Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (13)

GAHH. I said last time that I’ll be more dutiful in these drama-watching posts…. and here we are, 1 and a half months later.

Happy Camp Episode 10/14 rains a bunch of pretty boys on us! Ren Jia Lun! Zhang Ruo Yun! Ma Ke! Jiang Chao! Neo Hou! Dylan Xiong Zi Qi! Niu Jun Feng!

Video of this fan-grandma diligently working at an Internet Cafe while catching on her dramas KILLED ME. So freakin’ cute!

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    I barely watched anything besides anime, but even then I go through 2 eps a week LOL.
    I just wanted to comment since I’ve realized I haven’t commented in a while now.
    How’s life Kappy? 😀 Hope you’re doing well

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      Lol, Cosmo. I’m doing well. Gaining some form of muscles because of new job. HEE!

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    errr not much…I skimmed/ff/skipped through King’s Woman…no need to post my rant again, but left me feeling empty and dead inside (repeat, last ep was prob the best thing to happen. but too little too late?). I must be a masochist tho cuz I’m still anticipating Lie Huo Ru Ge so…

    Finished Tientsin Mystic at some pt and you can prob find my crazed raves on multiple posts on AVV and cbox but geez that was seriously an all around gem and converted me from interested-in-Li-Xian to all-out-in-obsession-with-Li-Xian (the main girl who played Gu Ying was fantasmic too).There was literally nothing I disliked about TM.

    hmmm what else.

    breezing thru King is Not Easy and Big Boss with low commitment. They’re entertaining but I wouldn’t say addicting. Like, I watched them in broadcast period, so if there’s a lull in the eps it’s very easy to feel unmotivated to watch the new eps of the week. But if you’re binge watching, it’s also an easy enough watch (both of them) that you could definitely just finish them in one sitting. So they’re not addicting to a certain extent I guess, is what I’m trying to say. I ADORE the main girl in Big Boss but the series as a whole is kind of TOO lighthearted. Cuz it’s fun and cute, but when faced with problems are potentially real but hearttugging situations, they’re almost treated TOO lightly. It’s a weird dynamic. But I really like the girl. Speaking of which, she was also in Solaso Bistro and THAT one was pretty damn great too. Sometimes Jiao Jun Yan’s character in that one was a little too cheesy in her inspirational lines, but they were true none-the-less.
    Also, speaking of main girls, the one in King is Not Easy is really pretty, esp the more you look at her, but her acting is definitely pretty stiff. The overall story is more fun and engaging and more daily-palace-shenanigans-feel (without the angst of typical “palace dramas”), and the main guy is REALLY good. Like when he was playing the female character (they switch bodies), he was pretty damn believable and cute. But when they switched back, the female lead failed to keep the same personality she had in the male body. So basically the female actress played the guy character pretty much very similar to how she played the girl character. On the other hand, the dude actor made noticeable differences.

    But anyways, other than random webdramas, not much else.

    Watching two separate reality shows of “hotel/inn” style, where celebs open an inn/hotel, similar to Zhao Wei’s restaurant show but for hotels instead. One has Liu Tao (+ hubby), Kan Qing Zi (one of my fav under-appreciated actresses) + bf, and Chen Xiang (who no longer has an SO) – I find this show to be more real and engaging, cuz they’re making them build from ground up, only providing furniture/bedding/non-perishable-supplies basically (and not organized either; they’re just sitting around in the boxes they were shipped in). On the other hand, the other, which has a variety that I know from Wang Yuan (TF boys), Jing Tian, Li Xiao Lu, one of the VS models(?), + other older and some lesser known (singer? producer? idk) celebs. The other one feels kind of fake cuz really all they’re doing is socializing with the customers and learning how to market cuz there are 2 competing inns next to each other. They’re provided with a location already set-up. They have all the furniture in place, rooms ready, all the shit. They just need to compete for customers and use the money to make food for them (+ themselves).

    Couldn’t get into Mr. Mermaid.

    Gonna start While You Were Sleeping soon. Watched part of Fight for My Way. It’s good, but on hiatus for no real reason.

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    Kappy, I’m watching Line Walker 2. Way better than Holy Alliance lol

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      But Hannah! I finished The Unholy Alliance already! LOL! The story went out the left side but the performances were good! I wish this producer would provide strong writing next time. XD

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        Haha! That producer is known for his horrible endings.

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          Yep, I’m aware yet I get suck into his dramas anyway because of the cast. Lol.

