Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

Are you tired of Hu Ge yet? No? Heere he comes again. This looks like the male version of Liu Tao’s Ode To Joy. hehe. I know what you’re thinking, why can’t we combine two goodness together to make one awesome sauce? I actually like the literal translation of the Chinese title (猎场 = Hunting Ground) much better than the supposedly English title of Resume. The premise follows persistent man Zheng Qiu Dong (Hu Ge) in the finance world as he navigates through pitfalls and failures to rise above and enter the group of elite businessmen, with the help of his girlfriend (Jian Ren Zi) and best friend (Zu Feng). However, after an unfortunate event, Qiu Dong’s business falls apart and he has to start over from the beginning with the help of new alliances.

There’s also a clip of Hu Ge speaking English at the end for curious minds alike. A for effort!


Hu Ge being photoshopped to death in the poster. Tskk Tskk.

 photo Hunt 29.jpg

 photo Hunt 40.jpg

 photo Hunt 15.jpg

 photo Hunt 19.jpg

 photo Hunt 21.jpg

Jian Ren Zi. Hu Ge’s love interest. She stays with him through it all.

 photo Hunt 24.jpg

Zu Feng.

 photo Hunt 16.jpg

 photo Hunt 37.jpg

The Original Trio.

 photo Hunt 6.jpg

 photo Hunt 5.jpg

 photo Hunt 4.jpg

Zhang Jia Yi (The Ordinary World).

 photo Hunt 27.jpg

 photo Hunt 38.jpg

 photo Hunt 17.jpg

Learning with the veteran. The boys look scared!

 photo Hunt 18.jpg

 photo Hunt 14.jpg

 photo Hunt 12.jpg

A hug for each boy to calm them down. heh.

 photo Hunt 8.jpg

 photo Hunt 7.jpg

Chen Long as the new alliance. This is Chen Long-Hu Ge’s third collaboration after The Young Warriors and Nirvana In Fire. They are good friends in real life and in Hunting Ground, Hu Ge even has a kissing scene with Chen Long’s real wife (Zhang Ling Zhi). LOL. Hu Ge frankly adds that Hunting Ground really does not need female leads. Oh Burnnnn. Hu Ge!

 photo Hunt 10.jpg

 photo Hunt 36.jpg

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 photo Hunt 1.jpg

Bromance! Or maybe he’s asking, “WHY did you kiss my wife?” HEHE.

 photo Hunt 30.jpg

 photo Hunt 11.jpg

Hu Ge goofing off. hehe.

 photo Hunt 13.jpg

Sun Hong Lei. I remember him from variety show Go Fighting when he betrayed EXO’s Lay and felt really guilty afterwards. haha XD If the storyline remains intact, he’s the big boss Hu Ge befriends when he spends some time behind bars. Lol.

 photo Hunt 28.jpg

 photo Hunt 39.jpg

Hu Bing.

 photo Hunt 26.jpg

 photo Hunt 35.jpg

Dong Yong.

 photo Hunt 25.jpg

 photo Hunt 34.jpg

Du Jiang.

 photo Hunt 33.jpg

Li Nai Wen.

 photo Hunt 32.jpg

Li Qiang.

 photo Hunt 31.jpg

Zhang Ling Zhi as Hu Ge’s third love interest.

 photo Hunt 3.jpg

Regina Wan. Considered as Hu Ge’s work wife… Uhhh.

 photo Hunt 22.jpg

Luo Hai Qiong.

 photo Hunt 23.jpg

Xu Ge.

 photo Hunt 20.jpg

Hu Ge Speaking English:

Directed and written by Jiang Wei (Borrow Gun, Lurk), Hunting Ground has 45 episodes.

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  1. 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

    LOL I’m always here for more Hu Ge (and Jin Dong, and Wang Kai … dammit these guys need to collaborate more often)

    It’d be so much better if this and Ode to Joy were combined, cuz the novel/story of Ode to Joy is thin and lacks substance. If not for the stellar cast I wouldn’t even watch it. Hunting Ground + Ode to Joy would’ve been much more interesting, cuz then we’d have a power male cast + a power female cast! Oh well…

    Hu Ge is looking mighty fine in the other photos! I especially like his look in your title pic with the hair and suit – that hairstyle looks awesome on him! 🙂 But WAAAAAAAAY too much Photoshop in that poster, like you said!

