Friday Photoshoots: Godfrey Gao, Liu Wen, Ni Ni, Li Qin, Wu Lei

It’s as if all the popular models are requested to do a shoot this week. So much pretty! Happy Friday!

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Li Qin.

 photo liqin-2.jpg

 photo liqin-1.jpg

 photo liqin-3.jpg

 photo liqin-4.jpg

 photo liqin-5.jpg

 photo liqin-6.jpg

 photo liqin-7.jpg

Mark Zhao.

 photo mark-1.jpg

 photo mark-4.jpg

 photo mark-5.jpg

 photo mark-3.jpg

 photo mark-2.jpg

 photo mark-6.jpg

 photo mark-7.jpg

 photo mark-9.jpg

 photo mark-8.jpg

Ni Ni has two shoots. I like the second one more. 😀

 photo Ninii-7.jpg

 photo Ninii-9.jpg

 photo Ninii-6.jpg

 photo Ninii-5.jpg

 photo Ninii-1.jpg

 photo Ninii-2.jpg

 photo Ninii-3.jpg

 photo Ninii-4.jpg

 photo Ninii-11.jpg

 photo Ninii-10.jpg

 photo Ninii-12.jpg

 photo Ninii-13.jpg

 photo Ninii-14.jpg

 photo Ninii-15.jpg

Sandra Ma wandering in the night lights.

 photo sandra-3.jpg

 photo sandra-2.jpg

 photo sandra-1.jpg

 photo sandra-4.jpg

 photo sandra-8.jpg

 photo sandra-7.jpg

 photo sandra-6.jpg

 photo sandra-5.jpg

 photo sandra-9.jpg

The kid with really good looks, Wu Lei!

 photo wuleiw-1.jpg

 photo wuleiw-2.jpg

 photo wuleiw-3.jpg

 photo wuleiw-4.jpg

 photo wuleiw-5.jpg

 photo wuleiw-6.jpg

 photo wuleiw-7.jpg

 photo wuleiw-9.jpg

 photo wuleiw-8.jpg

Someone needs to get these two in a project together fast! Liu Wen and Godfrey Gao. Perfection together!!

 photo liuwww-1.jpg

 photo liuwww-2.jpg

 photo liuwww-3.jpg

 photo liuwww-4.jpg

 photo liuwww-5.jpg

 photo liuwww-6.jpg

 photo liuwww-7.jpg

 photo liuwww-8.jpg

 photo liuwww-9.jpg

 photo goferyu-1.jpg

 photo goferyu-2.jpg

 photo goferyu-3.jpg

 photo goferyu-5.jpg

 photo goferyu-6.jpg

 photo goferyu-7.jpg

 photo goferyu-4.jpg

 photo goferyu-8.jpg

 photo goferyu-9.jpg

  1. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Godfrey Gao, Liu Wen, Ni Ni, Li Qin, Wu Lei

    A project with both Liu Wen and Godfrey would be amazing….so much pretty together!
    Godfrey is like fine wine that’s good for the soul

  2. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Godfrey Gao, Liu Wen, Ni Ni, Li Qin, Wu Lei

    I watched Remembering LiChuan last month and oh boy, the story is such a tear jerker. I really like Godfrey as LiChuan, I want to see his face on small screen again. >_<

  3. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Godfrey Gao, Liu Wen, Ni Ni, Li Qin, Wu Lei

    Li Qin looks stunning.

    Love Wu Lei’s photoshoots! The playfulness, the colors.

    Mark is really bad at photoshoots. I can’t tell whether he has self-consciousness and is shy at posing or he has facial features just not suited for magazine spreads. I think it’s the former.

    On the other hand Godfrey doesn’t know how to act, like Mark can, but the man sure knows how to work that camera!

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