Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 17-24 Recaps

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Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 24/66

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Character List

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MainXuanyuan SectTianquan KingdomTaiyuan KingdomXuanji KingdomTiansha KingdomFufeng KingdomTen ForcesOthersAncient FirmamentCorrelation Chart
Born from the divine lotus petal and a member of Xuanyuan Sect. Originally disregarded as a member of the Xuanyou Division (servants), at the age of 16 she was able to learn the Sect’s long lost fighting technique, the Ninth Heaven Breach.

After defeating her martial brother in the Tian Dou Competition, she left the Sect to find herself and justice. On the way she meets a man with whom she falls in love and they join together to take down the forces of chaos in Taiyuan Kingdom. Helping to defend the people’s peace and gradually revealing their life secrets along the way.

Yang Mi as Fu Yao

 photo Fuyao.jpg

Ethan Ruan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji/Yuan Shao Xu

 photo Ethan.jpg


Crown Prince Wu Ji of Tianquan Kingdom, the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De. Chosen by the heavens to prevent eternal doom from falling upon the Five Kingdoms.

He is courageous and resourceful and willing to do anything for those he loves. On the journey with Fu Yao, they fight side-by-side and grow together through mutual encouragement and affection.

With a mysterious connection to the Firmament, he has a lotus birthmark on his hand.

Li Hong Tao as Yan Lie
Huang Ming as Yan Jing Chen
Li Yi Xiao as Pei Yuan
Liu Luo Xi as Ah Lie
Jiang Long as Xiao Qi
Sang Yan as Uncle Zhou

Gao Han Yu as Jiang Feng
Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
Lai Yi as Zong Yue
Chen Xin Wen as Yu Wen Zi
Zhou Li Wei as Shi Lan

New this week:
Yuan Yu Xuan as Qi Yun
 photo Qi Yun.jpg

Liu Guan Lin as Gao Hao (Commandery Prince of Xiping)
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Zhong Wei Hua as Cao Cheng (Head Eunuch)
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Sun Qiang as Zhang He Nian (Imperial Censor)
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Zhang Zhi Zhong as Mr. Qiu
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Hu Ke as Xuan Yuan Xiao (Supreme Princess of Taiyuan Kingdom, Royal Consort of Taiquan Kingdom)
 photo Xuanyuan Xiao 2.jpg

Li Ya A as Tang Zhi Rong
 photo vlcsnap-00056.jpg

Wei Hui Ni as Jian Xue
 photo vlcsnap-00050.jpg

Liu Zhi Wei as Gao Pu Rou
 photo vlcsnap-00045.jpg

Vengo Gao as Zhan Bei Ye
Liu Qiu Shi as Ji Yu
Sheng Wu as Lin Yi

Zhang Ya Qin as Ya Lan Zhu
Liu Xuan as Fei Yan

Liu Ying Lun as Tai Yan

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Tear open my clothes.

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are in the Royal Bureau of Meteorology. It turns out that silver thing in the middle of the strange watery… globe, orb, what do we want to call it?… is just one scale from the Dragonscale Armor. It’s what helps keep the dome in place over Taiyuan Kingdom and helps control the water. They get a report that Qi Zhen’s manor is on fire and hope that Zong Yue will still be able to deliver some mysterious item to them on time.

At the manor, Fu Yao is warding off the arrows of Qi Zhen’s men. As Zong Yue helps her over the wall, Qi Zhen shoots him with an arrow and then sends soldiers to pursue them. Qi Zhen inspects the fire as servants desperately try to put it out. Yun Hen thinks it’s related to the assassins they just saw and Qi Zhen insists that he find them right away.
 photo vlcsnap-00002_1.jpg

Zong Yue and Fu Yao are running from the soldiers. Fu Yao tries to check the wound and take him some place to hide, but Zong Yue warns her that it’s poisoned and tells her they need to go to the palace. The soldiers follow the trail of blood they leave behind.

Wu Ji is in the waterfall courtyard when Jiang Feng advises him that assassins at Qi Zhen’s manor have escaped and are being hunted down. An amused Wu Ji surmises that the assassins must be the doctor and Fu Yao in disguise. Jiang Feng reports that one of them was wounded and is worried that the doctor was not able to carry out their plan to help them find the location of the Dragonscale Armor, delaying them for some time.

Fu Yao doesn’t understand why Zong Yue wanted to come to the palace as there’s no way out and he may die, but her concern only brings him to retort that his current situation is her fault. She promises to save him at the risk of her own life. (Yeah, you better save our boyfriend, Fu Yao. Love, Team Hotty Doctor.) But Zong Yue knows the palace better than she and leads the way.

Qi Zhen arrives at the palace gates with the Defense Battalion, telling the guards that assassins are loose in the palace and gives orders to seal all nine of the palace gates. He promises a reward for whomever arrests the assassins. They let his Defense Battalion into the palace to search.

Zong Yue has led Fu Yao into some tunnels under the palace where he collapses. As Fu Yao helps him up, he yanks the arrow out of his chest and then tells her, “Tear open my clothes.” (Members of the hot doctor fan club quickly volunteer.) After hesitating, she exposes the wound on his chest and he pours medicine on to it to help counteract the poison. He proclaims that without it, he’d be dead already.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Fu Yao is surprised that Qi Zhen turned out to be such a skilled fighter, but Zong Yue informs her that Qi Zhen first made a name for himself for his fighting skills alongside the politically skilled Prince Wen Yi – Zong Yue’s father in case you forgot – as the Two Heroes of Taiyuan. Zong Yue knows that Qi Zhen will be looking in the palace for them and Fu Yao worries how they will escape as the doctor is wounded.

Still determined to complete his mission, Zong Yue tries to get up, but can’t. Fu Yao offers to complete his mission for him since it’s her fault he was wounded, but he doesn’t trust her. However, after more failed attempts to get up, he finally acquiesces and hands her a scroll from his robe. He gives her directions through the tunnel to deliver it, but won’t tell her what it is or who she is delivering it to, just where to find them. She agrees and tells him to rest, but he tells her that he has to make his way back to Qi Zhen’s so he won’t be a suspect. As Fu Yao leaves, the doctor informs her that it’s okay if she dies, but she can’t lose the scroll and she promises to pay him back for saying that.

A trap door opens and Fu Yao climbs out, peering about cautiously. She looks through a curtain and sees a man undressing. It’s Wu Ji who throws his shirt at her. She tosses it back and he slips it back on and begins to tease her. He says he was just about to call someone to help him dress and when she starts to walk away, he grabs her.
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The Defense Battalion lines up along the hall outside the King’s chambers as Qi Zhen arrives to check him. When he calls out at the door, Wu Ji quickly tosses Fu Yao onto his bed and covers her with himself and a blanket. Annoyed, she asks, “Do you want to die?” to which he gives a cheeky answer, “I want to stay alive with you.” (This guy just can never be serious, can he?)

Qi Zhen and two of his soldiers storm into the King’s chambers. They find him shirtless in bed and annoyed. When Qi Zhen informs him that there are assassins, he tells them that they are ruining his evening. When Qi Zhen continues to be insistent that he may be in danger, Wu Ji suggests that maybe they should check his bed to see if there is an assassin hiding there under the blankets. Taking the hint, Fu Yao calls out to him and slides her hand over his shoulder. Embarrassed to have interrupted the King’s fun, Qi Zhen apologises and leaves. On the way out, he comments to Jiang Feng that the King is very “spirited”. (Love Jiang Feng’s facial expressions.)
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

With Qi Zhen gone, the couple proceed with the required sexy bed fight. Fu Yao keeps losing (too distracted by his bare chest I suppose). When he won’t let her go, Fu Yao tells him that he owes her for taking advantage of her, so he suggests he make it up to her by letting her take advantage of him. When he asks why she showed up, she tells him it’s his fault for getting her all that attention on the hunting party, compelling Qi Zhen to decide to send her to the palace. She informs him that she’s here in place of the doctor due to his injury and Wu Ji is concerned.

When Yun Hen informs Qi Zhen that they could not find the assassins, Qi Zhen tells him to keep searching, but then a soldier arrives to advise that Minister Zhang has sent his soldiers to protect the King. Qi Zhen decides to withdraw his men from the palace, but insists that they cannot let the assassins leave the city.

Fu Yao gives Wu Ji the scroll and asks about it, but then pretends not to care. The object in the scroll is a glowing dildo… no, wait, it’s a key to the Royal Bureau of Meteorology. Fu Yao is again curious, but doesn’t trust the King to tell her the truth as he’s shown himself to be devious and that he uses others. She still holds a grudge about what happened during the hunting party and he confesses that he did it because he couldn’t bear to have her leave and never see her again, but she refuses to believe him. When she starts to leave, he tells her that there’s still more help needed, but she walks away. Wu Ji, confident she’ll return, has Jiang Feng pour out two servings of tea.
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As he expected, Fu Yao returns. She claims to be taking pity on him by staying longer though he suspects that it’s due to the number of guards outside. She asks what he needs her for and, after telling Jiang Feng not to let anyone in the room, they exit via the trapdoor, lead by everyone’s favourite guide rodent and chubby mousy, Yuan Bao.

