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Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 16/66

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Character List

The main character factions are used as label headers for each tab, however, the tabs will only be updated for new characters that show up in each recap roundup.

MainXuanyuan SectTianquan KingdomTaiyuan KingdomXuanji KingdomTiansha KingdomFufeng KingdomTen ForcesOthersAncient FirmamentCorrelation Chart
Born from the divine lotus petal and a member of Xuanyuan Sect. Originally disregarded as a member of the Xuanyou Division (servants), at the age of 16 she was able to learn the Sect’s long lost fighting technique, the Ninth Heaven Breach.

After defeating her martial brother in the Tian Dou Competition, she left the Sect to find herself and justice. On the way she meets a man with whom she falls in love and they join together to take down the forces of chaos in Taiyuan Kingdom. Helping to defend the people’s peace and gradually revealing their life secrets along the way.

Yang Mi as Fu Yao

 photo Fuyao.jpg

Ethan Ruan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji/Yuan Shao Xu

 photo Ethan.jpg


Crown Prince Wu Ji of Tianquan Kingdom, the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De. Chosen by the heavens to prevent eternal doom from falling upon the Five Kingdoms.

He is courageous and resourceful and willing to do anything for those he loves. On the journey with Fu Yao, they fight side-by-side and grow together through mutual encouragement and affection.

With a mysterious connection to the Firmament, he has a lotus birthmark on his hand.

Li Hong Tao as Yan Lie
Huang Ming as Yan Jing Chen
Li Yi Xiao as Pei Yuan
Liu Luo Xi as Ah Lie
Jiang Long as Xiao Qi
Sang Yan as Uncle Zhou

New this week:

Gao Han Yu as Jiang Feng

New this week:

Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
Lai Yi as Zong Yue

New this week:

Chen Xin Wen as Yu Wen Zi
 photo vlcsnap-00047.jpg

Zhou Li Wei as Shi Lan
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Vengo Gao as Zhan Bei Ye
 photo Vengo_1.jpg

Liu Qiu Shi as Ji Yu
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Sheng Wu as Lin Yi
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Zhang Ya Qin as Ya Lan Zhu
 photo lanzhou.jpg

Liu Xuan as Fei Yan
 photo vlcsnap-00069.jpg

Liu Ying Lun as Tai Yan
 photo Tai Yan.jpeg
 photo correlation chart.jpg
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You don’t have to worry. Even if you forget it, I’ll find you wanting it.

At the end of episode 8, after giving her some of his internal force, Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that someone is indeed coming. That someone turns out to be Xiao Qi.

Fu Yao decides that she wants to go to Kunning, to which Xiao Qi happily agrees to go with her.  Although they’re going to the same place, Zhang Sun Wu Ji claims to have more matters to attend to on the way and that it’s not safe to travel with him. They decide to part ways. Fu Yao promises that when the opportunity arises, she will return the favour for helping them these past few days. He replies “You don’t have to worry. Even if you forget it, I’ll find you wanting it.” He reminds her the road she travels on will not be easy. They bid their farewells. (To confirm, my heart is definitely broken)

Fu Yao and Xiao Qi watch as he rides away, before they reminisce over the 12 years that she’s been at Xuanyuan mountain. There’s sadness in this parting, especially since Uncle Zhou cannot accompany them in discovering the rest of this vast world. They kowtow to Uncle Zhou, promising to be well. Xiao Qi tells Fu Yao that not only did Xuan Yuan Min leave them the horses, but he also left them a lot of money. Fu Yao reminds him that if you receive a favour from someone, someday they’ll definitely expect you to return it.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Yun Hen receives a carrier message by eagle for Qi Zhen. It’s from Zhan Nan Cheng, ruler of Tiansha (my favorite second lead from Cinderella Chef!!). At first, he declines Qi Zhen’s request for the Englobement Bell because the royal court finds it highly inappropriate and the people of the kingdom won’t agree. But then he agrees to loan it for personal use in exchange for full control over Mount Changan. Qi Zhen is annoyed that Zhan Nan Cheng would take advantage, but he still intends to agree. Being king is more important than controlling Mount Changan. He then asks Yun Hen who is escorting the Englobement Bell.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Cue the moment we ladies have all been waiting for… Vengo Gao… uh, I mean Prince Zhan Bei Ye setting out with his troops for Taiyuan. (cue the sighs, squeals and hormones of a million ladies.)

Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen to keep an eye out for Xuan Yuan Min. He is also concerned that the King must not die before Qi Zhen can get the power to manipulate water. He knows he needs someone else’s help.

At Zong Yue’s house, Pei Yuan’s servants are tearing things apart, angry that the doctor will not treat her. They are ashamed to see Qi Zhen arrive to witness them. He has them taken away to be caned and then talks to Zong Yue. The doctor thinks Qi Zhen is also angry that he won’t treat Pei Yuan, but Qi Zhen couldn’t care less. Zong Yue offers him some tea, but Qi Zhen is cautious until the doctor advises him that if he meant to poison him, he’d be dead by now.

Qi Zhen sucks up to the doctor and finally makes his desires clear. He wants the doctor to become a royal physician. At first the doctor seems not at all impressed by what Qi Zhen can offer him, but after hearing Qi Zhen’s sales pitch, he tells him he will go to the capital and serve him if he follows three rules:

  1. Don’t make him socialise.
  2. Let him pick all his servants himself.
  3. Understand that though he saves lives, he can also take them and should not be treated as some benevolent doctor.

Upon hearing the last one, Qi Zhen seems quite pleased. He assures the doctor that he’ll agree to any demand.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Lady Fei Yan tells the Grand Mentor that once she can make Fu Yao her servant and have the five-tiered spell lifted, he’ll be able to achieve his goals.

Fu Yao and Xiao Qi are following the sunset through a bamboo forest. Xiao Qi is nervous and scared, but Fu Yao is bold. They hear strange noises and finally Fu Yao leaves Xiao Qi to investigate. In the bamboo woods she hears Lady Fei Yan’s voice asking her to be her servant. She sees images of Uncle Zhou, Jing Chen and Wu Ji, but recognises that they are not real. Then, just before the ground opens up and takes her, someone pulls her out of the woods. That someone ends up being Prince Zhan Bei Ye who has used his whip to pull her out of the forest. (OMG, Vengo Gao is so hot…)
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Pei Yuan is in her quarters, now wearing a veil to cover her scars, when Jing Chen arrives. His father has sent him to check on her. She’s still hoping that maybe he might like her a little, but he’s all about obeying his dad. When Pei Yuan attempts to reveal her scars, he tells her not to rush into it. At first she thinks he is being caring and brings up all the wedding plans, but later realises he couldn’t care less, despite what her maid says. When he’s gone, she pulls off her veil in anger. (Ok. it’s really not as bad as I thought/hoped it would be. Seriously, with all the time the maids had, that was all they could muster? I thought it was going to be all Joker level mutilation.)

Prince Zhan Bei Ye is cleaning his sword. (Wow, does that sound like an euphemism or what?) Fu Yao and Xiao Qi camp out under a tree, a distance from the Prince and his soldiers. Xiao Qi explains to Fu Yao that he had gone after her in the woods, but she didn’t answer. He saw these soldiers and asked for their help. They told him there was a miasmic fog that causes illusions.

General Ji (Liu Qiu Shi) comes over to give them food. Fu Yao asks what their leader is here for, but the General tells them it’s secret and that they better not cause them any trouble. After he leaves, Xiao Qi shares some information from his youth. He thinks that the head of the troops is from the Tiansha Kingdom and that the thing on his belt is the Englobement Bell. Fu Yao doesn’t believe him since he came to Xuanyou Division so young and couldn’t possibly remember this stuff.

At Xuanyuan Manor, the Chief and Jing Chen are bidding farewell to the wedding guests. Tomorrow morning Jing Chen has to go with Pei Yuan to the capital for their wedding. His father reminds him that this is his duty. Then he asks if he still has the Soul Splitting Powder and tells him that, when the time is right, he should use it on Pei Yuan as she obviously is not to be trusted. Of course, Pei Yuan overhears all of this and is shaken. Jing Chen doesn’t like the idea of doing such a thing, even if he doesn’t like her, but his father tells him that if she dies, he must find a scapegoat. He will get a lot of sympathy and it will help give him more opportunities. (If Pei Yuan is so ashamed by her scar, why is she wearing such a transparent veil for her wedding?)
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Xiao Qi is snoring away. Fu Yao covers him up and then checks out the Prince, who is staring at a silver comb, before she goes to sleep. Bei Ye is thinking of when he was a child, he used to comb his mother’s hair with the same comb and sing to her. As he puts it away, he realises the Englobement Bell is gone.

Fu Yao is awaken by the Prince and his soldiers, who think she has stolen the Bell. She’s surprised to find that Xiao Qi was telling the truth and that he is also missing. The Prince advises that she will be in their custody until they find the Bell.

At a crossroad to Kunning, two of Qi Zhen’s soldiers stop to ask if anyone has seen Xuan Yuan Min. The owner of a tea house, Jiang Feng in disguise, tells them that he just saw a man matching their description riding towards the city. After they have gone, his customer, Wu Ji in disguise, chastises him for having an ugly moustache and almost blowing his cover. They worry that the King does not have much time to live. Jiang Feng has also heard that Qi Zhen is searching for a woman and Wu Ji wonders how Fu Yao is.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Fu Yao is bound and forced to walk after the Prince’s troops. They arrive at the edge of the city and get a messenger hawk (so cool!) telling them that someone has almost caught up to them. Concerned about being slowed down, the Prince pulls Fu Yao onto his horse and they head for the river. (Lucky girl!)

