Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (5)

Going to the movies later to catch Kong and Beauty and The Beast! =D What are you watching? Good…bad.. sound it out!

=======> ♦ A Sand Art of Three Lives Three Worlds. I’m always amazed at people’s creative talents with tools.

The cast rapping! Imomusings shared this with fellow members and it’s so freakin cute!

=======> ♦ Look who are on Ace VS Ace this week! The one and only Xiao Long Nv! Carman Lee with babyfaced Jimmy Lin. Ohhh Memories. Then our new Jing gege played by Qing Long gege aka Yang Xu Wen. Then the riotous Evonne Lin! Popular characters from Jin Yong’s novels. JY is 93! GAHHH.

=======> ♦ Singer Episode 7! Damn the talents.

=======> ♦ Anybody checked out Special Beautiful Man yet? Our Tranzgeek subbed the long trailer!


=======> ♦ Things look really sweet in Season 2 of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me. Really want to check it out. heh.

=======> ♦ Taiwanese drama The Perfect Match. Some songs from its OST! I think Chris has gotten really manly lately. Will need to catch up, only watched 30 mins of Episode 1!

Della Ding.

Jia Jia.

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      Same, 3L3W withdrawal is too huge to fill. Re-watched my favorite scenes for the second time. Can’t wait until Mark accepts a new drama role. I am sure he has a good eye for picking up good script.

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        Well, not to burst anyone’s bubble but it did take this long for him to get noticed. Even when he won that acting award in Black and White people just felt sorry for Vic Zhou and badmouthed him

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          Vic Zhou can’t act to safe his life! I never watch any of his movies or dramas except for Meteor Garden. As long as I see his name, I’ll give it a pass. I truly believe that he’s famous because of Meteor Garden. He cultivated a cult fan-base from that drama. He is what I call an idol actor and not a serious actor.

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          @Aryael: While I agree totally that Vic Zhou cannot freaking act to save his life (his pronunciation is very problematic as well), I also think Mark Chao’s award then wasn’t deserved at all. I’m not sure if you watched the ceremony, but it was awkward as hell and you would understand why Mark got hate for that. The way Mark said his thank-you speech and how his father tried to drag Vic on stage. I was cringing for all of them.

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    Haha, you know what I’m watching.

    Hopefully Beauty and the Beast is good : )

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    1) zhang binbin is sexy as f**k in that turtleneck. 2) Yang Mi’s voice is jarring, that’s ok i forgive her for giving us this great show and beautiful people. Your eye for talent is incredible!!! (apart when you chose your husband)

    Also I’ve never been as sad lately that subbing Cdramas hasn’t caught up to the volume of fun to watch works that are out there. Like Memory Lost, LOCH, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, Because of You, Long for You, Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me.. 🙁 I want them all.

    I know way more Cdramas get subbed than 3 years ago, but I want it to be faster! Hoping it catches up and by next year even the webdramas without famous actors will get subbed. These webdramas are so addicting!

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      I think it’s a bit rude to comment about how she chose her husband though……………

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        It was a joke, I think he is talentless and a scumbag Cheater though.

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      @Jen: Yang Mi definitely has a good eye for choosing acting talent. Yes, her voice is very jarring. I remember when I heard her for the first time during a BTS and to be honest my first thought was I can see why she is dubbed.

      I know what you mean about the subbing for Chinese dramas. I sometimes feel so sad when I visit the site because there are so many great sounding and looking dramas I will never be able to watch. I’m so spoiled from following Kdramas where subs and recaps are up for even the most obscure drama within a few hours of airing. I am so grateful to the CDrama subbing community we do have and I can only imagine how much more scarce they were a few years ago.

      By the way, good news is ‘Because of You’ IS being subbed on viki! The lovely Kappy found and linked it for me last week. It’s on viki as ‘Because of Meeting You’ and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m going to attempt a link: Because of Meeting You

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        Nice thanks! Like 5 years ago nothing, absolutely nothing was subbed. Zero.

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          Glad my link worked! I know it’s a small achievement but I’m usually rubbish at HTML.

          “Like 5 years ago nothing, absolutely nothing was subbed. Zero.”