Back in the tunnels, Wu Ji cautiously follows Yuan Bao. When Fu Yao asks why he is cautious, he reminds her that Qi Zhen has informants everywhere. When asked about the tunnels, he tells her that they were built to keep the King safe, but that the men who helped build them were killed to protect the secret of the tunnels. Fu Yao hates the idea of people being sacrificed just for the King’s safety, but Wu Ji says it’s what’s needed to protect their power. When Fu Yao asks if he’s that type of king, he asks her if she would still stay by his side if he said yes. She tells him that he should strive for what he wants, but not use such despicable means. When Wu Ji asks her what she wants, Fu Yao refuses to tell him and insists that she’ll get it on her own when he offers to help her.

Qi Zhen is angry to hear that the fire is still not under control and, in fact, has spread to the North Quarters. He asks how Yu Wen Zi is, but before the head servant can answer, Yun Hen arrives to inform him that they can’t find any trace of the assassins. Angered by his failure, Qi Zhen slaps him hard across the face in front of everyone. Yun Hen is stunned and ashamed of his failure. He kneels as Qi Zhen yells at him and threatens to take away his position.

In the Royal Bureau of Meteorology, Wu Ji and Fu Yao look at the Dragonscale. She tries to touch it, but Wu Ji tells her if she does, she’ll cause the kingdom to flood. Fu Yao recognises the place even though she’s never been there before and wonders why. Wu Ji holds out the key and it floats up above the Dragonscale and starts to glow. Fu Yao is amazed by the colours.

Suddenly, a vision of the Dragonscale Armour appears. Fu Yao is suddenly possessed and starts to sleepwalk towards the vision. Wu Ji is surprised and then notices the multi-coloured stone on her necklace is glowing and realises that she is the girl that his Grand Mentor told him to find to protect the Five Kingdoms. He watches in amazement as she starts to float towards the Armor. He realises that the Armour can help lift the spell off of her and wonders what to do.
 photo vlcsnap-00034.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up in the King’s chambers. She asks what happened, not able to remember, so Wu Ji tells her that she passed out and he carried her back to his room, and then teases her that she’s getting fat. When she tries to leave, she has trouble standing and Wu Ji carries her back to the bed. He asks her how long she’s been dreaming about mysterious places and waking up tired and she wonders how he knows. He tells her that if she enters the palace, he’ll tell her, and since she has already spent so much time alone with him in his chambers, she might as well enter the palace and he’ll take care of her.

When she still refuses, he informs her that he can tell her what and how her dreams are related to the stone she wears. When she suspects that he and the doctor planned this, he tells her that he can help lift the spell, which causes her to remember the words of Uncle Zhou. She is still determined to do it alone so Wu Ji places a bet with her. He tells her if she can take his Leaf of Spiritual Elixir from him within the next twelve days, he’ll lift the spell from her and not ask for anything in return, but if she can’t, then she will have to obey him. She finally agrees and then leaves with Yuan Bao as her guide out of the palace. As she goes, Wu Ji recalls what happened earlier that evening and wonders if she will be the one to destroy the Five Kingdoms and if he should involve her in his search for the Armour.
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At the Courier Inn, Fu Yao sneaks into the Princess’ room and wakes her. When she wants to go get Xiao Qi and Bei Ye, Fu Yao instead tells her that she needs to keep the disguise on longer. Lan Zhu informs her that her necklace is a holy relic that will allow her to help set the disguise permanently. But when the Princess tries, she turns Fu Yao into Bei Ye, then to Xiao Qi, General Ji and a number of other people until, finally, she’s able to return her to Yu Wen Zi. She reminds Fu Yao again to stay away from mirrors and water to protect her disguise.

The next morning, Qi Zhen is looking over the rubble of the North Quarters with Yun Hen and his head servant. He insists that they find the body of his goddaughter when suddenly Yu Wen Zi crawls out of the burning remains. She informs Qi Zhen that she was alone when the fire hit and ran until she passed out.

No man is fit to survive in this world if he can’t protect his family.

With Yu Wen Zi found alive and only slightly singed, Qi Zhen has the servants take her away to be cleaned up so that she can be presented to court.

Back in his study, Yun Hen kneels before Qi Zhen who finally asks him if it still hurts where Qi Zhen slapped him. Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen that because the servants already acknowledge Yun Hen as their young master since he was raised by Qi Zhen, he knows that seeing him slap Yun Hen would be more motivation to the servants to keep working hard than if he punished them directly. As Qi Zhen acknowledges that he worries about his own death, he starts vomiting blood.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Shirtless in his room (le sigh), the doctor is tending to his wound when a servant comes to get him to treat Qi Zhen. (Nice dragon tattoo. Can I get a closer look?) He gets dressed and checks on Qi Zhen. He advises that Qi Zhen’s injury is not simple, but he has medicine that can heal it in five days. It would, however, require Zong Yue to personally blend the herbs. Qi Zhen insists the doctor proceed, but then gestures to Yun Hen to follow him, obviously not completely trusting Zong Yue.

As Zong Yue mixes the herbs, Yun Hen watches. Zong Yue wonders out loud if Qi Zhen suspects someone is trying to kill him, but Yun Hen deflects the question as silly and asks if he can help cut herbs. The doctor notices a scar on his hand and remembers as children, when he accidentally cut his brother. (Oooooh, little Yun Hen is sooooo adorable. I want to pinch his cute little cheeks!) He asks Yun Hen about the scar, but Yun Hen does not recall how he got it. When he refuses some cream to remove the scar, Zong Yue mentions that he heard he was an orphan raised by Qi Zhen and wonders if he wants to keep it to find his surviving relatives. Yun Hen will only say that he is thankful to Qi Zhen.
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Zong Yue, who has been grinding herbs, offers to swap tasks with Yun Hen as the blade he’s using is quite sharp. As Zong Yue cuts herbs, blood starts to run down his hand. He quickly blames the blade, but Yun Hen is obviously suspicious, though he says nothing, instead keeping a careful eye on the doctor.

Lan Zhu is upset to hear about the fire at Qi Zhen’s manor and laments that she should have made Fu Yao stay. Xiao Qi and Bei Ye are surprised to hear that Fu Yao visited and wonder why she returned to the manor. Lan Zhu decides to go save her, but Xiao Qi tells her that Fu Yao is safe where she is, though the Princess is not convinced. They ask Bei Ye to help them rescue Fu Yao, but, busy cleaning his sword as always, he refuses.

Lan Zhu yells at him for the first time for not helping and decides to go on her own, but Bei Ye says she’ll only end up getting herself and Xiao Qi killed. Disappointed in Bei Yi, she grabs Xiao Qi’s arm and starts to leave.  But then Bei Ye warns them that they are already being watched, and there are more informants along the road who will warn Qi Zhen that they are coming and put Fu Yao in danger. As they apologise, Bei Ye notices the same way in which they wring their hands with worry. (Ooo, is orphan Xiao Qi a little prince?) When he leaves, Lan Zhu worries that she was too harsh on him, but Xiao Qi assures her that he is concerned about everyone and not to take it to heart.

A Tiansha soldier on horseback delivers an urgent message to another soldier to take across the river to Taiyuan Kingdom.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Qi Zhen drinks the medicine that the doctor gave him and is pleased with the result. Yun Hen tells him to rest, but Qi Zhen can not relax until they find the assassins. Yun Hen thinks back to Zong Yue’s bleeding, but says nothing to Qi Zhen. Instead he leaves, deep in thought, before finally going to Zong Yue’s chambers where the doctor has redressed after tending to his wound (no, I swear, letting it air out will help it heal faster…). He lets Yun Hen in and after some time passes, Yun Hen leaves; neither man giving any indication of what was said or how things stand as Yun Hen walks away in slo-mo to dramatic music. (And fan fic writers starting typing furiously away with their own version of what happened that evening…)

A soldier delivers the message to Zhan Bei Ye, to his surprise. Whatever the news is, it’s not good. That night, he sits on the rooftop under the moonlight thinking of his mother. Lan Zhu appears, not knowing what has happened, just that he is upset about something. She asks what’s wrong and then apologises for her behaviour earlier, but he doesn’t respond.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

She asks him if he is homesick and he reminisces about the home he can no longer return to, but the Princess insists that his mother, his soldiers and herself are all his family. He agrees and declares that, “No man is fit to survive in this world if he can’t protect his family.” and promises to take care of all of them, including her and Fu Yao. Still thinking of his mother, Zhan Bei Ye starts to the sing the song he used to sing to her with Lan Zhu joining in. (I quite like this song.) When the Princess tells him that she’d like to sing that song to his mother, he agrees and seems very touched. They continue to sit in the moonlight, singing.