In the capital, the King is ill and the doctors can do nothing. They advise the servants and Minister Zhang He Nian as much. Minister Zhang He Nian is upset when he hears that Qi Zhen has returned to the capital, but has not yet visited the King. He’s even more upset when he hears that Qi Zhen is telling people that Minister Zhang has kidnapped the true heir to take control of the kingdom.

Only when facing difficulties is a person’s true character revealed.

A mystery person has come to Minister Zhang He Nian’s estate to pay him a visit. Dressed as a man, he (okay, we know it’s a girl, but just go with it) claims to be of royal Xuan Yuan descent, and therefore has the right to become ruler. His proof is his possession of the ability to manipulate water. As the minister calls for someone to bring water, the mystery man tells him there’s no need for it as there is rainfall surrounding the city.  
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Cut to the discussion between Yu Hen and Qi Zhen over the speculation of Minister Zhang He Nian’s recent thoughts and lack of movements. News is delivered that the reason for his stillness is that he has found someone of the Xuan Yuan bloodline.  

Jiang Feng enters a room where Wu Ji sits preparing tea. Wu Ji asks if he has successfully escorted the girl to Zhang He Nian and he confirms. Wu Ji remarks that Zhang He Nian’s move of revealing his hand first was a smart one, though Jiang Feng is more concerned about the safety of the girl. (Kind of thinking Wu Ji is an ass here for putting the girl’s life in danger. I understand why, but still…) Jiang Feng pries into the reason behind Wu Ji’s moves, remarking that wouldn’t it be more stable to have Zhang He Nian support Wu Ji as Xuan Yuan Min onto the throne, to which he gets the side eye and scolded. Wu Ji tells him that he needs Qi Zhen to support him onto the throne, because only then will Qi Zhen reveal his ‘fangs’.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Qi Zhen angrily demands how someone of the Xuan Yuan bloodline could suddenly appear. Yun Hen tells him of his speculation that someone helped Xuan Yuan Min escape from Xuanyuan mountain, and that there’s a spy in their ranks who has been providing information to Zhang He Nian. Qi Zhen worries that Zhang He Nian has the same goal as him. (I’m reminded of Wu Ji’s comment at the doctor’s house that evil-doers will assume evil because they themselves would do such.)

Water is pouring down over the city as the prospective heir visits the King. The heir says his father is Xuan Yuan Shi. A servant looks through the family genealogy. He finds that the heir’s father is recorded on the family tree, but there is no record of offspring and that his father would have been about 70 or 80. The heir advises that he was born of a maid. It’s pointed out that illegitimate births are not recorded in the official family tree. However, the officials are still concerned about how to verify this heir’s claim.

One of the King’s servant updates Qi Zhen. He informs him that the prospective heir is visiting the King and the officials are also in attendance.

As the officials debate the issue, Qi Zhen arrives. He suggests testing the heir’s power to manipulate water. The King agrees and says to take the heir to the Royal Bureau of Meteorology to test his powers. As the rain pours down on the capital, the officials wait outside the bureau, hopeful.

Prince Zhang Bei Ye and his troops have reached the river. He wants to proceed, but Fu Yao thinks it would be better to wait. She asks General Ji who is following them that the Prince wants to cross now, but he tells her to ask the Prince. The soldiers start crossing the bridge that is almost completely submerged.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Zong Yue informs Wu Ji that Taiyuan Kingdom has always controlled the water and only the people with the power to manipulate water can rule it. (Am I the only one who just melts a little every time they do those close ups on Zong Yue? *le sigh* Between him and Vengo Gao, I’m going to be a bit of a hopeless mess…) But Wu Ji is interested to see how Qi Zhen plays this out.

At the Royal Bureau of Meteorology, Qi Zhen is dragging the heir behind him while Minister Zhang follows. While Qi Zhen is being intimidating, Minister Zhang is supportive. The heir goes up to this strange watery mechanism as the officials stand outside in the pouring rain, hoping for the best. As the Tiansha troops cross the river and are eventually swept into the water, Qi Zhen warns Minister Zhang that if this supposed heir fails, he will be blamed. But then the heir mimics the moves Wu Ji had previously done when he ate the flower and water stars to rise from the floor.

At the river, (hotty) Prince is swept into the water and everyone jumps in to save him (of course). Despite being last to dive into the water, Fu Yao is the first to get to him and saves him.

The heir has saved the day and stopped the rain. Minister Zhang calls out to everyone while Qi Zhen is in shock.

The river is now barely ankle deep, but the soldiers are carrying their Prince to shore. They all fight over who will revive him as Fu Yao watches, amused. Before one of the men can give him the kiss of life, out of nowhere appears the Princess of Qiongye Tribe, Ya Lan Zhu (Zhang Ya Qin). She is madly in love with the Prince and is determined to kiss him herself. Before she can, the Prince wakes up, knocks her away and quickly commands his troops to “Run away!!” (cue Monty Python Holy Grail here).

Back at the capital, the officials recognise the heir apparent. Qi Zhen is not happy about this turn of events.

Back at the Qi Zhen’s residence, Zong Yue is remembering his childhood in the capital and thinking of his sister and her pet cat as well as his words with Qi Zhen.  

At the Breezy Bamboo Residence, General Ji gives Fu Yao a bag of gold from the Prince to thank her for saving him, but then informs her that she is not free to leave until they find the Bell. She doesn’t understand the contradiction, but he advises that while theft is a criminal matter, her act of bravery is a personal one and must be kept separate. When she tries to go see the Prince, General Ji advises that she won’t see him.

The sick Prince is in no mood to see anyone. As Fu Yao pounds on his door, the Princess suddenly arrives, also wanting to see him. General Ji tells the Princess that the Prince is not there, but she doesn’t believe him. When she asks who Fu Yao is, Fu Yao asks if she is Prince Bei Ye’s sister. She responds no. She would rather be his woman.
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Fu Yao is able to sneak away and head towards the gates of the capital. She sees a sign that indicates that Xiao Qi is in the capital. In a flashback we see she had taught him a spiral symbol to use as code if they get separated. But when she tries to enter the city, she is asked for travel documents, which she doesn’t have.

At Qi Zhen’s residence, court officials have visited to get the latest news from him. Yun Hen says they seem to be playing both sides, but Qi Zhen understands they want to do what’s best for themselves. “Only when facing difficulties is a person’s true character revealed.” He asks if Prince Zhan Bei Ye has arrived and not to underestimate him. Qi Zhen is still confident that the heavens favour him and is not worried about the latest turn of events.

At the Breathy Bamboo Residence, Fu Yao has snuck into the Prince’s room, unaware that he is feigning sleep and aware of her presence. She tries to take his badge off him so she can use it to get into the capital, but after some faux sleep moves, the Prince confronts her and they fight.

Outside the soldiers run up to the Prince’s quarters, but soon realise the fight is just him with a woman. Not wanting to interrupt the Prince’s sexscapades, General Ji sends the soldiers back to bed and stands guard, thinking Fu Yao’s moans are of pleasure. But inside, Fu Yao is tied up to a post and the Prince tells her not to be a sore loser. Now that he knows she’s a thief, he’s not letting her go anywhere, especially when she reveals that she knows where Xiao Qi is. When she won’t stop yelling about being molested, he stuffs her mouth with fabric to keep her quiet so he can go back to sleep. (Nevermind that her hands can reach her mouth, but okay…)
 photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

The next morning the Prince tells the lovestruck Princess that she can’t follow him anywhere, but Fu Yao jumps to her rescue and suggests a wager to resolve the issue. He agrees. Whomever can toss the most stones into a jar will win. As it begins, they both are hitting the target, but just as the Prince tosses his last stone, Fu Yao kicks a rock to make his jar break.

Danger lurks in every corner of Taiyuan.

Starting where episode 10 left off, Fu Yao and Prince Zhan Bei Ye are tossing rocks into a jar when Fu Yao breaks his jar before he can throw in the final one. She fakes concern and then declares herself the winner. He’s angry, but when Fu Yao offers her cheek for him to punch, he just storms away while Ya Lan Zhu is ecstatic.

They head into the city and Ya Lan Zhu explains that the city is surrounded by water so they live in constant fear of floods, but it’s also a natural barrier and is a good location for transporting goods. Then the show stops so we can have an in-show commercial for 58.com. (Didn’t this same company do this in Ice Fantasy Destiny? Hopefully it won’t happen as much here as it did in that show.)

As they continue through town, Ya Lan Zhu brags how she’s been following the Prince around this whole time, but when Fu Yao asks if they are engaged, she has to admit that he doesn’t return her affections. Fu Yao then promises to help her snag her Prince, though it’s obvious she thinks the Princess is rather silly. The Princess is wary and warns her not to hurt him, but ultimately agrees.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Yun Hen greets Zhan Bei Ye and shows him and his soldiers to the Courier Inn where they will be staying. (Somehow he manages to not notice Fu Yao.) Zhan Bei Ye is eager to meet with Qi Zhen, but Yun Hen tells him to relax first after his journey.

