Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

It’s been a long time since I felt the thrilling need to recap an episode of Running Man. I still watch them here and there because I like the cast and their interactions. But Episode 271 and 272 kicked the challenge up a notch for our team of tricksters and thinkers, requiring them not only to work together but tugging along 85 more guests to bring us three full hours of thrilling games, unmet challenges, and a whole lot of unexpected entertainment in every walk of life.

Warning: Lots of fangirling and upset emotions. I’m like 12 when my family is losing. XD

Summary: In a gym stadium, Running Man production crew has invited 100 guests in the fields of wrestlers (leader: No Ji Sim), stuntmen (leader: Jung Doo Hong), Taekwondo fighters (leader: Tae Mi), Judoka (leader: Lee Won Hee), and Korean wrestling (leader: Kim Ki Tae). Running Man family has 6 hours to invite 92 guests before the ultimate name-tag ripping battle with the heroes. WHAT?!! Isn’t it an impossible task to win over these trained warriors!!??

 photo RM-272-1.jpg

 photo RM-272-2.jpg

Some of my favorite guests below. The first guest, invited by Jae Suk, Lim Hyung Jun. He arrives so early! What a trooper!

 photo RM-272-3.jpg

Second guest, invited by Gary, DJ Pumpkin, who adorably asks, “Am I too unknown here?” Aww! He looks like a sweet pie, another version of Gary.

 photo RM-272-5.jpg

A group of three legendary boxers: Hwang Joong Jae, Choi Kyung Ho, Chang Jung Koo. No wonder why Gary is strong and skilled!

 photo RM-272-6.jpg

Hyun Joo Yup. A 6′ 5″ professional basketball player. OMG. He’s like a deep-rooted tree that doesn’t need to move much to bring terror!

 photo RM-272-7.jpg

More of Haha’s guests, his Reggae brother, Nuol, and Samba brother, San. I’m mesmerized by their hair. Looks real swag on them.

 photo RM-272-8.jpg

Trot singer, Ma Asung. He’s so funny! Everyone assumes he was a hip hop singer, but he surprises all with his quick humor. While he’s singing, Jae Suk has the perfect timing to ask what’s the title of his song, and he stops singing immediately and answers calmly, “Deep Affections,” causing a round of laughter. Lol. I wish him lots of success. 2 minutes on Running Man is all you need!!

 photo RM-272-9.jpg

 photo RM-272-10.jpg

Actor Kim Kwang Gyo. Rushing to Running Man because he thought he could be a regular. He’s so adorable with the tropical dance. XD

 photo RM-272-11.jpg

 photo RM-272-13.jpg

Actor Im Joo Hwan, invited by Giraffe. You’re such a sweet soul and looks like an innocent child here!! Ki Bang is also there, and the only one missing from the circle of friends is Jo In Sung. He continues to prank Kwang soo. Hmphs!

 photo RM-272-14.jpg

Another one of Haha’s Hongdae crew, King Kong. LOL. What a name. His smile is too infectious, showing off all of his teeth in one flash. =D

 photo RM-272-15.jpg

Singer M. Tyson. They joke that he looks like Lee Jung, but I think he could be the Asian Genie. XD

 photo RM-272-16.jpg

Im Seul Long as Ji Hyo’s sole guest. Awww. He’s so adorable, came running at Noona’s call. You have one point over Lee Dong Wook, kid! =) He looks so handsome without all the gel in his hair.

 photo RM-272-17.jpg

Actor Yoon Park. Though he is Suk Jin’s guest, he was partner with Ji Hyo in one episode.

 photo RM-272-18.jpg

Comedian Park Na Rae gives the boys a little scare when she just puts on her shorts right then and there to do a crazy dance. I laugh so hard when some of the guys in the back seats crank their necks to see. Sit down, pervs! 😛

 photo RM-272-19.jpg

 photo RM-272-20.jpg

 photo RM-272-21.jpg

Is that the new joint-breaking dance??!!

 photo RM-272-23.jpg

 photo RM-272-22.jpg

Aww, Jong Kook invited the boyband, Got7. Sorry guys, I only recognize Jackson from Roommate. Forgive me as I called them by their hair color. Oh Krap…. same hair colors…. XD They should have invited 2PM too! But Jackson and another member, Mark, performs a few dance tricks and even compete with two comedians – Lee Sang Min and Lee Sang Ho. That in the air back flip is so cool, the kid Mark probably weighs about 10 pounds, clothes and all.

 photo RM-272-26.jpg

 photo RM-272-27.jpg

 photo RM-272-28.jpg

 photo RM-272-29.jpg

 photo RM-272-30.jpg

40 VS 40 Game is rolling a roll of toilet paper across the floor and making sure it lands in the marked “safe” area. Where else would you see top stars, singers, wrestlers holding toilet papers? XD Running Man wins and is able to reduce the number of Red Team down by 10. Whew~

 photo RM-272-32.jpg

 photo RM-272-33.jpg

 photo RM-272-34.jpg

Gary’s guest, B-boy Ducky impresses me tremendously. While he looks quite older than the competing member (JB) from Got7, he’s very nimble and flexible.