The new King has his first day in front of the Royal Court, but finds it all boring and would rather play with his headwear or nap, much to Jiang Feng’s chagrin. When asked to make decisions, he defers to an equally bored Qi Zhen for his opinion. Afterwards the other officials are impressed with how much influence Qi Zhen has over the King and comment that he is already half ruling the kingdom. Qi Zhen is pleased. Chief Eunuch Cao asks him about the fire at his manor, but he plays it off as nothing. Then Eunuch Cao informs him that the King had secretly met with Minister Zhang to expand the garrison guards. Qi Zhen is concerned to find out that the King approved the expenses and isn’t sending it to be discussed by the Wenchang Chamber.

Zhan Bei Ye, dressed as a commoner, overhears fellow customers at a noodle shop discussing the assassins at Qi Zhen’s manor and then hears that he is sending his goddaughter to the palace as a candidate for consort. He quickly runs off.

Fu Yao is riding in a carriage to the lateral courts as Shi Lan explains the selection process. When she hears that she is going to be checked to confirm that she is still a virgin, Fu Yao is having none of it. But before she can leave the carriage, it stops and she hears a ruckus and people running away in terror. Suddenly, someone grabs her.
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Wu Ji is trying to head over to the lateral courts to oversee the selection of the consort candidates, but the soldiers beg him not to go. At first they say it’s because of the rules of the harem, but when he asks if the harem or the King is more important, they can only say the King. Then they insist that, because there will be so many people coming and going, they want to keep him safe. The King wonders if they are not very good guards then if they can’t keep him safe. Finally they admit that their caution is due to a candidate from Qi Zhen’s manor having just been kidnapped right in front of the palace. Wu Ji seems concerned.

In the woods, Fu Yao chastises Zhan Bei Ye for dragging her away. He insists that he was saving her, but she tells him she has her reasons for entering the palace. While she is thankful that he tried to help, she is insistent on going. He warns her to be careful and then asks her a favour. Zhan Bei Ye talks about how she doesn’t have any negative symptoms when she’s near the Englobement Bell, to which she jokingly asks if he intends to give it to her only to be surprised when he hands it over. When she tries to give it back, he tells her that she’s the only one he trusts to keep it safe while he goes back to Tiansha to deal with some business there. When asked when he’ll return, he remarks that it could be ten days, a few months or never. (Ooo, I think big brother is in trouble…) When Fu Yao tells him that he has to return and buy her a drink, he agrees.

In court Qi Zhen takes responsibility for failing to protect his own goddaughter. The King chastises him and accuses him of planning the incident to keep her from entering the palace. Qi Zhen promises to investigate and find the kidnappers.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

I didn’t expect this to be so tiring.

Wu Ji is accusing Qi Zhen of planning Yu Wen Zi’s kidnapping to keep her from entering the palace, but Qi Zhen denies it and promises to investigate the matter thoroughly. However, the King brings up the fact that assassins have already set his manor on fire and he’s still hunting them as well as handling state affairs, and suggests having Minister Zhang investigate for him. When he announces he has approved funding for Zhang, Qi Zhen gets upset. Wu Ji reminds him who is king and that, despite Qi Zhen’s help, he can be replaced. (I love watching Qi Zhen get played.) He then encourages Qi Zhen to go home and get some rest.
 photo vlcsnap-00060.jpg

Just then one of the eunuchs arrives to announce that Yu Wen Zi has been found. She is carried in with Shi Lan following. Shi Lan tells everyone that Yu Wen Zi was abducted, but the kidnapper thought she was someone else and then dumped her in the lake. Because of the incident, she passed out. Wu Ji, concerned, pinches Fu Yao’s cheeks, but when he sees her squirm, realises she is fine and tries not to laugh as does Shi Lan. He then proceeds to ham it up for the court. He asks for a doctor and then suggests that Qi Zhen send Zong Yue.

Jiang Feng compliments Wu Ji later on his acting skills and for scaring Qi Zhen, but he responds, “Can’t you tell when I’m acting and when I’m really angry?” He’s mad that someone messed with his woman.

Qi Zhen is upset that Xuan Yuan Min, who was supposed to be his puppet, is acting up. When Yun Hen suggests that, regardless, he is still King, Qi Zhen is not happy. Then he remembers that he must reign in his temper if he is going to grab the throne. When Yun Hen suggests that Xuan Yuan Min may have sent the kidnappers, Qi Zhen agrees. He thinks it was a ruse to get the funds approved for Minister Zhang. He doesn’t trust the King at all and realises he will be more difficult to manage. He realises that he needs to find a better informant to help keep an eye on the King.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye is packing up when Ya Lan Zhu and Xiao Qi find him. They’ve heard about Fu Yao being kidnapped and are certain it was him, but when they ask where she is, they are disappointed to hear that she chose to go to the palace instead. Lan Zhu realises that he is leaving. He gives her some gold leaves, but when she offers to join him, he tells her no.

Yun Hen visits the doctor to ask him to check on Yu Wen Zi. He agrees as a favour to Yun Hen.

Lan Zhu and Bei Ye ride through the woods. Then he stops and tells her that she can not go with him further. She is worried about him being alone, but he tells her that she will be too much of a burden and he won’t be able to keep her safe. He tells her not to let anyone know that he’s left or he will be in danger. She agrees. He also warns her to be careful and go back to Qiongye Kingdom if there is any danger. Ya Lan Zhu watches sadly as he leaves.
 photo vlcsnap-00072.jpg

Zong Yue and Yun Hen walk together through the courtyard. The doctor asks if there is news of the assassins and Yun Hen informs him that they were found and killed by Qi Zhen. It turned out that they were some bandits. Zong Yue is surprised that they were killed, but Yun Hen says the dead can’t cause any further issues. After complimenting Yun Hen on taking such good care of the situation, Zong Yue leaves for the palace.

But Yun Hen is thinking back to the night before when he met with the doctor. In a flashback, Yun Hen asks to inspect Zong Yue’s arm and the doctor goes ahead and shows him the still bleeding wound on his chest. He admits that he was one of the assassins. Yun Hen wants to take him to Qi Zhen, but when Zong Yue tells him he knows his real birthday is July 4th (Happy Birthday, cutie!!), he is shocked. Zong Yue tells him that he knows he’s been looking for his birth family and Yu Hen asks how he knows.

Zong Yue asks what he knows of Prince Wen Yi. Yun Hen recalls that he was a traitor to the throne and was executed along with his family. Zong Yue then informs him that in truth, the Prince was loyal, but schemers in the palace, including Qi Zhen, made the King doubt him and convinced him that he was disloyal. Finally the King had him killed, but there were two survivors, his two sons. When he rips open his robes to reveal the water dragon tattoo on his shoulder, Yun Hen is shocked. (And I was sooooo happy…) Zong Yue reveals that the two sons both have this tattoo. Yun Hen looks over at his own shoulder, but doesn’t offer to show us anything. (Show us yours, Yun Hen. Show us yours!)
 photo vlcsnap-00077.jpg

When Zong Yue asks if he has the same tattoo, Yun Hen instead refuses to believe him as he owes Qi Zhen his life. But when Zong Yue tells him to go ahead and take him to Qi Zhen, Yun Hen doesn’t.

Yun Hen and Zong Yue arrive at Yu Wen Zi’s chambers and the doctor goes to check on her. Fu Yao is surprised, at first, that he knows who she really is and is happy to be able to be herself and tries to be friendly. Zong Yue is still not very warm with her and wants to know what she’s up to. He suggests that if she keeps up with her schemes, he’s probably going to die. When she suggests that he’s such a good doctor that he could bring anyone back from the dead, he tells her that if she ever dies one day, he definitely won’t bring her back. But you can tell she’s growing on him a bit. When she complains of a headache, he ends up taking her pulse without using a handkerchief. (Guess he’s not so anti-girl cooties now.) He seems alarmed and tells her she’s dying, but she thinks he’s teasing her again. He gives her a bag with some medicine – the black pill can save lives, the white pill can take lives and the red… she can’t use unless she asks him first. As he leaves, he thinks to himself how odd it is that she has the pulse of the living, but also someone who is dying at the same time.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Jiang Feng asks Wu Ji if he wants to go visit Fu Yao now that she’s safe. Wu JI reminisces about her and about what his mentor told him, but is in no rush.

Ya Lan Zhu puts up a sign at the Inn announcing that Prince Bei Ye is very ill and is recuperating up in the mountains. Then she sets out to follow him. Xiao Qi is upset that she only has thoughts of Bei Ye and is leaving him behind, but all her life has been spent following him around. She suggests Xiao Qi go with her, but he wants to stay and find a way to help rescue Fu Yao. He is very sad to see the Princess go.

Jiang Feng helps Wu Ji get ready and they go to court for the selection of the consorts. The candidates arrive all wearing the same pink dress. In the royal court, the King informs Qi Zhen that he has asked the officials to gather to help him decide. When Qi Zhen points out that picking a consort is an important matter and that it should just be up to Wu Ji, he says that he has them to help make decisions for him.
 photo vlcsnap-00082.jpg

The candidates are summoned into the hall and Wu Ji gleefully checks them out. Of course he can’t just play it straight and has to have some fun. He immediately calls one of the women up. She is Tang Zhi Rong, the daughter of Tang Bo Nian, one of the Generals who protects the border. (I know in real life, these people would all have been in their late teens, early twenties, but when they say she’s 17, I had to laugh.) When Qi Zhen reminds the King who her father is, he says that he’ll choose whomever Qi Zhen tells him to pick, Qi Zhen deflects and tells the King he should choose for himself, so he immediately chooses her. (Check out Fu Yao getting a bit catty with her side eye.)