    Chen Long looks so different without a beard LOL. It’s good that he and Hu Ge are such good friends in real life – I love seeing bromance 🙂

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      Also, “Hunting Ground” is a much better title than “Resume”.
      “Resume” sounds so cliched/nothing special…

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        There’s never too much of Hu Ge…haha. He’s not like Tang Yan and Hawick where all their characters remind you of each other. With Hu Ge, his acting is so well developed (esp after his small screen hiatus to do stage-plays stuff) that his characters are all distinct from each other.

        Anyways, totally agree about the naming. Plus Hunting Ground works so much better since it’s the ACTUAL TRANSLATION. Like literally Lie Chang = hunting ground, so why couldn’t they just go with the english translation? It works on a literal and figurative level.

        On another point, I feel like Hu Ge has a point about the not needing female leads thing. Not to sound sexist, but the spirit of Lie Chang is the character’s navigation and connections and success in the finance industry — it’s about his growth and development. From what it sounds like (except for Hu Ge’s business wife…whatever that means) his main female lead just sounds like she’s along for the ride for moral support. Like her description just says she’s there to support him and stick with him…that doesn’t sound like a very active role. I haven’t watched it yet obviously or seen the trailer and clip, but from what we know so far none of the female leads sound like they make any significant impact in the plot and character development and are just there for love lines and romantic counterparts. Which, since Lie Chang gives off a serious acting-chop emotionally-heavy big-messages vibe, isn’t really necessary.

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          Totally agree with you about Hu Ge! He breathes life into his performances so that we’re seeing different characters each time, and not just the actor trying to act. He’s also got a point about Hunting Ground not needing females, cuz the whole story only involves the females to be there for the sake of being there, which is why I was thinking that if this heavily male focused business world story combined with the female focused Ode to Joy (also a business centered story, with the males just there mostly for decoration LOL), then we’d have a much more interesting combination.

          I’ve stopped watching dramas with Tang Yan and Hawick a while back. I can’t be bothered with wasting my time with leads who can’t act. I’m experiencing something similar with Love Me If You Dare – the supporting cast for that series is great but Goddamn the female lead is BEYOND AWFUL (she needs acting lessons, seriously. She can’t even read lines properly. OMG. Even kids like Wu Lei can act miles better than she can). Wallace is handsome as always but I bet he hasn’t read the novel (again) cuz his Bo Jingyan is SO. DAMN. FLAT. Just like his Bai Zihua in Hua Qiangu was AWFUL. Like, so damn bland and lifeless that supporting actors like Zhang Danfeng and Ma Ke totally blew him away in terms of acting. And I never noticed how much voice dubbing makes a difference – Wallace REALLY needs to work on his line delivery. He sounds like he’s monotonically reading off a script most of the time OMG.

          Like, it’s not just facial expressions and body gestures, the voice is SO important in showing us the emotion and inner world of the character. Hu Ge is very good at this (he always dubs his own characters), and so are awesome actors like Jin Dong, Wang Kai, and Liu Mintao (the awesome actress who played Consort Jing and Ming eldest sister).

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          I’m confused about Sandra Ma. I was very impressed with her in the Left Ear, but her acting in LMIYD just leaves me cold. I understand Jin Yao is a completely different character, but for some reason I just couldn’t care less about her, while on paper she has the elements that are normally appealing to me: intelligent, observant, strong, and knows what she wants. But I can see that I’m in the minority, because most viewers seem to really love her LOL.

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          @lenje, im confused too. i think it’s just her character is utterly boring? she was much more exciting to watch in left ear. i dropped LMIYD already because i tried and tried and always fell asleep. seems like a lot of people like it hence subs are fast too. but subbing doesn’t mean a good series nowadays. LOL.