Ya Lan Zhu decides to win Zhan Bei Ye’s affections by cooking a dish from Tiansha. She hears the servants making snide comments about her and yells at them, but is undeterred.

Fu Yao is wandering the grounds, trying to sneak away, when General Ji calls out to her. He tells her that she is free to wander around as she likes and that the Prince trusts her, but if she runs away, he will punish her. She doubts she would be caught, but then he reminds her that she is alone with no one to help her find Xiao Qi and that it would be easier if she had Zhan Bei Ye’s help. She agrees.

As the Princess finishes cooking, Fu Yao comes in to see what she’s doing. Ya Lan Zhu insists that she try some of the food and Fu Yao struggles to swallow it down, but says nothing except to encourage the Princess to take it to her beloved.

Ya Lan Zhu chases after Zhan Bei Ye, trying to get him to eat her dish. After telling her no several times and chastising her for her behaviour, he knocks the dish out of her hand. As she locks on to Bei Ye’s arm, a servant tries to get her to control herself. Amused by the spectacle of the Princess with her arms wrapped around Bei Ye and confessing her love, Fu Yao suggests that he try being kinder. (Uh oh, shouldn’t have called attention to yourself.) Zhan Bei Ye, suddenly inspired, tells the Princess that he is in love with someone else and that someone is Fu Yao.

In the stables, General Ji asks why Zhan Bei Ye is more hot-tempered than usual and guesses that his meeting with Qi Zhen went bad. In a flashback we see that he told Qi Zhen about the Bell being stolen and Qi Zhen accused him of lying and then pretended to be sympathetic after the Prince said he’ll bear the responsibility. Zhan Bei Ye is certain Qi Zhen was behind the theft.

Before they can continue their talk, Fu Yao storms in, angry at him for putting her at odds with the Princess and for embarrassing Ya Lan Zhu in front of everyone. Zhan Bei Ye wants her to leave, but she wants to fight him. Of course, this gives him the opportunity to put her in a compromising position when the Princess arrives. (Why is it Fu Yao is supposedly one of the best fighters of her prestigious sect, yet she can’t defeat anyone whilst she’s in Kunning?) Angry at Fu Yao for stealing her man, she storms off and Fu Yao chases after her. General Ji asks if the Prince really is in love with Fu Yao to which he responds, “Am I blind or crazy?”
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

In the courtyard, the Princess is pouting. Fu Yao tries to talk to her, but she isn’t interested. Fu Yao tells the Princess that she needs to pick a fight with the Prince, but she refuses and won’t let Fu Yao either as she hates the thought of anyone hurting him. She admits that she can’t talk back to him like Fu Yao does because she just only wants to be nice to him. As she laments her situation and hopes that, one day, he’ll realise how good she would be for him, some servants pass by with lanterns. They learn it is the Double-Third Festival and that if one prays to the Water God, then their wish will come true. Eager to pray for her Prince, Ya Lan Zhu goes with Fu Yao into town.

In Zong Yue’s chambers at Qi Zhen’s manor, he is going through his supplies when a servant informs him of the festival. He reminisces about the festival as a child.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Qi Zhen interrupts his thoughts to deliver some gifts and encourage the doctor to take a look around town. Then he gets to his real concern. He wants the doctor to make the King better or to at least make it seem as if he’s getting better. Zong Yue says he’ll need to see the King first before he’ll know if he can do anything for him.

As they walk through the crowded streets, Fu Yao and Ya Lan Zhu see a strange, round lantern in the sky which appears to have some chubby rodent riding inside. They wonder whose lantern that is and why they chose it.
 photo vlcsnap-00079.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye is cleaning his sword (he does this a lot…he needs a girl…) when one of his men, Lin Yi (Sheng Wu), comes to bring him some liquor to share a toast. As he pours some out, the Prince is immediately on his guard. Just before Lin Yi can drink his cup, Zhan Bei Ye says that he should drink to him instead for all his years of service and switches the cups before Lin Yi can say anything. He tosses his back and then asks why Lin Yi hasn’t drunk his, making a pointed comment that he hasn’t poisoned it. Lin Yi is hesitant, but just as he is about to drink, the Prince knocks the cup out of his hand.

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are wandering the crowded streets, following the round lantern. Wu Ji asks Jiang Feng why he picked such an unusual, ugly lantern. He says that he thought the vibrant colour would be easy for the doctor to recognise and follow. Suddenly Wu Ji sees Fu Yao and pushes Jiang Feng over to one of the stalls so that she won’t see them.

The Princess goes into another shop… and cue another in-show product placement, this time for face masks.

As Wu Ji watches Fu Yao looking at lanterns, Jiang Feng asks what he’s looking at. But he only says that they should leave. The Princess comes out to get Fu Yao so they can go to the bridge. As they turn to leave, Fu Yao catches a glimpse of someone she thinks is someone familiar, but shrugs it off.

Yun Hen reports to Qi Zhen that by now Zhan Bei Ye must have been poisoned by their informant, but that they have a backup plan in case he failed.

Zhan Bei Ye is questioning Lin Yi to find out why he tried to kill him and who put him up to it. At first Lin Yi says he’s angry at him for letting his brother rule the kingdom and not rebelling. But the Prince just wants to know where the Bell is.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Fu Yao asks the Princess why she calls the Prince “Fifth Brother” even though he only has two brothers. Ya Lan Zhu reveals that he had two other brothers, but that his eldest brother killed them and then held his mother captive so that Zhan Bei Ye would obey him and not rebel.

The Prince, after all the years of loyalty, wants to know why Lin Yi betrayed him and promises to let him go if he tells him. Lin Yi finally confesses that the King of Tiansha has threatened the lives of his family if he doesn’t do it. He then kills himself so that his failure won’t cause his family to be punished. As Lin Yi dies in the Prince’s arms, he warns him he is still in danger and then whispers something to him. After warning him, “Danger lurks in every corner of Taiyuan”, he dies. Zhan Bei Ye tells his soldier to spread the word that he killed Lin Yi for trying to murder him to keep Lin Yi’s family safe.

Whoever kills her will get to leave here alive.

Fu Yao and Ya Lan Zhu make it to the bridge (hey, I’ve been on that bridge before) where they see a couple tying Ribbons of Love. The couple tells the Princess that if you tie a knot in the tree with the one you love, then you’ll be together forever. She runs off to get Zhan Bei Ye to come to the bridge and leaves Fu Yao who wants to look around. She decides to pray to the Water God to keep Xiao Qi safe and help her find him. As she prays, across the water Pei Yuan is tying a knot in a ribbon as her maid watches. She prays to the Water God to help her find Fu Yao and that she’ll pay whatever the price just to get her. Just then the maid sees Fu Yao and brings her to Pei Yuan’s attention. Fu Yao also sees them and quickly runs away.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Zong Yue is following the round, mousy lantern which leads him to an abandoned house, his former childhood home. As he goes inside, he remembers the life he had back then and is sad. As he walks through the place, Wu Ji appears. Zong Yue asks Wu Ji why he has brought him here, as Zong Yue has said he didn’t want to come back until he had avenged them. Wu Ji chastises him for not paying respects to his family over the years, and then informs him that he retrieved his family’s remains and, for one night only, has brought them here to this house. He gestures towards another room. He also tells Zong Yue he has a gift for him as well that Zong Yue may or may not like.

Fu Yao runs through the crowded streets followed by Pei Yuan and her soldiers. Jing Chen appears, wondering who she is chasing. She first says a thief bumped into her and he wonders why she is being so intense. She gets mad that he shows no concern for her and says he wouldn’t have treated Fu Yao that way. Then she reveals that is who she has been chasing. Immediately Jing Chen is concerned for Fu Yao which angers Pei Yuan even more. She warns him that if he betrays her, she will pay him back 100 times. Then she orders the soldiers to find Fu Yao.

Zong Yue enters the room, seeing visions of his parents. Then he sees the memorial tablets for his family around the room. He tearfully pays his respects and apologises for being unfilial. As he remembers the night his family was killed, he reveals that he’s never forgotten the hatred in his heart and we learn that his true name is Xuan Yuan Yue. In flashbacks we see that as a boy, he was left for dead in a pile of bodies and saw his parents killed. He vows to avenge their deaths. (I’m looking forward to sexy, dark doctor…) He then sees an envelope, inside which is a paper confirming the date of birth of Yun Hen. (A potential brother?)
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Yun Hen and Qi Zhen talk about how Zhan Nan Cheng actually hid his real desires in the message. In fact, it was not Mount Changhan that he wanted, but rather Qi Zhen’s help in getting rid of Zhan Bei Ye once and for all.

Zhan Bei Ye tells General Ji that he suspects Qi Zhen is helping his brother to get rid of him. They have to retrieve the Bell so that his brother will have nothing to hold against him. In the meantime, he gives the General his tally and urges him to sneak back to Tiansha. He is concerned about his mother’s safety and asks the General to contact his past subordinates and then to ally himself with the King when he returns. He has a secret force keeping his mother safe and this will trigger an escape plan for her. The General wants no part in it as it means the Prince will give up what power he still has left, but the Prince says this is the only way.

Qi Zhen says he has no wish to get involved in Tiansha’s business, but needs the ally and feels the festival provides the perfect excuse. They plan to make it look as if some lanterns fell causing the Inn to catch on fire.