Asking for another girl to come forward, one steps up, but he immediately sends her back. Then Yu Wen Zi comes forth, but just as she’s introducing herself, the King cuts her off, bored by the whole process already. He instead asks that Qi Zhen just pick all the consorts for him because he doesn’t want to, which causes a stir with the other officials. Qi Zhen, knowing that will put a target on him, refuses. So finally the King decides that he wants to play Spin the Jade Scepter to pick his consorts, much to everyone’s annoyance as Fu Yao tries not to laugh.

Having been told by Zong Yue that Master Qiu, who used to take care of them, now spins sugar in town, Yun Hen goes to find him. He recognises Master Qiu right away and has memories of his childhood with his brother and Master Qiu’s spun candy. (Oooo, that little kid is too adorable!!) Master Qiu also recognises him right away.
 photo vlcsnap-00085.jpg

The consort candidates are waiting out in the waterfall courtyard as the eunuchs advise them that they will announce who the consorts are shortly. One candidate, though, is having none of it. Gao Pu Ruo, the daughter of the Commandery Prince of Xiping, is angry about the King changing the tradition. In the past, some of the Taiyuan Queens have come from her family and she just can’t shut up about how unfair it all is. (Oh, she’s going to be fun. She and Pei Yuan should start a club.)

When she hears Yu Wen Zi laugh, Pu Ruo confronts her, but our heroine is no pushover and not impressed at all by her credentials. Zhi Rong tries to keep the peace, but Pu Ruo brushes her off for being illegitimate. No matter how much she tries to go off on the other ladies, they always have a witty comeback, and it’s quickly clear that she has no fans in this bunch. Pu Ruo tries to teach Yu Wen Zi a lesson, but, while Fu Yao pretends to protect herself, she trips Pu Ruo instead and Pu Ruo is unaware her lipstick has smudged all over her face. As she makes fun of Yu Wen Zi for her red birthmark, Pu Ruo thinks the ladies are laughing with her until someone tells her about the lipstick on her face. After another backhanded compliment from Jian Xue, the daughter of a scholar, and Yu Wen Zi, Pu Ruo finally shuts up.

In the hall, Qi Zhen asks the King why he wants to resort to such a method, but Wu Ji tells Qi Zhen that since he won’t pick for him, this is what he wants to do and starts spinning the scepter. (Though I’m sure with some magical help to pick the right girls.)
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

The eunuchs come out to announce the names of the chosen consorts which includes Jian Xue, Tang Zhi Rong, Yu Wen Zi and five other ladies. Pu Ruo throws a fit that she is not one of the chosen ones. Of course Zhi Rong can’t resist remarking how sad it is that they won’t be sisters before leaving while the Commandery Princess pouts.

At his house, Master Qiu invites Yun Hen to sit, but Yun Hen just wants to get to the point. He asks if it’s true that Master Qiu betrayed their family, angry that he would do such a thing. Master Qiu explains that when they knew what was going on, Prince Wen Yi had asked him to earn Qi Zhen’s trust and pretend to betray his master in an effort to save his sons. Master Qiu willingly let people believe he was a bad person just to save them.

In the great hall, Wu Ji inspects his consorts. He walks up to Fu Yao, as if about to choose her as his favourite, but then chooses Zhi Rong instead, who is thrilled. He gives her the title of Consort of Prestige, but Minister Zhang reminds him that there are supposed to be four consorts and that they should be conferred at the same time, and, from them, one will be chosen as queen. Wu Ji decides to make Jian Xue the Consort of Honor and Fu Yao the Consort of Benevolence, and saves the fourth to be chosen later because “I didn’t expect this to be so tiring”, much to the chagrin of the officials, including Qi Zhen. The rest of the consorts become ladies-in-waiting.
 photo vlcsnap-00086.jpg

Yun Hen is leaving Master Qiu’s house and is surprised when the old man kowtows to his young master. Master Qiu tells him not to show any mercy to his enemy.

I was born adorable. Of course no one would bully me.

Yun Hen is leaving Master Qiu’s house and is surprised when the old man kowtows to his young master. Master Qiu tells a distraught Yun Hen not to show any mercy to his enemy so that his father can rest in peace.

An official complains to Minister Zhang that the King is too muddleheaded and unmotivated, but Minister Zhang thinks that there is more going on than meets the eye and can see that what seems like absurd decisions, actually have another motive.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

The Commandery Prince of Xiping is furious about his daughter not being chosen and suspects Qi Zhen had a hand in it. Qi Zhen reminds him that he had no control over how the choices were made, but the Prince is unconvinced and wonders what kind of man Qi Zhen helped take the throne.

Pu Ruo is crying to her servants about not having been chosen despite her bloodline. She’s a spoiled brat and determined to run to her daddy and have him fix everything.
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

As Qi Zhen and the Commandery Prince continue talking, the Prince vows that his family has been disrespected by this and he could care less about helping anyone else; a not so subtle threat to Qi Zhen. Just then Yun Hen arrives to deliver a decree from the King. He has named Pu Ruo as the Consort of Virtue. Instead of being pleased, the Prince is even more suspicious of Qi Zhen. He thinks that he is being played by Qi Zhen as a warning, but Qi Zhen insists he also didn’t know. Qi Zhen hates having to suck up to him but knows he needs the Commandery Prince’s forces. He asks Yun Hen why the King had changed his mind, but Yun Hen doesn’t know.

At the palace, Jiang Feng relays back about the delivery of the decree and the Prince’s reaction. Jiang Feng asks why Wu Ji made Pu Ruo a consort, given that her father is colluding with Qi Zhen, and that she, herself, is a troublemaker. But Wu Ji is using this opportunity to create suspicion between the two men and also thinks having the Prince’s spoiled daughter in the harem will likely cause some interesting drama and cause someone to make a mistake.

General Tang Bo Nian’s disciple arrives at Qi Zhen’s manor to see him. He has come on behalf of the General to thank Qi Zhen and bring him a gift. General Tang Bo Nian promises not to forget Qi Zhen if his daughter gets the King’s favour and Qi Zhen promises to help her. After he leaves, Qi Zhen comments to Yun Hen on how quickly the General responded. As he tells Yun Hen that Qi Zhen needs him to take care of something, Yun Hen is deep in thought, remembering what Master Qiu told him. In flashback, we hear more about how Master Qiu saved the boys, despite Qi Zhen. Suddenly Qi Zhen squeezes Yun Hen’s face, bringing him back to the present and he quickly leaves to run his errand.
 photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Zong Yue is walking through town to have lunch at a restaurant and is surprised to see it so busy. And then, we find ourselves in another 58.com product placement scene. In short, the restaurant hired a new chef who is so good that they are attracting many clients. As he waits for his food, Zong Yue recognises the young woman who walks in from his childhood days. She is Qi Yun, the daughter of Qi Zhen, and someone Zong Yue used to tease as a kid. She is the new chef. He is amazed to see that she has overcome her incurable illness. He watches as the Defense Battalion, along with Yun Hen, arrive. Yun Hen is there to take Qi Yun back to her father’s place, much to her chagrin.

At the palace the new consorts wait to be shown to their new living quarters. They are all given face masks (awww… more product placement) and are lead inside Zhaoyan Palace. Fu Yao thinks it’s a trap and that they are going to be crammed into a back garden, but Shi Lan assures her that is not the case and explains how the living situation works. Fu Yao complains that it’s not fair that men get to have a bunch of concubines, but there’s nothing similar for women (amen, sister!). Fu Yao gets a little too loud and draws the attention of the other consorts. To explain herself, she claims to have seen a rare bird.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Just as the women are about to be assigned their living quarters, they are surprised to see a sedan chair arrive and not pleased at all to see the Spoiled Princess stepping out. She brags about how the King gave her the chair and made her a consort, feeling pleased with herself. Immediately, the cattiness begins, but when Bitchy McBitcherson wants to make a ruckus, the others wonder loudly what the King may do if he were to be annoyed with one of them, and that possibly he may take their title away, so she calms down. But when a eunuch arrives to give the living assignments, Pu Ruo goes off again, hitting the servant and stomping her feet, insisting that the Queen’s palace be hers.

Qi Zhen’s head servant enters the study followed by Qi Yun and Yun Hen. Head Servant tries to get the young girl to be nicer to her father. We find out that she has spent the past three years travelling around the five kingdoms, honing her culinary skills. When she brags that no one bullied her because she’s so cute, Head Servant advises her that it was because her father had men following her to keep her safe. She finally sits down to talk to her dad and promises to stay with him if he’ll let her do what she wants, and won’t make her take lessons to be a lady or meet potential husbands. He agrees. Then she gets teary-eyed looking at his grey hair and apologises for running away.