          Wow, it must have been so frustrating being a Cdrama fan a few years ago if you rely on subtitles. I realise I’m so lucky I’m a pretty new CDrama fan and we currently get some dramas subbed although nothing compared to China’s actual drama output.

          I think if there’s one good thing to be said for the Hallyu wave in China it made them raise drama production values and see the benefit of making their dramas more accessible to a wider audience.

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          Good job with the coding Majesty! Not easy 😉

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          Thanks Kappy! 😀

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    Just started “With You”. I’ve always thought that youth dramas were meh but this one is surprisingly good.

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      May I know where do you find the link for with you?

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        Bigdramas.net has all the episodes.

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    the sand painting is so pretty!
    i saw DHDJ FJ couple version on instagram before, but just few cuts.
    if you have/find full version, please share it. thanks!

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    I enjoy listening to The Perfect Match ost. So pleasant. The rapping is so cute! CARMAAAAAAAN!!! AAAAAAA
    ATHENAAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAA Both of my long time girl crushes <3

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    I love ace vs ace. That episode is one of the best had me laughing and tearing up. So many cantonese speaking stars in there. Ada, Athena, Carmen, Wing cho lam/ Vincent, jimmy it would of been cool if they all started to speakk cantonese!

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    I ended up watching that entire Ace vs Ace so funny, glad to see Yang xuwen in there with 2 awesome Rong’er because Li yitong was tear—-rib—bow and ruined the GJ+HR chemistry to me. The chubby rong’er is very funny, and funny how Athena reminds her she was a rong’er herself too. Vincent Zhao is such a good fighter, blind folded and still managed to do those jumps for Shu Chang but of course she can’t beat Xiao Long Nu. Those kids are so damn good at acting too! Ada choi is very funny too. Love that episode too but don’t understand everything though.

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      Was Yang Xuwen good as actor/on variety? He looks like he has so much potential!

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        Not sure about variety…but that fight with Vincent seems to be staged once they started dancing together, would’ve been funny if they do it real he’ll be running and ducking lol…they should’ve invited shi xiao long and the other kenny zhan zhao to combat with vincent.

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        Just by watching the drama alone, I concur that both main leads have potential. However, if you watch their interviews, you’ll know that they don’t have good voices. Li Yitong sounds exactly like Zhou Xun, and imo Yang Xuwen sounds like Zhang Han (eeeeek!). That’s really bad and it means that they can only act with dubbing. Not a problem for most period dramas nowadays, but it’s going to be jarring if they act in modern dramas without dubbing.

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          Wow like Zhang Han? That’s a shame I think he is really versatile.

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    I just marathon The Glory Of Tang Dynasty, Eternal Love (3lives) and General and I. All very long dramas in 2 weeks. I fast forward a lot.

    I watched TGOTD because of good word of mouth, EL because of the pretty picture and General and I because of a gif I saw of them kissing and it looked really intense. Besides Yang Mi, Shu Chang and Wallace Chung I have not really seen anyone else before, I knew who most of them were but never sat down to watch any of their work.

    On a scale I think I enjoyed General and I a lot more, I was a bit iffy with the lead girl Angelababy (what kind of name is this?!) at the start but she got progressively better and I enjoyed her character a lot. I especially enjoyed the lead couple and liked how the other side characters had time to to shine and each person felt like they inhibited their own world instead of just orbiting our leads. I loved the countless battle scenes and outwitting each other and really loved the ending of our big bad.

    TGOTD started out well, it reminded me a lot of Curse of the Golden Flower, I found the guys very unappealing but they eventually won me over, however somewhere a long the way, I stopped caring for the characters, or maybe I was never really invested to start with. Then towards the end it started to drag and it took a lot of effort to finish the drama. Shu Chang was still wonderful but the lead girl ended up disappointing me with her acting, she started out really good but then the more I watched the less I was interested. It’s not that she was bad per say, but the way she played her character had became bland. I’m not much of a fan of the royal’s fighting genre.