Ya Lan Zhu arrives at the Inn to discover dead sentries and archers waiting outside the Prince’s chambers. Desperate to save her beloved, she whips out a slingshot and starts taking out soldiers. Of course she’s got no ordinary ammo, but special ammo containing poisonous scorpions. The Princess may be silly and not able to cook, but she can hold her own in a fight. She whips out two daggers and starts taking out soldiers until she is finally wounded.

Fu Yao is running from the soldiers when someone kicks some grains over, causing the soldiers to slip and fall. She is pleased to see it is Wu Ji and then takes off before the soldiers can get up. Later behind a tree, Wu Ji finds her and immediately can’t resist teasing and flirting with her before taking her to hide.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Ya Lan Zhu is crying at the burning building for the Prince when he suddenly appears to save her. She is immediately back in silly girl mode and tries to hold his hand, but then stands back as he takes out the remaining soldiers. (Dude just punched a sword to pieces!) Afterwards, as the Princess vows vengeance on the King for letting people try to kill him, he seems amused. They leave the bodies to burn and go to look for Fu Yao.

A man in black goes to an abandoned house and starts to draw a mark on the wall when he hears a noise and hides. Fu Yao and Wu Ji come around the corner and go inside the abandoned house. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao to stay put and hide and not to go anywhere after the soldiers are gone. The soldiers bust into the courtyard in time to see a figure disappear over the wall. They leave to chase after the figure and Fu Yao comes out of hiding. Then she sees what was drawn on the wall; the symbol she taught Xiao Qi. Forgetting Wu Ji’s instructions, she goes to find her friend.

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are outside the slave arena where, Wu Ji says, slaves are treated worse here than on Mount Xuanyuan. Jiang Feng takes out the guards and they go inside, past the cells of pleading slaves, to a cell with an old man inside.

Fu Yao comes upon the arena and watches some of the slaves fighting when a figure comes up from behind and knocks her out.

It turns out that the man in the cell is Mister Qiu, a former servant for Zong Yue’s father and the one who betrayed them. Wu Ji informs him that he’s here on behalf of the person he saved and we see in flashback that he worked with a soldier to keep Zong Yue from being killed. Wu Ji asks him about the Dragonscale Armour. The Armour is the sacred treasure of Taiyuan Kingdom that has been both a blessing and a curse for the kingdom. Wu Ji informs him that they plan to retrieve it.
 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

The dark figure turns out to be the guy at the abandoned house. Fu Yao wakes up in chains and wants to fight him, but he informs her that she’ll get a chance to fight. He takes her out to the arena and three slaves with swords are brought out to fight her. They are told “Whoever kills her will get to leave here alive.” At first Fu Yao tries to get them to act in solidarity, but they won’t hear of it. Pei Yuan appears to watch the fight.

Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu are on the bridge, wondering where Fu Yao could be.

The slaves attack Fu Yao who easily avoids them, but when she tries to get them to stop, one of them cuts her arm. When two try to run away, archers overhead kill them. Pei Yuan tries to shoot her as well, but Fu Yao puts the last slave in the way. Before he dies, he warns her to run. Pei Yuan admits that she has Xiao Qi and has been leaving the symbols to lure her. When Fu Yao tells Pei Yuan that she’ll give in to her if Pei Yuan lets Xiao Qi go, Pei Yuan will have none of it. Instead she offers a tray of gold and freedom to any slave who can kill Fu Yao. The doors of all the cells are opened and men stream out to attack Fu Yao as female slaves huddle in terror. Slaves who retreat are shot with arrows. As more slaves die, Pei Yuan is visibly agitated to see that Fu Yao is still not dead.

Wu Ji tells Mister Qiu that they are here to take him out of the cell. He has Jiang Feng take the man out. As they go, he hears the sound of fighting from the arena.

Fu Yao is leaping over and beating up men. The man in black drops down to attack her, but she easily defeats him. This angers Pei Yuan who kicks the tray of gold over. The slaves immediately forget killing Fu Yao and run to gather as much of the gold as they can while Pei Yuan and the soldiers leave the arena. The slaves then start pushing on the gate to try to get out. Fu Yao goes down with them. Wu Ji arrives to try to save her, but she wants to follow Pei Yuan and save Xiao Qi.
 photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

As the sun rises, Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu overhear soldiers talking about trying to find Fu Yao and they go to save her.

Outside the slave arena, as they attempt to open the doors, the slaves don’t know that an army is waiting, with archers, to kill them.

He is not to be underestimated.

Outside the slave arena, Pei Yuan waits with the Defense Battalion as the slaves pound on the arena doors. Eventually the doors give way and the slaves come streaming out, only to be shot with arrows. Fu Yao witnesses the massacre and kicks up one of the doors to use as a shield for her and several slaves.

Ya Lan Zhu and Zhan Bei Ye arrive and are attacked by soldiers whom they fight off. One soldier reports back to Pei Yuan that Fu Yao has reinforcements, but she is not concerned and is focused on killing her nemesis. After Fu Yao tells the slaves to run to safety, Pei Yuan shoots an arrow through a hole in the door and into her back. Fu Yao tries to get Pei Yuan to at least let the slaves go free, but Pei Yuan feels no need to make any deals. She just wants Fu Yao to die. Fending off the soldiers, Fu Yao picks up a sword and heads straight for Pei Yuan, but just before she can stab her (or before Pei Yuan can throw a poisoned dart at her) Wu Ji steps in front of her sword.

Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu watch in confusion as Wu Ji, in an effort to find a way to save her, starts to chastise Fu Yao for attacking Pei Yuan. Fu Yao is disappointed when she hears him proclaim that there will be even more slaves when he is king and that slaves are nothing. When Pei Yuan tries to take Fu Yao into custody, Wu Ji says that he also wants revenge. He tells Pei Yuan that he saved her life so she should give him face and let him take Fu Yao. He orders Jiang Feng to take Fu Yao away and then leaves as Pei Yuan looks on in frustration. Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu leave to follow the Prince and when a soldier reports to Pei Yuan that Fu Yao’s accomplices got away, she strikes him dead with the dart.

In an alley, Wu Ji hears Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu following him and turns around to give them Fu Yao, much to their surprise. When Bei Ye asks who he is, he refuses to answer and instead says it isn’t safe for Fu Yao to be with him.
 photo vlcsnap-00040.jpg

As the officials assemble, Minister Zhang asks Qi Zhen why his Defense Battalion was deployed by someone else over a love affair. Qi Zhen accuses him of making up stories. Minister Zhang speculates that someone could think that it was done intentionally so someone could make money by secretly recapturing the freed slaves and Qi Zhen wonders who could be spreading such slanderous rumors.

The heir apparent, Xuan Yuan Hui, arrives to be formally declared as the next King of Taiyuan. He talks about the Emperor Star, which bores Qi Zhen, and then Minister Zhang announces a celebration for the heir apparent. As the heir leaves, Qi Zhen congratulates Minister Zhang on keeping the heir safe and then leaves.

In a new inn, the Princess is nursing Fu Yao as Bei Ye watches. As soon as Fu Yao awakens, he leaves to bring back food. He seems very concerned about her. The Princess insists on taking care of the still sore Fu Yao and gives her an update of what they saw happen and what happened to them. Lan Zhu apologises for arriving too late to save Fu Yao.

When Prince Bei Ye compliments her for doing so well, Fu Yao is surprised he would praise a woman. He tells the Princess to let her rest, Fu Yao wants her to stay. When the Princess asks who the man was that Fu Yao stabbed, Fu Yao calls him a jerk. Ya Lan Zhu starts to explain how he saved them, but Bei Ye changes the subject by letting her know that he knows who has the Englobement Bell and that they probably kidnapped Xiao Qi when he witnessed the theft. Fu Yao realises he knew all along that she wasn’t a thief and was using her, and she isn’t pleased. But all she wants is to find Xiao Qi. Bei Ye promises to help her, but she tells him he should focus on finding the Bell since now she’s certain she knows where to find Xiao Qi.

Zong Yue has tended to Wu Ji’s wounds and complains that he healed too quickly and was a waste of herbs. When Wu Ji flinches in pain, Zong Yue and Jiang Feng make fun of him for letting himself get hurt just because of a girl and speculate that it won’t be the last time.
 photo vlcsnap-00045.jpg

Qi Zhen slaps Pei Yuan for her actions at the slave arena. She has put him in a bad position and possibly risked what power he has just over one slave. She tries to get him to calm down, but he is too angry and sends her away. As she leaves, Yun Hen enters, forewarned by a servant that Qi Zhen is in a bad mood. Qi Zhen tells him about the incident. Yun Hen tells him that some of the soldiers saw Xuan Yuan Min at the arena that day and Qi Zhen orders him to look into it. He asks about Zhan Bei Ye and Yun Hen tells him that he got away.

Fu Yao and Ya Lan Zhu meet Zhan Bei Ye for dinner. When the Princess offers to cook for Fu Yao, Fu Yao tells her to make something for Bei Ye instead. As they have their meal, Fu Yao explains how she knows Xiao Qi is at Qi Zhen’s manor. Bei Ye thinks he must have been tortured by Pei Yuan for her to have found out about the symbol, and says he also believes that Xiao Qi is being used to feed the Englobement Bell. Only members of the Zhan family can touch it safely without being harmed as it’s also a demonic item and anyone else would be in danger of their health. He tells Fu Yao to wait for him to get some information and he will help her save Xiao Qi.