Yun Hen brings her a box as a present. Inside is a cat that looks just like one she lost. She’s happy again. Qi Zhen sends her to see her grandmother with Yun Hen happily following.
 photo vlcsnap-00055.jpg

Fu Yao is happy to see that her new home is in a quiet area. Jian Xue arrives and asks to stay in Zuiyan Hall with her. With Spoiled Bitchy Pants insisting on living in Yongjia Hall, the hall usually for the Queen, Jian Xue decided it would be easier just to give up her place and room with someone else. (I want to hope that she’s going to become an ally, but after watching The King’s Woman, I trust no one.) Fu Yao agrees and Jian Xue goes in without much of a thank you. (She’s not very social, that one.) As she checks out her new quarters, Zhi Rong arrives bringing gifts for Yu Wen Zi. (Hmmm… not trusting this one at all.) Zhi Rong says they should consider themselves sisters since Qi Zhen helped them both get into the palace, and then asks if Fu Yao will stay with her, but Fu Yao declines, wanting to avoid another temper tantrum by the Queen Bee-yotch. When Zhi Rong wonders if Jian Xue would live with her, she is quick to call out from the Hall that she’d also rather stay where she is. Before going, Zhi Rong gives Yu Wen Zi a hairpin and warns her to be careful in the palace and that they should look out for each other. (Oh, she’s definitely going to be trouble.)
 photo vlcsnap-00057.jpg

That night Fu Yao thinks about the bet she has with the King. She decides to put her thieving skills to use.

Zhi Rong gets ready (oh, more face cream…) and then we see her playing music for the King. When Jiang Feng tells him that everything has been readied, Wu Ji has her stop playing. He compliments her skills and offers, as a reward, anything she would wish, but her only wish is to serve him. Jiang Feng reminds the King that he still has not chosen a queen and that if Zhi Rong stays the night, then the others may… but the King calls him a nag.

Fu Yao takes out one eunuch and steals his uniform. Then she knocks out another to take over carrying the King’s clothing to him. In the bath, (I want to be able to take a bubble bath in a tub like that!) Zhi Rong is giving the King a massage and he comments that if he’s not careful, he may end up doing something he shouldn’t. When he tells his consort she should go home and they should schedule a meeting as per regulations, she asks to stay instead, so he agrees.

The eunuchs enter with his clothes and Wu Ji walks his consort over. At first it appears that he is asking his consort to bathe and change him, but then he points to one particular eunuch instead to perform the task: Fu Yao.
 photo vlcsnap-00087.jpg

Sworn foes can not be forgiven.

The eunuchs enter with the King’s clothes and Wu Ji walks his consort over. At first it appears that he is asking her to bathe and change him, but then he points to one particular eunuch, instead, to perform the task: Fu Yao. Surprised to be chosen, she starts to help undress him, but when she touches the leaf that she’s come to take, he warns her to be careful of it.

When Wu Ji comments that he would love some sweet osmanthus honey brew, Zhi Rong eagerly offers to make it. Once she leaves, Wu Ji dismisses the rest of the servants, except for his fake eunuch. After they are gone, he teases her with a flower, revealing that he knows it’s Fu Yao. And so the sexy bathtub fight commences with Fu Yao getting the leaf, but Wu Ji stealing an underwater kiss. As they kiss, he thinks to himself that even though he knows this is an ill-fated romance, he might as well go for it.
 photo vlcsnap-00090.jpg

But then assassins appear. Fu Yao hides in the water so that when they bust in, with Zhi Rong captive, they only see the King. They knock out the consort and then proceed to attack him, with one managing to cut his arm. Fu Yao leaps out of the water to help him. When he asks her why she is helping when she already got what she came for, she says it’s so he can give her what he promised. When the assassins run off, she yells at him for allowing himself to get injured, though she knows he could have easily avoided the attack, and then helps bandage him up as the alarm goes up around the palace.

The King comments on how she runs toward danger, where others would flee. When he says that, as a woman, she should be protected by a man rather than being as bold as one, she is annoyed. When he mentions the kiss, she gets all shy as he gets serious and wonders why he can’t bear to lose her. But then, just when you were thinking he was finally being sweet, he reveals that he’d swiped the leaf back from her and she has lost the bet.

Guards frantically run around the palace to protect the King. Fu Yao starts to leave, but he suggests it’s easier for her to hide in the room with him. When the guards enter, the King runs out carrying the consort, saying that she’d saved him, but was wounded. Fu Yao emerges from hiding in the bathtub, annoyed at behind treated so after she’d helped him.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

The next day in court, the officials are surprised the King is not there and even more surprised when Head Eunuch Cao announces that he was wounded by assassins and will not be attending court. The Commandery Prince of Xiping asks Qi Zhen why he is so impatient in trying to kill the King off so soon, but Qi Zhen reveals that he had no hand in it and they wonder who did it. Qi Zhen talks to Eunuch Cao who reveals that the King was only slightly injured, but that he has had all the guards replaced and will remove anyone from their post who dares speak up for them.

Qi Zhen and Yun Hen enter his study as Qi Zhen speculates that the King himself is responsible for the assassination attempt and is using it to get rid of his informants. He now must find someone who can more easily get close to the King.

At the harem Fu Yao overhears two servants talking. They are being sent to Cuiliang Hall, which is said to be haunted by ghosts. A maid says that Pu Ruo is looking for the magical Aquatic Spirit Mirrors so that she can perform at the Winter Clothing Festival. (I’m guessing Harry Potter fans aren’t going to like this storyline either.) A eunuch warns her that the Hall are cursed and they lament having to do this task. Fu Yao comes out from hiding to ask about the mirror, but the servants run off. She worries that if there are mirrors at the festival, her secret will be revealed, and decides to find the mirrors and break them.
 photo vlcsnap-00109.jpg

Qi Zhen is advised by his head servant that men have been sending calling cards and gifts for Qi Yun, but he has returned them all. Qi Zhen mocks the men who think they are worthy of his fortune and tells the servant to keep turning them down. When the servant mentions that Yun Hen has been very attentive to Qi Yun and has been keeping her entertained so that she’s not bored while being grounded, Qi Zhen makes it clear that he considers Yun Hen as nothing more than a servant.

Wu Ji is surprised to hear that Zong Yue believes Qi Yun is wearing the Dragonscale Armor and Wu Ji asks how Zong Yue knows. Zong Yue remembers that Qi Yun was very ill when she was born and not meant to live long, but now that she is still alive and well with no signs of illness, it’s clear that she must be wearing it as it is the only cure for her particular ailment. He promises to verify.
 photo vlcsnap-00110.jpg

Fu Yao, back in her eunuch disguise, sneaks into Cuiliang Hall. The buildings are abandoned and covered in cobwebs. As she tries to decide where to look for the mirrors, she hears an animal in the bushes and thinks it’s Yuan Bao. Then she sees it is a white fox. When she tries to pet it, it bites her and runs into one of the buildings with her chasing after. Inside the room is a wreck with furniture laying about or covered with sheets. She finds the mirrors, but  is knocked out by someone before she can break them.

Zhi Rong and her maid secretly meet with Qi Zhen. Zhi Rong thanks him for helping her enter the palace and tells him that she fears for her safety. She makes it clear that to be safe, she must become Queen and asks for his help, promising to do whatever he says, which pleases him. He advises her that the upcoming festival will give her that opportunity and she should plan carefully.

Qi Yun walks through town with Yun Hen following behind. She’s annoyed to have a babysitter and even more annoyed when Yun Hun will only call her by her title rather than her name. As much as he tries to stick with protocol, once she sticks her face close to his, he relents and calls her by her name. She drags him into a clothing store and then goes to try on dresses. A few seconds later, Yun Hen hears her escaping out the window and chases after her. She runs through the crowd until she bumps into someone who knocks her out. Yun Hen catches up and sees that the someone is Zong Yue (lucky girl).
 photo vlcsnap-00115.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up in chains and locked in a cage. She frantically tries to escape when a woman in white appears. Though she doesn’t introduce herself, we know that she is Xuan Yuan Xiao, Supreme Princess of Taiyuan Kingdom and also the Princess Consort of Taiquan Kingdom. She’s also crazy. Fu Yao tries to flatter her, but the lady isn’t impressed. It turns out that she’s been the one making people believe the Hall is haunted so that she can have it to herself and practice her martial arts.

When Fu Yao tries to excuse her trespassing by saying she was chasing after a nasty fox, the Princess gets angry. That fox is the Xuan Yuan Fox and not some nasty pest. Angry at Fu Yao for sabotaging her plans, she vows to punish her. She pulls out the Englobement Bell and asks what it is. Fu Yao desperately tries to get it back, but after finding out how important it is the Princess refuses and leaves Fu Yao.

