji, his support which he promises.

Wu Ji tells his father that it’s more fitting for Prince Yi to lead the army, but the Emperor wonders if he’s trying to play the good guy and avoid conflict or if he worries the army will be full of spies plotting against him. Wu Ji agrees that it’s all of those reasons. He reports on his business in Taiyuan and it’s success. It’s revealed that for the past ten years Wu Ji has been working to keep each of the five kingdoms from becoming a threat to the Imperial Kingdom, but now the Emperor wants him to help run the kingdom. The emperor warns Wu Ji that the Kingdom affairs are a matter of life and death and to always be cautious.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

At the doctor’s manor, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao are performing tasks. Fu Yao asks the doctor about Yuan Zhao Xu.

Wu Ji passes by Zhang Sun Jia in the courtyard, but does not acknowledge his greeting.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

I fear that the secret of the Imperial City can’t be hidden any longer.

Wu Ji passes by Zhang Sun Jia in the courtyard, but does not acknowledge his greeting.

At the doctor’s manor, Zong Yue tells Fu Yao and Xiao Qi stories about the Crown Prince’s achievements that have been due in part to Yuan Zhao Xu’s help.

The Empress is happy to see her son who tells her the Emperor is too busy to come to the dinner. She asks if he saw his Uncle, but he says he has not. He apologizes for being unfilial and she dismisses the servants to speak with her son alone. She wants her son to marry and have kids and is worried about Prince Yi causing trouble, but Wu JI tells her just to take care of her health and he will take care of everything else.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

The Empress wants him to marry Fo Lian now that she’s in the city, but he asks for more time. Thinking he has someone else he’s interested in, she says he can have concubines as long as he marries Fo Lian.

A drunk Prince Yi is flirting with his maids when his guard interrupts to give a report. He confirms that the Crown Prince was seen with Fo Lian and Prince Yi is angry that he made a move first. The guard suggests that Prince Yi not wait any longer since the agreement was only that Fo Lian marries whoever sits on the Tianquan throne.

Fu Yao is thinking about Wu Ji. She’s a smitten kitten now. Zong Yue makes fun of her for avoiding Wu Ji and teases her about him.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Prince Yi is angry at the fuss the people in the city are making over the Crown Prince and wonders if it was Prince Yi’s mother’s lowly status that cost him the title, while the guard wonders exactly what Wu Ji has been doing all these years. Prince Yi is ready to make his move.

Fu Yao is walking through the woods when Wu Ji finds her and offers to grill her some fish. They sit around the fire and listen to the sounds of the forest. He suddenly takes Fu Yao to a spot where they see an animal materialize. It is the King of Muling, the God of Agriculture, whom the Zhang Sun family prays to. Any couple that sees him will go on a journey together and the deity represents pure, courageous and selfless love. Fu Yao, of course, still has doubts about him.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

The lands around the Imperial Palace are cracking open as the Emperor worries that the secrets of the kingdom can no longer be hidden. His servant confirms that the envoys from the other kingdoms have arrived. The Empress surveys a map when a servant arrives to advise that Fo Lian still has not visited the Palace, which surprises the Empress. She worries that the Xuanji Kingdom has other plans and is angry to hear that Prince Yi has gone to fetch her.

Jiang Feng announces that the envoys from Taiyuan (the Consort of Honor, Jian Xue) and Tiansha (Prince Huan) have arrived. He wonders why the Emperor has invited them over and why Wu Ji has not gone to greet them. Wu Ji thinks it’s to consult about the wedding. When Jiang Feng wonders why Wu Ji hasn’t visited Fo Lian, Wu Ji says he knows they are destined to marry and doesn’t feel a need to rush over to see her. (No!)

The Empress has arranged for Fo Lian (or should we call her Faux Lian?) to be brought to the palace, but Prince Yi is already at the doctor’s manor to fetch her. He tries to suck up to her, but she isn’t interested. He then tells her that he is there to escort her to the palace and to get her ready for the ceremony for the envoys at the palace, so she agrees to go with him. Just then Qiao Ling, the real Princess’ maid arrives to join them. On the way to the Palace, Prince Yi’s carriage is stopped at the gates with the guards requesting that Fo Lian come with them, much to the Prince’s anger.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

The envoys from Tiansha and Taiyuan meet with the Zhang Sun Jia and ask what it is that the Emperor really wants, as they are sure it’s not just about the wedding. Then Zhang Sun Jia mentions that he’s heard about strange events in their kingdoms. Taiyuan has experienced much rain, and in Tiansha there have been strange events in the Geya Desert as well as earthquakes. A volcano has also erupted in Xuanji. Prince Huan asks where the Xuanji envoy is and is told that she is meeting with the Empress and will be informed later.

Zhang Sun Jia asks for their thoughts on what has happened after all these years. Jian Xue asks if there have been events in Tianquan and is told that the Feather Tree that holds it together is showing signs of withering.

The Empress welcomes Fo Lian who feels that the Empress seems familiar while the Empress praises Fo Lian. When asked about the refugees, Fu Yao talks about what has been happening on the border, but the Empress warns Fo Lian that she will run out of money if she keeps doing all these good deeds. She is impressed though by the Princess’ selfless answer.

Zhang Sun Jia shows the envoys a magical image of the palace and the destruction that is happening.
 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

The Empress warns Fo Lian of the importance of her actions in representing the kingdom and that her eyes must only be for Wu Ji and that she must never be alone with another man, no matter what the reason. She then dismisses the servants so they can speak privately.

Zhang Sun Jia informs the envoys that each of the kingdoms represents one of the five elements and that only by gathering them can they save them.

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng arrive at a cave in the forest. Wu Ji goes inside to meet Zong Yue.