Qi Zhen decides not to pursue the matter with Tiansha Kingdom further and instead will play nice to Prince Bei Ye to keep his brother on his toes. “He is not to be underestimated.” Qi Zhen also wants Yun Hen to kidnap Xuan Yuan Hui. Yun Hen is concerned because he’s now been made the heir and is being well guarded by Minister Zhang. This angers Qi Zhen who chastises him and then sends him on his way. A servant comes in to announce that Miss Yu Wen Zi has arrived. Qi Zhen can’t be bothered to deal with her and tells the servant to take care of her himself.

Fu Yao leaves the inn dressed as a noblewoman with the Princess dressed as her maid. She sees Bei Ye in disguise as a commoner as she boards her carriage. A flashback shows that he discovered that Qi Zhen’s distant relative, Yu Wen Zi, had been sent to live with him but had secretly eloped with a servant and her servants are too scared to tell anyone. He’s decided to send Fu Yao in her place, but they need someone’s help.
 photo vlcsnap-00046.jpg

To help her, since Qi Zhen would recognize her, it turns out the Princess has family skills that can disguise Fu Yao’s face, but only for five days. The Princess offers to go with Fu Yao to help in exchange for a kiss from Bei Ye who refuses, so Lan Zhu kisses him on the cheek instead.

At Qi Zhen’s manor, the servant welcomes Yu Wen Zi and her maid inside. As they enter, Pei Yuan and her maid walk past them, but the maid seems to recognise Fu Yao. Pei Yuan asks the woman to look at her. At first, Fu Yao refuses, but when she finally turns her head, what Pei Yuan sees is someone else’s face. She scoffs at the woman’s name and then leaves.
 photo vlcsnap-00048.jpg

Jiang Feng reports to Wu Ji that Fu Yao has successfully entered Qi Zhen’s manor. Zong Yue is concerned it means that Wu Ji will be hurt again trying to help her and they tease him.

Once the servant takes Yu Wen Zi to her quarters and introduces her to Shi Lan, the head housemaid, he informs her that her maid is not allowed to stay per Qi Zhen’s orders. The Princess, while playing the grieving maid, whispers to Fu Yao to avoid mirrors and water as anything that reflects light will expose her disguise. Fu Yao follows Shi Lan into the North Quarters.

That night Yun Hen and two soldiers sneak into Minister Zhang’s manor. A soldier reports to Qi Zhen that Yun Hen has been successful.

Fu Yao sneaks out at night looking for a place which seems to be highly secure as she speculates this is where the Bell would be kept. As she sneaks around, she’s suddenly hit with a rock. She hides against a wall at first, confused, but when she starts to go again, she spots soldiers and realises that someone just kept her from getting caught.

Outside Qi Zhen’s chambers, Zong Yue remembers the paper he found about Yun Hen. He runs into Yun Hen and the two soldiers carrying a body. Zong Yue remarks that he must have found a heavy treasure. As Yun Hen leaves to see Qi Zhen, the doctor asks him how old he is. The doctors mentions Yun Hen was born on June 8th and he is surprised. He asks how the doctor knows, but the doctor leaves. Fu Yao continues wandering around the courtyard while Wu Ji secretly spies on her from the bushes.

The next morning, Wu Ji is commenting on how well Qi Zhen is treating the doctor and all the good food he gets, but the doctor is mad that he went running around in the night instead of resting. When Zong Yue asks why he’s sticking around, Wu Ji claims it’s so he can be near his doctor, but Zong Yue knows it’s Fu Yao that keeps him around and is worried about him taking such a big risk. Wu Ji then says it’s because she’s looking for the Bell like he is.
 photo vlcsnap-00049.jpg

As they eat, in a dungeon, Xiao Qi is tied up and soaking in a pool of water.

Fu Yao wanders the manor during the day and suddenly notices her necklace is reacting to something. She pulls it out, wondering if the pulsating could be an indicator that she’s near the Bell. She sees a big door in the wall and walks towards it when someone calls out to her.

Would you like the King to live or die tonight?

At Qi Zhen’s manor, Fu Yao wonders if her necklace could be indicating the way to the Bell, but before she can try out a pair of doors, a servant calls her and tells her that she’s in a forbidden area, and that orders are to kill anyone who goes there. He lets her off since she is new around here after she feigns being lost.

Yun Hen delivers news that the King appears to be getting better. Qi Zhen is not pleased. He decides to take the doctor to see the ailing ruler. Fu Yao sits in her room wondering what is up with the necklace, the spell and her past.

Qi Zhen and Zong Yue arrive at the palace to see the King. One of the King’s servants tells Qi Zhen that Minister Zhang is having the King carefully watched and is testing all medicine and food for poisons. He also informs Qi Zhen that only the doctor is allowed to see the King when Qi Zhen suggests the doctor may be able to help. When the servant leaves, Zong Yue asks Qi Zhen, “Would you like the King to live or die tonight?” Cue the ominous thunder.

Inside the King’s chambers, Zong Yue pulls back the curtain around his bed. (A couple of ladies here wouldn’t mind getting that look…)

Oh, guess who’s wandering around the grounds at night again. Aw, it’s Fu Yao in bright pastel again. (How does she not get caught?) Someone grabs her and pulls her into the bushes, though she quickly realises it’s Zhan Bei Ye who really thought his black mask would disguise him. Fu Yao shows him the door and her glowing necklace. They try to figure out how to open the door. When brute force doesn’t work, Fu Yao tries holding on to the pulsing necklace first and then placing her hands on the door. After a moment, the two of them suddenly fade away. (Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good…)
 photo vlcsnap-00082.jpg

Zong Yue is going through his acupuncture needles when the King, realising he is not up to anything good, asks him who sent him. He offers him money and fame or whatever he wants. The doctor smirks and hits an acupoint to incapacitate him. The King comments that he looks familiar, but when he starts to say Zong Yue’s father’s name, Zong Yue pokes him with another needle and tells him he doesn’t deserve to say that name. “You’re still alive.” The doctor replies “You’re not dead yet, so how could I die?” The King asks if he’s going to kill him to which a dark (and so, so very hot) doctor vows to take everything from him and then flings some more needles at him.
 photo vlcsnap-00084.jpg

Fu Yao and Bei Ye are wandering around a cave when they hear a sound. Her necklace comes off her neck and starts leading them to the Bell. In a large room, they find it levitating over a pillar. Fu Yao is pleased thinking that Xiao Qi must be nearby, but Bei Ye warns her that she needs to be careful because if they just grab it, Xiao Qi could end up getting hurt. He, himself, will get it so no one will be harmed, but just as Bei Ye is about to grab it, Wu Ji appears and fights to keep Bei Ye from taking the Bell, to Fu Yao’s surprise.

Zong Yue arrives at Qi Zhen’s chambers. When he asks how the King is, Zong Yue says he did his best. Just then, a servant arrives to announce that the King has become much healthier. After the servant leaves, Qi Zhen asks why he healed him to which he says it was for both their sakes.

In the cave, Bei Ye wants to know who Wu Ji is, but instead Wu Ji says Fu Yao can tell Bei Ye, though she tells Bei Ye that she doesn’t know him. Wu Ji complains that while she is healed already, his wound from her is still healing. When she asks why he is there, he tells her it is to save them both. Qi Zhen has booby-trapped the Bell and they will die if they take it.

In Qi Zhen’s chambers, he and the doctor suddenly hear the toll of a bell and Yun Hen comes in to announce that the King has passed away. The doctor repeats again that he did all that he could do, but that it was the King’s fate. Qi Zhen then loudly laments the passing King, crying crocodile tears for all to hear. Zong Yue comments to himself that the rain won’t fall tonight and then leaves, after which Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen that it’s time to get ready.

Bei Ye doesn’t trust Wu Ji, but Fu Yao asks when they can retrieve the Bell. Wu Ji says in three days Qi Zhen should be done with it, and then they can get it and save Xiao Qi. He warns them to leave now before the guards catch them. The pair decides to trust Wu Ji this time and leave.

Xuan Yuan Hui is laid down, seemingly unconscious, on a table by Yun Hen and Qi Zhen. Remembering Lady Fei Yan’s words, Qi Zhen performs some gestures against a seal on his wall. Suddenly he, Yun Hen and the heir are transported to an underground cave with a waterfall. Yun Hen cuts Xuan Yuan Hui’s wrist and his blood drains into a jar. Qi Zhen pulls the Bell from his belt (I thought only members of the Zhan family could touch it? I guess that’s what Xiao Qi is for?) and combines it magically with the blood. He then attempts to manipulate the water in the waterfall and finds that he is able to reverse it. Satisfied that he has succeeded, he laughs with glee and declares that Taiyuan Kingdom no longer needs the Xuan Yuan family. (Suddenly remembering Lady Fei Yan’s line about how he must lose something first before he can gain…)
 photo vlcsnap-00091.jpg

That morning in his chambers, Qi Zhen dresses in the emperor’s robes with Yun Hen’s help. Yun Hen confirms that their men are in place guarding the waterways and all the officials have been contacted. He asks what they will do with the Englobement Bell and Qi Zhen decides there’s no need to give it up as it may come in handy later.