By the river, Qi Yun is laid out under a tree as the two Xuan Yuan brothers talk. Zong Yue wants to know what Yun Hen plans to do next, but Yun Hen doesn’t know. He sees Qi Zhen and his daughter as his family and says that Zong Yue has ruined his good life. Zong Yue, though, warns him that while he may view Qi Zhen as a father figure, Qi Zhen will never see him as anything more than a dog and asks if Yun Hen really values Qi Zhen over their murdered family. When Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that he can do what he likes, but that he will never be acknowledged by the Xuan Yuan family, Yun Hen takes out his frustration on some plants and then says that he knows that he is a member of the Xuan Yuan family and will not forget his responsibility. But he doesn’t want Qi Yun to be harmed, and he’ll make sure of it. (Aww Yun Hen) Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that Zong Yue knows Yun Hen cares for her, but that “Sworn foes cannot be forgiven.” Yun Hen scoops Qi Yun up and rides off as Zong Yue watches, thinking to himself that the Dragonscale Armor belongs to the Xuan Yuan family alone.
 photo vlcsnap-00121.jpg

Head Eunuch Cao arrives to deliver reports to the King, but he tells him to give them to Qi Zhen to review instead. When Eunuch Cao announces that Master Guo wants to discuss the rites for the festival, Wu Ji tells the eunuch that they should just do what they always do and that Eunuch Cao should personally supervise it. Jiang Feng arrives and reports to Wu Ji that Fu Yao has been missing for two days. Wu Ji is agitated by the news, but realises that this could only be either, because she left on her own, or that she met an enemy she couldn’t defeat. He knows that she still needs the spell to be lifted so it must be the later, and there’s not many people  in the palace who could possibly overpower her.

Whatever I want in this world, I never fail to get it.

Wu Ji sends our favourite mouse, Yuan Bao, to go find Fu Yao. Jiang Feng is surprised that he’s not going to go look for her himself. Just then Tang Zhi Rong arrives and Wu Ji has her brought in, telling a surprised Jiang Feng that he has to act according to his position.

In the cage, Fu Yao is sleeping. Yuan Bao comes out of a hole in the floor and the noise wakes up Fu Yao who calls to him. But the Xuan Yuan Fox, controlled by the crazy Princess, has other plans. Fu Yao can only watch as Yuan Bao runs around the room, but the mouse is much more spry than his fat, furry butt would lead you to believe. And he’s clever as well. When he runs into the cage with Fu Yao, this causes the fox to chase after, causing it to break open, but Yuan Bao is hurt. Fu Yao fights off the fox while yelling at Yuan Bao to go tell Wu Ji what has happened.
 photo vlcsnap-00143.jpg

Tang Zhi Rong is playing for the King, but can tell he is not even paying attention. When he says that he’s tired, she offers to attend to him and he agrees. After changing into sexy bedtime wear, she leads the King to bed and asks him to grace her with his favour. Just then Yuan Bao arrives and startles her. Wu Ji tells her that Yuan Bao is his pet and pretends the chastise the mouse while listening to what Yuan Bao has to say. He sends Yuan Bao away and returns to his Consort who is ready to get it on. As he leans in to kiss her, he knocks her out instead, and then leaves with Yuan Bao leading the way through the tunnels.

Miss Bitchy-Pants is leading a team of nervous servants to Cuiling Hall. She chides them for being so scared, but then gets startled by her own servants who are wearing scary masks to scare off the ghosts.

Inside, Fu Yao is still fighting the fox, but finally is able to defeat it, causing the Princess to come flying out of her hiding place and land, unconscious, on the floor. As she tries to revive her, Wu Ji arrives, worried and making sure Fu Yao is okay. But when he sees the woman unconscious, he is even more concerned. He tells Fu Yao, who the lady is. Fu Yao is surprised as she thought all of the Xuan Yuan family had been killed, but it was only the men with water manipulation powers. Wu Ji mentions that the Princess is under a Confinement Spell, but before he can explain it, they hear people outside and rush to leave.
 photo vlcsnap-00151.jpg

A maid is warning of stories of people dying in this hall, but Miss Bitch-a-lot is having none of it and, grabbing a lantern, goes inside with the rest of the servants following. They find the mirrors and Pippi Bitchstockings has them quickly loaded up so she can use them at the festival. As they do so, she scoffs at the idea of the place being haunted and speculates it was done so to protect such a treasure. In the meantime, a servant, having seen the masked servants standing outside of Cuiliang Hall, runs off in terror, warning of ghosts.

Fu Yao wakes up in bed with a concerned King watching over her. She thinks it’s only an animal bite, but he warns her that she was bitten by a spiritual fox and that it will take her some time to heal. After teasing her for always trying to get in to bed with him, he becomes more serious and apologises for putting her in danger and not getting to her soon enough. She’s not sure how to take this side of him, so he goes back to teasing again. When she asks for him to lift the spell, he tells her that she has to do a task for him first, otherwise if she leaves him once the spell is lifted, the next time he sees her… But he cuts himself off and instead says she’ll need someone to take care of her lovesickness.

Fu Yao suddenly starts to feel ill and Wu Ji realises she doesn’t have the Englobement Bell and, without it, she needs some of his internal force to survive until she can get it back. Suddenly they hear guards outside wanting to come in to Zuiyan Hall.
 photo vlcsnap-00157.jpg

The maids try to ward them off, but Jian Xue tells them to let the guards in. They check her chambers first and, once they find it cleared, next try to go to Yu Wen Zi’s chambers. Jian Xue warns them that the consort is ill and should not be disturbed, but they insist.

Wu Ji is holding Fu Yao, amazed to see her, for once, as a weak and gentle woman. When she points out that there are many weak and gentle women in his harem, he tells her that he only cares about her. When he tries to give her his internal force, she says she doesn’t deserve it. “You deserve the best of everything,” he tells her and then transfers his internal force to her.

Jian Xue points out to the soldiers that Yu Wen Zi is the goddaughter of Qi Zhen and, as they are General Tang Bo Nian’s men, that their actions could be seen as them trying to bully her in favour of the General’s daughter which could anger Qi Zhen. When she offers to go with them to inspect Fu Yao’s room, they decide they’ve searched enough and leave.
 photo vlcsnap-00156.jpg

Wu Ji lays Fu Yao down to recuperate as Jian Xue comes in to give him an update and Fu Yao is surprised to find out she is yet another one of Wu Ji’s people. (How many people did he manage to sneak in to this palace anyway?) Jian Xue asks how Fu Yao was wounded so badly, but he only orders Jian Xue to take care of Fu Yao. As he leaves, Fu Yao grabs his robes to ask where he is going. She is worried for his safety now that he’s transferred his internal force to her, but he is determined to get the Englobement Bell back. “Whatever I want in this world, I never fail to get it,” he tells her before leaving.

As soon as she sees Wu Ji, Xuan Yuan Xiao attacks him. When she hears that he knows who she is, she suspects him of being sent there by the Emperor of Tianquan, but instead he asks for her to return the Englobement Bell. She says she will if he will allow her to strike him three times and, if he lives, she will give it to him. He agrees and asks that if he does die, that she gives the Bell back to Fu Yao. She is amazed at the request and starts to wonder what if if someone else she knew had done the same for her.

She strikes Wu Ji three times and is amazed to see him still standing. She had spent years training to improve her martial arts, so she can attain revenge and is disappointed to find that it was to no avail. She hands back the Bell as it is useless metal to her, but before Wu Ji can leave, she asks how “he” is to which Wu Ji responds that “He has 17 concubines now.”

Back in the tunnels, Wu Ji is struggling. He spits up blood as a concerned Yuan Bao watches.

 photo vlcsnap-00172.jpg
Fu Yao wakes up and Jian Xue shows her the Englobement Bell that Wu Ji has brought back for Fu Yao. Fu Yao worries about him, but Jian Xue assures her that he is okay.

As Tang Zhi Rong continues to sleep, Wu Ji recuperates. Jiang Feng is surprised that Xuan Yuan Xiao could have wounded him so much, but Wu Ji says that it was the Confinement Charm that caused the damage. Jiang Feng worries that Wu Ji is risking too much for Fu Yao and that she is holding him back from his purpose, but when Wu Ji suggests letting her go, Jiang Feng also doesn’t want him to do that. Knowing that he needs to get the Englobement Bell back, they have to keep Fu Yao there. Jiang Feng also points out that back home Wu Ji is already engaged to someone else (whaaaaaa), someone that Wu Ji himself chose. (First Jing Chen and now this… Girl can’t get a break.) Wu Ji agrees that she needs to leave, but that he will be the one to send her off.

The next morning Wu Ji can’t keep his eyes open. When Tang Zhi Rong awakens and joins them, he declares that she has the King’s favour and rewards her.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

At the harem, Fu Yao is feeding the fish. She is startled by Jian Xue’s arrival. Jian Xue teases her and asks who she is waiting for, but she denies waiting for anyone. As they go back to their chambers together, they see a parade of people following the King and Zhi Rong. Wu Ji pretends not to remember Yu Wen Zi‘s name and Fu Yao retorts, “Who could remember with Zhi Rong attending to them.” He immediately berates her for the comment and then decides to remove them from Zuiyan Hall and put Zhi Rong there instead so she will be closer to him.