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    Hi Kappy, how are you, it’s been a while since I posting in the forum, my comment keep missing when I press the post button, so I quit trying, LOL.
    I currently watching cambrian period which is okay, the main lead is so freaking cute and the love story is also so sweet. Rakshasa street is also okay if you like fighting genre, minus the romance. Big boss is just so-so.
    I tried to watch when you were sleeping for Lee jongsuk (I never like suzy and her wooden acting) and end up falling in love with this drama, I kind of like suzy in here.

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      Awww Bingu. Sorry about that. Problems surfaced while migrating the blog and the issues lingered up to a week post-migration. It should be good now. Remember to clear your browser cache once in a while. 🙂

      Suzy is adorable. Her morning bathroom dance is the best! LOL. *rewinds*

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    I saw a few episodes of The Advisors’ Alliance with English subtitles floating around online but may have to save myself for Ruyi. I don’t want to overdose on Palace dramas.

    The only drama I’m watching at the moment is the Korean Tv Show, Andante. The teasers looked terrible but I started the drama because I wanted to give Kim JongIn’s acting a shot. Only 3 episodes have aired but the plot and acting have exceeded my expectation. The teasers made the show out to be a stereotypical idol drama, but it’s much better than that. The story carries a nice pace and an underlying message each episode. The characters have depth and feel real. It’s still early on in the story but it’s hard not to root for them already. I now have entrusted my hope in this tv show so I’m praying it continues to deliver.

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    Hi, everybody! Currently trying to finish Rakshasa. Next will probably be Tientsin Mystic.

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    A Chinese Odyssey. Love it, very funny & the best parts are with Huang ZiTao.

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    I’m still watching the King’s Woman (even though I feel like everyone had already abandon it).. I just love how the plot twists and their chemistry.

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      me too, still watching the king’s woman and love this drama despite the sad ending.

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    OCTB: Cops vs triads drama set in 1990s HK. Sure it doesn’t have eye candies like Line Walker but the cast is great (except for Alan Kuo, gosh he is dull). Can’t wait to see how it ends and for season 2 next yr.

    20th Century Boy and Girl: Just started. Strong friendships are so sweet.

    The Starry Night, Starry Sea season 2: Stumbled upon the Bosco/Ye Qing couple and have since been watching their scenes only. Yay ready for angst.

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    As usual, a lot on my plate haha.

    Kdramas : my golden life, the century boy and girl, while you were sleeping, witch’s court, andante, because this is my 1st life, and well planning to watch siwon’s new drama revolutionary love tomorrow lols.

    Jdramas : waiting for the complete subs of code blue. Ah, also gomen, aishiteru and my lover’s secret.

    Twdrama : still hooked with attention love. Still following when a woman chases a man and memory love. also dear prince and currently on ep 20 of cambrian period.

    Variety show : after hyori’s bed and breakfast ended some weeks ago, im kinda obsessed with let’s eat dinner together. And Wanna One!!!

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    I’ve been watching The Big Boss, every other drama right now just seems too dramatic and angsty. The Big Boss is more light-hearted and silly, though I agree with the commenter above in that sometimes it’s just not serious enough in dealing with certain topics.

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    Memory Lost. Finally came out with subs on dramafever.

    there’s quite a few cdramas that got great reviews that are waiting for subs and I plan to watch all of them when they come out.

    Looking forward to Oh My General because the costumes look gorgeous

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    Rewatching THE JOURNEY 2017 (Ma Ke, Fu Xingbo, Zhou Yutong), FULL eng sub available in Dailymotion, thanks 1000x’s to the subbers. I’m calling this the BEST of 2017. My top #1 list. It’s so entertaining and light hearted, you won’t ever get bored ever. I didn’t like it that much at the very beginning of ep. 1, but the later half of ep. 1 and so forth is really good.

    Currently not watching anything else after Nothing Gold Can Stay, that is my 2nd best drama this year.

    So disappointed in Ma Ke’s Song of Phoenix, even Qiao Zhen yu couldn’t save the show either. I don’t like Viann Zhang but even if somebody else played the role, the show will still be as bad, the story and directing was just that bad. So sad that there are no news of Fu Xingbo and Zhou Yutong new projects since I really like them too.

    I like the new actress Janice Wu and tried her recent dramas, so disappointed in all of them too. A Lifeitme of Love was just so ridiculous, and she looked darn cute in Da Xian Ya Men but that one was bad as well, too cheesy. I am a little bit excited for Ru Yi although I know how similar it is going to be with Zhen Huan where nasty (I mean on the inside) women always plot against each other for an undeserving idiotic king.