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          @ lenje & frea:

          I haven’t seen Sandra Ma in any projects before but just from Love Me If You Dare, she seriously needs to go back to drama school. Bloody hell, I’ve seen high school drama students act better than her. She must have a hell lot of friends in high places to score lead roles.

          Wallace is handsome but damn his acting leaves a lot to be desired. His character is basically a Cumberbatch!Sherlock wannabe and sorry Wallace, I like you but you’re no Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, Wallace is more handsome but Cumberbatch is MILES better in acting and line delivery. I never noticed how much voice dubbing makes a difference but there it is. Wallace and Sandra seriously needs voice dubbing cuz they can’t deliver lines for shit.

          Love Me If You Dare’s plot and pacing is choppy and TBH, very much lacking in substance for a mystery / police procedural. I fast forward like 90% of the drama and only watch it for the villains and supporting cast (LOL). The villains and supporting cast act WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the male and female leads and the turtle is cute. I can’t feel for the male or female lead at all, like if their characters get killed off I wouldn’t care because they’re just so flat and bland.

          The plot is progressing weirdly and the only thing I’m looking forward to now is Zhang Luyi’s psychopath showing up and torturing Wang Kai’s character (LOL).

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          I agree that Hu Ge is amazing but I wouldn’t say his acting is always different- it depends on the role/character. Have you guys watched The Myth, CP1 and CP2 one after each one lol? I just recently got into C-dramas and have been watching Hu Ge’s really old dramas and recently watched CP1 and The Myth one after each other. Unfortunately I didn’t see any difference between the two characters as they’re the same kind of role- flirty, funny, not serious etc. I remember reading his interviews about how all 3 of these dramas were on air at the same time at one point and he noticed that there were no difference which is why he rejected JJF’s role in Xuan Yuan Sword. I have no doubt about his acting abilities but if you act in the same kind of role constantly (like TY unfortunately) it limits them. He’s getting super popular again even tho he has 3 dramas in a row because they are all different and so shows how wide his acting variety is. however not only TY has several dramas one after each other but most of them are the same- “silly white sweet”. Even i (a fan of TY’s) got pissed with her character as tang 7 7 and that was only one role. I tried to watch Diamond Lover and stopped in time before I started hating her lol. The issue is her current dramas all have the same kind of characters so it’s easy to say she can’t act. If you have to act in the same type of character x5 how could you bring any new stuff into it lol? She can act in them quite well tbh e.g. in the current Love on a bread tree drama she’s really good and 100% for the role but that’s probs cos it was filmed in 2010/11 so her looks/feelings then suit the character. But now she’s acted in so many of these dramas it’s hard to make it fresh.

          Anyway i probably sound like some sort of crazy fan but for a while I did feel disappointed with her but then I re-watched Xuan Yuan and CP3 and I know that she can act as she did really well even in “darrk/bad” roles. So I have high hopes for her next palace drama.

          As for Wallace yeah i agree in HQG his acting wasn’t as good as usual but then he was probs tired from running between 2 sets. i think he needs to take a long break like Hu Ge and maybe try stage acting. Notice that Jin Dong and Wang Kai and Hu Ge are stage actors too and their voices reflect their strong acting skills. But in Love Me if you dare Wallace;s “other” side is actually unnerving and creepy which I thought was really good. It’s just his voice sounds monotone but his acting is worth it.

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      It’s like Liu Tao and Hu Ge broke off and she won half the boys to her side, leaving only Chen Long with Hu Ge. hehe.

      He does look really handsome and sharp in this series!

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        I want the cast of Ode to Joy and Hunting Ground to be combined – and then we’d have an epic conspiracy filled, cut-throat business world drama version of Nirvana in Fire (LOL)

  2. 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

    Hu Ge’s English is impressive. Can’t wait to see if he will use more of it.

    May check this one out when it airs. I work in the corporate world, but in a different field, so I’m interested in finding out what it’s like in theirs. 🙂

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      I like how he didn’t hesitate and just moved forward with the lines. The key is confidence! Those finance words are not easy.