 photo RM-272-35.jpg

 photo RM-272-36.jpg

Lacking sleep, GOD’s Joon goes crazy on DJ Doc’s Lee Ha Neul. LOL @ BAMMMMMMMM!

 photo RM-272-37.jpg

 photo RM-272-38.jpg

Tim! He used to be Love Letter and Running Man. He looks so much paler and bulkier too! Turns out he’s gym buddy with Sparta!

 photo RM-272-39.jpg

Singer Wax with a lovely voice.

 photo RM-272-40.jpg

60 VS 60 Game was my favorite in middle school because I was the queen of it! Dodge ball! Because of my petite size and fast twigs. It’s very thrilling to watch 60 people go at it. I could watch this segment FOREVER. I lost my voice too at some point of this whole segment.

 photo RM-272-41.jpg

 photo RM-272-42.jpg

After the whistle is blown, look at this cutie from the Red Team crouching over. LOL! He’s eliminated of course. Aww, one shot from the Red Team eliminates Ma Asung and King Kong!! How dare you?!! They’re my favorites!! But if you listen closely, you can hear Jae Suk asking if Asung was okay since he got hit on the head. YESH! Make friends with JAE SUK!!

 photo RM-272-43.jpg

Okay ya’ll, Yoon Park just became so attractive when he catches the ball between the Red Team passes and acts like he didn’t do much. hehe.

 photo RM-272-44.jpg

 photo RM-272-45.jpg

Then of course, I die when another member tries to replicate the cool mid-air catch but the ball bounces out of his chest and he doesn’t know where it went. LOL.

 photo RM-272-46.jpg

 photo RM-272-47.jpg

Look at hyper Joo Hwan hopping across the battlefield like a kangaroo after he catches the ball (and saves UEE from elimination).

 photo RM-272-48.jpg

Using his whole body, Hyung Jun gently taps the ball back to his teammates in the corner. So classy.

 photo RM-272-49.jpg

 photo RM-272-50.jpg

OMG. This part is so hilarious. A young boy throws the ball at Mr. Tree and he catches it swiftly. He does a scare tactic by brandishing the ball and scares the beejeezus out of the kid as he stumbles to the floor in horror. LOL!!

 photo RM-272-51.jpg

 photo RM-272-52.jpg

 photo RM-272-53.jpg

 photo RM-272-54.jpg

 photo RM-272-55.jpg

It’s getting intense now! 9 VS 3! Running Man is winning!! YESH!! I know they must be tired but I didn’t want the game to end.

 photo RM-272-57.jpg

Lee Jung and DJ Pumpkin share a hug as the latter saves the former from elimination by catching the ball before it lands. =D

 photo RM-272-58.jpg

And Team Running Man wins this battle!! OMGosh! I’m so proud of my fellow oldies, they never give up!! X)

 photo RM-272-59.jpg

 photo RM-272-60.jpg

Kwang Hee in his mustard-colored shirt and being delusional about being the only “star” invited. LOL. I luff this kid!

 photo RM-272-61.jpg

The final count before the three rounds of name-tag ripping competition. Red Team: 80, Black Team: 92. Even with the larger number, it’s impossible for Running Man team to win, I think. Each of the heroes invited are twice or three times bigger and stronger. Plus, they train almost every day. This is like civilians vs the military soldiers. But the effort they put into every round is commendable.

1st Round. Red team is already gaining the upper hand with their aggressive and confident straight approach while our Black Team shrinks!

 photo RM-272-62.jpg

Good thing we have some young bloods in the house and they aggregate together to separate and tackle one at a time. But it’s not a great scene, 6 men vs 1 red man. That’s how strong these trained heroes are.

 photo RM-272-63.jpg

 photo RM-272-64.jpg

 photo RM-272-65.jpg

OMG. My poor Giraffe!! He’s so tall in the sea of Red with no one to look out for his nametag!! Yoon Park is also another casualty of group attack. 🙁 But I feel great that at least middle aged men like Hyung Jun and Kwang Gyo go down with at least one elimination in their hands. ^_^

 photo RM-272-66.jpg

 photo RM-272-68.jpg

 photo RM-272-69.jpg

 photo RM-272-70.jpg

Legend Chang Jung Koo attacking No Ji Sim who is three times his size and KNOCKS HIM OVER. XD

 photo RM-272-71.jpg

 photo RM-272-72.jpg

Then the camera cuts to this lady who acts like she’s possessed or something, looking around and waving her arms at invisible enemies. Ladies, help your team mates! Lol.

 photo RM-272-73.jpg

Noona Sung Mi sneak-attacks the Youngins from Red Team. HAHAHA. Her plan backfires though because another person has their eyes one her every move. Tim tries to warn her but he’s quiet and a little too late. heh.

 photo RM-272-74.jpg

 photo RM-272-75.jpg

Running Man Team getting trapped. I want to cryyyyyyyy!!

 photo RM-272-76.jpg

Ji Hyo, the last remaining member of First round held down by three of Red Team. Are you boys PROUD!!?? Yes, I’m upset. Lol. I love how they focus on Gary’s face after her elimination as if saying, he’s gonna get revenge for his lady!! ^______^!!