Outside at the Waterfalls of Changyuan, the officials are worried. They are waiting for the heir apparent to arrive. Qi Zhen arrives, wearing a white robe to hide the black emperor robe. He climbs the steps to the altar overlooking the Waterfalls. The officials are begging Minister Zhang to bring the heir, concerned there is no one to manipulate the water and save Taiyuan. Qi Zhen then waves his hands and succeeds in closing up the waterfall. As he whips off the white robe revealing the black emperor robe, the officials all bow to him as their new king… and then he wakes up, still standing at the steps, imagining what his victory will be like. Yun Hen tells him that Xuan Yuan Min was spotted in town. Qi Zhen tells him to find Xuan Yuan Min and bring his body back.

Fu Yao, back at the manor, notices a bunch of soldiers guarding a dungeon (ooh, I’ve been there, too). As she wonders if that is the place where Xiao Qi is held, she sees Pei Yuan appear and try to enter using the Defense Battalion badge, but she’s denied. Jing Chen arrives to try to get Pei Yuan to go home, but Pei Yuan tricks him into believing that Fu Yao is being kept in there. When Pei Yuan then threatens to kill herself, she finally is able to get in.

The officials want to know why Qi Zhen has brought so many soldiers, but he waves them off, pointing out that the kingdom is in danger right now and that the water needs to be stopped. Milking this moment for all he can, he accuses Minister Zhang of being up to something and gets the officials agitated and worried. They don’t want to get help from the Imperial City as they know then they will fall under their control. When Minister Zhang suggests they find a way to stop the water, Qi Zhen asks them how, but Minister Zhang is at a loss. After fanning the flames more, Qi Zhen finally infers that he may have the power to stop the water, but waits for the officials to beg him, feigning reluctance, until they promise to make him king.

Jing Chen is surprised to see Xiao Qi, but happy to see Fu Yao is not locked up in there. Pei Yuan asks Xiao Qi how to find Fu Yao, but he doesn’t respond. Xiao Qi begs Jing Chen for help and Jing Chen tries to talk Pei Yuan into letting Xiao Qi go, but she refuses and taunts her husband. Instead she wants to use Xiao Qi as bait to catch Fu Yao. Outside Fu Yao sees them carrying away Xiao Qi, but before she can go save him, Zong Yue knocks her out.
 photo vlcsnap-00095.jpg

Qi Zhen goes up to the altar to stop the water with visions of victory in his head. He does all the motions, but nothing happens as Zhang He Nian taunts him. Qi Zhen tries again and still nothing happens. Finally, third time’s a charm, the water stops as the stunned officials watch. Qi Zhen is surprised at his own power. He turns around to receive the accolades of the officials only to discover that a smirking Xuan Yuan Min is standing there, and that it was he who stopped the water and is being acknowledged as the new King of Taiyuan. (Is it just me, or was the look on his face just priceless? “I’m gonna be king, I’m gonna be king, I’m…oh, crap…”).
 photo vlcsnap-00096.jpg

Who would dare to harm you when I’m here by your side?

It’s the day of the coronation and Qi Zhen has come to visit Xuan Yuan Min as the officials gather. Wu Ji quickly goes back to playing stupid and helpless, but Qi Zhen thinks he is playing a role and wants to know why he left Mount Xuanyuan and suddenly returned. Wu Ji claims that he was kidnapped and almost killed, and now he fears the cost of the throne will be his life. Still not convinced, Qi Zhen asks him who his abductors were. He is vague, but infers that it was Minister Zhang. He tells Qi Zhen that he escaped when his captors let down their guard.  When asked why he was at the Slave Arena, Wu Ji said he went there looking for Qi Zhen, but instead was stabbed by a slave girl and saved by Pei Yuan. After seeing the bruises on Wu Ji’s arm from his captors, Qi Zhen assures the new king that “Who would dare to harm you when I’m here by your side?
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Fu Yao, still in the bushes with the hotty doctor (lucky girl), yells at Zong Yue for preventing her from saving Xiao Qi, but he tells her that as long as she isn’t rash, Pei Yuan will keep him alive just to catch her. (Listen to the hotty doctor, Fu Yao.) When she asks if Xuan Yuan Min made him do that, he tells her to talk to Xuan Yuan Min directly and not use him as a messenger.

The coronation of the new king begins and Qi Zhen watches bitterly as someone else takes the position he’d hoped to have. (Cry me a river…) That night, his head servant is worried about him. The servant informs Yun Hen that Qi Zhen has been shut up in his study and asks what is wrong. Yun Hen goes in to see Qi Zhen who asks if he believes in fate. Qi Zhen wonders if the heavens arranged for this to happen and Yun Hen tells him that he’s overthinking it. Qi Zhen, after all he’s sacrificed and everyone he has betrayed, can’t believe things ended up this way. He wonders how he had the power to manipulate water one day, but not the next.

Zong Yue inspects Wu Ji’s bruises which he inflicted on himself. Wu Ji asks about Fu Yao, but Zong Yue won’t answer and Wu Ji accuses him of being jealous. But Zong Yue is more concerned with Wu Ji’s cover story. Wu Ji asks Zong Yue if he wants to know which Xuan Yuan descendent he used to trick Qi Zhen, but Zong Yue isn’t interested. He tells Wu Ji to stop meddling in his affairs, but, of course, Wu Ji won’t. The doctor warns him that he’s being watched and he needs to be careful, but Wu Ji is certain Qi Zhen will try another attempt on his life. Just then Head Eunuch Cao comes in and Wu Ji makes a show of commenting on how thankful he is to Qi Zhen for sending the doctor to treat him.

After the doctor leaves, Eunuch Cao gives him some dates for a banquet to celebrate his coronation, but the King wants something better; a royal hunting trip. Eunuch Cao protests, but the King isn’t having any of it so the eunuch reluctantly agrees to prepare it.

Yun Hen tells Qi Zhen to take care of his health and that he’ll have another opportunity. When Yun Hen suggests that it’s good that at least it is Xuan Yuan Min on the throne, Qi Zhen is not pleased. He doesn’t trust the new King and is determined to get rid of him. He vows to kill whomever ruined his chances at the throne.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

In his chambers, Wu Ji is reading when he suddenly dismisses his servants so he can take a nap. His parrot starts to warn of an assassin and suddenly Xuan Yuan Hui appears. Without turning to face him, Wu Ji chastises him for not having left already as promised. Then Xuan Yuan Hui turns into Commandery Princess Tai Yan who had been pretending to be the heir. She claims that Wu Ji had promised to spar with her if she helped him, but he denies such a promise.

It turns out she deliberately meddled in his plans and wounded the real Xuan Yuan Hui so she could come in his place. Wu Ji asks Tai Yan if the only reason she sticks around is because she wants a fair match.  Tai Yan is angry and determined to make a scene, but Wu Ji easily defeats her. He tells her to go home right away or he’ll inform her father. He says he’ll always be grateful, but she tells him that she doesn’t want his gratitude, she wants to defeat him, and then she disappears. (How many different characters are we going to have to keep track of? I mean, I’ve seen the list so I have a good idea, but it’s starting to feel like an Avengers movie in here. And I having a feeling there are going to start to be a lot more storylines branching off.)
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Jiang Feng runs in asking about the Princess, but Wu Ji tells him that he wounded her and it will take her a couple of months to heal, and not to worry about her. When Wu Ji asks what he’s really here for, Jiang Feng hands him a confidential letter from his father. His orders are for Wu Ji to retrieve the Englobement Bell and then wrap up his mission. (I’m guessing that includes restoring the real Xuan Yuan Min to the throne?) Now that the Emperor knows about the Bell being used, Wu Ji knows he needs to retrieve it.

Fu Yao has realised her facial disguise is about to expire and is trying to figure out how to escape from the Manor, and get a new one. Shi Lan arrives to get her ready for the hunting party. When Fu Yao hears that all the women of the household are expected to attend, she tries to play sick, but is told that she can’t be absent because it’s for the coronation of the new King. Fu Yao is surprised to hear “that guy” actually became King, but when she finds out Pei Yuan will be there, she hurries to get ready.

As Wu Ji arrives, there are a gaggle of ladies waiting for him. Jiang Feng tells him that they are all vying for his attention and Wu Ji is certain Qi Zhen has some scheme going. As he makes his way to his seat, he hears a guard trying to turn Zhan Bei Ye away so he turns around to greet him. Bei Ye is surprised when he sees who the new King is and then confused when Wu Ji feigns as if this is the first time they’ve met, but he plays along. Qi Zhen arrives and Wu Ji tells Qi Zhen that he had heard Zhan Bei Ye was visiting and had invited him. Qi Zhen and Bei Ye also act as if they haven’t met up before this day.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

On a platform, they sit with other guests. Wu Ji asks Bei Ye where he is staying and is surprised to hear about the attempted assassination and fire that compelled Bei Ye to change lodgings. When asked who did such a thing, Bei Ye pats Qi Zhen on the knee and comments that it was “just a couple of weasels”. (I love all these not so subtle comments they pass around.) He also tells the King that during that same night, the Englobement Bell was stolen and he wants the Taiyuan Kingdom to take responsibility. When asked why he had brought it, he says, “Ask Qi Zhen”. Qi Zhen suggests that maybe the King of Tiansha heard about the Dragonscale Armor and wanted to try out the Bell with the magical Waterfalls of Changyuan. Then he suggests that perhaps Bei Ye has faked the theft and merely misplaced it. They trade barbs with laughs and then the King promises to investigate the theft thoroughly.