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        The key is totally confidence. Some actors/actresses with better pronunciation sound worse because they speak slower and sound like they’re obviously sounding out the words. Whereas with Hu Ge, he practiced, and when the scene had to be shot, he believed in himself and the amount of work he put in and just rolled through the lines.

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        Love how natural he sounds. I read somewhere that he’s been learning English, though I’m not sure if it’s for this role or his own pleasure.

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      I agree with you – his pronunciation is pretty good! Confidence + practice! 🙂

  3. 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

    I’m SO EXCITED seeing Hu Ge with Chen Long!!!!!!! And I didn’t know who Chen Long’s real wife is. Thanks for the news! She’s playing Wallace Hua sister in Love me if you dare right now and I always thought she was unique and pretty. Oh it’s going to be great. Between the bromance Hu Ge has with all my favorite male actors–Wallace, Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Chen Long…and seeing how they are all now are in a lot of new dramas, I’m a happy gal. I love the older sister in Disguiser. Can we see more of her too please?? She’s such an incredible actress! And how i wish Wang Ou will get to play a leading protagonist role vs. all the scheming roles. Still amazing but I want her on the good side now. 🙂

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      Yep! His wife got fans asking who she was in LMIYD too. A gorgeous woman.

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      Oh yeah, Ming eldest sister / Consort Jing! She’s the most badass epic actress! I LOVE how this lady kicks ass just with words and attitude alone. That scene of Ming eldest sister laying the smackdown on the whole group of evil guys in Disguiser (was it episode 6 or something?) was TOTALLY EPIC!!! <3 <3 <3

      And she was AWESOME in Nirvana in Fire! Best mom/royalty ever!

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        Kaptain A…Agreed!

        @shimokuren, Oh Hell yeah!!! Honestly, I feel like Liu Mintao (got this info from your previous comment) is BEYOND AMAZING!!!! NIF and Disguiser, up to date, is the best Asian drama I’ve seen. It’s like watching Benjamin Cumberbatch play Sherlock and then see him as Alan in Imitator Games. I completely am sold on her characters and love the grace and power that she wields. Remember how she slapped Ming Lau and totally put Wang Ou’s character in her spot?? Man, I loved her since and ever more now. And then seeing her as Consort Jing!…How the heck does this gorgeous lady play such a sweet, mild, calm character after that smack down?

        As for Hu Ge, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of his until NIF and Disguiser. It was only until this that I truly saw how talented he really is as an actor. And now, I’m forever in love. Mei Chang Su is a contained character and it’s not easy for someone like Hu Ge who is high/happy energy to play. The brain is the sexiest organ in the body, not just the physical prowess (albeit it does help to have Hu Ge’s face playing this ill person :)) We fell in love with Mei Chang Su because he was powerful, but not int he typical sense and I truly admire the writers and actors and director for delivering such a great show. However, I’m left with this high bar and most dramas can’t seem to satisfy this thirst. Any suggestions?

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          This is why I love actors like Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Hu Ge, Liu Mintao … when I see them onscreen, I see the character, not the actor behind the character. For example, Jin Dong played the suave and carefree Lin Chen in NiF, but then turns around and plays the epic serious triple agent boss in Disguiser! The 2 characters are COMPLETELY different and I don’t see any trace of Lin Chen in Ming Lou … in fact, it was so mindboggling that they were played by the same actor!

          It’s the same with Hu Ge’s Mei Changsu and Ming Tai, Wang Kai’s Jingyan and Ah Cheng, and Liu Mintao’s Consort Jing and Ming Jing. While the face is the same, everything from the voice, body language, gestures, facial expressions, aura, etc. is completely different for each character and makes me totally forget the actor/actress’s previous characters. This is what true thespians should be like. The audience shouldn’t be seeing the actor behind the character, but just the character and the story.