    Lost Love in Time was at least a bit bearable, still haven’t got to the very end, the storyline is so pointless (although at least there was an illogical storyline), it’s just boring and uninterestingly slow. But I would top it as the one with best CGI of the year.

    At least I’m liking a few things this year, Ten Miles wasn’t too bad either, 3rd on my list.
    In 2015-16, I liked nothing at all. Wei Young was definitely memorable but not re-watchable after the addicting first round.

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    I’m aiming to write a short post here for today’s AVV visit.
    I’ve been v busy. I haven’t had time to watch dramas from beginning to end. I favor web dramas now. I’m bored of dramas that are Mary Sue heavy that are very love-centered.

    I quite like Let’s Shake It. Especially eps 2-13 (approximately). An Yue Xi is good at being funny, silly, effervescent, innocent, kind and mischievous. She enhanced her “alien role” using her real-life dance background. She shows us how an alien is living awkwardly in a human body. Plot is fresher than some of the usual overused drama tropes, esp in those aforementioned eps. OST is ok. The cast does a funny song and dance “cat video”. It’s cute.

    I saw the first 2 eps of Tsiensin Magic and it looked promising enough.

    I watched up to ep 20 of Advisors Alliance. Really enjoyed the plot around eps 18-20. Wang Jiansong (Marquis Yan of NIF) and his colleague, fellow courtier, did quite a plot twist together. I found some of the plot twists to be quite riveting and unpredictable. Unfortunately the English sub is only up to Ep 30 right now.

    I like the production quality of web drama Burning Ice. Acting is quite good. It has the feel of some of the Johnny To thrillers. I can’t remember the specific Johnny To movie title, but one from about 5 yrs ago with Gan Tingting as a supporting actress. Sun Honglei I think was one of leads.
    The plot is generally not bad. Some parts are fresh. Perhaps not as riveting as Advisors’ Alliance’s best moments though. I have only watched a handful of episodes for this web drama.

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    Not watching any new dramas after NGCS ended, busy catching up with Chen Xiao’s old dramas XDDD

    But some of the airing kdramas seem nice, maybe will try to catch over the weekends..

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    I’m giving Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors a try because I was attracted to the aesthetics of the teaser pics. Watched a weeks worth of episodes and it’s definitely your run-of-the-mill cdrama in every aspect. The only unique thing would be the galactic/alien element which may or may not turn people away from it since it’s unusual. I don’t dislike it though and want to see more of its development so will keep watching to see how it goes. First time I’ve seen Joe Cheng in such a role and I think he plays his part quite well.

    Seconding a comment up there, Lost Love in Times deserves an award for their CGI if nothing else. Is there an award that exists for that anyways? I could tell the drama used some kind of filter that softened everything so perhaps it helped but the CGI was almost unnoticeable most of the times and that’s something I think should be appreciated when a lot of dramas choose to glaze over this aspect of quality.

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    Still watching my Jdramas. It’s the start of a new season so I’m still waiting for dramas to be released. So far I’ve watched two episodes of Ayase Haruka’s “Okusama wa, Toriatsukai Chuui” or “Wife, Handle with Care”. I like that Ayase’s character is different from her past roles. The writing is OK but I’m expecting twists down the road since it is a Jdrama after all.

    I’ve missed quite a few Jdramas in the years that I’ve been in Cdramaland. Not sure how people are able to watch multiple dramas at once. It’s already hard trying to keep up with like, two.

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    K-dramas have really good rom-coms right now. Because This Is My First Life and Revolutionary Love are really good, and 20th Century Boy & Girl is getting there as well. The Package is very different from the usual K-dramas, and offers really beautiful scenery.

    Right now I’m waiting for Rule the World and Oh My General to premiere. Been really disappointed with the big-names summer premieres so I hope these two will satisfy my historical drama cravings.

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    I suddenly watched the last third of Unholy Alliance, and that’s my first TVB drama after a long time. The writing and switching of scenes gave me headache and some point i gave up on trying to understand it. But i was happy to see most of the actors/actress there.

    Super sad that Age of Youth 2 ended and it was again a thoughtful drama, well thought out, well excuted and well acted. I find thats what i felt lacking in C dramas- the acting could be good but the scripts and direction were lacking.

    I started Because This is my first life- and the writing and meta jokes were subtle yet packs a punch. It’s a refreshing take on usual drama tropes and might turn out to be a great slow burn romance.

    I’m gonna start on Jang Na Ra’s new drama. I love her and missed her in dramaland. Now a drama where not one but two people gets to travel back in time.. i saw bit and pieces of first week’s episode plus great reviews. I thk it’s a drama that i would fall in love with

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