Qi Zhen is angered to hear about this and feels this is being done to insult him. Yun Hen suggests that it’s not an issue since the General is one of Qi Zhen’s allies, but Qi Zhen says that there is no such thing as absolute loyalty.

Jian Xue tries to assure Fu Yao not to take Wu Ji’s reaction to heart. Then she tries to gauge Fu Yao’s true feelings. After Fu Yao asks Jian Xue to just come out and ask what Jian Xuewants to know, Jian Xue asks if Fu Yao likes the King. Hesitantly she admits that while she has issues with the secrets that he’s keeping, that she has gotten used to having him around and has found herself thinking of him more and more. Jian Xue says that means Fu Yao likes him. (Yes!)
 photo vlcsnap-00180.jpg

Protect the king!

When Fu Yao says she has gotten used to having him around and has found herself thinking of him more and more, Jian Xue says that means Fu Yao likes him, which surprises Fu Yao. She recalls her failed relationship with Jing Chen and says that’s why she isn’t sure if she does like the King or not.

She is surprised to see Wu Ji suddenly appear. He has been listening to their conversation and Fu Yao is embarrassed because she doesn’t know how he feels. Jian Xue is excused by Wu Ji. When Fu Yao asks him, he is complimentary at first, but then says that he needs a weak and gentle woman by his side, which she is not. She is heartbroken and laughs at herself for having gotten attached to him.  (*cries) She thanks him for being honest and that now that she knows how foolish she was, that she will deal with it herself. She promises to pay him back and not pester him anymore, but he doesn’t want her to pay him back and requests that she just leave as soon as possible. She storms off, leaving a sad Wu Ji behind.
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Head Eunuch Cao is supervising the festival preparations and punishing any mistakes.

As Fu Yao starts to leave for the festival, Jian Xue gives her an outfit and a badge that will help Fu Yao leave the palace and tells her that Wu Ji will take care of matters with Yu Wen Zi. The King is participating in the offerings for the festival and Qi Zhen comments that he doesn’t seem very happy, but Wu Ji says he’s being too sensitive.

Cue the sad music montage flashback of their moments together so far.

As Fu Yao is on her way out, Jiang Feng calls to her, to talk.
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In the Great Hall, officials and nobles are drinking toasts to one another. When Pei Yuan and Jing Chen go to make a toast to Qi Zhen, other officials compliment and praise Jing Chen. Pei Yuan loves it, but Qi Zhen seems unmoved, though making note of the officials who comment.

Pei Yuan gets jealous when she catches a maid making eyes at her husband. He tries to calm her down by proposing a toast, but instead, she insists that he feed her, which he does, though clearly embarrassed about it.

The King arrives along with three of his consorts. Zhi Rong asks about Yu Wen Zi and a maid advises that Yu Wen Zi is sick. Dancing girls come out to entertain the court, but Wu Ji can only stare at Fu Yao’s empty seat. In the meantime, Jing Chen doesn’t look at the dancing girls until his wife nudges him. After a moment, he excuses himself so he can get away for a bit.

Fu Yao is angry at now being told to not leave and not understanding what is going on. Jiang Feng then tells her how Wu Ji got the Englobement Bell back and that he’s never seen Wu Ji care about anyone the way Wu Ji cares about her. Jiang Feng tells her he just said those things to protect her, but that she should stay. As she storms off, Jiang Feng worries she is still leaving, but then she tells him she has to get ready for the festival.

Jing Chen is wandering around the waterfall courtyard when he recognizes Fu Yao. When she turns around though, he sees just Yu Wen Zi’s face and apologizes, but as she walks away, he recognizes her walk and knows that it is Fu Yao in disguise.
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The guests start asking the King what sort of entertainment he has planned for the festival. When he admits he had none, Bitcherella takes this opportunity to offer to perform a special sword dance for him with the Aquatic Spirit Mirrors and he agrees.

Jing Chen tells Fu Yao how much he misses her, but she’s not interested and tells him that he needs to treat his wife well because he chose her. He vents that his marriage was a mistake.

The jealous Tang Zhi Rong is unhappy to see Pu Ruo getting the attention. Then she notices each Consort has different coloured dishes and gets an idea. She sends her maid on an errand.

Jing Chen thinks Fu Yao is still sad about what happened and is surprised when she tells him she’s not. She admits she had been sad to find out that he would betray her so easily for the sake of his career, but that she understands now that it means he didn’t really care that much about her, and that she deserves someone who does care for her the way she deserves and treats her well and won’t betray her. (Ummm, got some bad news for you…) But Jing Chen is still insistent, asking her for her to wait for him to succeed and then he can be with her. She tells him to let her go and leaves for the Festival.
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Zhi Rong’s maid asks the maid carrying Pu Ruo’s wine to help her look for some lost earrings and gives her a gold leaf as a thank you. While the maid is distracted, she puts a drug into the wine. Then, pretending to have found them, heads with her for the hall when they run into Fu Yao. Despite having spilled wine on her, Fu Yao forgives the maids and lets them go on their way.

In the hall, Zhi Rong awaits fulfillment of her plan while Pei Yuan wonders where her husband is. Jing Chen arrives, sullen and distracted. When she asks what took him so long and pesters him, he yells at her that he wants to go home. He’s done playing nice.

Just before Pu Ruo is to begin her dance, Zhi Rong offers another toast to the King. As everyone in the hall drinks to the King, Zhi Rong watches with glee as Pu Ruo drinks from her glass. Just then Yu Wen Zi arrives and apologises for being late. Miss Bitchy-lotta asks why Yu Wen Zi exerted herself to show up and Yu Wen Zi said she was lucky enough to suddenly feel better and hopes the King isn’t angry. Of course Wu Ji is happy to see her and has her sit without any punishment, causing the officials to mutter amongst themselves that the King must like her to be so forgiving.

Pu Ruo begins her dance, though Wu Ji can’t help but make faces at Fu Yao, who scoffs at him. Everyone is entranced by the performance and all is going well at first. But then the drug in her wine starts to take effect and, suddenly, Pu Ruo loses hold of the sword which flies straight towards the King’s head. All are in shock, including Wu Ji who yells and holds up his arm, but behind his sleeve is able to block the sword and make it drop to the table. Despite this, Jiang Feng calls out “Protect the king!” and initiates what becomes a dog pile of eunuchs on His Majesty. (Funniest moment of this show yet.) Everyone in the hall kneels, with Qi Zhen very late to join in.
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Annoyed at first by being tackled, Wu Ji recovers with a sly smirk. Minister Zhang accuses Pu Ruo of trying to kill the King with her father arguing back. The King stops their fighting, certain that she didn’t do it intentionally. Suddenly Pu Ruo vomits on the floor. At that point she’s so embarrassed that she asks for the King to kill her. When Pu Ruo’s wine is tested, it comes up positive for drugs.

As they wonder who would have done it, Pu Ruo accuses Zhi Rong who immediately denies it. When asked for proof, Pu Ruo tells them that Zhi Rong’s maid paid her maid to help her look for some earrings while she was bringing in the wine, and that she must have drugged the wine then.

Are you that worried for me?

Pu Ruo accuses Zhi Rong of drugging her wine who immediately denies it. When asked for proof, Pu Ruo tells them that Zhi Rong’s maid paid her maid to help her look for some earrings which she was bringing in the wine, and that she must have drugged the wine then. When called upon to explain the situation, Zhi Rong’s maid accuses Fu Yao of having placed something in the wine. As each side pleads their innocence, Pu Ruo suggests using the Aquatic Spirit Mirrors magical qualities to determine who is telling truth. After a demonstration of how the mirrors can show what people had been doing earlier, Jian Xue suggests that that the maid go first, but Zhi Rong wants Yu Wen Zi to go first instead and the King agrees.

Aware that her reflection will undo her disguise, Fu Yao walks hesitantly towards her doom. But just before she can be unmasked, Wu Ji secretly tosses Yuan Bao out, who proceeds to run around the mirrors. Responding to their King’s pleas for someone to catch his pet mouse, officials run after it and manage to destroy all of the mirrors. Feigning anger over his pet, Wu Ji commands that Yu Wen Zi be banished to Cuiliang Hall and that no one can visit her.
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Zhi Rong is pleased, but so is Fu Yao. But as she is walked past the shattered bits of mirror, Qi Zhen and Pei Yuan both see her reflection. Pei Yuan starts to get up, startled to see it is Fu Yao, but Jing Chen holds her back and she realises that he already knows the Consort’s true identity.

When the King is asked to anoint a queen that night, he responds in anger that currently there is no one suitable to be chosen. Qi Zhen suggests he take a few days to decide. After dismissing everyone, Wu Ji leaves. Outside the hall, he gives Jiang Feng a hard time for talking Fu Yao into staying, but then admits he can’t be mad about it. He has to leave for a few days and asks Jiang Feng to keep an eye on her. Jiang Feng asks if sending her to Cuiliang Hall is Wu Ji’s way to protect her and Wu Ji confirms that it’s also to make Qi Zhen send her to him sooner.