          I’ve raved on and on about how good Hu Ge and Wang Kai and Jin Dong are before, so I’d just like to comment a bit more about the seriously underrated Liu Mintao. This lady has such an impressive aura and captures her characters so well. Her voice is actually very genteel and sweet (like Consort Jing), but then she turns around and becomes totally fierce and awesome and badass when laying the smackdowns! That epic scene in Disguiser was awesome because of not only her aura (which made everybody shut up) and body language and facial expressions, but because of how she used her voice! This lady speaks so melodically with rhythm and emphasis in the right places, and when she needs to project her voice, she really projects.

          I can’t explain this very well but her tone and inflections carried so much emotion and is so expressive – the contempt she had for all the evil guys and Wang Manchun was so well expressed in her voice and eyes and subtle twitches of her mouth, and the fearlessness and fierceness was so well expressed in her aura and voice. She’s just so totally awesome because she kicks ass without needing violence – just by words and attitude. The whole time I was watching her Ming Jing and Consort Jing, I was thinking “Goddammit, when I grow up I wanna be just like her” (figuratively speaking). She’s just so impressive and awesome and OMG I have this epic girl crush on her and I seriously need to see her be in more dramas because I can’t get enough of this awesome lady on my screen.

          I like your example of Benedict Cumberbatch because this is exactly why his acting (and voice! His voice acting is EPIC!) is so lauded. His Sherlock is a classic and his Alan Turing is a completely different character (and Oscar worthy performance if not for Eddy Redmayne’s even more superior performance – like seriously, if Cumberbatch was nominated in another year he probably would’ve gotten that Oscar).

          This is my biggest complaint about Wallace’s acting – it’s all superficial and all I see is Wallace Huo and not the character. This is why I think Love Me If You Dare fails in terms of the lead male and female (she’s awful beyond words, like so seriously Godawful she needs to go back to drama school OMG) because Bo Jinyan (Simon) is basically a Cumberbatch!Sherlock ripoff and let’s be honest here, Wallace is no Benedict Cumberbatch (like MILES away in terms of acting and line delivery). Wallace is more handsome than Cumberbatch but Cumberbatch is the far, far, superior actor, and seeing Wallace trying to pull off a Sherlock-wannabe is just FAIL.

          I haven’t seen any more good dramas after Nirvana and Disguiser – they’ve set the bar so high that I’m basically just holding out for Nirvana 2 (LOL), assuming it goes ahead with the same cast and all… (Everything is up in the air at the moment with Nirvana 2 cuz they don’t have a script yet and the main cast hasn’t been confirmed)

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          I’m in complete agreement with you except I’m not as critical with Wallace. I’m not a huge fan of his until I saw him as Bai Ze Hua in Journey of Flowers. Now, I must admit, if you’ve read the book which it seems you have, you’ll probably be more critical of the actors. I liked the show but admit the cliched bits are there (can’t stand the stupid jealousy bit that carried the story along…so typical!) and while it was something to enjoy, I fast forwarded through most of the other parts that didn’t involve him or Zanila. He’s definitely not at the level of the actors mentioned above, I agree. But i’m giving him a chance because I see potential still. To be honest, I pretty much boxed Hu Ge in there until these 2 shows that allowed him to really demonstrate his skills. So who knows right? And yes, far from Cumberbatch…Agreed! Sandra Ma, I never knew of her until this Love me if you dare show. I’m more forgiving of this show because I literately have no expectations of anyone or anything. I think she’s cute and her character is pretty mild so I can ignore that she’s not giving an oscar winning performance.

          Now, going back, I can’t agree more with your comments on Liu Mintao!! I also have a girl-crush on that woman. Man, talking about real talent. By the way, talking about under rated, I’ve noticed that the King and Prince Yu never even were mentioned. Why weren’t they there through all the press conference and group gathering? Honestly, if it wasn’t for such an outstanding performance by these two, we wouldn’t so easily fall in love with our hero either. So I just wanted to give a shout out to the King and Prince who I think maybe Taiwanese? Not sure.