 photo RM-272-77.jpg

 photo RM-272-78.jpg

Second round is led by Sparta! Gary! Mr. Tree (Hyun Joo Yup)! Joon! Comprising of 31 members, it’s their strongest group. Look at them gathering around Kookie to listen to his tactics. Get them boys and girls! Get those red pants off!!

 photo RM-272-79.jpg

 photo RM-272-80.jpg

Our Kookie suggests a fair 1 vs 1 round! BALLS! Of course, Red Team picks their biggest boy, the same one who enters with only a speedo on earlier. XD So nerve-wracking. That kid is strong but not fast enough and gets ripped first. I’m worried, he pulls down Sparta when he falls backward. Sigh, our Sparta is gonna get hurt again.

 photo RM-272-81.jpg

 photo RM-272-82.jpg

 photo RM-272-84.jpg

Red Team suggests 2 Vs 2. Jong Kook picks one of his friends, Park Geun Sik, and I’m like nooooooooooooo, pick Gary or at least someone with unrivaled strength like Mr. Tree!! Kookie spends so much watching out for his friend that he isn’t focused on eliminating his opponent, leaving him defenseless against two very very strong men at the end. =( I was gonna cry ya!!

 photo RM-272-85.jpg

 photo RM-272-86.jpg

 photo RM-272-87.jpg

It’s okay Kookie, you’ll always be RM’s protector!!

 photo RM-272-89.jpg

Love the blood-pumping music they play as the Black team sticks together and hounds on the Red team with like 10 to 1. LOL!

 photo RM-272-90.jpg

 photo RM-272-91.jpg

 photo RM-272-92.jpg

Yes! This is good formation! Trap them! Make them feel constricted and small! I’m so evil right now, don’t mind me. 😛 Running Man wins second round!! At least they are not going down without a fight!

 photo RM-272-93.jpg

 photo RM-272-94.jpg

 photo RM-272-95.jpg

 photo RM-272-96.jpg

Third Round. I can’t look! Red Team saves their strongest players for this round and our Black Team looks…not very well-fed. LOL. Look at their stance! Confident and spread out while Running Man team is the opposite. Frightening sight, isn’t it?

 photo RM-272-97.jpg

Running Man is clumping together! Bad! Bad! Separate into small teams and keep tab on each other’s back!

 photo RM-272-98.jpg

 photo RM-272-99.jpg

I can’t watch this anymore. They are totally slaughtering my lovely people here!! WAHHH!!

 photo RM-272-100.jpg

Then you see this kid running around the stadium by himself as the last standing member (Seung Kwan?). Are you the one I spotted earlier who ran away instead of helping your people, kiddo? Ai ya. But doesn’t he look like Yoon Shi Yoon? They suggest a 1 VS 1 battle and he goes down in the hands of gold medalist, Lee Won Hee. That’s like an honor.

 photo RM-272-101.jpg

 photo RM-272-102.jpg

 photo RM-272-103.jpg

Amazing two episodes. I rewatch them several times while checking my rising blood pressure. Lol. What it did establish is how amazing and smooth Jae Suk is as an MC and how he can talk FOREVER!! Dude, his voice never cracks? I love 99% of the guests and they are relatively unknown to me. Amazing group of friends!! Please come back!

  1. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

    Thanks for the recap!! I loved these two episodes!! Most of the guests are really interesting and in game mode for all the games. I was almost in tears when they won the second round. And this is a team consistsled of mostly older and untrained people!!!

    Yoo jaesuk is crazy, he interviews one after another, unstoppable Mc skills. Hahas friends came to help their petiTe friend in a fight!!!

    • 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

      That idol boy, the last one, really ran away instead of staying to help his team. Omg. They shouldve called 2PM and 2am!!

    • 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

      HAHA’s friends are a bunch of loyal, adorable puppies!! Love every single one of them. “A fight? What should I bring?” LOL!

  2. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

    I am so amazed by Yoo Jaesuk’s MC skills. He is an admirable person in so so many ways!!
    Haha, is everyone a gym body with JongKook? In my head, I imagine that KJK takes his six days a week free from filming to go around all the gyms of Korea! 😛
    Thanks for the recap! I love Running Man too! (although I didn’t watch these two episoddes because I can’t handle such a big cast list…)

    • 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

      No Woda! You have to watch it! Just consider the members as one. It isn’t that overwhelming, I promise! Just pick a few that you like! XD

      I do believe that Sparta could be the spokesperson for some gyms. =D

  3. 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

    I watched ep 272 yesterday and I was dying LOL!!! The BEST thing was the dance battle or craziness between Joonie of god and Lee Haneul of DJ Doc!!! I was literally rolling on the floor in laughter hehehe

    HaHa has A LOT of connections, he and Gary added variety to the invited guests by RM. Also thanks to Gary and HaHa I know have list of singers and rappers to look up 😀

    I know you and someone else already mentioned it BUT how come the rest of 2AM wasn’t invited? I was really looking forward to 2PM strolling in lol

    • 8 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

      I loved the guests they invited. Not-so-famous people about to get famous!! Ma Asung!!

      I was waiting with bated breath for the muscular idol boys too. Sigh ~~

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