Fu Yao tells the Empress that she feels it’s a shame that it’s an honor for men to have many concubines, but looked down upon for women. The Empress explains that wealth and reputation go hand in hand, but Fu Yao wonders if this marriage, while a business deal to the Empress, may not be what the Crown Prince really wants which offends the Empress. She warns that the Princess’ status was not enough to make her the Crown Prince’s Consort and that after marriage, she’ll have to give up her title.

In the cave, Wu Ji finds his friend ill and starts using his powers to help him. (Save our boyfriend, Wu Ji!) He succeeds, but ends up with a black mark on his hand.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

A servant reports to Zhang Sun Jia about the envoys and Fo Lian’s visit to the Empress. The servant thinks the Empress is greedy for power, but the Prince knows she is protecting her son.

The Empress tells Fu Yao that it’s best that she doesn’t see Prince Yi as he does not have good intentions. She also warns Fo Lian that she must watch all her words and actions as there will always be people watching her. As it’s late, the Empress tells Fo Lian to stay the night at the Empress’ palace.

In the cave, hotty doctor is recuperating as Wu Ji watches over him. He warns him that his martial arts practice are too demonic and he is putting himself at risk. (Aww, he’s got some grey hairs now. Still smexy as ever!! *le sigh*) Wu Ji hands him a box with something in it, which Zong Yue is surprised to get. Then he sees the black mark on Wu Ji’s hand and asks if Fei Yan has been there.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Prince Yi is napping when a mystery lady comes to visit. In the meantime, Fu Yao is talking to the maid about Wu Ji and Fo Lian’s love story.

Wu Ji is surprised Zong Yue asked about Fei Yan. She is a deity of Qiongcang, but isn’t evil though she practices some dark arts. He wonders why she would teach the doctor the black arts. Zong Yue explains that after he survived the murder of his family, she saved him and taught him the practice, as well as his medical skills, to help him survive. In return, he gave her forty years of his life. Wu Ji realises he only stayed alive to seek revenge. (Wait a sec. Our hotty doctor is dying? Nooooo…)

IMOmusings: ugh did not like the opening of this week in Ep 25, Zong Yue made Yun Hen beg for Qi Yun’s life and completely ignores him. I’m going to hate this brotherhood, I can feel it in my bones!

Enid Bee: I liked that there was so much Zong Yue this week. But Yun Hen didn’t have to beg, he chose to. I don’t know why he felt the need to do it again after all the other times his brother told him, “bros before hos”. It’s not like his response was anything new. But that story about how he survived… yikes! He warned us, he’s not a benevolent doctor and don’t expect him to be a saint.

For a moment there I was almost feeling Fu Yao and Wu Ji as a couple, but as I watch him basically putting others in harm’s way just to…oh, I don’t even really know what the point of all this that he’s doing really is. If he was doing it to help Zong Yue get the throne, then I’d get it, but the doctor isn’t interested in ruling, just revenge, and once they get Qi Zhen out of the way, then what? “Surprise, I’m really the Emperor’s kid. Thanks for playing. I’m going home now. Bye, Felicia!” I thought he was supposed to keep war from breaking out.

Linjaturtle: I know some people might not like the brothers’ subplot, but I am really enjoying it. I love watching hotty doctor spit fire whenever he talks about revenge. Just a smidgen smexy. I don’t feel bad for Yun Hen much because hotty doctor is just so passionate about doing justice for his family that I’m completely taken in and rooting for him to exact retribution.

Enid Bee: Kind of disappointed that Zong Yue let Qi Zhen live. I thought for sure he’d pick up the sword and kill him himself or just throw a bunch of needles at him as per usual. But I liked that neither of them were really power hungry for the throne. Hope Yun Hen enjoys his new wife. Eeek!

But my favorite doctor doesn’t have long to live? I’m not liking that little twist.

IMOmusings: I’m probably the only one here who absolutely hates the brother subplot. It rubs me in all the wrong ways…or maybe the dynamics of the actors just don’t work for me =/. The bromance between Zong Yue and Wu Ji is more convincing~. In the end, Yun Hen’s only purpose in the eyes of Zong Yue was to carry out revenge and take over the Kingdom, there was no sense of familial tie there, everything was about using the guilt Yun Hen would have felt at being told he had been living with their family’s murderer. There was no, you’re my brother, we need each other, just, you’re my brother now listen to my words, your feelings have no place in this world!

The more I watch of the series the more I feel like they’re playing far more to the romance than the story of the Five Coloured Stone which makes me a little sad. At over 60 episodes I would have hoped to see more of the actual story rather than just love and jealousy.

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Once again it’s Wu Ji and Zong Yue to the rescue~~.
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  1. 6 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

    Great recaps!!! …still enjoying this drama very much and it”s getting more interesting as we move on to the next kingdom…really like the dynamic of FY/wuji together…
    Doc substory is so tragic…I don’t think we’ll see the last of his brother and that Qi Yun girl…I guess i’m the few who really like their storyline…

  2. 6 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

    I LOVE IT up to ep 36 I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the eps. Ethan and Mi Mi’s chemistry are off the charts.

  3. 6 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

    Can omeone who had read the novel tell me whether the doctor aka Mr. Handsome for me, lol, or his brother will die?

    • 6 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

      No, please don’t die! I love that hottie/haughty doctor! And can we bring back that bad-ass Taiyuan villain? The new crop of villains are kinda weak.

      • 6 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

        Ikr! The doctor is so hot!!! I wish I could see him leading in more period dramas. But in the novel, the brothers will have a tragic ending, one of the brother will die, or smth like that (I am not really sure though). The problem is that the doctor is too handsome to die, and his brother is too innocent and cute to die.

  4. 6 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

    Thank you so much for the recaps!

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