    Eternal Love moved very fast for the first 10 episodes, I was extremely disappointed in their lack of battles, or even a proper fight sequence and contemplated dropping this series when the plot slow to a crawl while Yang Mi was in human form, then watching her whole torture sequence, I didn’t see the point in it, but luckily I read spoilers online about what happens so I stuck it out, hoping for pay off. Though I’m glad I stuck it out but I was never rewarded with the big payoff I wanted and Yang Mi’s ‘awesome’ character didn’t live up to my expectations. Then they went and ended the big battle in the most uneventful way possible and fast forward for not apparent reason with the most illogical solution and everything was ruined. The only thing I took away from this was Yang Mi is a good actress and Mark Zhao is one of the most charming man.

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      @tyn1223: Thanks for the reviews. I was very interested in TGOTD from the promotional material but most of the reviews i’ve seen from viewers haven’t been too favourable so maybe I haven’t missed out on much.

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        I am a believer of the notion that ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’ so though I did not enjoy TGOTD as much as I hoped to, there were people who found it great so you might want to check it out yourself.

        There are a lot of people who found Eternal Love better then General and I but I found General and I better so my taste in drama’s is very different to others.

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    Still watching Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 (tbh I keep forgetting about it…), Because of You (still kind of awesome). I’m also in the midsts of watching but not actively following Perfect Match and President is a Psycho.

    Just finished V Love and parts of Diamond Lover (again). As always, Diamond Lover was meh, but I still love Dilraba’s firecracker Gao Wen… Dilraba’s incredibly versatile and talented, but Gao Wen has to be my fav character/role of hers. V Love was entertaining and I mostly liked it, but objectively was pretty terrible and will not be rewatched. It’s a drama about first loves of a group of graduating college friends. BUT I have to say I only really felt one couple actually loved each other, and that doesn’t happen until like ep 30s-40s. I liked the family and friends emotions, and most of the characters were decently complex (I mean, at least not completely 2D) but generally speaking it was really cheesy and kind of over the top. And it really separated the newbies who has skill and potential from the newbies who weren’t so great. Tbh Vengo was super hot and I watched for him and Dilraba, but honestly his acting was meh and flat. But I couldn’t tell if that was his character or him. He had good moments, but overall I could rarely tell what he really felt, and idk if that’s the character of Vengo. Zhang Bin Bin surprisingly was also pretty meh, but that might be because I also didn’t like his character. What-s-her-face-Li-Hui-Zhen-and-Yang-Mi-in-Interpretor’s-bff was really good and totally shone like crazy. btw the way tho, the ending was s*** as hell and is literally quite possibly the worst ending I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve watched a considerable number of dramas, s*** or not.

    Anyways, overall, unless ur like me and watching with little expectations, has a lot of time on their hands, and is watching mostly only for Dilraba and Vengo, I would NOT recommend V Love. Clearly u can see I watched it and Diamond Lover purely for more Dilraba, lol.

    On Because of You, it’s getting steadily more and more ridiculous plot-wise with a lot of logic leaps and plot devices designed to create more frustration. BUT the character relationships are still really nice and staying fresh and non-tropey while still working from within the trope-modern-drama box. Our OTP is sticking it out together with surprisingly great communication (altho that might change depending how the next few eps go cuz I can smell trouble and noble-idiocy brewing on the horizons) and are totally facing on troubles together. Most of the characters, villain or not, are nicely balanced between despicable and relatably non-black-and-white EXCEPT the effing totally-only-evil-with-not-a-shred-of-humanity-or-pity-inducing-bones manipulative b**** of a sister. Regardless, if ur not as invested in the characters as me, perhaps it’s not as great of a show cuz it some sense it’s a typical modern-return-of-the-birth-secret-heiress drama…BUT it’s also not as formulaic, predictable, and frustrating as others of its type. It sort of works to think outside the box while still staying in the box…if that makes any sense. Anyways, I recommend, but also take my words with a grain of salt.

    btw Lily, great recap/review of President Psycho. Totally agree. It’s mostly kind of illogical and not very great, but unexplainably entertaining and somehow I keep watching. Agree that the main girl is really the only sane one and the most likable. I actually kind of do like the main OTP…until Gong Ou goes around being unreasonable and crazy again…so basically every other five minutes.