As the time for the hunt is announced, Yun Hen sees the head servant from Qi Zhen’s manor. The head servant tells Yun Hen that Pei Yuan has taken Xiao Qi and they can’t find him. He is worried that Qi Zhen’s plans will be thwarted. Yun Hen says that he’ll tell Qi Zhen when he has a chance since he knows Pei Yuan will be at the hunt.

Pei Yuan arrives with her servants who unload Xiao Qi from her carriage. The maid comments that he seems to have a strange illness, but Pei Yuan doesn’t care as long as he can help her get Fu Yao.
 photo vlcsnap-00004_1.jpg

Three men ride up with pheasants they have killed and present them to the King who awards them. The Commandery Prince of Xiping is about to suggest a young lady for the King when Pei Yuan arrives. She suggests a special target for the hunt, a felon who has been sentenced to death and has been disguised as a bear. Fu Yao, in the crowd of ladies, recognises Xiao Qi’s boots right away as does Wu Ji. The King agrees to the idea and promises a reward for the victor.

As servants beat drums and blow horns, everyone prepares for the hunt. Qi Zhen suggests the King join the hunt, but he complains that he is no good at it. Qi Zhen promises to take care of him, so he agrees to go and they ride out into the woods.

Fu Yao runs after Xiao Qi who has been tied to the back of a horse. Zhan Bei Ye sees a deer in the woods and is about to shoot it when the Commandery Prince of Xiping arrives. He steps aside to give him the kill instead and rides on. A eunuch lets a rabbit loose and Qi Zhen points it out to the King who chases after it into the woods. Qi Zhen then informs Yun Hen that he has invited Lady Fei Yan to help them get rid of the King.

Fu Yao runs after Xiao Qi when, suddenly, she is ambushed by Pei Yuan. As usual, Fu Yao tries to bargain and Pei Yuan refuses. (Why do you even try this anymore, Fu Yao? You know she’s just a big, bratty bitch.)
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Are you that worried for me?

Fu Yao quite easily defeats Pei Yuan (why does Pei Yuan even try anymore?). She rushes over to the person covered in the bear costume and is ambushed by Pei Yuan’s servant, who places a dagger right at her neck. A mysterious person throws stones from afar, hitting Pei Yuan and her servant, causing them to faint. Turns out it’s none other than Zhang Sun Wu Ji, who asks Fu Yao how she’s going to return the favour. She replies, “There’s a beautiful princess lying on the ground. You can take her as you please.” She questions whether he’s been hiding and waiting for the opportunity to strike and make her thank him. (Bingo! lol)  

As Fu Yao walks off to save Xiao Qi, she falls into a trap, and a rope pulls her up into the air as Xiao Qi descends on the other end of the rope, onto sharp metal spears awaiting on the ground.  Thankfully, Wu Ji is there to prevent the fall and transfer some of his inner energy to Xiao Qi. He cuts the rope that holds Fu Yao up and rushes to catch her (finally, not in the elegant drama style) where she lands hard on his arm and tells him not to touch her (lol). She rushes to Xiao Qi’s side.
 photo vlcsnap-00054.jpg

From afar, Yun Hen has prepared a bow and arrow to shoot Zhang Bei Ye. However, he is stopped by Qi Zhen, who tells him Zhang Bei Ye has to stay alive for Qi Zhen to have something to bargain with Zhang Nan Cheng and for there to be an explanation for the loss of the Bell. Leaves rustle as the men remark that Lady Fei Yan has arrived. Fu Yao and Wu Ji also notice this change, as he tells her to leave with Xiao Qi. She hesitantly leaves, telling him not to die. As she rushes away, she runs into Zhang Bei Ye, who uses his blood to remove the Bell from Xiao Qi’s body.

Wu Ji battles figures made of leaves. Fu Yao rushes back to help him. She asks him why he deliberately got himself stabbed that day, to which he asks if he hadn’t done so, would she have stopped? The two fight it out with the leaf figures in a coordinated fight sequence (almost like they had practiced before). However, the defeat of the figures is temporary as they quickly reform. As they discuss this, they look at each other and then suddenly they follow through with their fight sequence again, this time clashing their swords together to create sparks, which sets the figures on fire and causes them to disappear.
 photo vlcsnap-00065.jpg

Suddenly, the leaves stir and a massive giant formed from rocks emerges. Fu Yao and Wu Ji run, but are knocked down. As the rock-giant is about to stomp on Wu Ji, Fu Yao rushes on top of him, using her body to protect him (sweet, but still wouldn’t they both just be squished at this stage?). Lady Fei Yan sees this and stops the giant to keep Fu Yao safe and then leaves. Wu Ji pulls Fu Yao closer to him, so their faces are centimeters away from touching as he asks “Are you that worried for me?”  She quickly stands up, claiming she just didn’t want him to die in someone else’s hands.

Voices searching for Xuan Yuan Min are heard. As Fu Yao takes her leave, having completed her tasks, Wu Ji hits one of her acupuncture points, causing her to freeze. He needs her to complete the ‘play’. He carries her back, bridal style, to the starting point and hands her to the eunuchs. Xuan Yuan Min gets angry at Qi Zhen, claiming that Qi Zhen purposely sent assassins to kill him. Qi Zhen makes the excuse that it was actually the heaven’s test, something all rulers have to go through before they ascend the throne. Wu Ji plays along, telling Qi Zhen that since the girl saved his life, Qi Zhen should reward her by sending her to the palace (is this really a reward?). Qi Zhen decides that it’s the perfect opportunity to place a chess piece by Xuan Yuan Min’s side.
 photo vlcsnap-00071.jpg

At an inn, Zhan Bei Ye nurses Xiao Qi, to which he exclaims the one in the most danger now is Fu Yao. At Qi Zhen’s manor, Fu Yao is informed that Qi Zhen will come visit her. As she finds her veil, her maid tells her that the important thing is the birthmark so that her face won’t be recognized. The maid reveals she’s been sent by someone who is not Zhan Bei Ye, to help Fu Yao. Fu Yao greets Qi Zhen with her veil on. Qi Zhen adopts Yu Wen Zi, promises to make her the queen, and take care of her family, if she remembers that he’s the one that helped her to the position.  

Back at the inn, Xiao Qi and Ya Lan Zhu await for Zhan Bei Ye to eat dinner. However, seeing Xiao Qi’s lust for the food in front of them, Lan Zhu tells him to go ahead and start. As he shovels food into his mouth, he talks about wanting to go save Fu Yao, which Ya Lan Zhu agrees is a great idea. Zhan Bei Ye arrives and tells them not to do anything stupid.

Yun Hen updates Qi Zhen on the situation, speculating that Zhan Bei Ye has retrieved the Bell.  In addition, Xuan Yuan Min has privately seen Zhang He Nian to discuss court matters. Qi Zhen decides that the royal marriage can no longer be delayed. Although he has placed bets on Yu Wen Zi, he knows that he can’t rely solely on that path.  

Fu Yao has prepared a lot of oil so that she can cause a fire and run away. And she has prepared a corpse to be burned in her place as well. Meanwhile, the eunuchs have prepared a list of women eligible to join the imperial harem. Once the list has been delivered to Xuan Yuan Min, the men separately discuss with their subordinates, Zhang Sun Wu Ji with Jiang Feng and Qi Zhen with Yun Hen, the political ties and backgrounds of these women. It’s the 15th, the night of a full red moon (this follows the Lunar Calendar), which Wu Ji speculates to mean something bad will happen that night.  

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng now stand at the place we once saw Xuan Yuan Hui manipulate water. They discuss the Dragonscale Armour, one of the four sacred objects, an item that can grant wishes of youth, health and invulnerability. Jiang Feng talks about Zong Yue’s father, the previous Prince Wen Ji, and how it was rumoured that it was because Prince Wen Ji hid the Dragonscale Armour with plans to usurp the throne that caused his death. But Wu Ji brings up the other hypothesis that the King became so wary of his own son that he framed him and had him killed.
 photo vlcsnap-00077.jpg

At Qi Zhen’s manor, Fu Yao sets her room on fire and, as chaos reigns, she attempts to run away. However, she accidentally brushes past bells which have been set up around the manor to alert of intruders. As guards hear them and run in search of her, Zong Yue, dressed in black with a cloth covering his nose and mouth, taps her on the shoulder and tells her to follow him. As he climbs up to the roof and as he helps Fu Yao up, Qi Zhen shoots an arrow, hitting him in the chest. (Dammit, Fu Yao. You got our hotty doctor wounded!)
 photo vlcsnap-00078.jpg

Enid Bee: Vengo Gao shows up and I’m all…what doctor? (Until Lai Yi is back on screen at least.) But loving getting to know more about Zong Yue’s back story. And was pleasantly surprised to see Zhang Yi Cong from “Cinderella Chef” showing up in this series as Vengo’s brother.

Linjaturtle: I’m still Team Hotty Doctor, lol. The entrance of Vengo looked like something out of a Game of Thrones scene. Must be all that black, snow, mountain in the backdrop and the horses’ mask looking like a White Walker’s horse! And yeah, I’m disappointed the maids didn’t do a better job carving a masterpiece on Pei Yuan’s face.