          Anyway, Nirvana 2 you say???? Well, as long as the director and writers are the same, I’m even okay if the cast may change since I really doubt Mei Chang Su is going to be raised from the dead and I’ll be too sad that there’s no bromance happening without Hu Ge around. I’ve been re-watching NIF and honestly, they could have completely taken the ending to a different place.

          Here’s something I griped about online for the last episode: Honestly, the writer didn’t need to end this the way they did. After 10 minutes in, they could have totally taken this story to another kind of dramatic adaptation. There’s plenty of people who needs to know that Mei Chang Su is Lin Shu… Marquis Yan and son, Jingrei and his mom, …all these people have some relationship to him and his past. His bonding time with the new King/Jingyan, and revealing to all those who played a major role about his identity. This is where they could have allowed us to feel gratified after the constant worry of his exposure and ruining his plans. Also, let’s join his 2 worlds (palace and Alliance) together. Did we really need to have war break out after all of this…let that be in the prologues for later or something. Let his health and time left and cure or lack there of be something to ponder. Seriously, there’s so many ways to take this last episode. While this one ending may be in dramatic fashion, there’s still much to be desired. If you want to send off my favorite character, at least do it with some flare! With all the people following him into battle, we should all be able to see what happens to them, Fei Liu, Li Chen, etc.

          But heck, all this, I still love this show. I just have to rewrite the ending and hope for a Nirvana in Fire 2 with Hu Ge back again…and not as a ghost. Just sayin’

          Thanks for sharing my passion with these shows! I’m going through a deep withdrawal and am just re-watching both these show in the meanwhile. Hoping Ode to Joy will give us some satisfaction with Jin Dong and Wang Kai together again.

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          @shimokuren I’ve replied but somehow my comments didn’t appear. Anyways, I agree and am happy to find someone who is as passionate about these 2 shows like me. I’m dying for a Disguiser 2 and NIrvana 2 if they can have the same director and writer. 🙂

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          This video sums it up quite well: I love Hu Ge! Didn’t realized that NIH was the first time Hu Ge ever acted with Jin Dong and the crew. This video gave the details and I’m so happy for whoever subbed it in English!

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        Totally agree about the awesome-ness of Liu Min Tao! Have you seen the recent up of Tian Tian Xiang Shang (aka the ridiculously named Day Day Up)? I generally don’t like DDY (I prefer Happy Camp over DDY, though not lately, with all the unnecessary spy games), but I started watching Grade One Freshman (the college version of Grade One) and despite the fact that it’s god-awful, fake and dramatized, and the students are effing bratty, it’s strangely addicting. It might be the Tong Da Wei and Huang Zhi Zhong factor. Anyways, off topic, That ep of DDY was pretty bad as well, only cuz I had to spend time watching bratty cocky students try to imitate competent actors and failing and then getting praised…BUT Liu Min Tao was there! We got an awesome replay of her Wang Man Chun smackdown, and she talked about her career and imparted impressive knowledge of her totally-in-hand craft and stayed witty at the same time. Wang Ou was there too, but she had a lot less screen-time. In fact those precious minutes (there were many many) wasted on the stupid students should have gone to more screen-time for the two ladies. 🙁

  4. 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

    And haha about Chen Long’s wife. So that’s what Hu Ge meant. In one of the promotional cast interview/show thingy-s for Lang Ya Bang, Hu Ge made a joke about him and Chen Long and mentioned something about Chen Long lending Hu Ge his wife, which made no sense to me since I only knew about Yang Warriors and Lang Ya Bang. And in the former, Chen Long’s onscreen wife had nothing to do with Hu Ge’s character, and in the latter he didn’t have one. Now that the promo stuff for Lie Chang is out, Hu Ge’s comment makes a lot more sense. Lol

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      I saw both interviews together so I wasn’t lost in translation. Lol. Chen Long is one lucky dude!