    I think I’ve said enough of 3l3w in cbox and other posts, but basically it’s entertaining and I loved it, but admittedly objectively it’s not so great. I have emotional attachments to the Pillow Book, so I love Vengo and Dilraba now as much as I loved Feng Jiu and Dijun, but their characters are actually pretty basic and too flat if you take away all fangirl-squeeling (aka me and my irrational emotions). Overall, for me I hold biases for xianxia dramas with a decently complex world-building and background so I was destined to at least enjoy 3l3w to some extent. So really I was just sold on the premise and how well they executed (IMO) the setting and the whole feel of JiuChongTian and QingQiu and stuff. And Mark really did blow me away. So that’s that.

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    Oh yeah, I also fast forwarded thru Ladder of Love (also for Dilraba and Vengo….btw their characters weren’t really related so no hope). It’s an experience I would NOT like to relive. At least V Love hit some of the right notes for me and I actually like it and found it entertaining despite its uncountable flaws. But Ladder of Love really had few things going for it. I generally like Zhang Meng, but after Ladder of Love, I like her…considerably less. Maybe more apathy and less irrational love for ZM now. Dilraba was great as a b****y rich and whiny girl. Despite her being the manipulative villain the show tried to get us to hate, she was my only highlight of the show. I have to say, it’s making me question my moral compass, but somehow Dilraba’s s*** attitude of a character was literally the ONLY one I was rooting for. Would highly NOT recommend. Recommends even LESS than V Love, which arguably is a pretty terrible show too.

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    Take back what I said about possible future noble-idiocy in Because of You. Show resolved things and defeated trope once again.

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      @ Juliannne Lin. I LOVE reading your comments here and in the cbox! They are always so articulate, funny and detailed

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      +1 to Majesty on Juli’s comments. There are also many others on AVV like Kappy, chasingpolaris, and a lot more.

      I understand Juli’s comments on ZM. That’s why I stopped watching General and I. I’m afraid if i kept watching, I probably cannot watch WC dramas in the future.

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    Can anyone sub the rap? They are all so cute, but I’d love to know what they’re saying.

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    I’m watching “Simple Man” that was discussed in 2 drama-binging posts ago. In the middle of the third story, ep 5. Some parts are cute. The point that I really appreciate about this drama is that they are not using the current ubiquitous C drama formula. 65 episodes with big name actors in some Mary Sue-esque roles. More refreshing to see something different for a change. A mild warning is that the Eng quality is not great, but it’s provided for free, so one really can’t complain.

    A big thank you to those who discussed this drama in previous posts! I would have probably overlooked this series if it weren’t mentioned on their posts. I enjoy watching dramas from studios who dare to try produce something a bit more original and daring, instead of just jumping into the big bandwagon. Doing the same thing all other big studios are doing.

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      Also a big thank you to Kappy, of course, for creating this posts. Making it possible for us to see what fans enjoy watching. Thank you Kappy!

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      I meant the “English subtitle” for Simple Man is not great.

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    Perfect match is on my radar, Chris looked sizzling. if only theres more episode per week/
    Still jus watching Strong Woman DBS. the hilarity is still there but the romance has been upped last week. this week it will be gem and my fluttering heart cant calm down

  15. 46 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (5)

    Perfect match is on my radar, Chris looked sizzling. if only theres more episode per week
    Still jus watching Strong Woman DBS. the hilarity is still there but the romance has been upped last week. this week it will be gem and my fluttering heart cant calm down

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      kappy could you delete this post- din noe it got double posted… sorry ~.~

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    still rewatching 3l3w..3rd or 4th time…lost count…someone needs to start a help group for this ongoing addiction..help me please!!!

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      I am currently rewatching My sunshine to get over 3L3W withdrawal. It’s one of my fav C dramas solely bcoz of Wallace Chung’s He Yi Chen. Yi Chen is kinda like Ye Hua in 3L3W. Mark needs to accept with new drama(s) soon. He’s deserving of the popularity and praise he’s been receiving. A good actor definitely makes u fall for the character. ? Other thing is i watch K- variety shows to ease some 3L3W fever too. ?

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      i’m sooooo much tempted to watch it for the 2nd time, gosh, I need something epic to watch next!!!!! T_T

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