In the waterfall courtyard, Jing Chen is walking his drunken wife home. Pei Yuan taunts him because Fu Yao is already married into the palace and keeps laughing at him, despite his anger. When he suddenly starts feeling strange, he realises that she’s poisoned him, but passes out before he can do anything as Pei Yuan laughs. She recalls what she overheard at her wedding when Jing Chen’s father told him to kill Pei Yuan.
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Fu Yao is being walked to the hall when Jiang Feng arrives to talk to her. She tells him to thank the King and Jiang Feng gives her a hebao (a pouch accessory) that he says will keep her safe while she is in Cuiliang Hall. As the guards open the doors to the hall, they tell her that this is considered the Cold Palace and that they can not proceed any further. As the doors close behind her, though, someone knocks her out.
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Jing Chen wakes up to find himself bound up in one of Cuiliang Hall’s buildings with his wife standing over him with a sword. She calls in her maid who brings in the Soul Splitting Powder, and she reveals that she heard his father’s instructions and that she thought the fact that he never used it on her meant that he cared about her. But now she knows he doesn’t… Then he sees Fu Yao tied to a post, still unconscious.

Qi Zhen is thinking back to when he first met Yu Wen Zi and wonders who the imposter really is and why she seems so familiar. He asks his head servant, Wei Chuan, where Yu Wen Zi’s surviving family members are, but is reminded that Qi Zhen had them all killed off so they wouldn’t cause issues. Qi Zhen asks him to run an errand and whispers it to him.

Jing Chen asks Pei Yuan not to kill Fu Yao and his yelling wakes up Fu Yao. She has been given drugs to paralyze her so she can’t move. They think Pei Yuan is going to stab Fu Yao, but she reveals that she has a more devious plan in mind. Pei Yuan cuts the ropes binding Jing Chen and tells him that he has to give Fu Yao the Soul Splitting Powder or take it himself. He agrees to kill Fu Yao.

As he walks up to Fu Yao, Jing Chen apologizes for all that has happened, but then surprises everyone by cutting Fu Yao’s ropes and ingesting the powder himself. When he requests she let go, Pei Yuan refuses, angry that he would die rather than love her.  (This is exactly why he doesn’t love you.) Pei Yuan is determined that Fu Yao will die, but before she can kill Fu Yao, Pei Yuan gets stabbed in the back by her maid, who finally admits that she was the one who cut up Pei Yuan’s face. Pei Yuan is shocked, but the maid finally can vent about how badly Pei Yuan treated her.

But it’s not just Pei Yuan she wants dead. (I kind of don’t get what Fu Yao has done so wrong…) As the maid goes for Fu Yao, Jing Chen dives in front of her to save her. But before the maid can make her move, Pei Yuan kills the maid and then, with her dying breath, tells Jing Chen she hates him. Jing Chen is able to say a final goodbye to Fu Yao and promises to treat her better in his next life. Cue the usual pre-death flashback music montage. After he dies, Fu Yao passes out.
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Yun Hen tries to give Qi Yun flowers, but she knocks them out of his hand and they fight. Qi Yun is no match for Yun Hen, though. Still thinking they are just having fun, he gives her advice on what she did wrong and what to do next time. But as she starts to cry, he realises that she is really upset. She’s mad at him for making her come back to the manor where she has to do everything her father wants and can’t live her own life and she wishes she’d been born into an ordinary family.

Her father, having overheard her outcry, chastises her for having become unruly. When Yun Hen tries to speak up for her, Qi Zhen brushes him off. He makes it clear that he finds the idea of his daughter being a chef beneath her station, but she wishes that she’d just died when she was younger, only to suddenly collapse. Qi Zhen sends Yun Hen to get the doctor. (Finally! Why have you been hiding him this episode, producers?)

Qi Zhen pleads with Zong Yue to save his daughter. As Zong Yue checks her, Qi Zhen notices the doctor doesn’t use a handkerchief when taking her pulse. Zong Yue pretends to detect that she has had an illness for a while and suggests that whatever means is being used to keep her well can’t cure the illness and will only cause more problems. Zong Yue then dismisses Qi Zehng and Yun Hen so that he can treat her undisturbed. After Qi Zhen leaves, Yun Hen tells him to treat her, but Zong Yue will only look at him emotionlessly as Yun Hen leaves. Once they are gone, the doctor starts treating her.
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Enid Bee: Saw the doctor’s tattoo and suddenly Vengo just ain’t looking like all that to me anymore. I do love the Lion brother’s in these episodes (Leon Lai Yi and Leo Liang Yi Mu per their Weibo IDs). I’m very interested to see how their story plays out. Either way someone is not going to get a happy ending I think.

I really am getting into the music in the show this week, especially the song “Window”. It’s now added to my daily commuting playlist. (It’s on iTunes under artist Greeny Wu if you are interested.)

Linja: Okay, that dancing half nekid Wu Ji in the room with Fu Yao was very pleasing to my eyes … I mean, it was beautifully shot and directed. And BAHAHA! Glowing dildo … I cannot unsee it now.

Iridescent: Why is Pei Yuan still not dead? Okay nevermind she dead.

Enid Bee:Yes, that was awesome and I love that maid even more now.
I don’t know why, but I’m still not feeling Fu Yao and Wu Ji as a couple. I like their characters, I’m very interested to see how their stories play out, but as a couple I’m just… meh. That bed fight is a good example. The one in Princess Agents was one of my favorite scenes, but in this show, it’s amusing, but I could really care less about them getting together.

Iridescent: Honestly I hated the bedroom slow motion fighting in Princess Agents, it was really out of place. Especially since them attempting to kill each other, was not well romantic. But at least here, I feel it matches, because Wu Ji is purposely being flirty.

IMOmusings: I feel like I’m part of a minority that’s loving the OTP from start to finish. I disliked Jingchen from the start – he was weak-willed and bent to the whims of both his father and Pei Yuan. The only reason he changed at the end was because he realised he had lost Fu Yao forever. As far as Bei Ye goes…well he doesn’t have the history that Wu Ji does, nor the amount of I need to save her situations. Wu Ji basically puts his life on the line time and time again (risking exposure of his true identity…even though his tactics are on par with Mei Chang Su) because of Fu Yao’s tendency to rush into things without thinking. Everyone was hammering for his blood because of the jealousy he incites in Fu Yao but honestly he loves no one but her and never even for a second thinks otherwise, even with the dang Zhi Rong throwing herself at him.

Still….the series is developing pretty slowly for being ¼ way done and still so much more story left. I know they’re trying to build OTP relationship and history for the unyielding and complete trust later on but….*pulls hair out*

Click To View: Next week on Legend of Fuyao

The Crimson Queen appears~

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 17-24 Recaps

    I still can’t believe they killed Jing Cheng just like that…it seems so anti-climatic. However, the character has always been wishy-washy so if he’s not adding to the plot much I’m glad he’s out.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 17-24 Recaps

    The excitement for this show died down so quick and I had no more motivation to continue. Legend Dugu is probably one of the worse dramas this year, but I at least like the first 17 episodes more than this one though. I’ll just wait till they upload everything and see if the review for the later half is worth it.
    If, even YM’s drama is not making it for me then this might be a really bad year. Hopefully ZLY’s Ming Lan will be good and come out this year, though the trailer made it seem so gloomy and similar to Dream of the Red Chamber.

  3. 5 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 17-24 Recaps

    I felt the series really picked up this week with some sizzling chemistry between the leads, complicated plot and some really funny moments. Wasn’t bored one bit. I even cared about and enjoy the two brother’s revenge sub plot. Ethan as Wuji is stealing the show though but I hope to see how it will become more focus on Fuyao. The actress also playing the crazy Elder Princess is also good.

    • 5 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 17-24 Recaps

      Ha, thanks for your review! Decided to make it to 34, link is here don’t know how long till they delete it so watch it fast if you have a chance:


      Nothing actually pick up for me at all, there was just no way I can sit through the entire thing without skimming. It finally got more interesting when Fu Yao finally reveal her id at the wedding but that wasn’t for long…But I am so glad that at least at the very end episode (34) does it for me. YM is really beautiful in that red dress and cute hair style.

      SPOILING EP 34 below:
      Disappointed the B** finally die ( still don’t get why Fu Yao didn’t kill her in the first place but only came to win a duel with her? OMFG, she took that veil off and they call that disfigured???????????? For sure she was sliced so many times in different parts of the face! ) but what happen next is that they just introduce another B*** after her. And, got to watch the new B*** angry expression it was sooo hilarious!

      That rape attempt scene was way too intense, I thought FY was raped and had to rewatch it a few times to understand thank God it was only an attempt. Many people are liking Wuji so I might have to admit I just probably secretly hate Ethan for no underlying reason at all, maybe I was telling myself “I don’t like this guy” too much of the time and was never able to open up for him.

      • 5 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 17-24 Recaps

        I think I might hate ethan secretly too that I never open up for him.. but I love fuyao too much that I can ignore that. Haha.

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