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          Either something is wrong with my connection or something is off with youtube. Can’t see anything… T__T

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          Oh darn. I can link to it. It’s a link from N. America…maybe it’s blocked on your end? Here is the Chinese youtube title: 20151125 乐视网带你去探班-胡歌《猎场》探班花絮 Thanks for trying. I found out that he was asked who to pick to be CEO of a company. This is how it went: Chen Long vs. Liu Tao (Chen Long). Wang Kai vs. Wang Ou (Wang Kai), Jin Dong vs (guy who played his Crazy Teacher in Disguiser) (he couldn’t decide from the two so they both got moved up), then Wang Kai vs Wallace Hua (hahahahah You should see his reaction…the funniest and best reaction ever! But I can’t tell what he said about them). Last round, all 4 winners were listed and he picked Chen Long. So there… But all the details on what he said was lost. This is just the gist.

  5. 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

    Off tangent here, but I just did a quick search on Chen Long’s wife. Did you guys know he’s a dad?! They have a baby!

    Plus I finally realized why she’s so familiar! It was hard to connect the dots since she doesn’t have an english dramawiki page or a wikipedia page, but she was in Eddie Peng and Zhang Meng’s drama Qian Niu de Xia Tian (My Sassy Girl) and she was (I forgot, but I think…) the second male lead’s secretary/friend or something who harbored a crush on the dude…or maybe she was an ex…or something.

    For anyone who watched that drama, here’s a pic of her character there

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      chen long you handsome thing found such a pretty wife. i think hu ge might be feeling envious seeing his family all complete so he just had to steal one kiss. hahaha jk jk jk.

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      That baby’s gonna look gorgeous when he grows up, just sayin’
      All the awesome good-looking genes and all…
      Same deal with Jin Dong’s son too LOL

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        Haha I didn’t know about Jin Dong before Disguiser, so I have no idea who his wife is. Although, he’s pretty low-key about his family in media, so I doubt there are too many pics of his kid/wife (unless she’s a celebrity too…) out there.

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          His wife is actress Li Jia who graduated from Beijing Film Academy in the same class as Chen Kun and Vicki Zhao. She actually has won more awards for her acting than Jin Dong lol. But she and her hubby are pretty low-key so not a lot of is known about her.

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      I remember Zhang Lingzhi by two things: her name and her role in Pian Pian Ai Shang Ni. (Mainland China’s remake of the Kdrama Hotelier.) I really like her name, how beautiful it looks in writing and also how it sounds. Lol

  6. 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

    Sounds a bit like his other series Unbeatable!, But more serious! Hopefully it’s going to be gooooood! Too bad Hu Ge and Liu Tao can merge their series lol! That is one awesome sauce for sure!! Someone out there will make a MV for sure!

    • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

      Yeah I thought the premise was similar to Unbeatable too! But Unbeatable was more idol drama-ish and this one seems more serious…

      Yeah let’s wait for the talented MV makers out there 🙂

      • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

        I was so excited to watch unbeatable after falling in love with Hu Ge in his wuxia roles back in like idk 2011, but I hated it, and I didn’t even watch much of it. It focused less on power-plays and corporate strategies and more on tropey and ridiculous underhanded plot lines and a not-very-believable romance (I mean, no offense, but it was Tang Yan). Lie Chang vs Unbeatable is like Nirvana vs Yumama’s-palace-dramas. Totally on a different level (at least, that’s what I’m hoping, since Lie Chang isn’t actually out yet)

        • 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

          Yup it was a boring characters! I don’t think Tang yan suits with Hu Ge. I like her and all, but in Unbeatable it was like her character was not needed. I don’t feel there was chemistry between them either. Roy Chui and Qi Wei were more interesting, even it was super cheesy lol! Yes I hope that this series is better! Chen Long wife is beautiful! It’s always weird to watch ur friend kiss your wife , but that the profession they are in, they are probably use to it lol!

  7. 40 thoughts on “Brainy men duke it out in suits in Hu Ge’s Hunting Ground

    Seriously though, as much as I like Hu Ge, his on-screen chemistry with his female co-stars (love interest) has mostly been so-so. This one might end up like The Disguiser where he had more chemistry with Song Yi’s character (his spy partner) than his actual love interest. Well, it looks like romance will be faaar from the focus of the drama, so be it. Can’t wait to watch this!

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