Iridescent:  I’m still team Ethan and completely unaffected by the addition of new love rivals.  I’m hoping to become a little more interested in the politics, because I’m going to need to, I guess, if I want to sit through these lack of OTP moments.

Enid Bee: Oh, I still love the Doctor, Linja, especially as his story starts getting darker, but I’m willing to share the love with Vengo as well. Tee hee.

Linjaturtle: OH WOW – hotty doctor’s backstory. Him crying broke my heart. When I say I’m on Team Hotty Doctor, I just mean I think he’s the hottest, lol. I ship Wu Ji and Fu Yao. Wu Ji is so extremely flirty and that darn smirk of his! But I like.

Enid Bee:  Yup, the doc is the hottest. 😀

When Bei Ye and Fu Yao were trying to open those doors, I was really hoping that the doors would just open for Fu Yao and then afterwards she’d offer to help Prince open any jars he may have about as well.

Iridescent:  Dragonscale armour is the first time Dramafever has translated one of the items whilst retaining its Chinese meaning. At the end of the available episodes for this week, I feel I’m anticipating next week’s episodes much more than I was last week.

Click To View: Next week on Legend of Fuyao
Addams family style hand anyone?~~~
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Also, hotty doctor has a tattoo. Wanna see it?

  1. 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

    The trailer is awesome, but so was Princess Agents’ trailer. The first few episodes wowed me. Yang Mi’s fighting stunts are very impressive.I have watched ten episodes with a backlog of six episodes. My concentration is starting to wane, and it takes longer to finish an entire episode.

    The water bending in a Doctor Who set design was way too long and boring, and WTF was that all about? The rain scene reminded me of Moon Lovers Scarlet Ryeo’s rain scene. The Bai Ye and Fu Yao bedroom fight scene was similar to Yuwen Yue and Xing’er’s bedroom fight scene #1 or #2. The sect’s uniform reminds me of 10 Miles PB, and some of Fu Yao’s outfits look like Bai Qian’s outfits, and Fu Yao looks similar to Bai Qian. Vengo looks impressive in his black LOTR/Hobbit armor and helmet. I am not impressed with the Senior Yan and Pei Yuan actors/characters.

    My takeaway is that the FY role could surpass the BQ role in Yang Mi’s acting career.

    • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

      AAAHHA yeah that Yuwen Yue and Xing’ers bedroom fight scene, weird dancing pose right? That part got me, totally Princess Agents!
      I am not impress by the fightings at all, very slow motion like every other shows.

      Pardon me for skimming quite a lot and watching through without subs at times, but I don’t quite see or understand how the citizens are not at peace? What kind of chaotic things are there that YM or Ethan need to help with? I only got one proof things are too chaotic where she helped a crowd of people so far, don’t know if that is enough, or if the chaotic things still need to be explained later…

      That one voice keep asking YM to become her servant is so funny! She sounded like she wants to lure YM into something, but luring someone by asking them to be servants like what the heck…who’s gonna come to you? First of all you already sound so fake…and second, I’m just coming to become a servant? Want to lure me, at least lure me with candies jeez!!! The fighting scene for that part was done well but mostly due to good technology, although I really think they should give those leaves a chance, because they might not hurt at all. Instead of suffering from your own jumps, the leaves seems more fun. I think everything’s been doing well as far as technology goes but the story is not really catching on. Princess Agents ep 1 – 20 was really bad and disappointing but looking back I’d probably enjoyed it a bit more than Fu Yao. But I’m not quite giving up the show yet and hoping to see it get better, especially when Fu Yao turns un-innocent.

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

        Once again reminded me of how Xing’er was running away from that handkerchief weapon like what the heck, it’s not even going to hurt lol! Even if you throw that handkerchief so hard I swear it won’t hurt.

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

        “That one voice keep asking YM to become her servant is so funny! She sounded like she wants to lure YM into something, but luring someone by asking them to be servants like what the heck…who’s gonna come to you? First of all you already sound so fake…and second, I’m just coming to become a servant? Want to lure me, at least lure me with candies jeez!!! ”
        Hahahaha! 😀

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

        That one voice keep asking YM to become her servant is so funny! She sounded like she wants to lure YM into something, but luring someone by asking them to be servants like what the heck…who’s gonna come to you? First of all you already sound so fake…and second, I’m just coming to become a servant? Want to lure me, at least lure me with candies jeez!!!

        Hahahaha! 😀

  2. 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

    I only saw the last comment of the post hehe! Even though I have seen it already……YES HAHAHA! That scene was my favourite out of the 20 episodes 🙂

    • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

      Yup. The actor posted a clip from one of the episodes coming up where we get a better view. That’s been on repeat on my Weibo app today… 😀

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

        omg really? Im gonna follow the actor now! thanks for the info 😀

        • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

          Correction: it’s the actor who plays is brother that shared the clip. (Aw, how cute, they are Leo and Leon.)

  3. 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

    On contrary to the complaints above, I think the fighting scenes thus far are all very good! The choreography and how they fit the character interactions are excellent. Ethan and Yang Mi’s chemistry is also great and yes, I look forward to the plot getting more complicated.

  4. 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

    Since there would be 5 men chasing Fuyao, who do you ship her with? Honestly, although her ‘shi xiong’ aka Jing Chen did somehow left her and did not understand her true feelings, I think I like him the most. You can see the conflict within himself, and actually I feel quite pitiful for him. I don’t like that ML at all, Ethan, probably just because of his look, lol, but still… There’s some others that catch my attention too: 1) the doctor, 2) the prime minister’s godson or smth like that.

    • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

      I didn’t read the novel but so far in the drama FuYao and Shizi do have the chemistry and I kinda ship them. But I do not like how the story is going right now for this couple. SPOILERS
      In episode 22 Shizi was talking about how he should be the one to push her away and I am like????? You played so much with her feelings and now you are telling me you will push her away. 渣男. How are you different from the ShiXiong with how you are treating FuYao. I hope the plot starts moving. The latest few episodes are getting boring unlike how it first started.

      So the only storyline that is keeping me going rn is ZongYue, the doctor, and his brother, YunHeng. I love their 对手戏, so much emotions going on. Look at LaiYi’s acting in the scene when he was telling YunHeng to make his choice between revenge or staying with his master, damn I was so absorbed into that scene because of his acting. Not fantastic but he really has a way with grabbing audience attention.

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps


        Okay ShiXiong totally redeemed himself at episode 24 but did he just took his lunchbox??? That’s quicker than I expected?!

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

        Ok, so I just skim read through your spoilers part (too curious, but don’t want to spoil it 😂), And something from your last paragraph caught my attention. I can’t agree more with Zong Yue, the doctor being one of the main reason in continuing to watch this drama despite its mediocre storyline. Although I guess not of the same reason though. I am attracted by his look and the way he carries himself, lol.

    • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

      I think they cut all the love line except for Wuji’s… and maaaaybe Zhan Beiye’s. I like the brothers – Yun Hen and Zong Yue the most so would have loved to see their romantic chemistry in the drama.

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

        **their romantic chemistry with Fuyao

        • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

          LOL I thought with each other..

          I enjoy the harem story much more than I thought.. it’s quite fun..

        • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

          Haha wouldn’t want the drama to get banned xD
          Yup the harem story is surprisingly the most interesting part of the drama so far.

        • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

          Haha, me too. I am at episode 17, and Yun Hen still hasn’t appear yet. But for now, I like the doctor a lot. He gives a mysterious, cold, distant, yet warm vibe.

    • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

      I look forward to the scenes with the prime minister’s godson, Yun Hen. The actor, Liang Yi Mu is twenty years old.

  5. 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

    I’m in a weird limbo regarding this drama. I like everyone together, except the main couple. FY+ZBY, FY+ZY, FY +her elder brother, but not WJ+FY. And that’s not because YM and Ethan look bad or I find any particular fault in their respective performances, it’s just that their characters don’t match for some reason. So far, I like the secondary story lines better as well. It is a weird feeling.

    Also, this is the first time ever, ever, when I like Vengo in a historical make over. Hair, clothes, make up, everything works. Until I saw him in this drama I was convinced that the man should stick to modern dramas but now , thankfully, everything is back to normal and Vengo is hot again regardless of the time period.

    • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

      YM looks a bit older than Ethan IMO, but they can still be a good match by face. I think I didn’t like them as much as well because of the character, he flirts with her but she usually act like it was nothing that bother her at all like she’s still in the cool mood. The elder brother was just too dumb and unprotective. The least matching for me is Zong Yue, he’s pretty and handsome but I don’t see the chemistry between him and her. Nothing much for Vengo as well besides he has intensive eyes, he likes her but he wasn’t even there for her most of the time anyway…

      • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

        I don’t think Zong Yue is meant to match with Fu Yao in this series. It looks like they’ve changed a lot from the original story and cut down on the number of guys competing for Fu Yao, thank goodness. Zong Yue looks to be on course to fall for the daughter of his enemy. Vengo still remains to be seen as perhaps something will change later, but he mostly seems focused on his own family drama.

        • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

          Oh no! Zong Yue better not do that. He looks too hot and handsome to fall for his enemy’s daughter. I just hope he gets more screen time so that I could literally stare at his face all day long.

        • 25 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

          Right there with you… 🙂

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